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[Revision] Arabic and English Literature: Investigating the socio-political effects in Naguib Mahfouz’s novel, Children of the Alley.

DescriptionDissertation topic: Investigating the socio-political effects in Naguib Mahfouz’s novel, Children of the Alley.

Research Question: How has the socio-political environment of the time influenced the Egyptian writer Naguib Mahfouz’s perception in hi…
Show moreLatest revision comment[April 02, 2022 07:38] Please, work in the file ‘to revise’ and amend the following:

1) Adjust Method

1.1) Eligibility criteria should present precise limiters, with a certain degree of rationale

1.2) Explain what was the method of analysis of the primary source, explain what it was based on at least

2) Revise Results

2.1) The analysis of the primary source is cited via that sources, i.e. not clear if this is a subjective analysis, as the info is rarely supported, e.g.

Generally, the author’s characters are depicted in a manner that represents Egyptian Muslim identity in two ways that are contradictory in that some characters are religious while others lean to modern or secular reasoning (Mahfouz, 2006). – did the author write a review of own work and based on the info there, the conclusion was made? Such statements ought to be supported by secondary sources

2.2) Pointless comparisons are present

Similarly, Bendixen et al (2021) also gave important pointers of the influence that religion has on literature. – similarly – to what? It is new paragraph; the text does not elaborate on this further

Further, the theme of social protest can also be observed from the works by Bakker (2021), who highlighted that social protest is seen to rise up as a result of the need of the society to liberate the poor from the oppression of the rich – this theme can be seen in many works, what is the source cited here for?

Work on the quality and criticality of the text

3) Amend Discussion, it uses newly introduced sources, such as Osim (2012), Abed (2016), Golfetto, Osti, and Chakrani (2022) etc, and seems to compare the outside literature more than the actual outcomes – the point of the chapter is to contrast own results with the sources cited prior in text

4) Adjust Abstract and Conclusion after the above is done

5) Proofread the text well

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