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Saudi Electronic University Measures of Performance in a Queuing System Essay

Saudi Electronic University Measures of Performance in a Queuing System Essay.

For example, banks, amusement parks, supermarket checkouts, fast food
restaurants, call centers, check-in counters at airports, emergency
departments of hospitals, and so many more. In the course of your week,
consider an experience you had that led to a temporary demand for
service that exceeded capacity, for example, variation in service
duration or arrival rates, which led to a waiting line.
Explain common measures of system performance and which of the
common measures may be useful for the business where you experienced a
waiting line. Detail why that measure would be useful, and develop a
strategy to minimize the waiting line while minimizing cost. Develop a
calculation to aid the business in making their operational choices.
Embed course material concepts, principles, and theories, which require supporting citations along with at least two scholarly, peer-reviewed reference in supporting your answer.- Only one page .My Reference :Stevenson, W. (2018). Operations management(13th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Irwin. ISBN-13: 9781259667473 ( My Textbook )Aziziankohan, A., Jolai, F., Khalilzadeh, M., Soltani, R., & Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, R. (2017). Green
supply chain management using the queuing theory to handle congestion
and reduce energy consumption and emissions from supply chain
transportation fleet. Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management, 10(2), 213-236.Gumus, S., Bubou, G. M., & Oladeinde, M. H. (2017). Application of queuing theory to a fast food outfit: A study of Blue Meadows Restaurant. Independent Journal of Management & Production, 8(2), 441-458. Retrieved from…
Saudi Electronic University Measures of Performance in a Queuing System Essay

ACT 506 CSU Wk 7 XPO Company Logistics & Transportation Segments Questions.

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Select a publicly-listed firm of personal interest to you. Locate in their latest annual report (within the last year, please) on Form 10K the segment footnote for the company you have chosen. Please do not obtain this information from an interim report-use the most recent annual report on Form 10K. Copy and paste the segment footnote information for your chosen company into your initial posting so everyone in the class can see this footnote when they review your initial posting. Attach a copy (PDF or Word) of the annual report on Form 10K to your initial response.Answer the following questions about the segment footnote and segment information presented and provided by your company Note: You may have to look into other sections of the annual report on Form 10K to answer some of the questions below. Has your chosen company complied with the specific disclosures required for each reportable segment detailed in ASC280? Check your course textbook for the 5 quantitative and descriptive informational disclosures which must be disclosed for each segment determined to be separately reportable for your chosen company, list them, and indicate how and where your chosen company complied with these disclosures or not in the annual report. Has your chosen company provided disclosures about geographic areas where it operates under ASC280-10-50-41? If so, summarize the key geographic areas where the company obtains its latest annual revenues from, and what that information might mean to a potential investor in the company.Has your chosen company provided any disclosures about disclosures required under ASC280-10-50-42 regarding major customers? If so, what information was disclosed, who was/were the customers, and what was/were their percentage of your chosen company’s total revenues in the latest financial year?In general, summarize what you learned for your chosen company in researching, studying, and analyzing their disclosures in the latest annual report regarding segment disclosures. Why was the information content of those segment disclosures important for your chosen company? Did the information content of those disclosures change your view or surprise you about your chosen company? If so, why.
ACT 506 CSU Wk 7 XPO Company Logistics & Transportation Segments Questions

Computer Science homework help. This is an assignment that focuses on the topic Drinking Water and Consumer Confidence issues. The paper requires substantial research on the benefits of the topic.,Drinking Water and Consumer Confidence issues Report,G‌‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‍o to the ,EPA Ground Water and Drinking Water, webpage. Under “Consumer Confidence Reports” click on the “Find your local CCR” link on the right. Click on the state in which you live. Type in the name of your water system or the City, Town or County in which you live. Once you have done this, click on the “Search” button on the right. Once your search information loads, scroll down to find the water system or district that serves your home (or the nearest system to you) by clicking on the blue link in the “CCR Website” column.,Alternatively, you can do a google search for your city. For example, I would google “CCR Water Springfield Missouri”. If you cannot find the information online, you may be able to request it direct‌‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‍ly from your water provider. However, if you cannot find a water report, or you are on a private well, look for the nearest city of at least 10,000 people near you.,Lastly, if none of the above work, email me the name of the city and state in which you live and I will help you find an appropriate CCR. Once you have the report, review any information on the water quality or past violations for your system. Write a short essay of at least 1 page discussing issues related to groundwater in your state and the area of the state in which you live (Oak Harbor, WA). In your paper, be sure and tell me the city and state in which you live. Submit your paper to the appropriate folder in the Dropbox area of the course. Again I live in Oak Harbor Washington zip code 98277 ‌‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‍in island county.Computer Science homework help

