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Safeguarding Children

DescriptionStudents will write a 3000 word case study critically analyse the complexities of safeguarding children in practice considering legislation, policy and practical application.

Learning objectives:

2. Critically evaluate the complex interactio…
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“Walking Down Broadway”

“Walking Down Broadway”.

 Description “Walking Down Broadway” essay. Walk down a busy street in new york city for a few minutes and describe what you see-the landmarks you pass and the people who pass you. Give us a sense of the city’s mood through the sights you choose to show. essay should be very detailed and descriptive.

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Destination, Cultural & Heritage Marketing

Safeguarding Children Destination, Cultural & Heritage Marketing.

 You are destination management consultants working on a destination, cultural or heritage brand of your choice. You are required to develop a Destination Marketing Strategy Plan for the brand. You will need to conduct a situation analysis in order to understand how the brand is currently doing. Depending on where you would like to take the brand, you will need to form vision and mission. Considering these, you need to identify a market and apply segmentation, targeting and positioning. According to your target market(s) you will apply marketing mix to your destination, cultural or heritage brand. Lastly, you will conduct a SWOT analysis. Sections: -introduction -situation analysis -vision & mission -segmentation, targeting, positioning -marketing mix application -SWOT analysis -Conclusion

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The many benefits and reasons businesses should consider investing in employee development.

The many benefits and reasons businesses should consider investing in employee development..

This is a research paper covering the many benefits and reasons businesses should consider investing in employee development.

Some points to consider: Why is it important socially? Why is it important globally?

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supply, demand, and market equilibrium

supply, demand, and market equilibrium.

microeconomic analysis paper. use Apple as the company to reflect and use it  for this project. What is expected in the paper: I. Supply, Demand, and Market Equilibrium a) Determine the extent to which the supply and demand of your chosen product or service are sensitive to changes in price by applying the concept of elasticity. In other words, what is the price elasticity of supply or demand for your product or service? b) Select two nonprice factors that impact the demand of your chosen product or service. Justify your selections. c) Select two nonprice factors that impact the supply of your chosen product or service. Justify your selections. d) Define the industry and the market equilibrium associated with the product or service. e) Predict the effect of changes in supply and demand on the market equilibrium. f) Based on the predicted changes, what decisions related to supply and demand would you make for your product or service?

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need to submit an essay with MLA format, here is the link

hey i need to submit an essay with MLA format, here is the link and i need to answer these questions Should Carnegie and Rockefeller be remembered more for their business practices or their philanthropic work? Why did membership in the League of Nations for the United States face opposition from Congressmen like Henry Cabot Lodge? How did Herbert Hoover’s approach to the Great Depression differ from that of his successor, FDR?

Artifact analysis

Artifact analysis.

Artifact analysis 

Final EssayFor this assignment you are to write an essay (6-8 pages) that analyzes a cultural artifact of yourchoosing. Your analysis should focus on some aspect(s) of social inequality that we havediscussed in class (race, class, gender, disability, sexuality, etc.). You should use at least threesources from the course materials. You may incorporate edited material from your proposalinto this assignment.Begin your essay with a description of your chosen artifact. Bring the artifact to life through yourdescription of it. Please be detailed and create a context for the artifact (think about Kellner’sthree levels). You will likely use edited material from your proposal for this opening section. Atthe end of this section, include your thesis statement, which should tell the reader what coursethemes you will focus on (such as gender, race, class, disability, etc.) and what argument youwill make.Following this, unpack how your chosen representation reflects the ways in which cultureunderstands the issue(s) of social inequality (X) you are focusing on. Use course readingsthroughout all sections of your essay.●You might analyze how the artifact reflects and reproduces dominant cultural norms andvalues. Show that you have an understanding of how your chosen issue(s) (race, class,gender, disability, sexuality, etc) are represented in dominant culture. Use coursereadings to show this. Questions you might ask yourself are: how is X normally orusually represented in dominant culture? How must our culture understand X to allowfor such a representation? How does such a representation contribute to how our cultureunderstands X? What kinds of cultural investments are secured by such a representationof X (for example, understandings of normalcy)? How does your chosen artifactparticipate in securing dominant meanings of X?●You might also analyze how the artifact challenges normative understandings ofdisability, gender, class, race, age, sexuality, desirability, etc.. Include a discussion ofwhat it would mean to challenge dominant representations of X, and how your chosenartifact is doing this. How is this counter-representation ‘talk back’ to or complicatedominant representations of X? How does this counter-representation create newmeanings of X?●Your analysis should make use of course readings and concepts from class anddemonstrate that you are thinking carefully and critically about the main themes of thecourse; namely, how media reproduces social inequalities and how media might be a toolfor challenging existing social inequalities.

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Movie Comparison 12 years A Slave vs Django Unchained

Movie Comparison 12 years A Slave vs Django Unchained.

