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Scenario You have been hired by the Regional Real Estate Company to help them analyze real estate data. One

You have been hired by the Regional Real Estate Company to help them analyze real estate data. One of the company’s Pacific region salespeople just returned to the office with a newly designed advertisement. The average cost per square foot of home sales based on this advertisement is $280. The salesperson claims that the average cost per square foot in the Pacific region is less than $280. In other words, he claims that the newly designed advertisement would result in higher average cost per square foot in the Pacific Region. He wants you to make sure he can make that statement before approving the use of the advertisement. In order to test his claim, you will generate a random sample size of 750 using data for the Pacific region and use this data to perform a hypothesis test.

Generate a sample of size 750 using data for the Pacific region. Then, design a hypothesis test and interpret the results using significance level α = .05. You will work with this sample in the assignment. Briefly describe how you generated your random sample.

Use the House Listing Price by Region document to help support your work on this assignment. You may also use the Descriiptive Statistics in Excel and Creating Histograms in Excel tutorials for support.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria, using the Module Five Assignment Template

Hypothesis Test Setup: Define your population parameter, including hypothesis statements, and specify the appropriate test.
Define your population parameter.
Write the null and alternative hypotheses. Note: Remember, the salesperson believes that his sales are higher.
Specify the name of the test you will use.
Identify whether it is a left-tailed, right-tailed, or two-tailed test.
Identify your significance level.
Data Analysis Preparations: Describe sample summary statistics, provide a histogram and summary, check assumptions, and find the test statistic and significance level.
Provide the descriiptive statistics (sample size, mean, median, and standard deviation).
Provide a histogram of your sample.
Describe your sample by writing a sentence describing the shape, center, and spread of your sample.
Determine whether the conditions to perform your identified test have been met.
Calculations: Calculate the p value, describe the p value and test statistic in regard to the normal curve graph, discuss how the p value relates to the significance level, and compare the p value to the significance level to reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis.
Calculate the sample mean and standard error.
Determine the appropriate test statistic, then calculate the test statistic.
Note: This calculation is (mean – target)/standard error. In this case, the mean is your regional mean (Pacific), and the target is 280.
Calculate the p value.
Note: For right-tailed, use the T.DIST.RT function in Excel, left-tailed is the T.DIST function, and two-tailed is the T.DIST.2T function. The degree of freedom is calculated by subtracting 1 from your sample size.
Choose your test from the following:
=T.DIST.RT([test statistic], [degree of freedom])
=T.DIST([test statistic], [degree of freedom], 1)
=T.DIST.2T([test statistic], [degree of freedom])
Using the normal curve graph as a reference, describe where the p value and test statistic would be placed.
Test Decision: Discuss the relationship between the p value and the significance level, including a comparison between the two, and decide to reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis.
Discuss how the p value relates to the significance level.
Compare the p value and significance level, and make a decision to reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis.
Conclusion: Discuss how your test relates to the hypothesis and discuss the statistical significance.
Explain in one paragraph how your test decision relates to your hypothesis and whether your conclusions are statistically significant.

Descriptive Essay on Innovation Length.

Descriptive Essay on Innovation Length..

 Assignment #3: Descriptive Essay on Innovation Length: A 500 word descriptive essay Format: APA Minimum Number of Outside Sources: 3 Question Option 1: Choose and describe one innovation within the last 5 years that uses 3-D printing. Question Option 2: Choose a successful innovative product developed in the past 5 years by a startup company and explain how and why the product became successful. Description: Please provide an informative essay on the topic above. You can collaborate with your colleagues to brainstorm ideas, but you need to write independently, and you cannot use the exact same outline as your peers. If you use any ideas of your colleagues, you need to reference them correctly as APA in-text citations. Your essay has to include: – Thesis – Points to support your thesis – Explanations for each point – Evidence (with data from outside sources, gathered during your research) – Full sentences – A full paragraph for introduction – A full paragraph for conclusion Do not forget to proofread and edit your work for cohesion, coherence and correct grammatical structures. Please try and keep the content minimal and concise. Include at least 3 references in APA format.

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Week 3 – Discussion – Discussion Group 4 2 Replies

Scenario You have been hired by the Regional Real Estate Company to help them analyze real estate data. One First Paragraph
For the first paragraph, visit the Conservation Corridors (Links to an external site.) website and peruse the human-made linkages, large-scale networks, or corridor experiments. Choose one example of a conservation corridor that aims to build connectivity across fragmented habitats for certain species. Write a brief description of the corridor – where is it, what species does it serve, why was it created, what’s an interesting fact about it? Please share about a corridor that has not already been posted on the discussion board.
Second and Third Paragraphs
Research the land use change policies where you live. If you are in Oregon, you can use this website ( to read about Oregon’s land use change policies. If you live elsewhere, try to find something about the land use change policies in your area, but if you can’t find any, you are also welcome to research and reflect on Oregon’s. Discuss the following:
In your opinion, does the land use planning in your area prioritize a sustainable future for our ecosystems? Why or why not?
Which ideas from the videos/readings/class this week do you think should be implemented in your area? Why? Be sure to reference at least two class sources (e.g. lecture, readings, videos).
Responses to Classmates
After posting, please respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts. Please try to advance the conversation by asking follow-up questions, bringing in outside sources, or offering an alternative opinion. Do more than saying “I agree” or “nice post.” You can respond to a classmate who responded to you in a back-and-forth dialogue, and that counts as one of your responses. You may make as many comments as you would like. Our class functions best when each of you are engaged in the discussion, but as a reminder, please keep your comments respectful, civil, and content-focused.

Business Ethics – Queens Incorporated’s case.

Business Ethics – Queens Incorporated’s case..

Analyze the following ethical issue: Which position should you defend to the board, supporting increased production of consumer electronics and pursuing researching into cancer threats independently, or accepting government oversight in Queens operations, and the consequent loss in profits and autonomy that will result? To answer this question, students should do the following: (please provide a brief introduction, that states the issue, and your position approx. 75 words). 1. Apply any six of the seven moral standards (i.e. utilitarianism, moral rights, the principle of justice, principle of care, virtue ethics, Kantianism, the golden rule), to the full extent that they are applicable, to both support and critique your position on the ethical issue (clearly state your position and clearly indicate which moral standards you are applying) (approx. 1,200 words); 2. Indicate whether Milton Friedman would agree or disagree with your position on the issue and why, based on his criteria and constraints (approx. 200 words); and 3. Make reference to any other relevant cases and/or theoretical concepts discussed in the course to support and/or critique your position (approx. 400 words).

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Treaties Affecting Outer-space – Outdated?

Treaties Affecting Outer-space – Outdated?.

Read the following articles addressing the two space treaties: “Outer Space Treaty of 1967” and “The Moon Treaty of 1979”: Submit a discussion post to answer the question: : Are both of these treaties still viable in the 21st Century, or do they need revision?

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