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risk communication

These two readings are recent examples of that work.  Try your hand at providing a personal perspective on the issues raised in these articles.

Medication Assistance

Medication Assistance.

Consider in the event your client was on a fixed income and has no health or pharmaceutical insurance, no internet access AND can only afford $30 per month for medications. Explore three pricing options in order to provide the most cost effective option for this client. The medications this client is on includes: Metformin 1,000 mg BID (diabetes) Lisinopril-HCTZ 20/12.5 mg daily in morning (CAD – hypertension) Baby ASA 81 mg every other day Medication Pricing: How much does each medication cost? Which pharmacy is in or near your community that your client can use? Medication Assistance: A. If the cost of a 30 day supply for these medications exceeds the client’s monthly spending limit, who will you refer her to in your community/neighborhood to help pay for these prescriptions? B. Is your client on Medicare? C. If your client does not qualify for drug assistance, what else could you do to assist her in obtaining the medications? *Please indicate the source where you obtained your pricing and create a table format.

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