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The saber-tooth curriculum also has to change with the times . the main subject change is that of one having to learn and go to school in order to survive. Without education in the 21st century it will be very hard to survive. The first great educational theorist was a man that lived in the Chilean times. His full name was new fist hammer maker. New Fist was a man that improvised despite not having a lot in his environment to make anything complex. He created a pear-shaped shipped tool which archaeologist call the coup-de poing or fist hammer.

New fist knew how to do things his community needed and used his techniques to do them. From this we can conclude he was a very educated man. He developed greater thinking ability. He pushed himself physically and mentally far beyond his fellows. New fist became dissatisfied with his tribes accustomed ways . he began thinking of ways to improve everyone’s lives. He became a very dangerous man because of his thinking. New-Fist began the practice of education while watching his children play at the cave entrance with bones, sticks and brightly coloured pebbles. He noticed them playing without any purpose besides having fun.

The children protected themselves from boredom and the adults protected themselves from danger’ if I could only get these children to give more and better food, shelter, clothing and security,’thought New-Fist. His thinking came from circumstances he wanted to improve his fellow tribesman lives to better living conditions and an abundance of food. Having set up an educational goal, New Fist began to construct a curriculum for teaching it. After much deliberation and thinking New Fist discovered the first subject of this curriculum which is fish grabbing with the bare hands.

His second subject was woolly horse clubbing and his third subject was scaring sabre tooth with fire. Having developed his curriculum new fist took his children with him as he went about his activities . he gave them an opportunity to practice these activities’ and the children liked doing them to. They spent they time doing more useful activities rather than just playing with stones that had no benefit but joy. He’s education system proved to be a success. As new fists children grew older they had a greater advantage in good and safer living Over other children who did not use his style of learning.

Some of the tribesman began copying what new fist done and practices of fish grabbing, horse bubbling became accepted as the true education. Many of the religious tribesman did not practice this way because of there religious beliefs. After some time and new fists curriculum began to get popular amongst the tribesman ,even conservatives had a change of heart and everybody in the community knew that good education lay in the three subjects of fishing, horse-clubbing and tiger scaring. Many other men followed these ways and New-fist grew old . the children were well practiced in the three fundamentals.

So the tribe grew rich in meat, skins and security. A new ice age was approaching in the land of the tribesman . climate change would have a great a great impact on the environment around them . clear streams turned into murky waters . the technique of fish grabbing could no longer work no matter how skilled the fisherman were. The fish were unable to be seen in the murky waters . the ground began to get wetter due to the melting sheets of ice. That prompted the woolly horses east to the dry open planes far from the hunting range of the tribesman . the woolly horses were now replaced by the antelope.

The antelope is very quick and had a great sense of danger so the tribesman could not get close enough to the antelope to club them. It didn’t matter how skilled the tribesman were with all their techniques they learnt they could not club because there weren’t any horses to club. To complete There disruption to life and education the dampness in the air gave the saber-tooth tigers pneumonia, a disease that killed most of the saber-tooth tiger’s population. the few that survived were weak and went south. So they were no tigers left to scare with fire . with the iced glaziers came bears that were not scared of fire.

The tribesman used all their fire techniques to scare tigers on the bears and none of them worked. Insecurity crept in and the tribesman had no way to defend themselves. The tribesmen had no meat, clothes and were threatened by bears. all they education they learnt is now being accepted as a failure in the time of the ice age. The tribesman accepted they needed new methods and had to change with the climate. Hunger and insecurity brought upon a new education curriculum . nets were used to catch fish ,trees used as traps caught antelope and deep pits were dug which bears fell in. any learnt these techniques and soon became the accepted form of education. New fists subjects were changed into new subjects that would benefit the tribe in the ice age. New-fists saber-tooth curriculum has changed a lot in centuries gone by but the theory stays the same over time . education changed due to society and living conditions . education is now taught in schools and the curriculum was changed many times for our means of survival. You must know that there are some eternal verities and the saber tooth curriculum was one of them.

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Watch Stuart Hall – Race as a floating Signifier.
How does Stuart Hall inform your understanding of critical media studies?
Is there anything solid or permanent to the meaning of race? Why/not?
Classification is used as a system of power (in respect to race, gender, age, sexuality, class). It is a way of maintaining the order in the system (classification as a way of stabilizing culture) – offer examples from the video (How does Stuart Hall describe Douglas’s idea of “matter out of place.”)
What does Stuart Hall mean when he argues for “politics without guarantees?” Offer examples.
Why does Stuart Hall rejects biological racism?
What does it mean race is a discursive category (race as a floating discourse) – give examples.
Why does Stuart Hall emphasize importance of history, context, culture, stories, etc. in relationship to race?
What is the realist position on race?
What is the language position on race?
What is Stuart Hall’s position on race?
What is the role of religion, anthropology, and science in respect to race?
What is essentialism? What does it mean to essentialise race?
What is the politics without guarantee?

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