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Hotel Salcedo de Vigan was once an old house built in 1790 and it’s called “Bahay na Bato” because it is made of a combination of stone and wood, typical of the Vigan home. The house was owned by the Encarnacion Family. It has a “zaguan” that was used to store and dry tobacco leaves, and apparently much later, to a house gas station. The house stayed the way it was for over 200 years before it was finally restored in the hand of Architect Zaragoza year nineteen hundred and ninety-nine. Zaragoza was mesmerized when he saw the unique features of the Encarnacion home on New Year’s Eve when he was in a tricycle.

The beauty of the house was still visible beneath the ruins. He felt sorry so he didn’t stop until he got it. Though the house was almost in total ruin, not a single object was thrown for Zaragoza believed that everything that was inside can have its own purpose. So he made “the almost in total ruin” house into a very fine unique villa and named it Villa Paz, and later became very well known. The Villa became the Zaragoza’s vacation home in Vigan. It is where he accommodates his friends who have chosen to unwind in a place where one can find a replica of a Spanish village, Vigan.

The house became a spot per se for it was a standing prof to the idea that one doesn’t have to kill Vigan so that it will live. Years passed by, the old Villa Paz became a modernized hotel for it was passed through the hands of sixteen investors, mostly doctors and business owners. They named it after the Spanish Conquistador Juan de Salcedo, the grandson of Miguel Lopez de Legaspi, who invaded Vigan, formerly known as Ciudad La Fernandina, in 1572. Behind the elegant beauty of the hotel is a story of a 200 years old “Bahay na Bato” transformed into a luxurious Hotel Salcedo de Vigan, the Precious Gem of the North.

b. Mission and Vision i. Mission Our mission is to operate first class full service hotel by providing comfort and hospitality for those away from home while building meaningful relationship, fostering growth in our associates where everyone feels at home, and where everyone works as a team, with a sense of pride, security and belongingness. ii. Vision We are committed to provide excellent customer service by providing alert and competent service, assuring wholesale and safe accommodation, enhancing cooperation and teamwork in the organization, and always ready to exceed their expectations without compromise,

c. Physical Facilities and Equipment (Location, Layout and Design) BISTRO AMARILLO Enjoy sumptuous offerings of local and continental specialties at Bistro Amarillo. A relaxing venue for guests to sample superb cuisine, enjoys a few drinks, and relaxes in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Come and savor our Amarillo salad, Sinigang na bagnet and kare-kare. Open from 6 AM to 10 PM It can accommodate 50pax BALLROOM and FUNCTION ROOMS The Hotel Salcedo de Vigan Ballroom is the perfect venue for social and corporate events.

They have banquet packages to suit your every requirement. Other Facilities and Services: Free shuttle pick-up at any Bus terminal in Vigan (pick-up 08:00am – 02:00pm, drop off 12:00nn – 01:00pm) Free shuttle pick-up at Mindoro, Vigan Airport Laundry Service Dry cleaning and pressing sundry Massage Service Business Center Service Tours and Transfers Business center 24-hour security 24-hour standby generator Handyman, 24 CCTV Camera Safety deposit box at the front desk and Suite rooms Parking Space 24 Hour Front Desk Clerk 24 Hour Room Attendant without Extra Service Fee

(Location, Layout and Design) Take advantage of our superb location, a stone’s throw away from the famous Calle Crisologo with its cobblestone street, the Vigan Cathedral, the City Hall, and Plaza Salcedo. By Air – Domestic flights leave Manila daily for the Laoag International Airport in Ilocos Norte. The airport is an hour and a half away by bus or arranged vehicles from Vigan. Vigan can also be reached from Laoag City via the Farinas Transit, Maria de Leon Transit, Franco Frederico Lines (Franco Transit), Partas Transit, and RCJ Lines.

By Land – The 408-km stretch from Manila to Vigan City is a comfortable 8–hour ride along the scenic Manila–North road pass through the NLEX and SCTEX superhighways. Airconditioned Partas, Dominion, Aniceto, and Viron buses ply the Manila–Vigan route daily. Getting Around Vigan – The best way to explore Vigan is on foot. The town center is small and compact yet full of excitement. Experience a calesa ride around Vigan at Php 150. 00 per hour per carriage. d. Organization i. Organization Structure 2. PRACTICUM EXPERIENCE a. Duties

i. Description of Student’s Job: Nature, Functions, Qualification, Requirements (According to different Department) As Front Desk Clerk As a Front Desk Clerk, I make it a point that guests feel welcome when they enter to the hotel premises. As they say, there is no place like home. Yes, front office is the most crucial point of the hotel because it is where the check-in and check-out position of the hotel but I may say that front office is the most active area of a hotel because it is where I get direct contact with the guest.

