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Samuel is an 82-year-old male brought in by his daughter for complaints of low blood sugar. Samuel has a

Samuel is an 82-year-old male brought in by his daughter for complaints of low blood sugar. Samuel has a history of type II diabetes well-controlled with glyburide and diet. He was treated last week at an urgent care for a suspected staph infection to his arm with sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim. He also takes lisinopril, Lipitor, Flomax, Paxil, Coenzyme Q10, and a multivitamin. His daughter also found old prescriiptions for alprazolam, atenolol, and terazosin in his medicine cabinet. With what you know about drug-drug interaction in older adults, what could be the cause of his hypoglycemia? What questions do you need to ask the patient and his daughter about safe medication management? What education should be offered to this patient and his family?

Outliers Reflection

Outliers Reflection.

This Reflection Assignment is based on the book Outliers- the Story of Success. The goal of this assignment is for you to reflect on the ideas and concepts discussed by Gladwell and how they might relate to your own personal experience either at Seneca, or at home, work, or play. It is important that your answers reflect on the actions you might take based on your reading of the text. Outliers Introduction Through a series of case studies, Gladwell insists that most people believe a myth that successful people are always self-made however the reality is that most successful people have had various hidden advantages. These factors have been linked to success in terms of how individuals learn about and make sense of the world around them. Gladwell defines an “Outlier” as “a person out of the ordinary that doesn’t fit the traditional definition of success” (Gladwell, page). He concludes that great people and success are linked to concepts of specialization, collaboration, time, place and culture. In proper paragraph format (no headings or bullets), select two of the following topics in which you define the term with an example from the book and explain how it might assist you in reaching your goals during your studies at Seneca College. Reflection must 3-5 pages (double spaced) in length with font no larger than 12 point and margins no larger than 1 inch. Please use proper MLA referencing format. 1. What is an “Accumulative Advantage”? – page 30 2. Do you believe success is due more to inborn talent or deliberate practice? (Page 38) 3. What is “Practical Intelligence”? (Page 101) 4. What is Power Distance Index? When is a high PDI good and when is Low PDI an advantage? (Page 204) For both topics you decide to discuss, you must highlight at least three ways each of these concepts has an impact on your success at Seneca College and beyond. Take into account the dynamics of working in groups as the nature of employment is becoming more collaborative. Be sure to be specific and diverse in the examples you use. How do you see an understanding and awareness of your strengths and challenges in these domains shaping your future success both professionally and personally?

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CISA 300 – Cybersecurity for leaders

Samuel is an 82-year-old male brought in by his daughter for complaints of low blood sugar. Samuel has a Write a three to five (3-5) page report using your research. At a minimum, your report must include the following:
1.An introduction or overview of the problem (cyber insurance company’s audit findings regarding the company’s lack of readiness to respond to data breaches). This introduction should be suitable for an executive audience and should explain what cyber insurance is and why the company needs it.
2.An analysis section in which you discuss the following:
A review of best practices which includes 5 or more specific recommendations that should be implemented as part of Padgett-Beale’s updated data breach response policy and plans. Your review should identify and discuss at least one best practice for each of the following areas:people, processes, policies and technologies. (This means that one of the four areas will have two recommendations for a total of 5.)
A closing section (summary) in which you summarize the issues and your recommendations for policies, processes, and/or technologies that Padgett-Beale, Inc. should implement.

Discussion posts and 2 replies

What does effective marketing mean?
For most firms, the available stock of knowledge, skills, and abilities constitutes the firm’s most valuable asset. Firms that are able to flexibly retool and adapt to industry trends will find it easier to compete and firms that can anticipate their needs for knowledge, skills, and abilities will find themselves in a position to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Your thought leadership assignment is to identify four or five areas where you believe further attention is required, specifically in terms of creating knowledge of markets, environments, and customers. Use your employer or a firm with which you are familiar as your frame of reference.
Initial Post
Must be 300 to 400 words in length
Be thoughtful and substantive
Follow the guidance regarding sources in the syllabus.
Respond to discussion prompt and demonstrate higher-order thinking (apply, analyze, synthesize, evaluate, examine, pose, or connect course concepts to marketing)
Follow APA formatting and documentation guidelines when referring to course readings and other materials
Use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation
Response to Peers
Respond to at least two of your classmates. Each response should be:
At least 150 words; must include more than one’s agreement or disagreement with another student’s post
Reacting to classmate post and demonstrate higher-order thinking (challenge, connect, suggest, question, or expand the post of peers)
Follow the guidance regarding sources in the syllabus.
Follow APA formatting and documentation guidelines when referring to course readings and other materials
Use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation

