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Cafe Coffee Day held a contest around a very popular programmed on Zee English called Friends. All the six lead characters are shown often visiting a coffee shop. They have tied up with Channel [V]‘s Get Gorgeous contest. they also have tied up with 9xm musical channel Tie-ups: Besides that Cafe Coffee Day also tie up lot of the youth brands. So they have a contest going on with Levis, another one with Scotty, Liril, latest one with Airtel Friends.

Association with movies: CCD can be seen in movies like Khakhee and Mai Hoon Na Sales Promotion: Cafe Coffee Day uses special ‘Cafe Citizen Card’ for rewarding Cafe Coffee Day’s customers. It is a loyalty program to gain new customers and retain the existing ones. Sales corrective deviation- if any cafe dos not performs up too the marks a meeting is called by cafe manager and a responsible person is asked about the deviation behind not achieving the target.

Ccd promotes there sale by distributing various coupon’s like if u spend 140 as you will get a coffee free or buy one get one offer. Coupons are distributed through newspaper. They are distributed in the area of that particular cafe who is lacking in performance Sometimes it also organized a musical concert in which either they hire somebody to sing or they ask public participation in return they offer some food and beverages. In present time ccd is promoting through facebook. Ccd also odc that it also do catering service it take large order. That odc is add on to the sale of the cafe

Portfolio Management Implementation Report

Portfolio Management Implementation Report.

Description This Assessment builds upon the second assessment which is in the upload files (Assessment 2) and has to focus on the implementation of project portfolio management. *****Please, It is imperative to use the sources provided in the attached files otherwise the assessment won’t be valid. You can use some other references such as web pages, e-books, pdf etc as long as they have relation Portfolio Management Portfolio******* *******The company selected to do the Portfolio Management Planning Report is CISCO you can find information in the file Cisco.pdf and the Assessment 2.doc which include the information to analyse and perform the report***** The report has to include the following parts: * Situational Context:  Is the organisation investing in the right projects?  Is the organisation optimising its capacity?  How well is the organisation executing?  Can the organisation absorb all the changes?  Is the organisation realising the promised benefits? * Portfolio Evaluation  What is the justification of using the chosen method in comparison to some of the others that are available?  Are there any challenges that the organisation might face in using the current method if it were to operate in a global environment?  Is the benefits management lifecycle incorporated in the evaluation process?  How might benefits management be helpful in successfully meeting the deliverable goals of the organisation’s projects? * Portfolio Management How is project portfolio management ensuring that the organisation’s collective projects are aligning with its strategic objectives?  Has a Project Management Office been introduced into the organisation and, if so, has it played a role in terms of standardising practices and increasing project success rates? If not, why not? What alternative approaches are available? **Maturity Levels At what maturity level do you believe the organisation is at in terms of its approach to project portfolio management?  What are the key best practices which can be adopted to improve the maturity level and which model (e.g. PRINCE2, OPM3) do you think would be appropriate?  How might you go about implementing this change and what assistance from the organisation would you require? *Corporate Culture Assess the corporate culture of the organisation and whether it is likely to be different in terms of key internal stakeholder influence and input (e.g. HR Director, Technology Manager, Facilities Manager, Accountant).  Will any change management initiative in terms of project portfolio management process improvement and benefits realisation need to take into account the different perspectives of these stakeholders and what concerns might each stakeholder express?  What aspects of the corporate culture do you think would support project portfolio management and its sustainability criteria?  Are there any challenges involved in getting project portfolio management and its sustainability criteria embraced by the organisation?

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