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Saudi Electronic University Microeconomics & Currency Depreciation Discussion

Saudi Electronic University Microeconomics & Currency Depreciation Discussion.

In a critical essay, evaluate the three major approaches to analyzing the economic impact of currency depreciation: the elasticities approach, the absorption approach, and the monetary approach. Compare and contrast the three approaches and provide examples which distinguish them from each other.Your essay is required to be five to six pages in length, which does not include the title page and reference pages, which are never a part of the content minimum requirements.Support your submission with course material concepts, principles, and theories from the textbook and at least three scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles. Use the Saudi Digital Library to find your resources.Use Saudi Electronic University academic writing standards and follow APA style guidelines.It is strongly encouraged that you submit all assignments into Turnitin prior to submitting them to your instructor for grading. If you are unsure how to submit an assignment into the Originality Check tool, review the Turnitin—Student Guide for step-by-step instructions.Review the grading rubric to see how you will be graded for this assignment.
Saudi Electronic University Microeconomics & Currency Depreciation Discussion

Fill Out the Spec Book.

All you need is to fill the spec book with the right information, I have already picked the images and added the websites and the name of the product for each material to make it easier to you to find the spec for each material.Keep in mind in 24 hours I want you to send me what you have done because we have a chick in, my professor wants to see where we at ( don’t need to get all of it done in 24 hours, you have 3 days).
Fill Out the Spec Book

GCU Counseling Field Cultural Diversity of The Workplace Staff Discussion

GCU Counseling Field Cultural Diversity of The Workplace Staff Discussion.

What is the cultural diversity of the staff at your site? 7 Americans – 2 men (45 – 50 age) 5 women (24 – 57 age), 1 German (64 age), 1 Filipino (22 age), 1 African (27 age), 1 Native American (25 age)All are heterogeneous. Is there an overall culture of the site?Culture is a broad term and can mean many things about a person’s life or lifestyle. What are at least three cultural variables that you think most people do not consider?What considerations should you give in relation to ethnic identity and clients? Reflecting on your ethical codes from the ACA code of ethics, how are you applying the concept of cultural competence at your site?
GCU Counseling Field Cultural Diversity of The Workplace Staff Discussion

The enhancing effects of music on happiness

essay order This thesis examines the enhancing effects of music on happiness.Music is the purest form of art. It can be said that it has an impact on almost everyone. Certain pieces of music have a relaxing effect, while others stimulate us to act, and some cause change in or emphasize our mood. This work specifically concentrates on how listening to different kinds of music can increase the level of happiness and the factors associated with it. Defining Music The word music basically comes from the Greek word “mousike” meaning art of the muses.As generally percieved, music is one of the fine arts which is concerned with the combinition of sounds with beauty of form and the expression of thought or feeling.It can be defined as vocal or instrumental sounds having some degree of rhythm, melody and harmony. According to the Australian Oxford dictionary (2004), music is “the art of combining vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) to produce beauty of form,harmony and expression of emotion”. The Collins dictionary (2000) relates music as “an art form consisting of sequences of sounds in time, especially tones of definite pitch organized melodically, harmonically,rhythmically and according to color”. Music is also known as, ” the art of combining sounds so as to please the ear” (Chamber’s dictionary,1987) . Music is also viewed as an art that is difficult to tie down . According to Wikipedia , the definition of music varies according to culture and social context. The artists may view music as a performing art, a fine art, and an auditory art .William Sheakspeare has defined it as as the “food of soul”.Humanistic psychologists view music as a means of self fulfillment,integration and self actualiztion.For existentialists it is another department of choice and freedom. Music in any form has a universal appeal, like an international language,it is understood and spoken everywhere,and its charm and penetrating power cannot be denied.(Malik, M.S., 1983). Components of Music According to a physicist’s point of view, music consists of a set of a set of sounds with particular frequencies, amplitudes, and timbres which are organized into highly predictable patterns. The social and cultural meanings by people turn these sounds into music (Hargreaves, D. J and North, A. C., 2000).The components of music are, Musical note is a single sound of definite pitch and duration which can be identified in writing. Rhythm, is the arrangement of sounds in time, this arrangement is a complex arrangement of notes into a mixture of short and long durations within a single bar or a series of bars. Regular pulse groupings are called bars or measures. Rhythm is one of the most central features of many styles of music, especially jazz and hip-hop (Lerdahl

Techniques for Detecting, Preventing or Mitigating DoS or Distributed DoS attacks Research Paper

Techniques for Detecting, Preventing or Mitigating DoS or Distributed DoS attacks Research Paper. Introduction The internet has become part of the daily lives of people throughout the world. Some services such as banking, transportation, and healthcare are heavily dependent on it. According to Patrikakis, Masikos, and Zouraraki (2004), the internet is an intricate system of computers that are linked with the intention of creating an easy communication platform. The frequent use of the internet, like other systems, has been associated with problems, with the example being the Denial of Service (DoS) attacks (Patrikakis, Masikos,Techniques for Detecting, Preventing or Mitigating DoS or Distributed DoS attacks Research Paper

Remanufacturing Case Analysis of Supply Chains Sustainability Case Study

Remanufacturing Case Analysis of Supply Chains Sustainability Case Study.

Supply Chains Management SustainabilityAssignment details:1.I will attach all webinars, lecture notes, PPT slides, assignment instructions AND the article.2.YOU MUST watch the webinar, check the slides and read the materials.3.Your work should be based on them and not google referencing, you can still check google for your knowledge but the work must be from those materials so I wouldn’t expect much referencing from the internet and 90% should be from the materials.4.1500 +/- 10%5.Due to 1st Oct 2020The purpose of this assessment is to develop your capability to analyse and present a case or reading. You will be selecting one of the two readings below for the analysis. You are expected to produce a written analysis addressing the following points:− the supply chain theme addressed in the reading/case− provide a brief summary/overview of the reading/case− discuss and highlight the main issue(s)/findings and the solution/practice described in the case/reading− evaluate/critique the findings (google it if not sure what/How to critique)_ offer alternative thinking/analysis/solutions if applicable.Article details:fuji xeroxAtasu, A., Guide Jr., V. D. R, & Van Wassenhove, L. N. (2010). So what if remanufacturing cannibalizes my new product sales? California Management Review, 52(2), pp. 56-76Please see all attachments
Remanufacturing Case Analysis of Supply Chains Sustainability Case Study