BA506 Multiple Choice Questions

Read the overview below and complete the activities that follow.
Types of Intellectual PropertyYour property includes the legal uses of what you own—both tangible and intangible. The decision to permit the ownership of information is not theoretical. Modern businesses count on the advantage of controlling inventions, expressions, marks, designs, and business secrets like marketing plans or a list of customers. The different kinds of intangible, mostly knowledge-based assets that businesses may possess include employee skills and talents, reports, manuals, and databases, relationships with customers, and production designs, inventions, and technologies, just to name a few.
CONCEPT REVIEW:Intellectual property law allows owners to have exclusive rights in certain forms of intangible property. The major forms of intellectual property are patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. Generally, patents protect inventions; copyrights protect artistic or creative works; trademarks protect brand identifiers; and trade secrets protect any form of information that has economic value from not being publicly known and has been the subject of reasonable efforts by the owner to maintain its secrecy.
1. Read the following statements about one of the four types of intellectual property and determine whether the statement best applies to or qualifies for copyright, patent, trade secret, or trademark protection, and drag the statement accordingly.
Copyright Patent Trade Secret Trademark
2. Inventors of products and machines are protected by copyright laws.True or False
3. A school’s seal and logo are examples of which type of intellectual property?A. Service marksB. Certification marksC. Collective marksD. PatentsE. Brand marks
4. Hillward Bakers Incorporated (Hillward) has been using a logo with the letters “HB” in a blue color with a baker’s hat above these letters since its inception ten years ago. Customers connect this logo with Hillward Bakery. Hobert Bakers Incorporated (Hobert), a newly-opened bakery and confectionery chain, uses the same logo. Hillward has not registered its logo but chooses to sue Hobert. Which of the following is true of this case?A. Hillward cannot sue Hobert since the logo has not been registered as a trademark.B. Hillward can sue Hobert since the logo has been used by Hillward and is associated with it.C. Hobert can defend against the suit by claiming that Hillward created something that lacks utility and cannot be trademarked.D. Hobert can defend against the suit by claiming that Hillward created something that was very obvious.E. Hillward cannot sue Hobert because logos cannot be patented or trademarked.
5. Garry uses Vizikool, an Internet service provider, to access a file sharing website that can help him download copyright protected music. Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), Vizikool can be held liable for Garry’s actions, even though the service provider was unintentionally linking Garry to the file sharing website.True or False
Read the overview below and complete the activities that follow.
Application of Consumer Protection LawsA number of laws have been enacted specifically to define the rights of consumers who enter into credit transactions. It is next to impossible to live in modern society without entering into some form of credit transaction so it is important for the consumer to know and understand their rights. Companies that extend or collect on delinquent credit must also know their obligations to the consumer.
6. Read the statements. Drag and drop each item into the law which most specifically applies to the situation. Each category should contain only three statements.CATEGORIES
Other Consumer Protections
7. Under a cease and desist order issued by the Bureau of Consumer Protection, a party consents to sign an order which restrains the promotional activity deemed offensive.True or False
8. Mortgages securing loans for consumers __________ are called subprime mortgages.A. with excellent credit worthiness at a lower than ordinary market rateB. at an interest rate lower than the prime interest rate established by the Federal Reserve BankC. with income not high enough or certain enough to qualify under ordinary circumstancesD. who own property that cannot pass a reasonable safety inspectionE. with excellent credit worthiness at a zero rate of interest
9. Big Prime Incorporated is a leading investment bank. Big Prime lends money to more men than women, as it believes men are more likely to repay their loans. In this case, Big Prime is likely violating the __________.A. Federal Trade Commission ActB. Fair Credit Reporting ActC. Truth-in-Lending ActD. Fair Debt Collection Practices ActE. Equal Credit Opportunity Act