Of course the activities to be done here are to greet guests upon entering the lobby, register them on what type of accommodation, assign rooms to them and check out guests at the end of their stay and doing the financial transactions as well. I learned a lot of things in this department, I did receive phone calls outside, reservation, send e-mails to guests. Understanding the demands of guests will really help to the hotels operation to know what are the strengths and weaknesses of the hotel. Though some guests are not in good mood, I tried to cope up with their needs so that the hotel will not get into down just because of guests complaint.

I can say now that I contributed enough my knowledge for the benefits and success of the hotels operation. This is the department where you can face different personality and understanding their attitudes. But patience is the most important attitude that must be applied in this department. As Food and Beverage Attendant Definitely, our daily routine is to read endorsements, money count take orders, replenishing stock, cleaning up spillages, running cash registers, general cleaning at the dining area and setting up tables with new cutlery.

And if I have guests, I make it a point that I’m going to standby on that guests only, if I take order on them, I make it sure that I’m the one to deliver it to them to prevent misallocation of foods. I will contribute high standards for guest’s services. Guest’s satisfaction makes the hotel overwhelmed. As Housekeeping Attendant I make it sure that hotels premises are being maintain clean especially guest rooms and public restrooms. This includes make up room every day. Cleaning all necessary areas must do every day for safeties purpose of the guests. The rooms must be clean every time guests leave and it needs more effort to clean.

So it must be the role of the room attendant to do the cleaning as fast as he/ she can. As Kitchen Hand I am in-charge of cooking especially during breakfast (for guests) and lunch (for employees). It is not hard for me to work in the kitchen because I have enough knowledge. I know how to cook those basic foods to be served. I am also responsible in dishwashing as steward because we do it manually. I am also in-charge of doing the inventory of stocks available in the kitchen. And I am responsible enough to clean the kitchen area and wash all the cutleries used.

And check the stocks if it is still consumable or not. ii. Working Relationship with Other Workers Working with new set of personalities made me stronger and realize that I can work with other people. Yes, we are now truly in the real world of industry. I had a great bond with all the employees and co-trainees at Hotel Salcedo de Vigan. They made me feel welcome and they treated me as family, as sister, as friend and a professional person. My colleagues, co-workers, co-trainees and superior are actually made me feel open to them. We shared crazy thoughts, laughter’s and professional interaction.

We celebrated them a Christmas Party together with the investors of the hotel. It was such a great blessing and great experience to be with them. We exchanged gifts with each other, we performed our talents, we compete, I won as the Best Masquerade (Female: OJT Category) and I got cash prize on that, it is worth because I exerted my full effort. Wow! I love the feeling working with them. I don’t have any bad comments to say. I can’t say any bad image to them because I don’t have any reason to say so. But as they say, Friendship ends, when business begins. iii. Assignment and Rotation of Duties among Personnel

Assignments and rotation in the organization must strictly follow to evade conflicts and other discrepancies. Assignments must be done on time for it will not lead to slow down the operation of the hotel. It must be done one by one to avoid rattle of the work in the workplace. We did rotation every week for the purpose to consume our time. But for the first 2 weeks, I stayed at the Front Office so I have to disseminate my time to other departments. Though I am running out of time to other departments, I make it appoint that I am going to pass thru all those activities to be done in that specific department.

b. Supervision of Trainees i. Standard of Work Requires Standard of work is important for as trainee or employee to ensure unfailing excellence of the “productivity” of the process, and to give the said guests satisfaction. HOTEL SALCEDO DE VIGAN Standards of Conduct Entrance and Exit All employees should enter and leave the Hotel through the Employees Entrance only. Employees who are off-duty shall not be allowed to linger or remain in any hotel premises without prior approval from their Department Head or HRD.

