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Personal Values 5 Key Rights and Responsibilities, I believe are important of Canadian citizenship are: (1 being the most important of the five) 1. Legal Rights- The right to have fair treatment (not to be given cruel or unreasonable punishment) until proven guilty. 2. The Right to Equality. 3. The Right to Express Religion: freedom to conscience and religion. 4. Freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression 5. Democratic Rights- The right to vote.

I decided that the legal right: the right to have fair treatment (not to be given cruel or unreasonable punishment) until proven guilty should be considered most important of the five because no one should be imprisoned or convicted with a crime/punishment they don’t deserve. I believe everyone should be seen innocent until proven guilty with sustainable evidence of the crime that has been convicted. Also to be presumed innocent until proven guilty according to law in a fair and public hearing by an independent and unbiased trial. No one should serve the time they don’t deserve.

A person must be given an appropriate punishment that suits the crime that has been committed. A responsibility to this right is to obey the law. One most follow all of Canada’s regulated laws with no arbitrary actions. No person or group is considered above the law. I think the right to equality is important to Canadian citizenship. Every person deserves equal respect in society. One most not be discriminated based on colour of skin, gender, religion or physical disability. All people should be treated fairly without discrimination.

In Section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms it states that “Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability. ” Although males and females look different on the outside, they are no different on the inside and are able to do everything equally. A responsibility to this right would be to treat everyone equally with respect to eliminate the idea of discrimination.

Treat everyone how you’d like to be treated in return. I believe the right to express religion is key to Canadian citizenship especially in a multicultural country like Canada. There are many different types of religions but regardless of someone’s religion they should be able to express it and show it without being offended. People should be able to express their religion and not have to worry about consequences or punishments. They should be allowed to assemble and worship without limitations or interferences.

A responsibility to this right is to practice your religion without offending or hurting the beliefs of other people. Take to consideration the religion and customs of others. No offensive behaviours. Freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression is important because everyone should be able to say and think what they feel. Especially in a democratic society like Canada, people should be free to discuss matters, state their opinion about the government and offer their views and ideas of an issue. One should not be punished for what they think and say about a topic. Everyone has equal rights to speak.

Also, a person should have the right /freedom to change his or her religion, belief and customs whether alone or with a community of others. Everyone has different point of views in life. A responsibility to this right is to make sure your opinions, thoughts, beliefs and expression aren’t offensive and do not harm others. Use this right responsibly without discriminating others and accept the fact that not everyone will agree to what you say and believe in. Many people have different perspectives on an issue. Lastly, I chose the democratic right- the right to vote as a key rights and responsibilities.

As a Canadian citizen 18 years or older, you should be able to help contribute in selecting an appropriate party in leading and running our government. Voting allows for a person to give their opinion on something that is wanted or changed. A responsibility to this right is taking the initiative to go out and vote in all federal, provincial and local elections. Many people complain and criticize on how the government run things, take a stand and vote for the party that you believe will best represent the people. Do some research and look at each party platform to help decide whose best in taking charge of the government and country.

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