10. The Penultimate company manufactures luxury pens. One of its new products, the Green Dream Scriber, is advertised to be 100% biodegradable, unlike its competitors’ pens, due to a unique case and special ink compound. After receiving complaints of fraud, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) determines that the pen is made from materials similar to that found in most luxury pens and is not biodegradable. The FTC orders Penultimate to run an ad admitting that its advertisements were misleading and remove the untrue information from its advertisements. In this scenario, which of the following remedies is used by the FTC?A. Cease and desist advertisingB. Comparative advertisingC. Corrective advertisingD. Parody advertisingE. Social advertising
11. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has great discretion in deciding what is deceptive or unfair and whether or not to make new rules and bring new cases.True or False
IntroductionRead the overview below and complete the activities that follow.
Composition of Solid WasteAs many state and local governments move towards voluntary and eventually mandatory recycling, an understanding of the types of materials that populate the typical landfill gives an excellent insight as to the make-up of these items used by both consumers and businesses. With such knowledge, users can make informed decisions to change manufacturing and use which can reinforce efforts to alleviate the impact of solid wastes in our environment. For the businessperson, recognizing possible opportunities to convert certain types of solid waste into useful products can lead not only to cost savings, but to new and fruitful business opportunities.
CONCEPT REVIEW:Successful completion of this exercise will require one to reflectively think about the types of materials most used by individuals and businesses which are then ultimately discarded.
12. Roll over each item. Drag the item number to the percentage that corresponds to its usual occurrence in typical landfills.
50 %6%1%
13. An environmental impact statement __________.A. must include available alternatives to the proposed actionB. must include economic profits that can be guaranteed from the organization’s actionC. must include a statement of any reversible use of resourcesD. must include technical jargon for better understanding of the statementE. must be included in most recommendations or reports on proposals for legislation affecting the environment
14. The director of Homeland Security has exercised authority to create exceptions to the National Environmental Policy Act requirements to allow the __________.A. creation of a single piece of legislation that comprehensively controls radiation pollutionB. suspension of the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act restrictions in and around domestic military basesC. suspension of the Endangered Species Act restrictions when animal and plant life is affected during necessary military training maneuversD. building of a fence between the United States and MexicoE. building of nuclear power plants around protected areas of the United States
15. Which of the following is not a responsibility of the Environmental Protection Agency?A. Conducting research on the harmful impact of pollutionB. Assisting state governments in controlling pollutionC. Advising the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) on new policiesD. Gathering information on present pollution problemsE. Administering state pollution laws
16. A company manufactures explosives that are used for the demolition of structures. These explosives are stored in its warehouse situated in a residential area. One day, the warehouse catches fire, resulting in an explosion, which causes widespread damage to the lives and property of the people living in that area. The company is likely liable under the doctrine of __________.A. strict liabilityB. negligenceC. trespassD. private nuisanceE. public nuisance
17. Under the Superfund, the cost of restoring land to its previous condition is called __________.A. reformation B. remediationC. rehabilitationD. reconstructionE. reclamation
18. Most solid waste from households and businesses is disposed of in landfills.True or False
19. Polo Refrigerators Incorporated produces exclusive nonchlorofluorocarbon, ozone-friendly refrigerators and is one of the world’s front-runners in eco-friendly manufacturing. The company reduces its pollution beyond what the law requires and saves these reductions for its own future use. Polo Refrigerators Incorporated is using _______.A. an emissions reduction banking planB. the bubble concept approachC. the cap and trade principleD. the point-source approachE. a command and control system
20. The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) is known as the _______, as the act has allotted billions of dollars for environmental cleanup of dangerous hazardous wastes.A. National Priorities List (NPL)B. SuperfundC. manifest systemD. environmental impact statement (EIS)E. Brownfields Program

