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Saint Leo University Lack of Prison Reforms Problem Statement Paper

Saint Leo University Lack of Prison Reforms Problem Statement Paper.

Course Project I 
During this module, we will begin by working toward the creation of an Administrative Position Paper by completing two separates, but equally important, items: 

A Problem Statement 
Factors Bearing on the Problem 

Problem Statement: This is a one- to two-paragraph description of the issue you have identified to base your Applied Project on. The problem statement must stick with the problem. What is the reason that you are writing about this issue? Do not go into any data or research. This is strictly your opinion, so there is no need for in-text citations. Make sure that the problem is clear, concise, and to the point. Do not discuss any potential remedies at this point. The statement of the problem tells the criminal justice executive what the difficulty is; what problem is to be solved. No discussion is necessary at this point. In later sections you will be elaborating on the facts, issues, solutions, etc. 
Course Project II 
The second item that you will need to complete is called Factors Bearing on the Problem. Start off with a sentence or two that explains to the reader what the section is about. What is causing the problem? Then list no less than four (4) and no more than six (6) points which are directly related to the Problem Statement. Each factor must relate to a problem that is associated with your project. Your Discussion section should only mention the factors you list. Information that is not directly related to a factor you have described should not be included, so make sure you spend time on this area to ensure that you are capturing the right information for a factor. Each point is to be put in bullet form and must be no less than two (2) sentences and no more than four (4) sentences that describe in detail the bullet point. You do not need to use in-text citations and the factors can be opinion- based. Make sure that you do not use any first-person verbiage. Each factor must be clear and to the point. There should be no data, research, or potential remedies in this area. This section includes facts or statements of truth which can be sub­stantiated. For example, “The average education level of the police officer in this city is 14.5 years (or high school plus 2 1/2 years college).” Another example might be, “Last year the citizens of this county only reported 200 crimes in progress to the police” or “the jail population averaged 20% above maximum capacity in fiscal year 1983/84.”
List each fact separately. (Use bullets to identify factors, however each factor MUST be a complete sentence). Each bullet item must ONLY be two sentences. You are to have 4 factors and if you require more, you must get permission from your instructor. Also, you must have an introductory statement to this section explaining what the section means. This introduction must be 2 -3 sentence ONLY. As an example, the introduction statement could be: This section of the paper will identify the four (4) issues that are directly related to the problem. 
Also, at the end of the listed factors, the student must list any assumptions which lend weight to their final recommendation/solutions. Example: Assumption- It is assumed that if the victims of crimes are compensated for their time spent testi­fying in court, more citizens will be willing to become involved in pro­secutions; or, it is assumed that better trained officers will be able to more effectively communicate with the public. The assumption goes after the last factor. The assumption must not be any more than four (4) complete sentences.
You are to color each of the factors. Then when you are writing your information on a factor in the discussion section, you color the wording to match the factor. This way you have a clear visual on how much information you have written on the topic. You may keep the colors on the paper for each of the submissions, except the final submission.

The problem I want you to write about is Criminal Ethic History
Saint Leo University Lack of Prison Reforms Problem Statement Paper

Beis Medrash Heichal Dovid Enhancing a Culture of Safety Presentation.

You have been asked to follow up your report with a presentation to administrative leaders and stakeholders that outlines your plan to develop or enhance the organization’s culture of quality and safety. A number of key stakeholders will be unable to attend your presentation for a variety of reasons, so you have decided to provide those individuals with a video recording of the presentation. You have the option of using Kaltura Media or another technology of your choice to record your presentation.Developing the Presentation Summarize the key aspects of a plan to develop or enhance a culture of safety. Identify existing organizational functions, processes, and behaviors affecting quality and safety. Identify current outcome measures related to quality and safety. Explain the steps needed to achieve improved outcomes. Create a future vision of your organization’s potential to develop and sustain a culture of quality and safety and the nurse leader’s role in developing that potential.
Beis Medrash Heichal Dovid Enhancing a Culture of Safety Presentation

BSL 4080 Columbia Southern University Legitimacy or Fallacy Strategies Analysis.

You are the district manager of a luxury watch producer, and sales have been steadily declining. You hold a meeting with your production and sales staff to attempt to identify the reasons for the decline, and the following reasons are offered for the decreased sales:slow economy, so no one is buying watches of any kind;salespeople are not provided adequate resources to properly market the watches;the quality of the watches has declined to the point that people do not want to buy them;the supply chain is unable to keep up with orders, so deliveries are slow, and customers are cancelling orders;the financial manager does not like the marketing department, so we cannot trust the numbers he produces; andthe marketing manager should just get rid of the salespeople who are not able to hit the established sales targets.Given this scenario, answer the following questions.Discuss strategies for examining claims for legitimacy or fallacy. It is not necessary to address all six bullet points above, but clearly identify which are being discussed. Identify any potential fallacies in logic that might inhibit creative thinking. Develop strategies for creatively overcoming identified fallacies. Formulate your response to these questions using APA style, and include at least two outside sources; your paper must be a minimum of three pages.
BSL 4080 Columbia Southern University Legitimacy or Fallacy Strategies Analysis

Chapter 20 Short Essay American Studies.

