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[Revision] LATEST TRENDS CLOTHING COMPANY require a new API for their systems which will be

LATEST TRENDS CLOTHING COMPANY require a new API for their systems which will be used to enable communications to and from their internal systems and will be used by their suppliers as well as their distributors. Below is a sample of the functionality required by the API.Manage current stock levels

Generate orders and send them to suppliers

Receive bulk orders from distributors

Receive individual orders from distributors customers (including customer delivery details)

You are tasked with producing recommendations for the implementation of a new secure API as described in the scenario above. You will need to investigate available API authentication standards, databasing, logging, security requirements and any other area which you feel may be applicable to ensure a successful and secure implementation for the above scenario. Once your research is completed, you will then write a report with supporting evidence putting forward details of key considerations along with potential solutions to these considerations.You should use IEEE referencing throughout to support your analysis. Your reference list, tables and diagrams will not be included as part of your word count.1500 Words

Costco Company Analysis

Costco Company Analysis.

Company Analysis: Choose a company that you feel is an outstanding services company. It cannot be any of the companies covered in the cases or discussion questions (or Disney because it has been written about too much). Identify how they do such a good job of providing a service, why they are better than their competition, provide examples of when/how they have shown their ability to provide excellent service, and what is it about their corporate structure or culture that allows them to provide excellent service.

1. For the research paper use a research paper format: Title Page (does not count towards total number of pages, includes your name, title of paper, class, date) Table of Contents (does not count towards total number of pages) Executive summary (half to one page, single space, summarizes the paper, counts as part of the total number of pages) Introduction (usually one to two pages, start double space with this section) The body of the paper Conclusions – that is, what you think it all means and what companies (and others) should learn from your research. Format: Use primary, secondary and tertiary headings as needed. Do not exceed the page limit. 12 pt. Calibri font, 1” margins all sides). Use footnotes when referencing sources (at least 10 sources).

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War Power Act

[Revision] LATEST TRENDS CLOTHING COMPANY require a new API for their systems which will be War Power Act.

Writing Prompt: Is the 1973 War Powers Resolution a Useful Check on Presidential Power?

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The Future of Digital Payment

The Future of Digital Payment.

1. What is your narrow technology topic for the argument paper? Strategies to narrow your topic:  Time: Focus your topic in terms of a current time period relevant to technology.  Place: The smaller the area or place the more narrow the focus of the argumen t.  Specific Group of People: Focus your topic in terms of a particular group of people, places: adults, children, teens .  Perspective: A perspective (social, psychological, medical, ethical, legal, economic). Focus on perspectives that relate to your topic and research. Topic : (Narrowed): 2. What is the debatable issue that frames the argument? This should be framed as a question that generates a “yes” or “no” response from you. Issue Question: 3. What is your thesis statement and what is the claim? This should be one sentence that clearly answers the issue question. Types of Claims/Thesis Statement : Policy : Argues for a change in a current policy Value : Argues that something is better—value judgment. Thesis Statement 4. Generating Reasons to support your position. An effective strategy to develop reasons is to use the conjunction because; think of your reasons as because clauses attached to your thesis statement. Using the strategy of “because” clauses begin to generate a list of four reasons to support your thesis statement. Begin each reason with because. A reason supports your thesis statement. 1. Because 2. Because 3. Because 4. Because 5. Acknowledge an opposing view to your argument and refute by demonstrating the weakness of the opponent’s argument. 1. 2.  

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microeconomic and macroeconomic

microeconomic and macroeconomic.