COMMERCIAL LAW 2 Running Head: COMMERCIAL LAW 1 Commercial Law Name Institutional


Running Head: COMMERCIAL LAW 1

Commercial Law


Institutional Affiliation

Date Submitted



The issue of determination was to decide on the liability of Habitation Apartments Limited Director for a loan he guaranteed.


For an individual who is a director, or acting in capacity as a director; he or she is not held personally liable to settle company debts. If a company, a limited one for the purpose of this analysis can only be liable for debts to the reach of their assets (“Can Directors Be Personally Liable for Ltd Company Debts?” 2018). This means that Habitation Apartments Ltd $500,000 loan can be recovered if the creditor takes court action, it remains that the company’s assets are what will be at risk. There is however, an exception to this rule that any personal guarantees that a director has given for their company especially to banks and other financial institutions will be recovered directly from him or her. Simply, he is therefore liable for the guarantee that he personally made on the company’s debts.


A personal guarantee made by a director of a limited company for loans from banks and other financial institutions, and has the weight of a signed agreement stating that if the business cannot settle its debts the director will step in; these terms are enforceable by a court of law.

Case 3


Will the postal rule of acceptance suffice in the case of Armstrong and Bishop to give rise to a valid contract?


In the course of their law of contract classes, Adams v Lindsell, 2018 was taught to students when evaluating the validity of contracts with relation to offer and acceptance elements of a contract. In exercise to its discretion, the court was forced to enter into a determination as to the exact time a contract is created through a post. The parties to this agreement were unsure about what happens when a contract is formed through post (“Adams v Lindsell”, 2018). There were many reasons that could have caused the parties to experience unnecessary delays in their communications, as such, there was so much ambiguity as regards the legal position of the two parties to the contract, and this prompted the formulation of the rule in Adams.

It went on to state that, an offer is completed as soon as it is posted, something that was later buttressed in Henthorn v Fraser (1892). An acceptance is valid as soon as it is delivered.


In the case of Armstrong and Bishop, the foregoing has an offer by the offeror to the Bishop was valid the moment it was posted on May 2nd; the acceptance became valid on May 30th when it was received.


The legal rights of Bishop in the contract are institute a claim in court to seek enforcement of the contract that became valid after an acceptance delivered on May 30th. Armstrong is liable for breach of his contractual term spelled out when he sent his offer on May 2nd.



Establishing negligence in a slip and fall case


Henry Rehn v. Westfield, (2003), is a slip and fall case where the plaintiff appellant had sought the intervention of the court in reversing a summary judgement that had been grated for the defendants. In the case, plaintiff slipped on soda that had spilled adjacent to a service counter that was directly situated at the Annapolis Mall food court, as a result he suffered a broken hip(“FindLaw’s Court of Special Appeals of Maryland case and opinions.”, 2018). The duty to maintain and clean in the Annapolis food mall belonged to Westfield who was contracted by International cleaning corporation. In Wagner v. Doehring, (1989), also a case in Maryland, it was held that it was mandatory for a landowner to utilize sensible and common care on their premises to guard for an invitee. Under the state’s law, an invitee is referred to as the person allowed staying in a premise for purposes that have been characteristically identified and allowed for the business.


In the case of Marie Claude, she is the owner of the bowling alley premises and as such, she owes duty to any invitee making use of her premises. The parking lot adjacent to the bowling alley is not her premises but it is on record that she exercises caution so that the children making use of the parking lot as playground do not get involved in accidents.


For a negligence claim to be successful, the plaintiff must first establish that the element of negligence was present, the elements of negligence are, duty, breach of duty, causation and finally damages. The movers in this slip and fall will have to prove that Marie Claude owed a duty to keep her premise safe, and that the duty was breached. Based on an analogy of the facts of the case against those postulated in the legal standards, it is right to state that the defendant is not liable for the slip and fall in the case as she had already done what any reasonable being could have done in the very same circumstances, that is, putting up a fence.



Weather an invitation to treat can be construed to mean a valid offer in contract creation.


In Pharmaceutical Society of GB v Boots Cash Chemists Ltd (1953), Boots the defendant is credited to have came up with a new check-out structure that involved purchase of pharmaceuticals off shelve, very similar to what we currently do; they are taken to the shelves where a checkout is done. Selling of pharmaceuticals without a pharmacists’ prescription is also an illegality (“Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain v Boots Cash Chemists Ltd [1953] | Case Summary | Webstroke Law”, 2018). The issue before the courts was to decide if boots had implemented an illegal system. It was determining whether a contract is made when one purchases an item from a shop. The courts entered a final decision that it was not illegal; the reasoning behind this judgment is based on the logic that products on shelves are merely invitations to treat.


It goes that a person making an invitation to treat does not foresee himself being bound by it as soon as the person who is targeted with the invitation makes an offer. Based on an analysis of the facts of the case cited in the case of Holt against MacPherson, it is right to state that Holt made an offer that MacPherson accepted. The Item on display was an invitation to treat; Holt could not have a way of knowing if the other book on display was what he wanted since the book was displayed in a manner that its contents and title could not be ascertained. MacPherson owes duty to sell Cantebury Tales, simply because it was what could be identified, the other copy of the same volume was in poor state


Adams v Lindsell. (2018). Retrieved from Lindsell.php

Can Directors Be Personally Liable For Ltd Company Debts?. (2018). Retrieved from business- debts/

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Robbins Network Services (RNS)

Robbins Network Services (RNS).

