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Rhetorical Literary Argument (Power Point)

You will create a PowerPoint presentation, Google Slides presentation, or Prezi on the meaning of education. It must be visually appealing, and you must support your stance with the elements below:
You will choose at least one article from your 10 Sources/Reflection Paper or Annotated Bibliography to support your argument. Here it is:…
You will also incorporate support from one external reading from a writer who was formerly incarcerated to form your argument on the meaning of education. You may also use “Learning to Read” by Malcolm X
Letter from Birmingham Jail (
Masked Racism: Reflections on the Prison Industrial Complex (
Nelson Mandela an excerpt from Long Walk to Freedom.pdf (
Excerpt from Civil Disobedience (Links to an external site.)
Lastly, you will incorporate at least 3 of the questions below in your presentation:
1. Is education a civic responsibility?2) Does everyone deserve access to education? Why? Why not?3) What do you feel is the inherent value in education?4) Why do we want an educated citizenry?5) What is the role of education in a democratic society?
include an infographic with your beliefs about education. has great templates
Choose your position on the meaning of an education;
Create a claim for your argument which is the main point of the presentation it should be opinionated;
Provide support and evidence in the form of reasons and credible sources (.edu, .gov, news sources, some .com)
Select at least 1 article from your 10 Sources/Reflection paper, 1 text from an external writer, and at least 3 questions from the list above to support your argument;
Include a title slide, at least 7 body slides, a slide for your citations in MLA format, and a conclusion slide. Therefore, your presentation must be at least 10 slides;
Organize your presentation appropriately for a reader in a clear way.