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Scenario You are the sales department manager for a U.S.-based company that builds engines for the automotive manufacturing industry.

You are the sales department manager for a U.S.-based company that builds engines for the automotive manufacturing industry. Your company is considering diversifying into other business opportunities where your motors can be sold in order to bolster the company’s portfolio and increase revenue. Based on your knowledge of the national sales landscape, your manager would like you to conduct preliminary research and prepare a presentation with your recommendation for opportunity in a new industry that will allow for this diversification through a new sales division and increased sales. You have been asked to make your presentation at the next stakeholder meeting, where you will address internal stakeholders from across the company as well as external stakeholders such as customers, investors, and suppliers.

As a preliminary step in developing this presentation, your manager would like to see an executive summary of your research findings and evaluate your decision modeling.

Complete the Project One Worksheet in your Soomo webtext and submit it for instructor feedback.

Part 1: Define
You will first conduct research on the U.S.-based automotive manufacturing industry using the Shapiro Library database links provided in the supporting materials section below. Then, prepare an analysis report that addresses the following:
1. Define the problem.
a. Explain the type of qualitative and quantitative data you will be targeting in your research.
2. Provide a broad descriiption of the U.S. automotive manufacturing industry and its value. Include:
a. Total value of the industry
b. Sales by region
c. Sales by fuel type: electric, hybrid, and gas
3. Describe the current trends in the automotive market.
a. The trend toward different types of motors for the vehicles being made and sold, such as electric and hybrid
b. Trends in customer demands such as vehicle color, extra features, and styles
c. Trends in the body types of vehicles sold (SUVs, trucks, sedans)

Part 2: Research
In Module One, you chose an industry that you think would provide opportunity for your company. Now, using industry-specific and scholarly resources to inform your decision, prepare an industry analysis report that includes the following:

1. Provide a broad descriiption of the new industry.
A. Describe the overall attractiveness of the industry.
1. Is this a growing industry?
2. Is this an industry that has a lot of growth potential?
3. What outside factors are affecting its growth?
B. Identify the factors that have allowed competitors to be successful in this industry thus far.
C. Summarize the overall value of the industry.
1. How is the industry currently trending?
D. Summarize the sales. Speculate if sales vary based on the region of the country. (For example, there would be very few snow plow sales in the southern United States, if any at all.)
E. Define expected growth areas.
2. Describe the current market trends for the new industry.
A. What products or services are trending?
B. What are some current customer demands?
3. Perform a Porter’s Five Forces analysis to determine the potential success of moving into this new industry.
A. Explain your rationale.
Part 3: Compare
Compare the two industries and summarize your findings.

1. Perform a Porter’s Five Forces analysis to compare the two industries.
2. Summarize how your findings address the problem.
What to Submit
To complete this project, submit an executive summary report of 3 to 4 pages using the provided templates, or the document you downloaded from Soomo. Sources should be cited according to APA style.

Identifying, classifying and grouping

Identifying, classifying and grouping.

Outline 4 activities each of which teaches science using a different type of enquiry as specified in the National Curriculum (DfE 2013):

i)      Observing over time

ii)     Pattern seeking

iii)   Identifying, classifying and grouping

iv)   Comparative and fair testing


Please note these are not detailed lesson plans, use the suggested template

For each type of science enquiry:

a.    Note the relevant topic statement from the KS2 NC Programme of Study specifying the year group to be taught.

b.    Note a question that guides the investigation.

c.     Write two learning objective for the activity, that addresses the aspect of ‘working scientifically’ and one that addresses as aspect of knowledge or understanding.

d.    Describe the main teaching activity briefly stating what the children will do, and what resources would be used

e.    Note one question that would assess whether or not the children have developed in their ability to work scientifically. State what would constitute evidence of learning by giving possible responses of the children.


 Please note that you:

·         Must select three different topics from the module, and one topic not covered in the module.

·         Must select topics from each of the four year groups in KS2

·         May use activities covered on this module.

·         Must include a bibliography, but only list those items referenced in your text. This is not included in the word count.

·         May use sub headings.

·         Must submit essay with criteria feedback sheet (see folder on Assignment Guidance)


Conclusion – A paragraph concluding the whole essay giving your considered opinion about the value of scientific enquiry in the learning of science in key stage 2 classes.

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: Policy analysis on (Blank)

Scenario You are the sales department manager for a U.S.-based company that builds engines for the automotive manufacturing industry. : Policy analysis on (Blank).

