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Argues in favor of salary caps in Major League Baseball.

This paper is an argumentative essay about the need for salary caps in Major league Baseball. The paper argues that salary caps are necessary in order survive as a profitable sport.
“There is obviously a problem in Major league Baseball and it needs to be fixed before the league goes belly up. While this sounds preposterous it is quite possible. In my mind the best solution would be a salary cap and revenue sharing. As a Padres fan I grow tired of seeing them place last or second to in the NL West. While I will still support them I won’t be attending as many games (especially while in Iowa). Because of this they will lose money in ticket sales, with the effects of that trickling all the way down to revenue for broadcasting, leaving them in a financially precarious position. This is in danger of happening to many teams. Fans are going are growing tired and vexed at seeing their teams go nowhere in the post-season. Three competitive teams are not enough to keep a profitable fan base and more importantly profitable revenue.”

Talent Management and Recruiting Strategies

Talent Management and Recruiting Strategies.

Paper Instruction: FINAL PAPER TOPIC, 1. Team up with two other students to compare and contrast the talent management and recruiting strategies for each company.==2. Each student, individually, is to prepare a final paper (minimum 1,500 words) describing what he or she learned from the other student’s skills and experiences ===3. and write what (the skills and experience what you learned from others)you were able to incorporate into your future workplace regarding how you would recruit and manage talent. ===Dear writer, I will provide the information-files which are I get from other two teammates and those files are about the strategies in recruiting and talent management that their company have at the workplaces. You should write my paper based on the information you receive, but DO NOT copy them completely into my paper which means you need to revise the sentences you need if any. ===Follow each-part instruction and think and write thoughtfully.

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