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The studio’s wellnetworked marketing team distributes the product through a chain of exclusive salons, stand-alone and franchisee shops, premier fashion stores and boutiques throughout India and in several foreign cities. Genesis Colors Pvt. Ltd. , the holding company, works on increasing exports through new avenues in countries like UAE, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Germany, Italy, U. S. A and France. TEAM The brand is lead by Sanjay Kapoor, who oversees Finance and Marketing

Jyoti Narula, who is hands onto Operations and Logistics and Puneet Nanda, who is the Design head for Satya Paul. The Satya Paul manufacturing process incorporates updated traditional techniques and modern technology. The strictest quality control measures are integral to the entire process and a respect for worker, community and the environment informs all that the label initiates, whether it is management-staff relationships or the eco-conscious work processes.

Satya Paul signature prints acquire form and content in a printing unit with a monthly capacity of over 100,000 metres of fabric – silk, crepe, georgette, linen, knits and blends, all of which are sourced from the finest mills all over the world. With a covered area of 50,000 sq ft, the printing unit is equipped to international specifications for screen and block printing, hand painting and air brush technology and employs more than a hundred skilled artisans. After printing and textile processing, state-of-the art machinery, cuts, sews and finishes clothing to international standards

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Please read the document below and address the following prompt No Knock Warrant.docx In roughly 300 words please respond to one or more of the questions below? What is a defensible argument in favor of utilizing a no knock warrant? What alternatives would be available to law enforcement that would make a no knock warrant unnecessary? Are no knock warrants a constitutional violation? Why or why not? Again you are welcome to address anything else you think is significant to the conversation or the larger conversation about policing and individual rights. I would advise you to ensure that you remain grounded in logical thought and not rant or use anecdotal evidence.