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Saint Leo University Change in Correctional Facilities Discussion

Saint Leo University Change in Correctional Facilities Discussion.

The content is to be written logically with good grammar, punctuation, and spelling. The student is to do an extensive research-based analysis of the information (300 words with a minimum of 2 APA references). Discuss your thoughts on the information that has been posted. Your remarks can be opinion, but it must be based on your experience, research, and/or prior learning. APA has a new edition. Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, (2020). 7th Edition, Washington D.C.: American Psychological Association. In APA 7 you no longer cite the city and state of the publisher. When you cite your source in the body of your paper only use the author’s last name, no first names or initials. Quotes don’t go in italics. For direct quotes you also need to cite the page or paragraph number where the quote came from. In your reference section APA 7 no longer requires the city or state of the publishers.AssignmentAs correctional agencies move towards evidence-based-practices, change is inevitable. ·Why does some correctional staff resist change when it is inevitable? ·Explain current leadership practices that will help facilitate change. I have attached the pages and textbook for cite. The Effective Corrections Manager: Correctional Supervision for the Future, Chapters 9 and 10

Correctional Leadership Competencies for the 21st Century Manager and Supervisor Levels,
Chapters 8, 9, and 12
Saint Leo University Change in Correctional Facilities Discussion

Read the following article about the Tuskegee syphilis experiments, then answer the following questions: Tuskegee Experiment: The Infamous Syphilis

Read the following article about the Tuskegee syphilis experiments, then answer the following questions: Tuskegee Experiment: The Infamous Syphilis Study In order to track the disease’s full progression, researchers provided no effective care as the study’s African American participants experienced severe health problems including blindness, mental impairment—or death. HISTORY Each student must respond to the following discussion question in 150 words. Each student will also have to comment on 3 classmates’ posts. Comments should offer some insight into what was written but not overly critical or judgmental. What should have researchers done differently if they wanted to study syphilis? What aspects of this study make it especially unethical? Note: -You must type your responses into the forum box. Do not upload images or documents. – Copying/pasting and rewording without citations will result in a grade of zero.