Internal control is a process designed to provide reasonable assurance of the achievement of objectives relating to operations, reporting, and compliance during an audit of internal controls. Auditors are chiefly concerned with those controls that impact financial statements and cause a risk of material misstatement. Prompt: For this first milestone, you will begin creating your audit plan for Robbins Network Services (RNS), the company in your final project scenario. You will analyze RNS’s business environment, including the standard business transactions performed by the company, business risks, impact of current events, and potential ethical issues, and determine the types of internal control that may be needed. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: I. In a concise memo, evaluate the internal controls of RNS. A. Describe the major financial business transactions of the company. Include appropriate research to support your answer. B. Evaluate the highest business risks associated with this company. What makes you believe these specifically are the highest risks? Provide appropriate research or data to support your reasoning. C. What would you suggest are the appropriate types of internal controls for this industry? Why? D. Describe ethical issues involved with this company and industry that would have a direct effect on the outcome of a financial audit. How could these issues be addressed? E. Analyze current events for their impact on this company’s risk and internal control in the future. Include documentation of these current events.

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Is excessive internet usage [ EXPOSURE] a risk factor for social isolation [Disease] in young adults in United States [Population]?

Is excessive internet usage [ EXPOSURE] a risk factor for social isolation [Disease] in young adults in United States [Population]?.

Based on the research question answer following questions. You do not need to write an essay. You can answer each one individually, inform of short sentences or bullet points. Research Question: “Is excessive internet usage [ EXPOSURE] a risk factor for social isolation [Disease] in young adults in United States [Population]? • State your research question • Define your population • Define your exposure • What is prevalence of your exposure in the US? • What are the risks/benefits of your exposure? • Define your disease • What is the prevalence of your disease in the US? • What are the risks/benefits of your disease? • How are your disease and exposure related to each other?

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Hypertension and the effects on kidneys/prevention.

Hypertension and the effects on kidneys/prevention..

Hypertension and the effects on kidneys/prevention.12 point font, times roman, double spaced,3 sources from library database, 2 full pages of text excluding works cited page,works cited page is mandatory

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Simulating the CoEXist Autonomous Vehicles in PTV Vissim 11 software

Simulating the CoEXist Autonomous Vehicles in PTV Vissim 11 software.

 Topic: “Simulating the CoEXist Autonomous Vehicles in PTV Vissim 11 software” About the paper: There will be simulations for three types of CoEXist Autonomous vehicles using PTV Vissim 11 software. These vehicles have been designed by CoEXist company, and then they install these vehicles in the newest version of PTV Vissim 11, so the researcher can use these vehicles in simulation for some study. These are the three types of vehicles that will be used in vissim: 1- AV_cautious (CoEXist) 2- AV_normal (CoEXist) 3- AV_allknowing (CoEXist) So, please write about what is CoEXist? How did the do the CoEXist project? How did they design these vehicles of Autonomous vehicles? What are the functions of each vehicles of CoEXist Autonomous Vehicles? How those autonomous vehicles work in PTV Vissim 11? How those vehicles can be used in PTV Vissim Simulations? How PTV Vissim can simulate the CoEXist Autonomous Vehicles? How accurate is the simulations of these vehicles in PTV Vissim 11? How does PTV Vissim simulation works? What are the types of simulations that can be done using PTV Vissim? How does PTV Vissim 11 simulate the Autonomous vehicles using CoEXist vehicles? How is the simulating of CoEXist using PTV Vissim 11 important? What is the importance of these simulations? What can be evaluate in PTV Vissim? For example, queue length, queue delay, and vehicles delay in the roads? How does PTV Vissim 11 simulation works? How to do the virtual testing of autonomous vehicles? How PTV Vissim simulation works? What can be tasted in PTV Vissim 11? The three major things are: Autonomous vehicles, PTV Vissim 11, and CoEXist Autonomous Vehicles project. and how these work together in simulation? Please looks for ( “ORD52019 – CO&AVs” ) for more information Please use very simple words. figures, pictures or tables if needed. Please add the sources page in the end

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An Informative speech on Goals of a Southern US Border Wall.

An Informative speech on Goals of a Southern US Border Wall..

Creditable sources, do not use google or Wikipedia. 3 main points are as is 1. To stop drug trafficking 2. To stop human trafficking 3. Data that backs up the first and second main points from either sources google scholar,, or Pew Research Center The speech should have 3-5 sources cited verbally during the speech. Students using only three sources should use each of the three sources at least twice (students will cite six sources verbally during the speech). The speech should be between 5-7 minutes and have at least three supporting points. The speech should include a visual aid (PowerPoint or Google Slide).

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