Topic: At the end of the supplemental readings for Chapter 20 there are three that deal with the relation between profound social change, demoralization, mortality, and a nation’s life expectancy. Read the ABSTRACT for the the JAMA article on Life Expectancy in the U.S. The rest of the article is pretty technical, so that isn’t required, although you may be interested in the graphs. In the abstract there is only one phrase that I need to explain: “all-cause mortality.” This means: a summation of all the deaths from any and every cause that was measured. If I trip over my shoes and break my neck, the cause would be “accident.” But if I add up ALL the deaths from ALL the causes, then we have a number we can call “all-cause mortality.”The basic finding is that American life expectancy is going DOWN because so many Americans of the middle years have begun dying sooner then they did just a few decades ago.Why are so many Americans dying younger than they used to? Next, read Masha Gessen’s article on the increase in mortality among Russians after the breakup of the Soviet Union. So many people died that their life expectancy went down. Basically, an entire generation or two lost hope for a better society, and proceeded to drink themselves to death. Also note the short article on improvements in the mortality rate and life expectancy once there were new restrictions on liquor sales and support for a better economy.My question to you then, is this: Given what you saw in the other supplemental readings and videos, is the post-Soviet example relevant to understanding the increased mortality rates and declining life expectancy among Americans?Please answer this question in at least 2-3 pages, Apa Format.
Chapter 20 Short Essay American Studies

Comparison and Contrast between “Stage Sisters” and “Yellow Earth” Essay

Stage Sisters and Yellow Earth directed by Xie Jin and Chen Kaige respectively present the dynamicity of the Chinese film productions. The two producers have done extremely well to illustrate various social and cultural issues within their writing and production contexts of the films. Stage Sisters is a story about two female practitioners attached to Yue Opera productions. Dealing with life of the same troupe, the story illustrates how two sisters decide to take different paths in life. On the other hand, Yellow Earth is a love story between a soldier and a girl from a peasant family which fails to materialize at the end. It is important to note that the production of both films exhibit certain similarities and differences that are necessary for consideration and discussion. These Chinese films are similar in terms of character development. Both producers attempted to use strong-willed characters in the literary works. The use of powerful female characters in both films is evident through the plots of both films. In Stage Sister, Jin modeled the character traits of Chunhua as a resolute lady, who is focused on and unwilling to compromise her moral and cultural standards. Chunhua’s confidence and agility are demonstrated through her decision to stand against her false accusers in the courtroom. This is further illustrated by the producer when Chunhua begins to perform revolutionary operas signifying her desire to fight for revolution in a society where only male dominate (Marchetti 34-39). On the other hand, Kaige has also done well to present strong-willed characters such as Qiao. This is a girl from a peasant family who is forced to marry an elderly man because of tradition. Finding out about the possibility to gain her freedom by joining CPP, Qiao decides to fight for her rights (Kuoshu 57-68). These illustrations indicate that both producers have exploited the use of powerful characters to enhance their goals in their respective literary works. There is also similarity in terms of the acting style adopted by both producers. The actions of the protagonists in both films are characterized by the ability to withstand opposition in a bid to achieve success in life. Both Chunhua in Stage Sisters and Qiao and Yellow Earth are willing to fight against injustice amidst the opposing culture that dictates the certain rules to the people around them. As a result, it can be deduced that both authors have adopted a similar acting style in the film productions. Lastly, the two films have been produced using a similar cinematic style. Both films are characterized by a sad ending, thereby depicting a tragedy at the end. The use of a tragic ending for both movies depicts the use of a similar cinematic style of both producers (Semsel 45). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More However, there is a difference in terms of thematic presentations in both films. In Yellow Earth, the producer’s intention is to present themes of discrimination against women (the society is male dominated and women are victims of the culture and traditions), disillusionment (Qiao and Qing’s plans of developing their relationship are ruined when the two fail to meet at the end of the story), and revolution in the society (the existence of CPP movement that aims at creating a revolution in the culture of the society). On the other hand, Two Sisters presents themes of betrayal (Chunhua is betrayed by her sister Yuehong), determination (the two sisters are determined to achieve their goals in their career), and moral decadence in the society (the existence of scenes of bribery and betrayal in the film). Works Cited Kuoshu, H. Harry. Celluloid China: Cinematic Encounters with Culture and Society. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 2002. Print. Marchetti, Gina. Two Stage Sisters: The Blossoming of a Revolutionary Aesthetic. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1997. Print. Semsel, George. Chinese Film: The State of the Art in the People’s Republic. New York: Praeger, 1987. Print.

