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Sam Houston State University Schools Closure Covid Effect Discussion

Sam Houston State University Schools Closure Covid Effect Discussion.

I’m working on a english question and need an explanation to help me understand better.

PROMPT: Write an approximately 750 word critical analysis on the argument and the elements (see below) the author uses to support it for ONE the following texts (you should open these on separate pages of your browser):Nicholas Kristof. “The Problem with Corona Virus School Closures.” (Links to an external site.) NY Times. 18 Nov 2020 or access a pdf here.INSTRUCTIONS: Your essay should have a strong thesis that takes a stand and forecasts the argument of your paper. You might then briefly summarize the arguments of the text and then quickly state what you think are the most interesting elements for analysis and show how they support or fail to support the author’s position. You do not have to deal with every issue that is addressed in each text, only what’s relevant to your argument.Critically analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the text. Think about how the authors use pathos, ethos, and logos. Is it justified and reasonable or are they unduly trying to persuade the reader. You should be able to recognize the different “pieces” or “parts” (literary elements and /or rhetorical strategies) that make an argument “work.” Successful critical analysis can only be achieved with thorough critical reading:Spend time with the texts. Read and re-read them. Make notes. Underline important points.Question why the author addresses his or her topic in the way he or she does: What is the overall feel/tone of the piece? How did the author achieve this? Does the author use specific sentence structure, language, or vary punctuation to create an effect?Do not write a summary of the essay. Organize your essay around “ideas.” Imagine these authors are engaged in a kind of conversation with the reader. Your objective is not to argue with the author but to explain what makes their argument effective or where it may fall short.
Sam Houston State University Schools Closure Covid Effect Discussion

given the ever-growing number of bullying and cyber-bullying incidents in the US, are COPPA, FIRPA, and CIPA sufficient? What other laws are there that address bullying and cyber-bullying. I’m studying for my Computer Science class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

given the ever-growing number of bullying and cyber-bullying incidents in the US, are COPPA, FIRPA, and CIPA sufficient? What other laws are there that address bullying and cyber-bullying
Need 700 words
All work should be cited in APA citation. Refer to the content area APA citations
Bullying prevalence
In a 2013 nationwide survey, 20 percent of high school students reported being bullied on school property in the 12 months preceding the survey.An estimated 15 percent of high school students reported in 2013 that they were bullied electronically in the 12 months before the survey.During the 2012–13 school year, 8 percent of public school students ages 12–18 reported being bullied on a weekly basis.Source: The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control.
given the ever-growing number of bullying and cyber-bullying incidents in the US, are COPPA, FIRPA, and CIPA sufficient? What other laws are there that address bullying and cyber-bullying

UMBC Revenue Statement for The Year Ending EMC Health Centre Excel Task.

Create a basic one year budget for an agency and/or organization.
Include revenue and expenses to the best of your ability. Things you
should include are: Assume that you need to staff one ambulance 24/7. The number of calls you do per DAY is your Month of your birth
(Jan = 1, February 2, etc.). Let’s pretend that 50% of your calls are
BLS and 50% are ALS. You get reimbursed at the following rates: ALS
375.00 and BLS 135.00. Paramedic Wages are 20.00/hr and EMT wages are
15.00/hr. Your Rent is 1200.00 month. Your truck payment is 250.00 per
month. Your clinical supplies are 35.00 per call. REVENUE: Number of CallsExpected Revenue per Call EXPENSES SalaryRentTruck ExpenseClinical Supplies Get your spreadsheet to: add all expensesadd all revenuesubtract Total Revenue minus Total expenses.
UMBC Revenue Statement for The Year Ending EMC Health Centre Excel Task

WSU Strategies to Support High Level Communication & Collaboration Essay.

