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San Diego State University Online Networking and Marketing Discussion

San Diego State University Online Networking and Marketing Discussion.

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1) Networking is a vital way to market yourself. Online networking is an accessible way to make connections with people in your field. How do you plan on taking advantage of the online forums available to you as a GCU graduate student? How can attending events, meetings, or conferences relevant to the industry you work in (or would like to work in) assist you in staying motivated?***Use the GCU Library for sources ( )The DQ response must be at least 200 words and should have at least one reference in APA format2) Write a 100-word response to the student in first person as if you were writing it to the students. Talk about how you agree with their ideas and add your own thoughts. Make sure it’s respectful.Student’s response: Networking through class students can be a valuable tool for generating ideas and how to associate interest in the job market, especially with students in the same degree program (Master’s). Also, researching GCU’s library for webinars offers tips for job seekers. Sometimes, by reading student bio’s, one might find another student from the same state that can offer some great job tips in particular areas not far from one’s home location. Networking can work in a variety of different ways and with an advantage for everyone.In January 2007, Emst & Young became one of the first employers to use Facebook as a recruiting tool for job networking. Since other large professional services, for example, “staffing agencies” followed that lead for job marketing and becomes another formal way to recruit services and networking. “Journal of Accountancy”, April 2007; the authors suggested that ‘social networking sites could operate as a new “grapevine,” and continue linking recruits to former classmates that already have been hired. The core of social networking has several useful purposes as well as opportunities, and not only for jobs but to maintain associations for many years (Herbold, J., & Douma, B. 2013).ReferencesHerbold, J., & Douma, B. (2013). Students’ Use of Social Media for Job Seeking. CPA Journal, 83(4), 68–71.
San Diego State University Online Networking and Marketing Discussion