Over View Of The Cadbury Chocolate Maker Company Marketing Essay

The main purpose of this report is to examine Cadbury’s the chocolate manufacturer and evaluate its strategic capabilities. The report comprises the corporate strategy currently being used by the company, the SWOT Analysis to evaluate the company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats in its business, its financial performance and some recommendations for the future strategic direction which are created through identifying and analyzing these aspects and events affecting its performance. In 2007, Cadbury plc has designed a plan named Vision into Action (VIA) business plan to be the biggest and the best confectionery company, this is a strategy for 2008-2011 to bring about the transformation of Cadbury into a focused confectionery company and drive its financial performance. For realizing VIA, some objectives, priorities and a financial performance scorecard which is to achieve superior shareholder returns are created to support it. In order to evaluate its VIA plan and financial performance on the condition of the every-changing and competitive marketplace, this report conducts the discussions from the point of view of SWOT analysis, financial performance and others related to Cadbury’s corporate-level strategy, finally, according to such discussions, some recommendations are put forward for the future strategic direction. 2.0 Introduction Established in 1824, Cadbury is the largest confectionery company which is headquartered in London and it operates in over 60 countries (Cadbury plc 2009). In the confectionery markets, Cadbury has the leadership positions in over 20 of the world’s top 50. For emerging market, it has the average growth by 12 percent over 5 years and has an 11 percent market share and has a revenue growth of 7 percent. In 2008, Cadbury has over 4,5000 workers adapting to customer’s wants and needs, listen to customer’s opinions and discuss with their customers. Adjustments and arrangements can be made according to customer’s preference and the change of global economic environment. In order to be a pure-play confectionery business, in May 2008, Cadbury completed the demerger of the Americas Beverages business and has planed to sell its last remaining beverages business of Schweppes Australia as the final steps subject to certain conditions. In 2009, Cadbury did not change the VIA and continued to implement more projects and initiatives making up the plan adapted to the changing market (Cadbury 2009). 3.0 Discussion and Analysis 3.1 Strategy Currently Used by the Company In 2007, the company introduced the strategy of Vision into Action (VIA) aiming to make it be the biggest and best confectionery company in the world. It plans to bring about the transformation of Cadbury into a focused confectionery company and drive its financial performance during 2008-2011, correspondingly, its beverage businesses are demerged. The core of the VIA is the performance scorecard aiming to the financial targets set which is supported and reinforced by priorities, sustainability commitments and culture (Cadbury 2009). All strategic aspects in detail are: (a) Governing objective. It is to deliver superior shareholder returns. (b) Performance scorecard. It is the core of the VIA. There are some key elements allow Cadbury to realize the objective of delivering superior shareholder returns. They are annual revenue growth of 4-6%, total confectionery share gain, Significant increase in mid-teens trading margin by 2011, strong dividend growth, Maintaining an efficient balance sheet and significant growth in return on invested capital. (c) Priorities. It comprises three aspects of growth, efficiency and capability. (d) 1) Growth. To realize the revenue growth target, the company manages each confectionery category by focusing its resources on advantaged markets to gain competitive advantage in the world wide, for example, develops and launches the innovative products and reduces the innovation projects of smaller number and non-advantaged so as to apply the increased resources to larger innovations. It also pays attention to its biggest and most advantaged brands and key markets to own more market share and revenue growth. At the same time, it uses the “smart variety” model by existing distribution strength to enter the white space market and bring a strong position. In addition, through the total confectionery solutions, it stresses on creating advantaged customer partnership to generate revenue. More, pursuing available confectionery opportunities to expand its product platforms and strengthen its route to market is also taken. 2) Efficiency. To improve the underlying operating profit margins, take measures of managing selling prices and customer investment to offset the materials prices and ensure the margin improvement, reduce cost from differing parts and conducts product’s portfolio and optimize capital management to achieve efficiency benefits. 