You are asked to write one solid paper of at least 3 pages long. Look at the list of eligible Texts (books or articles, including those mentioned specifically in class as eligible) and Movies — just below on Blackboard) and select a choice(s) that interests you: compare 2 movies, or 2 texts, or 1 movie and 1 text. Look at the social and culture aspects of your choice (ex: a movie, or a scene, or a set of scenes). Analyze the content by pointing out one or more of the social inequalities and how it works: who is involved, who is dominant/subordinate, why, does the power relationship change, what are the social conflicts, etc. For example: When we studied/discussed The Help, we used/applied Framing. Both a Movie and Book/article are framed messages (stories). A frame is a selection of content. There is social content inside each one of their frames. ALSO there is social content which is outside of any frame. Sometimes the most important facts or realities are left outside of a frame. Your assignment is to APPLY several of the concepts and terms that we have covered this semester in order to analyze your pair of selections. For example: In a movie, it may be a scene, or more than one scene, or the whole film in comparison to the other film. Again, you need to identify and write about its social content using/applying concepts/terms from THIS COURSE.

You can compare two or more scenes from the same movie or from two different movies, or compare a book and a movie. This is not a movie review. It is your analysis of aspects of each item and how it compares and/or contrasts with the other item in the pair. A Tip: You can take the approach suggested below: HINT: Focus on and look for answers to questions such as these; and apply as many terms and concepts from this course to make your points:

(1) What is the name of the movie(s) and/or book(s) you have chosen? (2) What are some important social factors (race, class, gender, hierarchy, societal conflict, inequality, etc.) involved in the scene, scenes or movie or book that you have chosen? (3) Are there any important social factors that are left outside of its frame(s)? (4) What is the social conflict or conflicts going on? Why is that conflict going on? Which character(s) show the conflict(s)? (5) Who has power (is dominant) in the scene (or movie) and who is (subordinate, with less power)? Did or will the power relationship change in the course of the movie or book? (6) Is stratification of any kind involved? Describe it. (By class, race, ethnicity, religion, age, disability. gender, sexual preference). (7) Are there any examples of social mobility involved? (upward, downward, lateral, intergenerational, intra-generational) (8) What are the social identities of the characters in the scene? Do these identifies effect what happens in the scene or film? (9) Can you find examples of Intersectionality and/or the Matrix of Domination (who is dominant or subordinate based on race and/or class and/or gender)

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Professor’s name Student’s name Course title Date Cyber Law Terms of Use

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Cyber Law

Terms of Use Agreement are a set of regulations where the user must agree to follow in order to use a service. It is often named Terms and Condition, Terms of Service, or Disclaimer in addressing website usage.

A Choice of Law or Governing Law provision in contracts allows an agreement between the parties involved that a particular state law will be used in interpreting the agreement, even in cases where different states are involved. For the, the Choice of Law has provided an in-depth sophisticated coverage of the choice-of-law part Conflicts Law or (Private International Law) in torts, contracts, product liability, insurance, forum-selection and arbitration clauses, domestic relations, statutes of limitation, property, succession and marital property. It may also deal with constitutional conflicts and frameworks between the foreign law and federal law (Barnhizer & Daniel, 2016).

The Applicable Law in disputes determines the rules of law to be applied to the merits of the dispute. By visiting, one agrees that the Washington laws of state, with no regard to principles of conflict of law, will govern all the Conditions of Use and any dispute of any kind that may arise between the consumer and the company or its affiliates will be submitted to confidential arbitration in Seattle, Washington.

For the Acme Online, Inc terms of use agreement, the choice of law provisions and forum selection clause should include clear practical explanations of the merits and demerits of different forms of dispute resolution provisions, together with detailed discussion of each and every element of drafting arbitration and choice of court clauses. Issues to consider may be;

The types of disputes to be covered by the chosen law of the State of Pennsylvania, like does if the choice of law provision apply to broad categories such as torts that may arise incidental to the agreement.

If it designates multiple jurisdictions so that the law of a single jurisdiction governs particular disputes and the law of another jurisdiction will cover other disputes. Such sort of bifurcation may be common in real estate context.

Considering the geographical convenience of litigating in a particular jurisdiction is very crucial. Companies prefer to send documents, witnesses or handle litigation in area which is geographically convenient.

The choice of law determines what law to apply to a contract, what law to apply in the interpretation of the terms of the contract during the contract term, and what laws will be applied to the contract enforcement if necessary. It determines the upfront the law each party will look to if interpretation of the contract is needed.

The choice of venue determines the location where the legal proceedings are supposed to be held. Forum selection clauses are subject to the jurisdiction laws where contractual services are provided. They depend on the forum the parties have created to be used in resolving their conflicts (García, José & et al, 2015).

Works Cited

Barnhizer, Daniel D. “Contracts and Automation: Exploring the Normativity of Automation in the Context of US Contract Law and EU Consumer Protection Directives.” (2016).

García, José María, et al. “Linked USDL agreement: effectively sharing semantic service level agreements on the web.” Web Services (ICWS), 2015 IEEE International Conference on. IEEE, 2015.