Security personnel are authorized to check employee’s personal belongings and/or conduct body search without prior notice. Secure a gate pass duly approve by proper authorities if you wish to take any property or gift from guest out of the hotel. Attendance and Punctuality Remember to push the inn/out button of the Biometric for attendance. Failure to do so will make your duty not valid. Punctuality and attendance in important to work as your collogue will not be able to leave the workplace until replaced by you. Report to your workplace at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time of your shift. Courtesy & Personal Appearance

Try to be courteous at all times to all guests regardless of appearance, age, race, nationality and color. ii. Punishments/Rewards HOTEL SALCEDO DE VIGAN Company Policy on Discipline Our Hotel has established House Rules & Regulations which directs us on how we should conduct ourselves as well as its corresponding disciplinary measures. This section presents the disciplinary measures which all employees are subjected regardless of status and employment. The primary purpose of the disciplinary measures is to correct mistakes committed by employees against the Company policies in Discipline rather than punitive.

OBJECTIVES: To enhance order and discipline within the Hotel Promote efficiency and harmonious relationship with internal and external customers Providing guidelines in the administration of corrective actions to prevent occurrence of the offenses. Imposition of Disciplinary Actions If an employee is charged, due process will be observed at all times and he/she will be given a chance to be heard. The disciplinary action shall be acted upon only by the Hotel and not by any other individual. Should an employee be penalized, he/she should reform and improve his/her action.

Records of offenses and corresponding penalties shall be included in the file for 12 months from the date of the commission. Offenses with their Corresponding Penalties 1. Oral Reprimand (OR) this is an advise or warning serve immediately and orally to an erring staff, correcting and reminding him/her of the infraction committed and his/her responsibility in connection with the offense. 2. Written Reprimand (WR) this is a written admonition served to an employee who commits a repetition of an offense, or another offense of the same degree or for a more serious offense weather he/she has received an oral reprimand or not.

Written reprimand places an employee under observation for a 60 day period from the date of receipt of written reprimand. 3. Suspension (S) a. Light Suspension a written memorandum placing an employee under suspension without pay from 1-15 calendar days for committing the same or another offense during the period of the observation after a written reprimand, or for a more serious offence whether he has received or not a written reprimand. Light suspension deprives an employee of his/her pay during the period of his/her suspension and places him under observation for 90 day period from the effective date of such suspension.

b. Grave or Preventive Suspension a written memorandum issued to habitual offenders, or to employee who commits serious violation of Company Policy on Discipline placing him/her under suspension from 16-30 calendar days without pay. Grave suspension deprives an employee of his/her pay during the period of his/her suspension and places him/her under observation for 120 days from the effective date of such suspension. A habitual offender is one who commits within a period of 12 months violation of Company Policy on Discipline subject to any of the following penalties: a. 4 oral reprimand b.

3 oral reprimand and 1 suspension c. 2 written reprimand and 1 suspension d. 2 suspension 4. Dismissal (D) this is a termination of an employee’s services for cause. Commission of an extremely serious violation of Company Policy on Discipline, or further habitual infraction of any rule or regulation while under observation after having been meted out grave or preventive suspension would result in the summary dismissal of an employee. iii. Self-supervision The following are my self-supervision towards work: Going to work regularly and punctuality. Working independently, showing my willingness to do the tasks.

Performing and completing well the task at the right time. Keeping a record of achievements and accomplishments Self-supervision is not only for the typical subordinates of a team or the first-level employees but also to the management. Open working with my co-workers. 3. EVALUATION/ASSESSMENT a. Achievement of Corporate Mission and Vision or Objectives In order to achieve Mission and or Objective in an organization they must ensure that corporate and departmental objectives are instantly accessible on-line – not buried in a draw or filling cabinet. They must share their missions and objectives with other team members.

They need to balance doing with learning. There should be business objectives and there should be learning objectives. They are equally important and should be focused on and measured in similar ways. b. Are policies and rules actually being followed? (policies vs. actual practice) House Rules WELCOME! Check-out time is 12:00 noon. Smoking inside the room is not allowed but you may smoke at designated smoking areas. Visitors are requested to register themselves at the Front Desk. The hotel strictly prohibits unregistered visitors in the room of any guest.

Please remove the key card from the card slot when leaving the room. Kindly keep your valuable and other important documents in the safe deposit box at the Front Office for safekeeping. The hotel will not assume responsibility for any valuable lost inside the room. Secure door locks when retiring. Left articles will be safekeeping for only two (2) months from period of check-out of guest/s. The hotel will not be held liable for any unclaimed article after the guest/s has been informed by the hotel thru letter or telephone call, telegram, or other means. Room service is available round the clock for housekeeping.

