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Revise my essay

Revise my essay. I’m trying to learn for my English class and I’m stuck. Can you help?


The FINAL must be at least four full pages.
Make SOME revisions to ESSAY.
DO restructure ONE paragraph as a perfect paragraph. Label it.

A context paragraph. Write a brief report about where you are with your draft, such as what you’ve done so far, what you haven’t done yet, what you are happy with, and what you are unhappy with, etc.
A series of questions. Offer requests for specific kinds of feedback, such as: Are my paragraphs too long? Am I describing too much? Do I offer enough analysis to balance my evidence? Do I have an argument, or a report?
Unity check paragraph

Revise my essay

or this assignment, go online, find and select a research-based substance abuse prevention program and create a logic model for it. You don’t need to create an image like the example below if you do not know-how. You can write up your model’s information in a word doc and include the major components of the logic model. If you want you can use the format on Table 8.2 Logic Model, pg. 216 in your text or use the example below. Include the link to your website for the program you are using.

WCU Nursing Process in Prioritizing Nursing Care Quality Based Care Discussion

WCU Nursing Process in Prioritizing Nursing Care Quality Based Care Discussion.

What are the steps of the nursing process? How does the nursing process assist in prioritizing nursing care? Be sure to apply concepts from the readings and research. You must cite at least one source: your textbook, scholarly resources, or ATI textbook in APA Style. The steps in the nursing process are assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementing, and evaluation. The nursing process assist in prioritizing by systematically providing a rational method of planning and individualized nursing care. In order to evaluate pain thoroughly my nursing skills would include the PQRST method. P (Provocation/Palliation)- What were you doing when the pain started? What caused it? What seems to trigger the pain? What relieves it? Q (Quality)-what does the pain feel like? Is it sharp, dull, tingling? R (Region)-Is the pain felt all over or in one specific area? Does the pain travel around? S (Severe)- on a pain scale from 0-10 with 0 being no pain, where would you rate the pain? How long does the pain last? T (Timing)- How often does it occur? When it does come to you is it sudden or gradual? Collecting subjecting and objective date Analysis analyzing and drawing conclusion Planning goals and care for the patient Implementation puts practice interventions outlined in plan of care Evaluation determines if it was effective in getting the patients goals Practice allows you to apply knowledge from biological physical and social sciences Foundational thinking highest thinking critical thinking
WCU Nursing Process in Prioritizing Nursing Care Quality Based Care Discussion

Dissertation Introduction and Headings

online assignment help Dissertation Introduction and Headings.

I’m working on a computer science writing question and need support to help me study.

In a minimum 5-pages, develop an introduction to your Chapter 2 where you clearly explain the overall research topic, literature gathering process, and the scope and organization of the literature review. The introduction should conclude with a paragraph that describes the sequence of the literature you will include and the literature analysis process. After the introduction, you should incorporate possible headings/subheadings that you plan to cover and include at least 20 scholarly references.Topic – Exploring issues of automation in Healthcare Insurance and how it impacts quality of HealthcareBackground – Problem, Gaps – Too much automation, No human interaction, loss of emotions & helplessness, No options for resolutions, increase in customer complaints and customer satisfaction, higher resolution time.Significance of the Project Research Questions – What will the paper address – Gaps and what categories should be automated and what shouldn’t be automated?Theoretical Framework –Dynamic capabilities (DC)Chapter 2 attached Chapter Two (Review of Literature) (DSRT 736)IntroductionSubsections based on a deductive approach SummarySummary
Dissertation Introduction and Headings

Topic 4 DQ 2 Comment 4

Topic 4 DQ 2 Comment 4. I don’t understand this Health & Medical question and need help to study.

*** Comment This ***
Great reply, you’re correct in stating that that as human beings we are of great value as we are creatures made in God’s image. Although you do not agree with “doctor assisted suicide”, I believe those who choose that way out of life can be forgiven. AS health care providers we are to let the patient be proactive in their health care decisions and it is important to respect their autonomy. When patients suffer and are dying a slow death it is exhausting for them and their families, only God can know what is truly in their heart and if they have asked for forgiveness.
Topic 4 DQ 2 Comment 4

NECP and Disaster Communications Discussion

NECP and Disaster Communications Discussion.

The course is ORGANIZATIONAL MANAGEMENT & COMMUNICATION IN DISASTER.THE ASSIGNMENT IS :Course Discussion: NECP and Disaster Communications PromptAnswer the question critically-How does the NECP attempt to assure Disaster and Emergency Communication Interoperability?Remember to explain the why and the how!GuidelinesUse this space to provide specific guidelines for students to follow. Please see the sample below.Your initial post should be complete, and consistent with the Universal Intellectual Standards while demonstrating your Critical Analysis of the materials. I would expect 300-500 words of focused reflection on the issue (How? Why? What if?Reply to your two classmates’ posts in a RISE fashion, getting into a discussion with depth and breadth of the NECP
NECP and Disaster Communications Discussion

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