There are six domains which are designed to assistance in the understanding of the social welfare policy analysis. The assignment is designed to guide students through the process of completing a policy analysis project step-by-step. Students who follow the instructions and will be able to produce a finished policy analysis paper by the end of the semester. Thus, late work will have 5 points taken away per day late (you need not submit it after the points have expired); this is not negotiable. The student is responsible for knowing the due dates of the assignments. Format: The assignments are designed to facilitate a professional APA writing style and should be typewritten, double spaced, and around 12-17 pages. Grading Criteria: The assignments will be graded on: following directions, the clarity of your work, relevance to social work / social sciences, evidence that the student has considered the utility and feasibility of the policy analysis, clear citations, and finally, papers being on turned in on time (should follow the rubric of this assignment). Due Dates for Assignments are listed in the syllabus and discussed in class. If unforeseen circumstances interfere with timely submission, please consult with the instructor. For the Policy Analysis Paper, select one of following topics (or policies) that you like: 1) Temporary Assistance to Needy Family (TANF) 2) Medicaid 3) Medicare 4) Food Stamps 5) Supplemental Security Income (SSI) 6) Unemployment Insurance 7) Childcare Assistance 8) Social Security (SS) 9) Worker’s Compensation 10) To select other policies regarding social welfare, please consult with instructor. Domain #1: Introduction-Problem Statement: 2-3 pages Each student chooses one topic. Address a social problem around this topic and utilize the journal articles/books to support your reason of why you should study it. The study’s 5 objectives should include policy making, policy implementation, & policy evaluation, since you will explain your topic based on policy process. Domain #2: Policy Making, 3-4 pages Explain the definition of the policy, objectives of the policy, history of the policy, and factors influencing policy making (e.g., mass media, interests groups, etc.). Domain #3: Policy Implementation, 3-4 pages Explain who conducted or are conducting the policy, who are the beneficiary of the policy, eligibility criteria of the policy or program, well conducting in Kansas?, etc

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Money and Banking

Money and Banking.


Go to the St. Louis Federal Reserve FRED database (, and find

data on the personal consumption expenditure price index (PCECTPI), real GDP (GDPC1),

an estimate of potential GDP (GDPPOT), and the federal funds rate (DFF). For the price

index, adjust the units setting to “Percent Change From Year Ago” to convert the data to the

inflation rate; for the federal funds rate, change the frequency setting to “Quarterly” and then

“Average”. Download the data into a spreadsheet. Assuming the inflation target is 2%,

calculate the inflation gap and the output gap for each quarter, from 2000 until the most

recent quarter of data available. Calculate the output gap as the percentage deviation of

output from the potential level of output.

Use the output and inflation gaps to calculate, for each quarter, the fed funds rate predicted by

the Taylor rule (see reading list below). Assume that the weights on inflation stabilization and

output stabilization are both 0.5. Plot your results and compare the current federal funds rate

to the federal funds rate prescribed by the Taylor rule.

In this essay, discuss how bank behaviour and the Fed’s behaviour may

have caused money supply growth to be pro­cyclical (rising during booms

and falling during recessions) before the crisis. What has changed since

2008­09? Use the graph you generated to make your point.

Please use Harvard reference.


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PHIL 201 Discussion Epistemology

watch the presentation “What Is Truth?”
read the section on Pragmatic views of truth in chapter 4 of Dew




Human Rights Issues and Public Health


Institutional Affiliation



Human Rights issues impact on Public Health

Human rights concerns have a significant impact on public health as a whole. Violations of human rights have a significant impact on human health, leading to the loss of sovereignty over public health and disregarding the legal capacity of individuals to adopt appropriate decisions. This could exacerbate poor health effects for vulnerable groups like those with disabilities, drogue addicts, patients with HIV/AIDS, indigenous people, and sex workers (Bueno de Mesquita, Fuchs & Evans, 2018). Moreover, unintentional treatment or the use of people without agreement as laboratory rats is a violation of the dignity of someone in certain situations. Violations of human rights also affect public health by undermining the official ability of a person to make sound decisions.

The abuses of human rights have a significant public health impact, which can lead both children and adults to torture and sexual offenses, as well as other traumatic experiences. The protection of human rights leads in a more positive light to an improvement in the health system. For example, helping women access training and security will enhance their capacity for empowerment and self-protection.

Human rights procedures like patient care, local and international courts must also ensure that proceedings are enacted and that all violations of public health human rights are ended (Bueno de Mesquita, Fuchs & Evans, 2018). As such, the development in human rights hospitalization and the modification of international law that affects human rights as far as human health is concerned must be recognized. In addition, everyone, not only the government, has a responsibility to uphold human rights.


Bueno de Mesquita, J., Fuchs, C., & Evans, D. (2018). The Future of Human Rights Accountability for Global Health under the Universal Periodic Review.

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