3) Capability. To make customers deliver on the company’s growth and efficiency priorities, activities like operating a category-led business enabled by coherent commercial capabilities, investing in research and development for preferred products with lower cost, and creating a simplified organization and so on. (e) Sustainability commitments. The company has made significant improvements in corporate responsibility. It has taken six sustainability commitments as promoting responsible consumption, ensuring ethical and sustainable sourcing, prioritizing quality and safety, reducing carbon, water use and packaging, nurture and reward colleagues, and investing in communities. All these improve the company’s performance and influence on the world. It also make the company drive change through a culture remaining performance driven and values led. (f)Purpose. It is to create the popular brands loved by people. Overall, Cadbury has a very clear vision, performance-driven and values-oriented. Cadbury’s values are performance, quality, respect, integrity and responsibility. Its values encourage Cadbury business take the lead in operations and corporate responsibility aspects, so as to realize the purpose of creating the popular brands that people love, and this is also helpful to ensure Cadbury to be a proud company. 3.2 SWOT Analysis SWOT analysis (Berry 2008) is helpful to make use of its advantages to grasp at the opportunity to develop and avoid the threats, or overcome its own weaknesses and avoid blows by threats. 3.2.1 Strengths – Financial Resources. Cadbury is only one owns chocolate, candy and gum products in the world and has a advantage in financial resource and thus to enable the company consistently input plenty of resources into product research and development and provide consumers with high-quality, delicious food. – High quality personnel. Cadbury is rich in human resources and its personnel system is very standard and canonical. It respects knowledge, talents and personality and provides sustainable development opportunities and space for each staff, coupled with a safe, fair, respectful, diverse and challenging workplace, so as to form an outstanding team with lofty ideals, passion, innovative spirit and fighting ability for realizing the strategic goals. At the same time, the company considers its employees and talents as wealth and capital, continues to build its core competitiveness, and creates a fair competitive environment in which each staff can realize self-fulfillment through good pay and benefits system, incentive mechanism, evaluation mechanisms and competition mechanism. These are favor of training people and attracting and retaining excellent talents who would like to work for the company. – Based on a long history of operation in confectionery field, Cadbury know the differences in customer needs, know well sales promotion and is adept at building the brand of chocolate. In this respect, Cadbury has many professional talents. – Cadbury has exquisite processing techniques of producing chocolate with a long history. It can provide products with relevant taste, different package and price for customers with differences in age, race, job and educational level. Advantaged technique underpins the development and research of new categories, coupled with a wide range of confectionery products for providing a rich taste experience. – Cadbury has sufficient brand appeal in confectionery field in the world. 3.2.2 Weaknesses – Cadbury designed its plan into a focused confectionery company. Only focusing on the confectionery products may cause the difficulties in easily finding partners in the global market to distribute products by channels of other products or brother brands. – It is a difficult that employing such talents who not only know the historical traditions and local conditions abroad but also have the experience of modern marketing. – Quality problems occur in the market. It not only erodes the reputation of the company but also diminishes the profits. – For the mid-scale companies in some emerging market, they are willing to develop continually based on the return on investment at the beginning. Due to lacking of the competitive power, it not allows Cadbury to invest on the establishments of factories in the infancy of these markets. Thus, all the confectionery products may need to be provided for these markets through import and which will stretch the supply chain. This may cause that the supply can not keep pace with the demand that will erode the market share and lost sales. 3.2.3 Opportunities – Compared with developed countries, the annual per capital confectionery, especially chocolate is rather low in developing countries; it indicates that there is a great large market potential, coupled with the increasing demands. – With the development of economic globalization, more and more white-collar people come into being and they become the main customers of products from being imported or a joint venture. The continual expansion of white-collar people will change the consumption conceptions of other people with middle or low income, and which conduces to increase in the consumption of such products. – Cadbury’s products are popular and gain the acceptation and respect from many countries as a result of the outstanding quality. 3.2.4 Threats – The difficulty in improve market share or enter new market is increasing because of the spirited competition between Cadbury and other confectionery companies. – There are lots people with lower income and has less disposable income in developing counties and which will affect their consumption behaviors, so it needs to guide them to consume based on many investments. – Being increasingly concerned about health, consumers have misunderstandings in chocolate like making body fat, leading to cardiovascular disease and diabetes and so on, hence, some consumers are between fear and desire about eating it. – The effects of a weak economy in the world will influence the price and cost of Cadbury’s products. It is bad for Cadbury maintain and increase its market share. 3.3 Core Competence of the Company A company or a kind of product must have its own core competence so that it can be successfully accepted by market and have a long lasting market ( Prahalad

