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Saudi Electronic University GLOBE and Hofstede Cultural Dimensions Theory Essay

Saudi Electronic University GLOBE and Hofstede Cultural Dimensions Theory Essay.

The workplace is becoming more global in nature. It is important for leaders to understand and manage these differences in workplace culture and diversity. GLOBE research identified six global leadership behaviors that are considered important in various cultures in varying degrees:Charismatic/value-basedTeam orientedParticipativeHumane-orientedAutonomousSelf- or group-protective.Direction:In the following paper, address the following:Provide an overview of GLOBE and how it relates to leadership and culture.Briefly define the six global leadership behavior listed above.Hofstede’s Cultural Dimension Theory details six dimensions along which a culture can be analyzed and utilized effectively in the workplace. Assess how an organization/its leader can utilize the concepts of both GLOBE and Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions Theory in order to create and sustain not only a culturally diverse organization, but an effective organization, as well.Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements:Write an essay that includes an introduction paragraph, the essay’s body, and a conclusion paragraph to address the assignment’s guide questions. Do not address the questions using a question-and-answer format.Use academic writing standards and APA 7th style guidelines.Support your submission with course material concepts, principles, and theories from the textbook and at least two current, scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles. Current articles are those published in the last five years.
Saudi Electronic University GLOBE and Hofstede Cultural Dimensions Theory Essay

Introduction of Pampers Swaddlers Diapers to PriceSmart Inc. Analytical Essay. Introduction This is a marketing plan for a new product for PriceSmart Inc., a membership shopping club with warehouses situated in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. Its growth is unprecedented in this sector and attributed to the kind of business strategy that the company has being applying through the years. First, we carried out a company analysis of PriceSmart Inc., its history, goals and objectives and how it has faired with the other member shopping clubs. After describing the company, we searched for a new product that is to be added to the countless products for sale to club members. After careful search and analysis, we found out that Pampers Swaddlers diapers are a quality product that can be recommended for sale at PriceSmart’s warehouses and stores. Pampers Swaddlers is popular in the UK and the US because of its softness and low price. It is also marketed over the internet. Pampers Swaddlers is popular with mothers taking care of their babies and those who try to ease the life of the elderly and bed-ridden patients. Management of PriceSmart Inc. should consider these selling and developing its prized products in order to continue to be preferred over the other brands in the market by the customers and users. After describing the company and the recommended product, we also provided a financial summary for the company including a three-year financial forecast for Pampers Swaddlers to become one of the products for sale at PriceSmart stores. Our conclusion depended on the results of the three-year forecast and the analysis of the company and its new product. Company Situation: PriceSmart Inc., a membership shopping club PriceSmart, Inc. is one of those membership shopping clubs which shoppers never fail to include in their shopping list. It operates in the Central and South Americas and the Caribbean, and serves about one million members at 29 warehouse clubs (stores). Its corporate headquarters is located in San Diego, California. This giant shopping club was founded by Sol and Robert Price who are also founders of The Price Club. Robert Price now serves as Chairman of the Board. (PriceSmart Membership Shopping: corporate overview 2012) To present a brief history of this giant club, it is worth noting that PriceSmart first opened in Panama in 1996 and in 1997, it went public. The 29 stores or warehouses are managed by subsidiaries which first conduct joint ventures with local business groups. When they incorporated with the local stores, the subsidiaries offered to buy the own stores. PriceSmart has products that are locally manufactured but the rest are imported ones that come from the brands like Sony, Sharp, Brother, Toshiba, Calvin Klein, PIntroduction of Pampers Swaddlers Diapers to PriceSmart Inc. Analytical Essay
Complete 750 word Edication Assessment (TIGRA). I need help with a Philosophy question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Write a 750-1000 word reading assessment plan that includes creating and delivering instruction addressing diverse learning strengths and needs, as well as creating opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning in different ways.
Be sure to include how assessments influence classroom environments.
Use 3-5 scholarly sources to support your plan. Include examples of two formal and two informal assessments that you might use in your classroom that can be differentiated for diverse populations, and that would measure vocabulary, fluency, or comprehension.
The assessments need to be created, but generic enough to be used in other units. For example, a “ticket out the door” and a “KWL” are examples of informal assessments that can be used to check comprehension (choose assessments other than the two mentioned).
All four of your assessments need to be created and included in the assignment. Attach them to the end of your paper and submit the plan as one deliverable.
Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required
Complete 750 word Edication Assessment (TIGRA)

Los Angeles Valley College The Last Generation Web Documentary Analysis Essay

Los Angeles Valley College The Last Generation Web Documentary Analysis Essay.