A bibliography of John Lennon. Encomium about John Lennon Introduction Many of us disagree with moves taken by governments on specific political issues and thus choose to air our opinion as constitution permits. One of the major wars listed in history is the Vietnam War of the sixties and seventies that recounts in the history of United States of America. Most Americans were strongly against U.S. involvement in Vietnam War. John Lennon, one of the famous artists in America has ever wrote, produced and performed a song “Give Peace a Chance” to denounce this war (Marie 1). This is one of his major influences as a musician that reflected his views on war in general. This was one of the political influences of music during that time. He was outspoken and never shy of his opinions. His famous song “Imagine” where he sings “I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will live as one” has up to date been his best worldly known song. The song is also an international anthem of peace. This proposal will show that John Lennon was such a great musician due to his outstanding imagery and involvement in social activism. Body John Lennon was born in 1940 in Liverpool, England. He was born and brought up in a working class family thus giving him an exposure to current music. This research will show that he was a character who got fascinated by musical styles like Elvis Presley. He managed to enter in a duet group that enabled him to work with Paul McCartney. He was the founder of the famous group the Beatles. His desire for music and profound artistry is seen after Beatles broke up in 1970. He proved how talented he was by producing duet albums with Yoko, his wife and other solo performances. He was a musician who presents eras of both history and music mainly because of his involvement with Beatles, his beliefs and attitudes. He managed to produce music that today helps us personify the 1960s and 1970s typical characteristics ( 1). As many would comment, they like music that has a message. John Lennon would always speak about everything that was in his mind through music. This will represent the typical feature of “stoners”, “peace-lovers” and “hippies” of that time (1970s). He was a shameless musician of whatever he felt. This is the prime reason why he is admired even today. Through expressing his opinions, he showed just how important these opinions were to him and this was to tell others that they could do the same. His opinions were expressed through actions, interviews and music. Apart from his song “Give Peace a Chance” he also decided to fight for peace when he lay in bed naked together with his wife for a month (Arkawy 1). The Beatles is one of the world’s greatest bands. It’s through their work that the world changed its view on lyrics and musical styles. All these achievements are credited to John Lennon. He not only founded the band but also co-wrote and wrote most of its lyrics. He spearheaded major media relations as he was outspoken on his opinions and beliefs. At one time, there was a nationwide burning of their albums due to Lennon’s offensiveness in an interview. He however managed to keep the group together and strong by writing more songs. This shows how persevering he was. His 1970s lyrics up to date still inspires and influences. One such remarkable song was “Imagine” that he used in expressing his vision of peace, hope and a poverty free world. The 1970 plastic Ono band was a solo album that had songs that were so emotionally raw. This was the time when he built a sonic environment that had bass, occasional piano, guitar and drums. “Imagine” was a 1971 album that again shows how plainspoken he was but had more additions of textural elements like strings in order to create sense of beauty in his music. The title track in this album has ensured its historical importance. Since then, this track has provided inspiration and solace in moments of humanitarian and social crisis. This paper will show that one of the major contributions in rock and roll in the 70s actually came from Lennon. Through his work and partnership with Paul McCartney, he presented himself as a singer, an instrumentalist and a political activist. He was a man with a knack for introspection and a cynical edge. It is important to pay tribute to such artists like John Lennon and others who had to voice their political concerns through music (Ringo 1). Buffalo Springfield, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Bob Dylan are others who were like him. From time to time they would express their views through music so that they are heard by the public. Perhaps it is because of John and other artists that wars like the Vietnam War came to an end. Conclusion Lennon was a musician whose works warrants more research as he demonstrated how strong he was as a musician. He will be remembered as one of the best activists, husband, musician, a father and most of all a source of inspiration. This is a man who spent the very last years in his life devoting it to spreading of love and peace to the youth. Through his music, he changed the world. He forced the whole world to question war and thus work towards a world of peace. Somebody like Martin Luther King Jr. is remembered for his contributions in the civil rights movement. John Lennon also left a significant impact in music as for sure, he is one of the rock stars. His songwriting partnership is one of the most successful in the 20th century. In rock and roll history, we can’t mention popular music in this genre without tracks of John Winston Ono Lennon. Works cited Arkawy, Amy. Still Imagining Peace: John Lennon’s Legacy, 2009. Retrieved from John Lennon’s Influence on Rock and Roll, 2008. Retrieved from Marie. Political influence on music in the 60s and 70s, 2008. Retrieved from Ringo, Sofia. Make October 9 National John Lennon Day! 2008. Retrieved from A bibliography of John Lennon
Carolina Pad and Bloggers Case Study. Abstract April Whitlock received emails from bloggers requesting cash payments for product reviews. She was not sure about the bloggers’ quality and professionalism but found the deal to be very cheap compared to professional journalists and advertisement companies. Whereas she did not find a reason to pay for reviews, she recognized a longstanding relationship with other bloggers that could have been affected in the process. Various ethical principles offered different solutions to her problem. However, she is supposed to reject the offer to protect the company from unforeseen risks. Key Words: Carolina Pad, bloggers, product reviews April Whitlock’s Dilemma The director of brand management received product review requests from bloggers for cash payments. Although the requests did not exceed $ 1,000, the bloggers promised to offer reviews for Carolina Pad products. The manager questioned the ethics in paying for reviews. Additionally, she argued that the agreement was informal and that Carolina Pads was not assured of favorable reviews. Despite the quality concerns, April did not want to jeopardize the longstanding positive relationship with other bloggers. In fact, the company was already involving other bloggers in product reviews without making payments. April argued that accepting the terms would subject the company to ethical consequences because it would breach its mission and value statements. Similarly, approving the request would expose the company to advertisement risks. However, declining the offer would affect the company’s relationship with other bloggers while subjecting the company to additional advertisement costs. Whitlock’s Alternatives One of the alternatives was to accept the offer in order to increase the company’s rate of return. The bloggers’ requests were less than the advertisement costs set by professional advertisement firms and journalists. April also realized that most of her competitors used the strategy to increase the ratings on products. Therefore, she could accept the offer, remain competitive, and match the competitors’ strategies. The other alternative was declining the offer and liaising with credible journalists and writers, who possessed advertisement standards and professional conducts. However, this decision would be more expensive than the bloggers’ deals. Effects on Stakeholders One of the stakeholders exposed to the outcomes of the offer was Carolina Pad. If April conceded to the offer, the company would be exposed to the contents of the reviews. Positive reviews were expected to enhance the company’s competitiveness while negative reviews would have affected the reputation and competitiveness of the company. The other stakeholder would be the bloggers. Any positive feedback from April would enhance their wellbeing and demonstrate the company’s commitment to supporting bloggers’ initiatives. Similarly, consumers would be greatly affected by April’s decision. If the bloggers decided to make positive reviews based on the payments, consumers would receive erroneous perceptions of the products. Advertisement firms, writers, and journalists would also be affected by April’s decision because they would interpret her decision as betraying the company’s commitment to quality professional services. Ethical Reasoning Standards In a utilitarianism perspective, which emphasizes on maximizing utility, Whitlock should have accepted the offer in order to increase the company’s financial returns and enhance the relationship with bloggers. In a rights perspective, which focuses on privileges, she should not have accepted the offer because the bloggers do not have a right to payment for making reviews on products. However, a justice perspective, which focuses on legal and fair proceedings supports conceding to the offer. The bloggers would be working towards improving the credibility of the company. Therefore, they would be entitled to receive payments for their work. The virtue perspective follows the highest moral standard available. The perspective does not support paying bloggers to make reviews because it would betray the company’s values. Whitlock’s Decision The manager should reject the offer and give reasons to the bloggers in order to protect the company’s relationship with bloggers without betraying its virtues and values. Carolina Pad and Bloggers Case Study

