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Santa Monica College Chinese Models of Health and Healing Discussion

Santa Monica College Chinese Models of Health and Healing Discussion.

NonNo unread replies.No replies.PRESENTATION on an example of a Non Western / Non Biomedical health or healing practice. In this discussion you will be presenting to the class research on a cultural belief or practice related to health or healing that does not fit the biomedical model. This can be from any cultural group but must be documented, not just anecdotal. You will include a minimum of one image to exemplify and inform (link: How do I embed an image in a discussion reply as a student?). Required is a minimum of 3 sources for information you are presenting, this is in addition to the photo credit(s) for the included image(s). Posting 1 – due by Monday Week 5Presentation:provide information on the culture group who’s nonbiomedical health or healing practice you are presenting (10 pts)identify and describe the the health related practice (12 pts) include at least one (1) relevant image, under the image give a detailed caption and image credit (5 pts)explain how you chose this topic to research (7 pts)describe what you found to be the most interesting thing about the practice and why you found it so interesting (10 pts)cite a minimum of 3 sources, include reference list at end, use MLA, APA, or Chicago style (6 pts)Postings 2 and 3: (5 pts each) – due by Wednesday Week 5, the date the topic locks. In separate postings, comment on at least 2 classmates’ presentations. When you reply to your classmates’ postings, you should have engaging ideas, not simply state, “I like your presentation” or anything similar. As in a regular conversation, you would not just tell someone you like what they said without any other comment. Explain why is it you feel the way you do and bring in additional course material to bolster your argument and add to the discussion.
Santa Monica College Chinese Models of Health and Healing Discussion

I got 2 discussion board. I need at least 3sentences each . It’s due tomorrow. Can you help me understand this Business question?


This week we address the issue of stakeholders in business from an ethical stance of course. A stakeholder is anyone or thing that has some relation to the business (i.e. your customers, rivals, political bodies, whatever). As a business owner or leader, we want to be concerned with stakeholder opinions and views because they can influence how others see our business or think about us.Before he left office, President Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) came up with a set of regulations to control car/vehicle exhaust emissions (fumes) to try to keep the air cleaner. Most people supported the idea on the basis of better breathing and healthier living. The Trump Administration, a few months ago decided to roll back/repeal those regulations. He felt they were too restrictive and would hurt car sales (I also suspect that with friends in the oil and gas industry, President Trump wanted to keep them happy and profitable. So, we have an ethical dilemma in the sense that one President wanted to support cleaner air while his successor saw the regulations as being harmful to his stakeholders (e.g. the oil industry, auto manufacturers, etc.). Our discussion question for the week:Leaders often have to make decisions based on choices to satisfy one or more stakeholder. Ignoring either President, which stakeholder group’s interest/needs should have the higher priority and why?discussion #2This week, we address the importance of diversity and multiculturalism in the workplace and society in general. Business organizations are comprised of many individuals. Each person has their own life experiences, views and values. The world has increasingly become smaller as different populations move into various regions of the world. Business leaders have to try to identify which demographic group to have to give consideration to when it comes to offer products and services.We discussed in -class the “Rooney Rule” The national Football League (NFL) has in place. Here is the definition of the practice: The Rooney Rule is a National Football League policy that requires league teams to interview ethnic-minority candidates for head coaching and senior football operation jobs. It is an example of affirmative action, even though there is no hiring quota or hiring preference given to minorities, only an interviewing quota. It was established in 2003, and variations of the rule are now in place in other industries.Our question for the week, “Are policies such as this beneficial or creating more issues/concerns in that organizations are being forced to promote diversity?”

I got 2 discussion board. I need at least 3sentences each . It’s due tomorrow

UCLA Controversial Marketing Successful Strategy to Grow Brand Nike Inc Analysis

UCLA Controversial Marketing Successful Strategy to Grow Brand Nike Inc Analysis.

Choose a brand that would appeal to college students ages 18-24.I prefer Netflix or Nike.The other requirements are in the document.For this assignment, you must conduct secondary research (data collected by someone else) to determine what economic, social, political and technological factors will affect strategic elements of a promotional plan. These factors help us to determine the environment in which your campaign would be hypothetically implemented. In order to promote a brand, you need to know its business, and the business environment You are asked to write a situation analysis report based on your analysis of secondary research. The report should be 3-5 pages in length not including the bibliography. All facts must include source attribution using APA or MLA citation style.
UCLA Controversial Marketing Successful Strategy to Grow Brand Nike Inc Analysis

UD Training Need and Education Programs Evaluation Models in Nursing Essay

java assignment help UD Training Need and Education Programs Evaluation Models in Nursing Essay.

I’m working on a nursing project and need an explanation to help me learn.