This is a short essay assignment based on the award-winning PBS documentary, The Last Generation. In Chapter 6 of the text, climate change and natural hazards are examples of human-nature interaction at the center of human geography. Please watch the complete video (see link at the bottom).Write a short three paragraphs – paragraph one, an introduction/summary of the video; paragraph two, your reaction to the plight of the Marshall Islands and its people, especially the three children featured; and, finally, paragraph three, about the future prospects of the islands and the threats posed by global warming, climate change and rising sea level. Keep it under two pages. Follow the link below to begin.
Los Angeles Valley College The Last Generation Web Documentary Analysis Essay

Ecological Sustainable Approach Concept Essay

essay writing help Environmental issues have been out of the public attention for quite long since the dreadful effects of industries on nature were discovered. However, in the XXI century, the old-time conflict of nature vs. nurture seems to have been reborn, seeing how the issue has been raised not only in researches (e.g., Nixon’s Slow violence), but also family-friendly movies like The Lorax. In the scene that starts with the words “Excuse me, Sir, I need to talk with your boss” (Geisel, 2012), the problem that the movie focuses on its being depicted. As the scene opens with a shot of Once-later in his char, his attempt at justifying his cruel actions towards the nature of the Thneedville and Truffula trees pretty much sums up the environmental problem of the XXI century: “Bad? I’m not bad; I’m the good guy here. He just doesn’t get it. Do you think I’m bad?” – “Quack.” – “Thank you! I mean, something good finally happens to me, and he just has to come along and rain on my parade! What’s his problem?” – “Quack.” – “See? Yeah, bad. Right.” (Geisel, 2012). This whole scene shows people’s attitude towards nature in a nutshell. Portraying a careless attitude of the humankind, the movie renders the same issue of the lack of responsibility that Nixon raises in his work. According to Nixon, “The representational challenges are acute, requiring creative ways of drawing public attention to catastrophic” (Nixon, 2006–2007, 15). While the way in which Nixon pits the key concern of the XXI century is somewhat more obscure and, when taken out of context, can be related to not only environmental, but also to a number of other issues, it still shows that people are apt to make choices without thinking about the consequences, which leads to the most deplorable results. One might argue that the concern over the state of nature and the effects that people’s actions have on the latter can be considered somewhat overrated. The plot holes in the movie do not make the argument of the proponents of sustainability any stronger either since the similarities between the real world and the reality portrayed in The Lorax are rather far-fetched. The effects of the tree-chopping process that Once-later started does not seem to have any tangible effect on the world that the residents of the Thneedville live in. The problem of Thneedville was that it was “plastic and fake, and everybody liked it that way” (Geisel, 2012). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The movie does not explain exactly why a “town without nature” (Geisel, 2012) is a bad idea; the threats of the environmental catastrophe that the lack of natural resources triggers is not displayed. The city is portrayed equally colorful at the beginning of the movie when it had a problem regarding sustainability, and at the end, when Truffula trees finally appeared. The above-mentioned does not help the case of sustainability. However, much to the movie’s credit, it did manage to convey several interesting ideas, many of which cross with Nixon’s concept of nature and the issues raised by him. Sustainability being the prior concept and the most efficient solution to the problems currently faced by the humankind, the problem of responsibility deserves considerable attention. Nixon puts the dilemma regarding the progress and the cost for this progress in a much sharper way than the movie does, for a quite understandable reason – being a family-friendly picture, The Lorax cannot threaten its audience with the consequences of unsustainable use of natural resources. However, both the film and the book manage to get across the fact that the problem is becoming more urgent and is slowly getting out of hand. With that being said, one must admit that environmental changes are an integral part of progress. With every new step that people take to make another scientific discovery and reinvent the production process, creating a new strategy and, perhaps, even a new industry, nature suffers unless precaution measures are taken. Even though the movie might get the message across a bit boggled, it still explains in a very distinct manner that careless actions harm the environment. Unless people want to pay the consequences and see several species dying out, including flora and fauna, and the humankind being put in a permanent threat of running out of resources, sustainability must be adopted as the key means of treating the environment. The given idea is also conveyed in Nixon’s work, though approached from a different angle; according to Nixon, people have to take responsibilities for their actions: “How can leaders be goaded to avert catastrophe when the political rewards of their actions will not accrue to them but will be reaped on someone else’s watch decades, even centuries, from now?” (Nixon, 2006–2007, 14). Even though the concept of sustainable approach presupposes the involvement of several elements apart from responsibility, the art of accounting for their actions is what people currently need to keep the resources safe from pollution and exhaustion. We will write a custom Essay on Ecological Sustainable Approach Concept specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Reference List Geisel, A. (2012). The Lorax. Retrieved from Nixon, R. (2006–2007). Slow violence, gender and the environmentalism of the poor. Journal of Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies, 13(2)–14(1), 14–37.