Patients with Learning Disabilities: Quality Care Essay

Table of Contents Population Intervention Comparison Outcome Time PICOT Question Reference List Population Patients with learning disabilities (PLDs) are the primary focus of the study. Particularly, the research will focus on young adults aged 18-30 who have been suffering from incapability to learn, including the conditions such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia (Daniels, Edwards, Engeström, Gallagher,

The Tourism Promotion In Social Media Media Essay

research paper help In the past few years, social media play a significant role not only in media industry, but also in other industries. It is obvious that in short-term of future, the influence of social media will overtake traditional media. Currently, there are many reports have collected the data of social media. Based on the data collected by Kern (2012, p, 1) assert, Facebook has more than approximately 950 million active users in 2012, and almost 300 million photos uploaded per day, as well as around 2.5 billion content items shared per day. In addition, Barnett (2012, p, 1) point out, according to the data collected by Twopcharts, which is a third party Twitter analysis firm, the online social networking application Twitter have around 500 million registered users in 2012, and more than a billion tweets a week. In terms of YouTube, Smith (2012, p, 1) clamed, in the worldwide, there are 4 billion video views per day. Moreover, nearly ten hours of content were uploaded to YouTube in every minute (Kaplan

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Engineering homework help. This is a paper that is requiring the student to create an oral communication presentation for a conference. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of the assignment paper. Below is the description for the assignment:,Create an oral communication presentation for a conference,Oral communications,Situation,You work at Strategic Communications, a three-year-old global public-relations start-up based in Atlanta, Georgia. In order to support local entrepreneurs and start-ups, Strategic Communication will soon be hosting COM-CON, a conference developed to assist local businesses with their communications and public relations needs. As someone who is passionate about the value of good communication, you have volunteered to host a session. Your supervisor, Margaret Aoyama, has provided you with a variety of topics and session types. COM-CON will take place during three days, with different audience profiles for each day. Your task is to select one of the topics, one session type, and one audience profile and create an oral communication presentation that addresses the topic, has appropriate media for your session type, and meets the needs of your selected audience profile.,After you have crafted your oral communication presentation, Margaret has asked you to compose a post-mortem email that details and justifies the decisions you made in the construction of your presentation. This email should also include suggested modifications that you would make to your presentation, were you to give it again to a different audience using a different presentation type at ,COM-CON,.,Directions,Your supervisor has asked you to create an oral communication presentation and a presentational aid for a presentation at an upcoming conference. As you create this presentation, address the following elements:, * Oral Communication Presentation: As you will be submitting your presentation to internal stakeholders before presenting at a conference, your supervisor has asked that you include detailed speakers notes in your presentation. The speaker notes should represent an outline of what you would say when giving the presentation. After choosing your presentation topic, audience, and presentation type, make sure to do the following:,* Select and develop main ideas for inclusion in targeted communication. After you have identified your topic, audience, and presentation type, select and provide support for main ideas that are consistent with your choices. In developing these main ideas, consider the following:, Is the information you included within the presentation based on the needs of your specific audience?, How does the information you have chosen address the needs of your specific audience?, Use language appropriate to the identified topic, target audience, occasion, and purpose. In your language use, consider the following:, * How does the language used in your presentation enhance your credibility as a presenter? Is your vocabulary consistent with the needs of your topic, audience, occasion, and purpose?, * Does it use complex/simple language based on the needs and characteristics of the audience?,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Engineering homework help

An older client was recently discharged from the hospital for evaluation of seizure activity. His history reveals that he has

An older client was recently discharged from the hospital for evaluation of seizure activity. His history reveals that he has late-stage Alzheimer disease, Parkinson disease, hypertension, and type II diabetes mellitus, which is controlled by diet. He lives at home, where his wife and daughter take care of him. His discharge medications include phenytoin (Dilantin), 100 mg BID; hydrochlorothiazide (HydroDIURIL), 50 mg QD; levodopa (Sinemet), 25/100 TID; and haloperidol (Haldol), 1 mg before bed. The client has been referred for home care nursing follow-up. 1. Explain what you know about seizures 2. On the initial home visit by the nurse, what assessments should be made? 3. The wife and daughter need teaching about his antiepileptic medication. What teaching should be included? 4. During the initial home visit, the client experiences a generalized seizure. What action should the nurse take? 5. Answer each question one after the other, please provide at least 2 references and provide intext citations for each reference used.