Programming in C

nursing essay writing service Programming in C.

I’m working on a computer science multi-part question and need support to help me study.

For this laboratory assignment, modify the lesson-1.c code to allow the user to control the robot’s motion from the keyboard. Associate the following keys to the corresponding command:h or H – TURN LEFTl or L – TURN RIGHTi or I – MOVE FORWARDm or M – MOVE BACKWARDk or K – STOPKeep the program running until the user enters a ‘q’ or ‘Q’ to stop the program. Please submit your modified lesson-1.c code and a video of you running your robot.
Programming in C

Discussion Post 3

Discussion Post 3. Paper details Explain the process for determining cause, mechanism, and manner of death associated with a blunt force vs.a sharp force trauma case. Be specific and identify the autopsy results for each category. You will be required to participate in the discussion board for each week. You must submit one original post to each discussion board question by Thursday at 11:59pm of the week it is due and then respond at least two times to other classmates by Sunday night at 11:59pm.Discussion Post 3

Statements Of Adventa Berhad Marketing Essay

Introduction Company background Adventa Berhad, an investment holding company, engages in the manufacture and distribution of medical products and devices for the healthcare industry. The company offers surgical and medical examination gloves, such as latex surgical, latex surgical power free, synthetic, surgical, orthopedic, microsurgery, powdered exams, powder free exams, procedures, and nitrile exams gloves; and non gloves products comprising airway management, feeding and drainage tubes, syringe and needles, IV therapy, diagnostic, wound care, urology, non-woven products, hemodialysis disposals, infection control, and autoclave tapes. It also engages in the generation and supply of energy and electricity using biomass technology; and trading of medical and healthcare equipment and appliances. The company has operations in Malaysia, Germany, Hong Kong, and Uruguay. Adventa Berhad is based in Kota Bharu, Malaysia. The group’s workforce is over 2000 strong and is located in 5 countries. In June 2004, ADVENTA was listed on the Malaysian Stock Exchange, Bursa Malaysia. The subsidiaries of ADVENTA are committed to strong, sustained growth within their disciplines. The means to this are product excellence and employee commitment to customers. The group is continuously sourcing for talents that can add strength and contribute ideas to the organization. ADVENTA intends to create value and returns through the implementation and commercialization of its ideas and innovations. Vision and mission statement Vision statement The vision statement of Adventa Berhad is to be the industry leader company in the manufacture of medical glove industry as well as provide the best products and services to its valuable customers. Mission statement The mission statement of Adventa Berhad as below: Customer and supplier intimacy. Adventa Berhad wants to maintain high customer and supplier intimacy. In order to achieve this mission, Adventa Berhad provides excellent products and services to their customers as well as provides extraordinary business support to their suppliers. Profit. Adventa Berhad intends to achieve good profit for all their stakeholders include shareholders, employees, and so on. In order to achieve this mission, Adventa Berhad makes good use of all their assets to make generate profit. Better welfare. Adventa Berhad intends to improve the welfare of the community. In order to achieve this mission, Adventa Berhad produces high quality products and delivers excellent services to the local community. Environmental friendly. Adventa Berhad has an environmental friendly policy in their company. Adventa Berhad protects the environment through production using environmental friendly materials as well as improve their production process though process innovation. Market leadership. In order to achieve this mission, Adventa Berhad continually grows by offering high quality medical gloves to the global market. Adventa Berhad also tries to build a global brand of choice among the end users of medical gloves such as doctor and nurse so that it can obtain the market leader position in the medical gloves industry. SWOT analysis The SWOT analysis clearly shows that Adventa Berhad’s strengths and the opportunities available to it outweigh its weaknesses and the threats to its business 3.1 Strengths Extraordinary product quality. Adventa Berhad has good control in their medical gloves as well as other product quality. This can be seen as Adventa Berhad has been awarded many certificates and awards. For example, EN ISO 13485:2003, ISO 13485:2003 with CMDCAS, ISO 9001:2000, EC Certificate for Sterile Examination Gloves, EC Certificate for Sterile Surgical Gloves and Industry Excellence Award 2004. To be successful in a strongly competitive industry like rubber industry, an excellent product quality is needed. Adventa Berhad has managed to provide excellent product as well as a wide range of product breadth. This has made Adventa Berhad obtain a better position in the industry. Strong reputation. Adventa Berhad is a strong manufacturer of medical gloves in the medical glove industry. Adventa Berhad managed to gain their reputation by providing sterile surgical glove for surgeons and operating room personnel which special high risk applications is required in a modern hospital. The good technical knowledge base of Adventa Berhad to produce these application-surgical gloves had earned the trust of the most critical user. This also places Adventa Berhad among the few top manufacturers in the industry which is capable to attain worldwide acceptance. Strong research and development growth. To continue growing and be competitive in the industry, Adventa Berhad has good investment in Research and Product Development platform. The R

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