Supply Chain Of Motorola Smartphones Commerce Essay

best assignment help In the dynamic market of smart phone competition, companies need to establish a responsive supply chain to adapt with the changing environment and Motorola is not an exception. As they introduce their innovative Droid 2 to Vietnamese market, Motorola looks for suitable solutions to strengthen their competitive supply chain, especially in this country. Through the overview of Motorola’s internal and external aspects in dynamic Vietnam logistics environment, this paper exams the difficulties the enterprise’s supply chain is facing and proposed three possible solutions in logistics and supply chain perspectives. The strength of Motorola lies in their experience, technology, and competency in managing electronics supply chain in different countries. Although outsourcing non-core business such as transportation may cause the enterprise to lose control on the activity, yet it also enables them to focus more in their core operations. Thus, the supply chain is more adaptive to the dynamic Vietnamese logistics environment, where the transportation and information infrastructures are under-developed. They lead to five major issues for Motorola supply chain mentioned in this paper: holding high level of inventory, low lead time, inaccurate demand forecast, timeliness, and inventory condition. To solve the suggested issues, the paper proposes three logistics strategy for Motorola: transportation-based third party logistics (3PL), collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment (CPFR), and using radio frequency identification (RFID). Transportation-based 3PL is expected to solve the transportation difficulties for Motorola, as well as ensuring in-transit stock quality and timeliness. CPFR enhances the collaboration between trading partners to improve forecasting, reducing lead time and decreasing the risks of overstock and stock-out. Lastly, RFID supports inventory visibility, leading to accurate inventory management and replenishment. Among the three strategies, CPFR is the most suitable for Motorola to adapt due to the advantages of collaborating, planning, and forecasting. Thus, lead time will be reduced and inventory is better managed, the burden will be shared by many firms in the supply chain, and customers will be served better. Adapting CPFR, in the first quarter of 2010, Motorola is expected to reduce forecast error to 2%, lead time to 5 days and stock-out rate to 2.5%. Although CPFR is expensive and raises risks of sharing information, the benefits of accurate forecast, shorter lead time, better managing inventory, and above all better customer services will be critical for the successful launch of Droid 2 into Vietnam. CHANNEL OF DISTRIBUTION FOR THE SUPPLY CHAIN FOR MOTOROLA Inbound logistics Outbound logistics Apparition Game Tech (software and USB pads) Indonesia supplier (components) China supplier (components) Vinaphone Mobile phone stores Department stores Electronics stores Mobile phone single stores Mobile phone store chain warehouses Camera shops Mobile phone stores Department stores Electronics stores Mobile phone single stores Mobile phone store chain warehouses Camera shops Customers Motorola Malaysia (manufacturing and assembling) Motorola Hanoi distribution centers Motorola HCMC distribution center Packaging, labeling, and manual printing provider Research and Analysis: 1.1 Description: From China and Indonesia suppliers, 60% of components will be shipped to Motorola factory in Malaysia by air. Apparition Game Tech (AGT) will ship the USB game pads to the Malaysia plant to install with the phones. AGT will also supply the software to Motorola Malaysia plant to install into the phones. In Motorola Malaysia factory, they will produce 40% of critical components of Droid 2. The mobile phones will be assembled in this factory with software installed. Then the phones will be temporarily packed. Droid 2 will be shipped to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City distribution centers. The packaging, labelling, and printing provider will deliver the packages and Vietnamese language user manuals to the distribution centres, where the final packaging will be processed. From the distribution centers, Droid 2 will be delivered to retailers, including mobile phone store chains’ warehouses, single mobile stores, electronics stores, department stores, and camera stores carrying cell phone. The mobile phone store chains then will deliver Droid 2 to their shops. From retailers, Droid 2 is sold to end users. Vinaphone provides SIM card for customers in the retail shops so they can use the phones. For users already having a Vinaphone account, Vinaphone will guide them to activate their 3G functions. All the transportation in the supply chain will be outsourced to third party logistics. 1.2 SWOT analysis Strength: Motorola has the technology, experience and skill in managing electronics supply chain internationally. Outsourcing the transportation for third party providers, they can focus on its core competency. With their specialization, the third parties can reduce transporting time and contribute to the responsive supply chain Motorola aims to build. The two distribution centers located in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, which have the most cohesive transportation systems in Vietnam and concentrate complex retail systems, will enable the product flow from manufacturing to distribution and retailing move smoothly. Weakness: Transportation of the supply chain will be outsourced to transportation based third party logistic service providers. Thus, Motorola may loss some control over its transportation activities and in-transit inventory. Moreover, as two partners in the supply chain, such as Motorola and its retailers, will not deal directly with each other when inventory delivered, it can weaken the collaboration and communications between them, and challenges the demand forecast ability in the supply chain. Motorola does not deal directly with Vietnamese end-users but through retailers. This creates difficulties for Motorola to adapt to the trend in smart phone market, reducing the responsiveness of the supply chain. Opportunities: Improving telecommunication infrastructure a priority of Vietnamese government, so improving the flow of information in supply chain. After WTO accession, Vietnamese logistics is more welcome to foreign investors. Third party logistics providers in Vietnam is also improving their services to more sophisticated level (Nguyen 2009), so Motorola can access to more competent third party services to fasten and improve the supply chain performance. Threat: The lack of mix transport agency (Venard 1996) forces Motorola to use more than one third party in transportation activities. The wide information sharing between the firms can raise the information security risk There is no advanced technology and information system such as EDI (Nguyen 2009.p15) to support logistics, affecting the ability for Motorola to communicate with their partners. Vietnam transportation systems is under developed with intensive roads, the lack of cargo planes and facilities (Goh

