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[Revision] Impact on climate change policy by right wing parties

DescriptionAnswer the question ‘What impact will the resurgence of right-wing parties have on the global response to climate change?’ The question is fairly fluid but …
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1. Aim, RQs and ROs should not be identical or overlap and be amended

2. Work on the criticality of the content, precisely:

– a lot of statements are undercited, lack backing up by sources; add citations and work on the citing but mind that when adding citations the content should also be amended;

– concentrate on discussion policies, not retelling them; when the argument is introduced, draw conclusions, don’t end paragraphs with citations

– consider adding primary and case law sources in the work (but don’t randomly insert them – they should also be critically discussed)

– work on the quality, a lot of statements are dubious, e.g:

‘In the recent past, the Liberal Democrats have pushed for legislation necessary to ensure that the country cooperates more with other friendly and like-minded governments on top of ensuring that there are ample laws that ensure that business enterprises embrace green practices’ – what is meant by friendly and like-minded governments?

‘In the recent past, Johnson has been quoted deriding renewable sources of energy, including stating that “windfarms could not pull off the skin off a ride pudding.”’

‘Historically, the right wing parties are associated with scepticism and disinterest towards climate change policies that are geared towards managing climate change in the country.’ – what is implied here and how this can be backed up? where is citation, factual information/statistics to support that?

‘Such sentiments from the right wing political parties have in the recent past led to the global anti-cooperation sentiments that pushed the nation towards Brexit.’ – which sentiments? what is meant by sentiments here?

‘In the UK and Europe in general, right-wing parties are on the rise, elevating the opposition to climate action into a major political issue’ – according to whom or which data? Especially if Europe in general is also mentioned?

‘UK is strongly linked with scepticism for climate issues and persistent opposition to policies that are climate-friendly.’ – climate-friendly?

‘These sentiments are shared by Gardiner who outlines that the right-wing parties are either likley to reject climate science or accept it’ – what is meant by climate science if the climate change is meant.

‘Literature has indicated that Prime Minister Boris Johnson has transformed from a radical extremist conservative to a moderate one’ – which overviewed literature supports that? what does this mean – “moderate one” ?

‘The literature suggests that because many of the Conservative Party’s supporters are sceptical about climate change’ – so supporters or members as was mentioned prior?

‘The Labour Party belongs to the wide spectrum of socialist oriented ideologies and political parties whose broader ideas revolve around protecting the workers against the overbearing power of the private companies’

‘Other ideologies of the Labour party include extensive progressive taxation regimes so as to raise more funds for better provision of public services, including energy and water’ – taxation is not an ideology

‘Indeed, Dupont claims that while still in office, Blair stated that the world could not have genuine security while the planet was still being destroyed by climate change’ – genuine security?

3. Amend Conclusion according to the amended ROs and RQs

4. Add section discussing future search and why it has to be done, what should be investigated and how