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Ryanair Strategic Planning

RyanAir is generally described as cheapest fare airline in the world and has introduced 950 plus low fare routes across 26 countries, connecting 150 destinations. RyanAir is the World’s favourite airline which operates a fleet of 210 new Boeing 737-800 aircraft with firm orders for a further 102 new aircraft (before taking account of planned disposals), which will be delivered over before the end of 2010. There are more than 7,000 people employed and RyanAir expects to carry approximately 66 million passengers in the current fiscal year. SHORT HISTORY Ryan family set up RyanAir in 1985 with a share capital of just £1 with a team of 25 employees. They launched their first route in July 1985 with daily flights on a 15 seater Bandeirante aircraft, operating daily from Waterford in the southeast of Ireland to London Gatwick airport. RyanAir first cabin crew recruits must be less than 5ft 2in tall in order to be able to operate in the tiny cabin of the aircraft. [1] The successful journey from 1985 to 2010 made RyanAir the second largest scheduled airline in the UK in terms of passenger carryings. The first year of operation in 1985 RyanAir carried 5,000 passengers and according to the recent news on 7th Jan 2010, RyanAir claimed that it carried over 65 million passengers in 2009 which was an increase of over 7 million passengers on its 2008 traffic. RYANAIR STRATEGIES Europe’s leading airline RyanAir having its headquarters at Dublin Airport, Ireland highly recognised and acknowledged worldwide for its “Low-Fare” policy operating on the Southwest airlines formula of low-cost and no frills, this Irish airline operates short-haul, point to point routes between Ireland, the UK and Continental Europe thus creating a niche position in the aviation industry. RyanAir Chief Executive, Michael O’Leary came up with his unique strategic plan to establish RyanAir as Europe’s leading “Low – Fares” airlines. The continue improvements with an aim of cost containment and operation efficiencies generated an increased passenger traffic in nearly 25 years of its operation. The charismatic and the acerbic CEO of RyanAir had a well-defined objectives and goals as follows: LONG TERM OBJECTIVES AND VISION To be the biggest and the most profitable low fares airlines in Europe. Opening new Airports by expanding into central and Eastern Europe. To have largest amount of routes and increasing the frequency of existing routes. To target growth, actively manage load factors and the cost base To take Market share from the Charter Market Internet Based bookings Cost Reduction Customer Service Overhaul After keeping in mind these factors, the watchful eye of Michael O’Leary came up with Strategy to decrease its costs and increase its appeal to the clients. The key elements used for RyanAir’s strategy are as under: LOW COST FARES Michael O’Leary revolutionised the aviation industry by launching the first ever unique “Low – cost Fares” in Europe which gave a tremendous impact and was then followed vigorously. These strategies played a crucial role and turned out very useful to bolster Ryan airline image in market. The targeted businessmen or the ones who used trains, coaches for travelling. RyanAir launched promotions wherein they offered two million seats for €0.90, this strategy helped RyanAir to create a niche position in the aviation industry. SELECTION OF ROUTES RyanAir has made a well -thought decision in choosing its routes keeping in mind the criteria like cost, efficient Facilities, geographic demographic, strategic. By targeting the secondary and the regional airports outside the metropolitan areas they have contributed to a huge success. The key factors were the faster turnaround time, less congested, less delays in flights, more crowd. In 2008, RyanAir on-time performance record was 88% which put it ahead of its competitors like British Airways (65%) and Aer Lingus (78%) POINT TO POINT FLIGHT SERVICE Point to point service on short-haul routes eliminated the unnecessary frill charges which were expected by the passengers. It minimised the time by avoiding the transfer of baggage and by avoiding the assistance to the passenger in the transit. CUSTOMER SERVICE RyanAir has few complaints with respect to the loss of passenger baggage in comparison to its peer competitors. Also RyanAir was well-known for its punctuality and fewer cancellations. INCENTIVES RyanAir gives commission to its on-ground and on-flight staff if they promote well by selling their product thus generating sales for the company. LESS OPERATING COSTS RyanAir limited their fleet to three variants of single type of aircraft – Boeing 737 thereby saving aircraft equipment costs and it made easy to train all the staffs because of the availability of same aircraft. INTERNET USAGE In year 2008 RyanAir booked 99% of all fares through their website reservation system which is more cost-efficient than traditional, agent-based ticketing and through this system they sells about 1000 tickets per day. SAFETY RyanAir never had any incident causing an injury to the passenger in its past 20 years because the planes are always been services on time and maintained regularly. ANCILLARY SERVICE RyanAir 18% of sales have come from these Ancillary services. These include segments like fees for checking luggage, Car rental exclusively having a contract with Hertz, in flight sales which include beverage, food, train and bus tickets aboard its planes. Internet related sales like accommodation and travel services. FOCUSED CRITERIA FOR GROWTH Long term scope – like initiating new additional routes, establishing more bases, improving the services and considering the possible acquisition in the near future. CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF THE RECENT STRATEGIC PLANNING OF SKYBUS SHORT INTRODUCTION
Tel- Aviv Specific HR Info.