Folklore: Contemporary Legends Response Essay

The Hook This is a contemporary legend transmission because it lacks supernatural elements within its contents, and shows how various threats invade our space. Similarly, it shows how people are anxious about boundary issues. It qualifies as a contemporary legend because it has been in circulation in recent times and reflects the cultural reality of adolescents during that period. Over the years, this story has been told and retold by different people. There are various versions of the story but the moral of the stories remain the same. In contemporary legends, women are often depicted as being vulnerable and weak, while the men are portrayed as the villains or heroes. These characteristics are present in this story and classify it as a contemporary legend. Screaming Jenny As is with most contemporary legends, this story has anxiety as its backbone. It preys on the readers fear for the unexplained and warns of a danger that lurks even in places we think are safe. Similarly, the authenticity of the story is not determined and the story has been retold many times over the recent years. The fact that the location of the incident exists in reality gives the reader the illusion that the story could be true. This is a characteristic of a contemporary legend. In addition, the woman (Jenny) is portrayed as a weak and vulnerable character who even after dying comes back as a ghost in pursuit of rescuing from men (the heroes/Villains). Army of the Dead In this story, the laundress is portrayed as a victim of her own curiosity. Despite the stern warning from her husband, she simply can’t “leave well enough alone.” As a result she ends up suffering the consequence of her disobedience. This story falls under the contemporary legend category because it has a moral (messing with the unexplained can lead to dire consequences), the laundress is depicted as a vulnerable and weak individual and the soldiers (army of the dead) are portrayed as heroes going to help win the war. These characteristics make for a contemporary legend. The story preys on the reader’s fears by implying that there are consequences when one interferes with the supernatural. In addition, the story has been retold numerous times and there is no clear indication on whether it is true or false. The Driverless Car One for the main characteristics of a contemporary legend is that it lacks the origin/ source of the story. This can be evidenced from this particular story, which is narrated as a hear-say from a FOAF (friend of a friend). Secondly, it lacks supernatural elements and has eloquently shown how the events invade and threaten an individual’s space, safety and security. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Additionally, this story depicts how a culture (carjacking and ghost stories) can influence an individual’s perception in regard to what exists, and what he/she believe happens. Similarly, it has a twist in which the authenticity of the victim’s narration of the events are questioned after witnesses to the same occurrence walk into the cantina and dismiss the victim’s claims. These are among the characteristics that make the Driverless Car a contemporary legend. The Clown Statue / The Clown Doll This story is narrated as a hear-say. The source is not identified and there are no specific details leading to the occurrence. It focusses on the fears of teenaged baby-sitters who are paranoid about the presence of uninvited predators lurking in the dark as they wait for the opportune time to attack. Similar to most contemporary legends, this story portrays the baby-sitter as a weak and vulnerable woman whose space, safety and security are threatened. In addition, the man (in this case, the clown midget) is portrayed as the villain. On the same note, it lacks a supernatural element to it. The story reflects on the culture that baby-sitters are often attacked especially in big houses by unknown assailants and that parents fail to believe their children even when they are in fact telling the truth. These are some of the characteristics that make this story a contemporary legend. The Legend of the Pearl This story explains the origin of the pearl. It gives a detailed description of how pearls came to be. It qualifies as a contemporary legend because the source is not identified and there are no specific details about how the situation came to be. The butterfly and the shell are given human emotions to support the plausibility of the story. On the same note, this story lacks supernatural elements and focuses on the culture of love. It shows that there is happiness and sadness where love can no longer be found. The story is a classic representation of the complexities of love. These are among the characteristics that make it a contemporary legend. The pearl is a symbol of the virtuous nature of love that can be experienced in today’s society. The use of a butterfly and a shell symbolizes today’s love culture, which goes beyond racial, ethnic and tribal differences. We will write a custom Essay on Folklore: Contemporary Legends specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The Legend of the Fir-tree This is a contemporary legend because it explains the origin of the Fir-tree and why it is used during the Christmas festivities. Like