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Robert Frost’s ‘The Tuft of Flowers’ university essay help Geology

Robert Frost’s ‘The Tuft of Flowers” is an exploration of human companionship. It discusses amity between men and it’s need for proximity. This is achieved through the conflicting themes of isolation, understanding & kinship, and the paradox that it creates. Robert Frost’s poem shows that companionship does not need a physical aspect or presence. Loneliness is a theme that leads the poem into further ideas. Heavily stressed upon, the audience can feel the protagonist’s isolation. “… as he had been – alone,”

This line emphasises the idea through the use of ellipsis. It is an example of a visual aspect of poetry. The word in the poem is set off-side and this furthers the imagery and meaning of ‘alone’. Solitude is also represented through the motif of death. “… his long scythe whispering to the ground. ” This line personifies the weeding object and gives an allusion to death. The Grim Reaper is referenced here, with a subtle use of anthropromorphism. This quote, with such references to death connotes ideas of isolation.

The separation in the poem is heavily emphasised and allows the poem to develop and expand. Conversely, a contrasting theme in the poem is of understanding and kinship. Through the main character’s and mower’s similarity of thought, this idea is portrayed. “The mower… had loved the them thus, by leaving them to flourish, not for us. ” The motivation of the mower was of beauty and this is reflected in the protagonist’s ideals. The connection between the two is shown. “feel a spirit kindred to my own.

” This line shows the connection the protagonist has made to the mower. The use of the word ‘spirit’ represents the metaphysical aspect and absense of a physical presence. This is an inception of the idea in which, connections between entities do not require presence. The companionship made between these parties has occured from a shared idea or understanding. This is a theme relevant in many texts. C. S. Lewis states, “Friendship is born at that moment when one man says to another: “What! You too?

I thought that no-one but myself… ” ” Understanding and kinship is explored within the poem, showing the need or non-essential aspect of physicality. (incompanionship) Paradoxes in this poem are used to show the related and entwined natures of loneliness and companionship. It reflects the interrelations and interdependancy of the ideas. “And I must be, as he had been – alone,” This description of seclusion is conveyed paradoxically with a comparison and establishment of connection to another being.

Another example that is used to conclude the poem, but also to consolidate the central theme of the poem is, “Men work together… whether they work together or apart. ” This line shows of how people are never alone even in the absense of physical beings. The theme of Robert Frost’s work “A Tuft of Flowers” is of how connections between people do not need proximity or physical closeness. Through exploration of the conflicting themes, isolation and kinship, a paradoxial relationshipship is developed between the themes. Robert Frost shows the intertwined nature of companionship and isolation

Explain how the artist and album relate to other genres or sub genres in African American music. Does it stand alone or is it similar to what other artists were/are doing?

Explain how the artist and album relate to other genres or sub genres in African American music. Does it stand alone or is it similar to what other artists were/are doing?.

Part II. Now it’s your turn. Don’t forget! Your artist must be African American and have been performing professionally before 1980!Also, because he typically makes up 25% of the paper topics, Micheal Jackson is off-limits. 1. Introduce your album and artist: include basic facts about the release date, promotional tours, singles released, and significant biographical information. However, only include autobiographical information that is relevant to your argument. See how the sample reviews use background information to prove their points.

2. Tell how the album relates to other albums or work from the artist. Is this album part of a trend in the artist’s work or is it something new? Remember, this section like the next one should be making an argument, using evidence and analysis to support it.

3. Explain how the artist and album relate to other genres or sub genres in African American music. Does it stand alone or is it similar to what other artists were/are doing? This should be the most substantial and specific section of your review. It should make specific reference to course material, make specific reference to external sources and provide specific analysis of the artist’s music. 4. Describe the album’s “stand out” tracks? Why do they standout? Which tracks are less interesting? Why?

Be very specific, using examples from the album. 5. Finally, what is your overall impression of the album? Rate the album on a scale of 0-5 stars. Solange True 2012 By Carrie Battan; November 27, 2012 7.8 When we heard from Solange Knowles four years ago, she was a major-label signee trying to find her footing on a conceptual and vintage-sounding album called Sol –Angel and the Hadley Street Dreams. Then she split with Interscope and resurfaced on the indie circuit, carting Jay-Z and her sister Beyoncé to Grizzly Bear concerts on the Williamsburg waterfront and offering up a cover of Dirty Projectors’ “Stillness Is the Move”. At cynical first glance, it seemed like Knowles was simply backtracking and rebranding, hoping to claim some available indie turf. But this fall, she released “Losing You”, a gleaming and spirited new song that transcended the labels she’d been assigned. Released via Terrible, the label co-owned by Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear, the sly single hinted at the possibilities open to an artist who eschews a traditional model of pop stardom. True, the EP that follows, delivers on the fresh promise of “Losing You” and marks the sound of a singer hitting a graceful stride, in her own time and on her own terms.

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