If a $10 investment is worth $30 today, how long ago must that $10 have been invested at 9% interest

help writing If a $10 investment is worth $30 today, how long ago must that $10 have been invested at 9% interest.

If a $10 investment is worth $30 today, how long ago must that $10 have been invested at 9% interest computed twice a year?
If a $10 investment is worth $30 today, how long ago must that $10 have been invested at 9% interest

MKT 410 Lynn Consumer & Organizational Behavior Forever 21 Presentation

MKT 410 Lynn Consumer & Organizational Behavior Forever 21 Presentation.

Brand plan example: (Links to an external site.)Final Project Instructions:MKT 410, Consumer and Organizational BehaviorThe purpose of the following project is to provide the student(s) the opportunity of applying all of the course material into a professional Brand Plan.The project involves the creation of an original brand, meaning that the name, logo, slogan etc. must be developed and designed by you. The project does not require the in-depth development of a product, but it is implied that a product or service would represent the newly-created brand.The brand must be created and proposed based on the content learned from the course. The choice of fonts, colors, size, designs, styles, slogans, themes, ‘personalities’ attributed to the brand, and promotional materials, must reflect the psychological and behavioral content of the course.You must create at least three (3) original promotional materials for their respective brand. This includes print-advertisements, video commercials, (mock) websites, social media content, bill-boards designs, merchandise, store displays… etc.You are encouraged to use Photoshop and any other photo or video editing software on your smartphones, tablets, or computers.You are also allowed to outsource external talent for the creation of their promotional materials. As long as the person(s) involved are given credit for their work and are mentioned in the References/Appendix sections, the promotional work will be accepted.The written portion of the project must have a cover page (with the title you have given it, your name, course number and section, and semester and year of the course). On the second page you will provide a Table of Contents. (See paper outline below.)The document should be formatted according to the latest APA standards.The text should be:Times New RomanFont Size 12Double-Spaced1” margins all around.Direct quotes must be appropriately cited. Bullet-points are allowed, but should comprise a small portion of the entire document. The document must be written in narrative, 3rd-Person format, free of colloquial (casual) lingo.Tables and figures are likely to be useful for this assignment. These should be placed in the Appendix (with a title for each one) and discussed in the appropriate section. When these are discussed, reference them in the text or body of your report, e.g., See the Appendix Table (title/name).Your statements and findings must not only be clearly stated and logical but also supported by your research (with cited sources of information). Furthermore, all facts (other than common knowledge) must be cited in the text or body of the report and the informational source listed in the References section using APA style guidelines. A fact is more than just a number (e.g., statistic) but also a definitive/specific point, statement or information unknown to others, e.g., the VP, any reader of the report. Such facts and informational sources should include of course the organization, its retailers, competitors, current and potential customers, the Internet, Lynn Library (databases and hardcopy publications), and other personal interviews that are applicable to determining successful market research findings and developing a market assessment and analysis report.PROJECT OUTLINE*The creation of your brand must be founded on real-market data, trends, and demand for the product category; therefore:Conduct a thorough SWOT Analysis based on industry and market information related to your brand’s product category (i.e. soft-drinks; toys; pet food; clothing/fashion; automotive; foods/snacks; other consumer goods)Create an original logoThe design of the logo must be truly originalThe design must be purposeful in its use of symbolism, words, shapes, etc.Create an original nameDiscuss your Brand image and personality:Purpose and justification for the proposed brandBrand positioning statementThe emotional and functional benefits and value your brand promisesBrand communication/promotion strategyProposed Promotional strategy for the brandPurpose for the use of chosen media channelsCreate and explain your original promotional media: photo, video, audio, digital, outdoor, etc. (at least 3!)Promotional material (at least one of them being a JPEG image) must have subtle/subliminal/psychological cues and use of colors, shapes, images, words, sounds, angles, etc.; to trigger a desiredArtwork must be as original as possiblePhoto-shopping is allowed, with limitationsYou may outsource external help; if so, please give the individual(s) due credit for the artwork, footage, etc.Provide a written (APA-format) final report and present the results (PPT presentation with voice over.)PAPER OUTLINEExecutive SummaryOne page summary of the entire planBrand DescriptionSituation AnalysisSWOTHappening NowCould happenBrand Focus (Key Issues)Brand VisionCurrent competitive positionTarget marketsConnection of consumer to your brandPoints of differenceCore strengthPositioningBrand ProgramBrand strategyCurrent brand love curve positionGrowth strategyInvestment/resources focus strategyDefensive strategyExecutionBonding brand to consumersBrand budgetGoalsCalendar of activityProject work plansEvaluation and ControlPlan to evaluate and control the strategiesAttached is my idea you must use for the project. Thanks!
MKT 410 Lynn Consumer & Organizational Behavior Forever 21 Presentation

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Portfolio

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Portfolio.

Assignment OverviewYour position as the consultant is ending, and it is time to submit your complete report. In this assignment, you will make final changes for your previous assignments and put the sections into one document.Assignment InstructionsIn addition to what you have already completed and compiled for this portfolio, you should write a 2–3 page conclusion in which you:Describe your final 3–5 observations about the success of the agency, highlighting the value of the agency to U.S. citizens, its success at meeting its goals, and areas where it can improve.Recommend 2–3 strategies for improvement, providing sound justification for each.Describe your experience in researching the agency and interviewing representatives, highlighting the value the project has to your career, the positive elements, and the challenges you faced during the process.Include the required sections with appropriate titles in the portfolio.Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.Include the following sections in the portfolio:Title Page (Cover Page).The cover page must contain the title of the assignment, your name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date.Table of Contents.Assignments from Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10, with specific headers and titles.Conclusion.References Page.Appendices.
United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Portfolio