Software required: Microsoft office, i.e. the assignment is to be completed in Word and converted to a PDF file (see below for more details).
Students are expected to draw or construct their own graphs. You can insert graphs into your assignment by:
o Drawing them in programs like “paint” and pasting it into the document before making your document a PDF
o Drawing them by hand and scanning them in and then pasting them as a picture into the word document before converting your document into a PDF
o DO NOT simply copy pictures of graphs from the internet. You have to draw/construct them yourself
NOTE: This assignment is worth 30 marks (scaled to 30% of your marks for the trimester) and is to be done individually.
Assessment Description
Your Instructions:
 This Assignment covers Topics 5-11 and is very good practice for the exam
 You may need to do research of your own as well as reading/interpreting the articles and graphs provided. Marks are awarded for this. You may need to read ahead to topics not yet covered.
 Address each question directly. You do not need to present answers in essay or report form.
 Make sure you explain your diagrams and answer all parts of each question. You do not need to write a huge amount for each question.
 Reference your answers if you are using information from another source using in-text referencing and include a reference list at the end of the assignment. You do not need to reference lectures and tutorials. See
COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA Copyright Regulations 1969
This material has been reproduced and communicated to you by or on behalf of Kaplan Business School pursuant to Part VB of the Copyright Act 1968 (‘Act’). The material
in this communication may be subject to copyright under the Act. Any further reproduction or communication of this material by you may be the subject of copyright protection
under the Act. Kaplan Business School is a part of Kaplan Inc., a leading global provider of educational services. Kaplan Business School Pty Ltd ABN 86 098 181 947 is a
registered higher education provider CRICOS Provider Code 02426B.
Assessment Information
o 5 marks are awarded for correct use of in text referencing and a reference list at the end of the assignment.
o Please consult “Student Learning Resources” uploaded on Moodle with the assignment for assistance with referencing and plagiarism.
o The assignment will go through Turnitin and any plagiarism will be traced. As a result you can get 0 for your assignment.
o Penalties for plagiarism are serious. Please see p.4 of Student Misconduct Policy for a definition of plagiarism and the consequences:
Part A: Microeconomics (20 marks)
Consider the following sources and answer the following questions: Source 2 Australian Airline Industry
Research Paper Index Research Paper no. 10 2002-03 …Economic Characteristics of the Airline Industry Economies of Scale Parts of the airline industry are characterised by economies of scale. Economies of scale occur when expanding the production of a service results in a lowering of the average cost of its production. The implication of this is that a larger service provider will achieve lower costs than his smaller competitors. This could be relevant in today’s airline industry, with its ‘David and Goliath’ structure in the form of an emerging, relatively modestly sized and resourced Virgin Blue versus a dominant and well ‘cashed-up’ Qantas. … Competition between Qantas and Virgin Blue is arguably more limited than between Qantas and the Ansett group under the former industry structure. Virgin Blue focuses mainly on leisure travel over major trunk routes rather than an integrated trunk and regional network and it offers only one-class service and relatively infrequent flights. In this sense, it is not a comprehensive replacement for the former full-service Ansett operation. …Qantas is trying to defend its market share through service upgrades and innovations such as the CityFlyer services on key trunk routes. Virgin Blue’s strategy seems to be one of ‘cherry picking’that is focusing on a limited number of high-density routes and not operating a more traditional route system of a nationwide network that cross-subsidises less profitable routes. Virgin Blue has also sought to minimise costs through more flexible working arrangements including multi-skilling (relative to past standards and to Qantas), and low overheads (for example not having lounges or catering). Source:
1. What are economies of scale? In what market types (i.e. perfect competition, monopoly, oligopoly, monopolistic competition) are economies of scale most important? Why? (10 marks)

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The Doctoral Degree and Professional Nursing Practice

The Doctoral Degree and Professional Nursing Practice.

 In response to the continuous changes in health care today, nurses are charged with staying well informed on many rapidly evolving aspects of patient care. They are also expected to contribute to the improvement of health care quality. Engaging in doctoral education is an admirable way to position oneself for accomplishing this goal, and it can lead to new professional opportunities. Why did you decide to enroll in graduate school? What informed your decision to pursue your chosen degree? How will earning this degree influence your career? This week, you consider the characteristics of various programs, including the DNP and the PhD. The focus of the DNP degree is on clinical practice, whereas the focus of the PhD is on research. In conjunction with other professional colleagues, DNP- and PhD-prepared nurses often collaborate to analyze critical issues and find appropriate ways to address them. This first Discussion provides an opportunity for you to examine what it means to earn a doctorate and how your selected degree program relates to your professional goals. To prepare: Consider the reasons you have chosen to pursue an advanced degree. How do you anticipate that earning this degree will support your professional goals? Reflect on the comments shared by the experts in this week’s media regarding the value of a DNP degree and the various roles available to DNP-prepared nurses, as well as the characteristics of the PhD program and opportunities for PhD-prepared nurses. Based on the information presented this week, have you developed any new ideas or goals for your future? If so, what are they? By Day 3 Post a cohesive response that addresses the following: What does it mean to be a nurse with a practice or research doctorate? What are the expectations associated with this degree? How might this be different for a nurse who holds a different degree? How do these considerations relate to your motivation to pursue a doctoral degree right now?

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