Penn Foster College Meditation and Buddhist Belief Discussion

Penn Foster College Meditation and Buddhist Belief Discussion.

First, this week, I asked you to complete a 5-minute meditation with me.  So, I would like to hear from you how it went!  Was it easy or hard?  Were you able to create spaces between your thoughts when you just focused on your breath?  What could be some benefits to meditation?  And how do you think it helps Buddhists achieve greater awareness of the world and eventually enlightenment?
Second, last week you heard the story of Siddhartha Gautama – the prince who lived a life of complete hedonism, then renounced it all to find enlightenment.  This story is central to Buddhism, but many devout Buddhists say that it’s probably not “true” in a historical sense, and that whether or not the story actually happened doesn’t even matter.  
For them, the story is important because it teaches an important truth about how to live one’s life – one shouldn’t live completely for pleasure and oneself, but also one shouldn’t deny themselves everything.  Neither of these paths leads to enlightenment.  One should follow the example of the Buddha, even if he wasn’t a real historical figure.
Can a myth be important even if it’s not historically true?  Can you think of any other examples of stories or myths in religion or society that are probably not actually true, but are important nonetheless?  
This is connected to another central idea of Buddhism, which is the rejection of blind belief.  The Buddha taught that you shouldn’t believe anything unless it has proven to be true for yourself.  He told his disciples never to believe his teachings, but to try it out for themselves and see if it helps them find greater calm and clarity in their lives.  
Is this an appropriate attitude for a religion?  Or should a religious tradition include some sense of faith or trust in the tradition/teacher that they don’t question EVERYTHING a religious authority figure says?

Penn Foster College Meditation and Buddhist Belief Discussion

Relationship Between Reactive Strength Index Modified and Other Variables to Speed and Change of Direction