4600 Unit E Teamwork and Organizational Culture AssignmentStrategies to Support High-level Communication and CollaborationAssignment Concepts: Communication, Collaboration, SafetyUnit Outcome(s):Employ effective strategies to identify the skills to create and enhance respectful workplaces.Discuss how communication, emotional intelligence and behaviors differ in healthy versus toxic organizational cultures.Compare strategies that foster the development of high functioning collaborative teams.Using an understanding of group dynamics, employ communication strategies to effectively address conflict. Assignment Description: Providing safe quality care in today’s healthcare environment requires teamwork. Patient care is provided by many providers who need to be able to collaborate to assure good patient outcomes. A culture of safety requires that all team players interact in respectful and positive ways. Nurses need to understand the process of collaboration and strategies used to develop a high functioning team. Assignment Directions: Part 1: Download the following .pdf and review the basic information about Patrick Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team.PDF: Five Dysfunctions of a Team.pdf Actions Preview DownloadAlternative formatsThese videos provide additional information about the dysfunctions. The content is approached from a leadership perspective but they provide some good examples.Video 1 (Links to an external site.) Video 2 (Links to an external site.) Evaluate the team you work with at your job using the team assessment worksheet on page 2 of the .pdf document. If you are not currently working, use a committee or group you work with on a regular basis. Complete the survey yourselfand then collect two (2) additional surveys from collaborative peers on your team. Preferably not RNs. A total of three (3) surveys will be completed. Score each survey. Then use the criteria below to evaluate your team. A score of 8 or 9 is probable indication that this dysfunction is not a problem for your teamA score of 6 or 7 indicates the dysfunction could be a problemA score of 3 to 5 is probably an indication that the dysfunction needs to be addressed.Part 2:Address the following information in a 3-4 page document that is double spaced and follows correct APA formatting. Information must be cited and referenced as appropriate. Introduce the topic of teamwork and collaboration.Briefly describe the team you surveyed. Include the roles of the individuals who completed the surveys.Based on the individual survey scores, list the average score for each dysfunction.Based on the scoring of the surveys, list and discuss two (2) team dysfunction categories needing improvement.Discuss how the chosen dysfunctions impact your unit’s:culture and the ability to maintain a respectful workplaceteam dynamics and collaborationDiscuss strategies you would use to improve your team’s ability to function based on the chosen team dysfunction categories mentioned above. Reflect on your experiences as a team member within some area of healthcare either as a current RN or during your student nurse experiences. Based on what you have learned about communication, high functioning teams, and a culture of safety, provide examples of any efforts that you made or could have made that might have resulted in more positive outcomes? How can you be proactive with these contributions in future teamwork? What steps will you personally take to enhance collaboration?
WSU Strategies to Support High Level Communication & Collaboration Essay

Great Britain Empire’ Alliances Essay

Great Britain is a unitary of many nations including England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and other smaller islands. During the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the Great Britain had to form mutual relationships (alliances) with other European nations in order to expand its wealth, territory, and security/strength. The need for power and territorial expansion fuelled the empire to engage in imperialists activities especially in the nineteenth century. Imperialism was an ideology adapted to facilitate colonialism in other non-European nations especially in Africa. Furthermore, the hunger for political power, colonial power and military power together with creation of alliances facilitated the commencement of World War 1. Therefore, the Great Britain Empire used imperialism to manipulate her allies like France in the name of assisting her to remain wealthy, superior, and maintain her military prowess thus winning category as one of the great powers in Europe. The formation of alliances or signing of treaties in Europe in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries led to mutual aid among the allies especially during wars. The Great Britain formed alliances with some European nations like Russia and France. Other smaller nations like Belgium, Serbia, Japan, Greece, and Romania were members of the triple entente contributing to the civilization of Europe (Kishlansky, Geary,

Lab reoprt and some diagrams made in excel

write my term paper Lab reoprt and some diagrams made in excel.

Include in Lab Report 1. Cover Letter2. Introduction/Problem Statement(in your own words)3. Test Procedure (in your own words) a. Physical Lab Procedure b. Simulation Procedure 4. Test Data a. Given b. Actual 5. Results 6. Conclusion.For the lab report the test data given and actual i did it the thing i didn’t do is calculate c which is equal to (h/2)-y and you need to include the graph which is made in excel total 4 graphs I also uploaded my friends lab report from last semester you can take a look at how the lab report should look like and don’t for the graph Don’t forget to label and plug the units
Lab reoprt and some diagrams made in excel

Write a paper on Home Depot?

Write a paper on Home Depot?.

1. Strategy and the Strategic Management Process at your Chosen Company
Describe the industry you are investigating. Identify the company you are researching along with the mission, vision, values, and strategic plan. Be sure to
answer the following questions:  Describe the industry in which the company operates.
 What is the company’s stated strategy? Is it a winning strategy?  How does the company’s mission statement compare to those of its competitors?  How do the mission, vision, and values support strategic objectives or performance targets of your company?
 What do the mission, vision, and value statements say about the company and its leadership?
Write a paper on Home Depot?


What are some important factors to keep our muscles healthy and enhance muscle performance and strength?From a physiological point of view, what do you think about using anabolic steroids or other substances to increase muscle mass?Life is a long run with obstacles to overcome. As runners train their muscles, how can we train our minds to keep it “healthy and fit”?Requirements

Initial posts: 300 words minimumMinimum of 1 APA formatted sourceInitial post should contain evidence of research from reliable resources.