However please contact the Front Desk for urgent needs after midnight that will see to it that your request are attended to as soon as possible. Any forms of gambling and showing of pornographic video and other pornographic materials within the hotel are not tolerated. Foul smelling items are not allowed inside the room. Electrical appliances over 50 watts should not be connected with the room circuit. Electrical current is 220 volts, 60-Hz. Cooking inside the room is strictly prohibited. Washing your laundry and ironing are not allowed inside the room. We have valet services for our guests at minimal fee.

Guest’s laundry is collected at 8:30 am and return the following morning. 50% of the laundry charge is added if delivered on the same day. Removal of room fixtures and accessories is strictly prohibited. Items lost or damaged in the room shall be charged accordingly. Under no circumstances will any animal of any description be permitted inside the room. Hotel staffs have ID’s and uniform for proper identification. Any private transaction done with them is not the hotel responsibility. Any untoward behavior of any staff of the hotel like soliciting gratuities is prohibited. Any such act should be reported to the Management immediately.

Bringing in firearms, explosives and other fatal weapons is strictly prohibited. Guest with children is advised not to allow them to play in the hallways or in public areas of the hotel. Parents are responsible for their children safety. Thank you for patronizing our hotel. We shall be at you service round the clock if you need anything at all. Have a pleasant stay!! c. Management Philosophy i. Compensation (including incentives, benefits and service programs, career development) Compensation: Salary Service Charge (Subject for Approval) Night Shift Differential, Overtime, Holiday Work Premiums Pay Day

13th Mont Pay Personal Income Tax Benefits: (Statutory Benefits) Social Security System (SSS) Philippine Health Insurance Pag-ibig Fund (Hotel Benefits) Public Holidays Vacation Sick Leave Maternity Leave Paternity Leave Medical Services Financial Assistance Duty Meals Uniforms Availment of Hotel Facilities 4. RECOMMENDATIONS a. Recommendations based on Evaluation and Assessment Front Office: (Strong Points) She can act independently and can work with her own way especially when problem occurs. (Weak Points) Sometimes she is always doubting about what she’s saying, but it’s okay. Maybe she’s just serious.

(Suggestions) More practice in speaking English fluently and clearly. Thanks Daphne!! Good luck!! Housekeeping: (Suggestion) Keep up the good work!!! Good luck!!! You have the potential to work into the Hospitality Industry. Food & Beverage Service/Dining: (Strong Points) She has the ability to perform duties and responsibilities at work place. (Weak Points) None (Suggestions) Keep up the good work, thank you & congratulations! Good luck! Kitchen: (Suggestions) You are now ready to work in the industry. Do not hesitate to ask questions if you doubt to do something. Good luck Daphne! Congratulations!

Based on my evaluation and assessment it will be a big help for me to improve my skills to nurture the skills I had acquired and it will be my weapon in the near future. b. Question: Do you recommend this establishment to continue as practicum venue? Why? YES! I recommend HOTEL SALCEDO DE VIGAN as a practicum venue for its high standard of service. Because it has the ability to improve one’s knowledge. Thru this hotel, you can be competitive enough to work. As I noticed, my relationship to other people became more competitive. What I had acquired in school really applied in this hotel.

All of those procedures are at hand. The smooth running of operation of the hotel would really appreciate. Important matters are here, I can’t say any bad comments in here. Managing time in working would always be bear in mind to avoid conflicts and arising of circumstances. The owners and employees are nice in terms of professionalism, I salute them. So I am recommending this establishment to continue as practicum venue. I did my best, and they appreciated so much. Though there are some mistakes we did, but they understand it because they know and we know that “Learning from mistakes is the secret of success”.

the implications of inadequate access to water for women and girls? Make sure you cover the aspects of implications related to time, health, safety, education, and any other social implications.

Write about 500 words to answer the following question. If you use any sources outside of our classroom material (you are allowed to), be sure to use in-text citations and a reference at the end of your answer, using APA style. For some basics on citing in APA, check out this website. Please use your own words while answering the questions, and paraphrase as well as cite the content that you have gathered from other sources. What are the implications of inadequate access to water for women and girls? Make sure you cover the aspects of implications related to time, health, safety, education, and any other social implications.

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