Relationship Between Reactive Strength Index Modified and Other Variables to Speed and Change of Direction. Relationship between Reactive strength index modified and other variables to the measures of speed and change of direction Abstract The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship of reactive strength index modified (RSImod), and other variables derived from an unloaded counter movement jump (CMJ), to the measures of speed and change of direction (COD) among field-based sport athletes. Sixteen male collegiate athletes performed two trials of CMJ’s, 0 -10m sprints and COD tests. Intraclass correlation coefficients and typical error as coefficient of variation (CV) were used to establish the reliability of the CMJ variables, sprint and COD tests. Pearson correlation coefficients were used to identify the relationships between the CMJ variables to the 0-10m and COD times. Independent sample t-test were used to identify the relationships of CMJ variables among the fast and slow athletes. Statistically significant correlations existed between ‘relative peak force’ and ‘relative peak power’ (p≤.05, p≤.01) in the fast sprint group, but no correlations existed to the COD times. Relative peak force and other Relative peak power can be used as a measurement of lower body explosiveness among field-based sport population. Introduction The stretch shortening cycle (SSC) is thought to be active in most athletic activities (i.e. sprinting, jumping, change of direction). The characteristics of SSC is further classified by Schmidtbleicher to fast (250 milliseconds; change of direction, CMJ’s) (15). Plyometric activities often use these mechanisms to improve SSC performance, like in a countermovement jump (CMJ) for example (15). Substantial evidence proves that, addition of plyometrics in a training program is an effective way of improving SSC function for tasks like the CMJ, sprinting and change of direction (3,7,10). The monitoring of these performance components for the athletes is also an important aspect to the overall training process. The ability of the musculotendinous unit to provide a fast-eccentric contraction before an explosive concentric contraction is known as Reactive Strength (1). Reactive strength index (RSI) as a metric is more easily derived, compared to other force derived variables and provides us with quality information on an athlete’s neuromuscular and SSC function, than jump height alone (5). In fact, strong relationship exists between RSI, change of direction speed and acceleration speed (20). However, the limitation of RSI as a metric is that this can only be attained and calculated during tasks which requires jumps that have an identifiable ground contact time. In a recent study conducted by Ebben and Petushek, an alternative option was provided in the form of RSI modified (RSImod) (4). This allowed the use of countermovement initiated jumping tasks such as the CMJ’s, which replace the ground contact time like in a depth jump with time to take off (TTT) (4). The RSImod calculated during the unloaded CMJ, is a very reliable performance measurement of lower body explosiveness with intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC = 0.96) and is related to force-time variables such as peak force and peak power (16,17). As previous studies have shown that relationship exists between RSImod to force and power characteristics of the unloaded CMJ, such as rate of force development (RFD) (r=0.56-0.66), peak force (r= 0.37- 0.50), peak power (r=0.47- 0.69) and jump height (r=0.37-0.40) (16,11) this study included measures such as ‘relative peak force’ (RPF) and ‘relative peak power (RPP)’ in its analysis and was correlated to the measures of 0-10m sprint time and change of direction (COD) tests. Previously, the performance of multidirectional speed has been closely associated to vertical, horizontal and reactive power with contribution of lateral power (9). The change of direction acceleration test (CODAT) was chosen due to its sufficient lateral power involvement, as it features four changes in direction and more explosive cuts when compared to the T-tests. (12,9) Further, to provide sport scientists, strength and conditioning practitioners working in field-based sports, selecting a performance measuring tool that provides information on reactive strength qualities of their athletes needs to be reliable. Although only one previous study has been conducted assessing the reliability of RSImod among subjects of sprint and endurance-based sport population (2), no previous studies has assessed the relative qualities of RSImod and other variables derived from the CMJ for linear speed and COD separately. Therefore, the primary aim of this study was to assess the relationship of RSImod derived using an unloaded CMJ to the measures of linear speed and COD among field-based sport population. A secondary purpose of this study was to investigate other variables such as peak power, relative peak power, jump height, peak force and relative peak force obtained from the CMJ, is a reliable measurement and holds a relationship to the measures of linear speed and COD. Methods Experimental approach to the problemThisstudytested the relationship between RSImod and other variables such Peak Force (N), relative peak force(kg/m), jump Height(m), peak power(W), relative peak power(W/kg) which were calculated using the CMJ, to the measures of speed and change of direction. The speed and change of direction tests were a linear 10-m sprint, and CODAT respectively. A reliability analysis was conducted using an Intraclass co-relation coefficients (ICC) was set at >0.80 and a typical error as Co-efficient of variation (CV) limit was set at <10% (6). Pearson’s co-relation analysis was used to evaluate the degree of relationship obtained in the performance of the jump test, 0-10m time and change of direction test times. Subjects Sixteen male collegiate athletes participated in this study. Subject’s anthropometric data are presented in Table 1. Inclusion criteria required participant involvement in any team-based field sport such as gaelic football, hurling, soccer and rugby; were above the age of eighteen; were available for both testing sessions; were without any medical conditions that resulted in a compromise to the maximal performance of the tests. This study had institutional ethics approval from the university research ethics committee and all subjects volunteered, and were consented. Table 1: Descriptive Statistics* Variables Athletes Age (y) Mass (kg) Height (cm) n = 16 22.35 ± 3.7 79.6 ± 11.7 178.7 ± 5.5 Values are mean ± SD. Procedures Testing was conducted over two separate days. Testing for the CMJ was conducted at the University of Limerick’s bio-mechanics lab, the speed and change of direction components at the sports hall. All subjects performed a familiarisation session prior to data collection. Before participation, subjects had their anthropometric data recorded. As a specific warm-up, all subjects completed 3 mins of jogging paired with dynamic stretching of lower body and 10 body weight squats. This was followed by unloaded CMJ’s at increasing intensities of 50, 75 and 100% respectively with a wooden dowel. Five minutes after completion of CMJ testing, a specific warm-up comprising of light jogging for 3 minutes followed by progressive speed runs at increasing intensities of 70, 80, 90Relationship Between Reactive Strength Index Modified and Other Variables to Speed and Change of Direction