in most contemporary legends, the woman is portrayed as vulnerable and weak individual while the man is depicted as the hero who sets out to save the damsel in distress during her time of need. On the same note, there is no indication on whether or not this story is true. In addition, the source, location and details of the contents of the story are not given. The story focuses on the culture of togetherness during the festive season and shows that as long as we have the Fir-tree in our homes, we are not alone. These are some of the characteristics that make this story a contemporary legend. The Body in the Bed This is a contemporary legend because it lacks main details about where the events of the occurrences happened and who witnessed it. In as much as the location is revealed, the story does not have enough evidence to ascertain whether it is true or false. On the same note, the woman (the body) is portrayed as the victim while the man is depicted as the hero. Similarly the story lack a supernatural element and is based on a hear-say. The story reflects on contemporary culture in which people believe that Las Vegas is where people can easily be killed and hidden without other people noticing. In addition, the story reflects on the don’t-care attitude that people in today’s society have towards each other. Black Aggie This story qualifies to be a contemporary legend because it seeks to discourage the youth against the dangers of hazing/pranking. This culture has been in existence for a very long time and though it is considered as a rite of passage it may have serious negative implications on an individual’s life. As is with most contemporary legends, this story does not have a source of origin or evidence to substantiate its validity. Similarly, it shows how the unknown threatens an individual’s safety, space and security. The moral of the story is that individual’s may face serious consequences when they interfere with the unknown. It seeks to discourage young people from playing dangerous games in sacred grounds. In addition, the story targets the reader’s fear of the dead especially so in cemeteries. The story’s ability to reflect on a popular culture and imply consequences from undesirable actions are among the characteristics that make it a contemporary legend. Bear Lake Monster One of the factors that make this story a contemporary legend is that it has been retold several times in different variations. It has a supernatural element that seeks to elicit fear in the mind of the reader and audience in regard to the dangers that lurk around Bear Lake. Not sure if you can write a paper on Folklore: Contemporary Legends by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The story seeks to warn people against swimming in Bear Lake alone. In addition, the story focuses on mystical beliefs held by people regarding supernatural creatures that prey on unknowing victims in places where they think they are safe. On the same note, the validity of the claims asserted by the story cannot be confirmed nor denied. These are among the various characteristics that make this story a contemporary legend. I’m coming down now! This is a classic example of a contemporary legend. It focusses on the popular culture in which people believe in haunted houses all over the world. The content of the story seems believable but there are no facts to support the claims. Another factor that makes it a contemporary legend is that it is based on hear-say in which it is narrated from a FOAF (friend of a friend) perspective. As such, the origin, location and details leading to the occurrence are not validated. Similarly, it shows how the unexplained threatens the space, security and safety of an individual. On the same note, it contains a supernatural element which is supposed to induce fear and anxiety in the minds if the readers. These are among the various characteristics that make this story a contemporary legend. You can’t get out! This story is a mixture if dreadful perceptions and humor. The town drunk believes that he has met his doom and the devil has come to reclaim him for his wrong doings. This story reflects on the culture in which people believe that God will punish them for their wrong doings. On the other hand, it is humorous in the sense that the town drunk misjudged the whole situation and panicked. The validity of the story is not ascertained. It has no supernatural elements and shows how an individual’s perception or misconception regarding a situation may threaten his/her safety, space and security. In addition, it is narrated as a hear-say meaning that it may or may not be true. These are among the various characteristics that make this story a contemporary legend.

Bus-421 Discussion Forum 6

Bus-421 Discussion Forum 6. Paper details In Discussion Forum 6 post your response to the following discussion topic. Reply to at least two classmates’ responses by the date indicated in the Course Calendar. Suppose that a business conducts operations in both horizontal and vertical markets. When adding products or services to either market, leadership may consider diversification. What are the strategic alternatives to diversification? Under what circumstances might these alternatives yield better results than diversification?Bus-421 Discussion Forum 6