Brief overview of the topic of discussion (reference your points accordingly).Evaluate the impact of methodologies and frameworks used by organisations and businesses to identify education and learning needs (references needed).Identify theories and models that are used to evaluate training and learning efficacy like (Kirkpatrick/Phillips model) and discuss in details (reference each point accordingly).Evaluate the model effectiveness, strengths, weaknesses, implications on you, your students/patients, and the wider organisations ( reference each point).§Describe what is meant by Need analysis, TNA/LNA (training need analysis/learning need analysis) and their purpose (references needed).§Explain the steps of the structured training and learning cycle (Reference each points accordingly).§Identify issues associated with undertaking a TNA and their role in performance issues and performance development (references needed).§How do businesses identify education and learning needs (reference each point accordingly).§Explore evaluation strategies and how they may impact learning and teaching. What effect may this have on the learner and educator? ( references needed).§Reflect on your own experience using specific methods, e.g, quality improvement (audit), examples in practice (patients feedback) and workplace training need analysis. N: B – This work must be properly referenced with in-text citation as much as possible, Using up to date, research, and evidence-based literature to support your discussion.Word count: 1,500
UD Training Need and Education Programs Evaluation Models in Nursing Essay

Reason for dispatch/travel (details)? Only we were reminded of the important points as well as the purpose of my Essay

Reason for dispatch/travel (details)? Only we were reminded of the important points as well as the purpose of my trip Therefore, if you want to write an important reason for these points, you can make changes in this regard, for example, which part should be reversed. This should be written by emergency style. To get permission and approval from university. Please write a sheet of (A4) in this regard. emergency leave from ( overseas) That the lives of our whole family are in danger. We planned a trip and emergency leave. my and my family life is under high threat. When the Taliban came to power in Kabul, they went to our house three times and asked our mother and brothers about where we lived. Threatening to kill them if they do not provide information. so, I make plans to move them to (rr). However, I received the IOM email the say they will book the travel in two weeks. “Your case will be booked for travel in two weeks. We will update you with your travel details 3 to 5 days before departure”. my visa is for short time, and they will not reissue. so, they decided to arrange my travel at the two weeks. When I moved them there, we will return to (India). This process may take up to three months. While I are not in ( India), I continue my studies online. Note: Since I have a scholarship, I have to inform them not to cut my scholarship, because I continue my education online and the scholarship is my only income to support me, my family and my education. And in this area, I ask that you, the university, tt organization support me. Three months later, when our family moved to the United States, I returned to () and continued my education. It is worth noting that during our trip we try not to interrupt our learning process and we will normally participate online in all the classes that are necessary for my graduation.

Physics homework help

Physics homework help. 20-20 (Objectives 20-2, 20-3) Following are some of the tests of controls and substantive tests of transactions procedures often performed in the payroll and personnel cycle. (Each procedure is to be done on a sample basis or using audit software.)ÿÿÿ 1. Reconcile the monthly payroll total for direct manufacturing labor with the labor cost distribution.ÿÿÿ 2. Examine the time card for the approval of a foreman.ÿÿÿ 3. Recompute hours on the time card and compare the total with the total hours for which the employee has been paid.ÿÿÿ 4. Perform a surprise payroll payoff and observe employees picking up and signing for their checks.ÿÿÿ 5. Compare the employee name, date, check number, and amounts on cancelled checks with the payroll journal.ÿÿÿ 6. Trace the hours from the employee time cards to job tickets to make sure that the total reconciles, and trace each job ticket to the job-cost record.ÿÿÿ 7. Use audit software to account for the sequence of payroll checks in the payroll journal.Requiredÿÿÿ a. Identify whether each of the procedures is primarily a test of control or a substantive test of transactions.ÿÿÿ b. Identify the transaction-related audit objective(s) of each of the procedures.21-21 (Objectives 21-1, 21-3, 21-5, 21-6, 21-7) The Frist Corporation has the following internal controls related to inventory:ÿÿÿ 1. Only authorized inventory warehousing personnel are allowed in inventory storage areas.ÿÿÿ 2. All inventory products are stored in warehousing areas that are segregated from other storage areas used to house equipment and supplies.ÿÿÿ 3. All inventory held on consignment at Frist Corporation is stored in a separate area of the warehouse.ÿÿÿ 4. The inventory purchasing system only allows purchases from pre-approved vendors.ÿÿÿ 5. The perpetual inventory system tracks the average number of days each inventory product number has been in the warehouse.ÿÿÿ 6. Microchips are embedded in each product and when inventory items are removed from the warehouse to shipping, radio-frequencies signal a deduction of inventory to the perpetual inventory system.ÿÿÿ 7. On a weekly basis, inventory accounting personnel take samples of inventory products selected from the perpetual inventory system and verify that the inventory is on-hand in the warehouse and that the quantities in the listing are correct.ÿÿÿ 8. On a weekly basis, inventory accounting personnel select inventory items on hand in the warehouse and verify that the item is included in the perpetual inventory listing at the correct amount.ÿÿÿ 9. The perpetual inventory system subtotals the quantity of inventory in the system and interfaces with the general ledger system on a daily basis to ensure quantities agree.ÿÿÿ 10. The perpetual inventory system will not accept inventory additions without the recording on a valid receiving report.For each of the internal controls:Requiredÿÿÿ a. Identify the related transaction-related audit objective(s) affected by the control.ÿÿÿ b. Describe risks the control is designed to mitigate.ÿÿÿ c. Design a test of control to determine if the control is operating effectively.Physics homework help

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