Expatriate Orientation PacketImagine that you are the HR manager of an organization that has overseas locations. You are going to send an employee on an overseas assignment. Chose a country in which either you or a member of your team has an interest. Chose a specific city within that country. As the HR department, prepare an expatriate orientation booklet for this employee who will be going to your organization’s facility in this location. The employee you have chosen to send on this overseas assignment will be going with a spouse and two school age children. Page 1 of the project sets the stage by introducing yourself (the HR manager), your organization, the employee and the new assignment. Research & investigate what information about the country this employee and family will need to know. Create the orientation booklet, including both general information about the particular country you have chosen (e.g., cultural information, business etiquette, currency, exchange rate, language, schools, taxes, political structure, climate, etc.) and specific HR information (e.g., compensation package, relocation allowances, spousal/family assistance, cultural and/or language training, benefits, tax offsets, etc.).I just need help with the specific HR information 🙂
Tel- Aviv Specific HR Info

CSUN Firm Market Orientation and Salesperson Customer Orientation Essay

CSUN Firm Market Orientation and Salesperson Customer Orientation Essay.

On Holley’s account, how might a salesperson’s obligations to her customers differ if her clients are businesses rather than ordinary consumers? Make sure you describe and respond to at least 1 difficulty for your interpretation.NotesYou may choose to focus on 1 of the 3 conditions (knowledge, non-compulsion, rationality) for discussing the differences, but make sure you cover all 3 when you set out Holley’s account.The question asks you to explore potential differences between the cases. It’s perfectly fine to argue that there is no difference. (Spoiler: I think there are plausible arguments that there are no differences as well as plausible arguments in opposition.) What matters is that you set out your reasoning and show that you’ve really thought this through.It’s fine to raise a difficulty which you find you can’t answer. I want to see you explain why potential answers won’t work. (Some good advice I got long ago: If you start out an essay saying ‘I will prove x’ and run into a problem you can’t solve, go back and change the beginning to ‘You might think that x is true, but I will show it is not’.)You need to discuss at least one potential difference between the cases. You may discuss more than one difference. However, quantity does not substitute for quality. One potential difference that is carefully explored —where multiple reasons for and against are considered—is much better than just tossing out several potential differences.NOTE. Essay must be at least 1000 Words.
CSUN Firm Market Orientation and Salesperson Customer Orientation Essay

PHYS 240 Grossmont College Water Freezes at 0 C and Boils at 100 C Questions

essay writing service free PHYS 240 Grossmont College Water Freezes at 0 C and Boils at 100 C Questions.

Show all work, all equations are attached QUESTIONSThe Sébastien Temperature Scale is defined such thatWater freezes at -200.0 SébsWater boils at +200.0 SébsConvert +10.0 Sébs into degrees CelciusHow much heat is required to melt 2.00 kg of Iron at -100.0oC?(You must heat up the copper then melt it!)(Use specific heats and latent heats from the equation sheet on this page)An ideal gas undergoes the closed cycle shown on the right (and here).For the entire cycle (A->B->C->D->A), Find
Δ E i n tW
PHYS 240 Grossmont College Water Freezes at 0 C and Boils at 100 C Questions

Walden University Future Trends in Health Care and Artificial Intelligence Discussion

Walden University Future Trends in Health Care and Artificial Intelligence Discussion.

Advanced technologies, particularly in the communications and health care industries, are emerging at an astounding rate. The projected trends related to advanced technologies offer patients direct medical information, monitoring of overall health status, and remote diagnosis and treatment, among a vast array of other services. Access to health care is actually being reinterpreted by technology. Although the benefits of this access are undeniable, the possible implications and ethical issues can be challenging to fully understand.Consider the technology trends and devices you explored in this week’s Learning Resources. Which of these trends interests you the most or do you think might have the most impact on health care service delivery and/or quality? What kinds of ethical issues might be connected with these trends?Evaluate one of the technology trends or devices you found most interesting in your readings. Identify the source in which you read about it and provide a link. Then, analyze at least two ethical issues you believe might be connected with or result from this trend.Support your response by identifying and explaining key points and/or examples presented in the Learning Resources.……
Walden University Future Trends in Health Care and Artificial Intelligence Discussion

PG University Enterprise Application Software & Value Chain Management Essay

PG University Enterprise Application Software & Value Chain Management Essay.

Write your paper using third person perspective.Write a 4–6-page paper, exclusive of the Title and References pages, making a compelling argument as to how the use of Enterprise Application Software can be used successfully in the management of an enterprise’s value chain to achieve competitive advantage and customer value. Include the following in the paper: Identify and examine at least three types and uses of Enterprise Application Software (EAS) in the management of a firm’s value chain, and their use in achieving competitive advantage and superior customer satisfaction.Select a specific enterprise software application and discuss its use in an enterprise.Describe and explain examples of one Fortune 500 company that has been successful using Enterprise Application Software in the management of the value chain, and at one Fortune 500 company that has not been successful.Apply and cite at least three supportive, relevant, and respected resources from the Library and your textbook within your paper using APA in-text citation formatting and list the applied references on a References page using APA formatting. Apart from the selected company website(s), the Internet is not to be used in this Assignment. The only internet resource(s) allowed to be used as references for this Assignment are websites directly related to the chosen Enterprise Application Software. Apply and cite no more than one referenced sentence per paragraph. APA formatting resources are available in tthe Academic Tools area titled, “APA Style Central.”
PG University Enterprise Application Software & Value Chain Management Essay

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