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Review On Tess Of The Durbervilles English Literature Essay

Abstract Tess is just an ordinary country girl but her real character and her story makes her more than a poor rural girl. Her character surpasses her real life and makes her a heroine. Tess’ characteristic is complicated. Her distinctive virtues are well unfolded: beauty, virtuousness, loyalty, industriousness and bravery. However, because she lives in an unfairly conventional society, she eventually cannot shake off the shackles of traditional social values. At the same time, because she is so naïve and stupidly loyal, she loses herself to some extent, which, leads to her tragic events happen endlessly. This study is designed to make an analysis on the beauty and defect in her characteristics and to prove that she is a woman owns virtues of beauty and purity, just as the subtitle shows. Living in that period, she seems to be a defective woman who is abandoned by the society. But there is one thing that can be sure of: she shines with her beauty all the time, which is an everlasting one. Key Words: Character; Beauty; Defect; Purity; Tragedy Introduction In Tess of the d’Urbervilles, Hardy’s deep sympathy for England’s lower class rural woman is well demonstrated. The main character Tess is a typical represent of tragic life. Living in a society full of hostility, she is doomed to be ruined by the pressure and the injustice treatments. She has complicated characteristics that always lead her to painful dilemmas. Tess is Hardy’s idealized woman who is a beautiful symbol of purity, love and bravery. She leads a short but extraordinary life which accomplishes her struggles to the backward traditional principles. However, Tess is not portrayed as a perfect woman. Her defects coexist with her beauty. She owns distinctively beautiful appearance with purity and kindness. Hardy takes the challenge to define Tess as a pure woman in the subtitle. It indicates that Tess’ physical impurity does not mean she is impure mentally. Furthermore, Tess’ defects are not the only cause of her tragedy. Chasing her true love, she dare to rebel in her own way. Still she is conservative in some ways. To the society, she failed, but to herself, she does not lose the battle. 2. Literature Review As Hardy’s most controversial work, Tess of the d’Urbervilles is so popular that has been studied abroad. Also, in our country, there are so many researches and studies on this literature too. All these facts shows shat Tess of the d’Urbervilles is scientifically worth focus. Generally, scholars study on Tess’ tragic fate and characteristics. Hypocrisy is sharply exposed by Hardy and he shows his deep sympathy for the lower classes. From the perspectives of the academic or even the national view, Hardy’s purpose is to awaken human being’s social conscience, make a clear horizon, and tell right from wrong in the evil world. In Zhang Zaizhong’s book Thomas Hardy—Ideas and Creations, Hardy’s ideology, emotional psychological, objective and subjective awareness of the environment to explore his creation of rational and transformation of conflict and mutual penetration. In addition, Nie Zhenzhao’s an Grief and Fortitude artist focuses on the evaluation of the social philosophy of Thomas Hardy, the concept of ethical, aesthetic theory and the art in creating novel creatures on from Hardy’s own perspective. Also, Gao Yufen’s On Tragic Fate of from Four -dimensional Interpretation of Tess analyses Tess’ tragedy in perspectives: economic and social, religious and moral traditions, the characteristic of the hero and the defects of Tess. Brain Philips in his The Study Guides of Tess states that Tess is shaped into a heroine of myth. Her experience is a typical tragic story and represents those who should lead a better life rather than tortured by the tragic hardships. Tess of the d’Urbervilles is the most successful novel of Thomas Hardy, which plays an irreplaceable part in the literature world. Study on the novel is still developing in trends. 3. Beauty Growing up in a small village, Tess owns attractive characteristics that make her shine with incredible charm. The most outstanding one is her purity, integrity, and loyalty. Her unique characteristics are so distinctive that can even cover up all her defects. 3.1 A Pure Flower Just as the subtle A Pure Woman suggests, undoubtedly, Tess is a noble woman with pure mind all the time. She loses her innocence ironically, and her hard life begins right after that moment. However, her lost of purity physically does not mean she is impure mentally. Her spiritual purity is irreplaceable and makes her shine. Hardy gives all his effort to portray Tess’ image. Tess grew up in Marlott, a tranquil village can be compared to a paradise. The country girl’s characters are influenced by the surroundings and she is rated as “the Daughter of Nature”. Phases of her childhood lurked in her aspect still. As she walked along today, for all her twelfth year in her cheeks, or her ninth sparkling from her eyes; and even her fifth would flit over the curves of her mouth now and then.(chapter 2) From the detailed description, Tess’ essence of being a rural peasant girl is vividly shown. Moreover, her love for the nature and life gives out the attractive fragrances of not being shaped by any kind of common customs and traditions. Her unique temperament of uncommonly virginity and purity wins Angel’s heart that he cannot help expressing his feeling and eulogize her by giving her the nicknames like “Artemis” and “Demeter”. Those names come from the Greek mythological names, showing his admiration to Tess’ beauty. Also, It is not easy to find that Hardy always emphasizes Tess’ intimacy with the nature, which is obviously suggests what he is trying to do is no more than to unfold Tess’ purity. On another side, In Tess’ blood, there was aristocracy. Their family came from noble lineage of the d’Urbervilles, the fact that her father learned from an old parson. This to some extent can explain why Tess appears gracefully and distinctively all the time. In Victorian Context, people strongly tend to worship those who own a big fortune as well as the one who has higher social identity. Therefore, Tess’ parents become self-important and consider it as a good chance to seek a fortune by some challenges undertook by their young daughter. Tess know her heritage of the d’Urbervilles, while on contrary to her parents, she never shows the vanity of being the offspring of the nobility, modestly keeping the fact in her heart as a secret. She behaves so indifferent to anything about fame and wealth and never asks more than a simple life. Admittedly, her contentment with life makes her purer. Not being contaminated by secular environment, she holds a mind and knows clearly who she is and what she wants. What’s more, she is grateful to her parents, especially her mother. It is her mother who she believes is the one gives her extraordinarily beauty and virtues. Being impoverished, the Durbeyfields have no other solutions but to claim kinship with Alec, the so-called “d’Urbervilles”. Tess is doomed to be the victim in this deal. To the complicated world, a girl like her is easy to be hurt and cheated. As a result, Alec takes her innocence just to satisfy his sexual vice. What’s worse, she is pregnant but she leaves Alec to give birth to the baby on her own. Helplessly, the baby is born with sin, and this determines his short life. Tess is a kind-hearted girl respects every single life, no to mention the baby is her own son. Born in the society that is deep rooted with conventions, the baby boy is not accepted by anyone except for Tess herself. To Tess, the young mother, she is inventible to hear people whispering about her. Braver thing she does for the baby is, she gives him christen by herself and gives him a name Sorrow before his death. When he dies, she barriers Sorrow in a corner of the churchyard, against the commandment of the church and the traditional society, just to give the baby a place to lay his poor soul. Simply, all her decisions and actions result from a mother’ love towards her child, or more exactly, comes from a girl’s mercy on lives. She takes each life on an equal level, holding the idea that each life should have the right of being respected, and her attitude towards life makes her a person with the purest temperament. 3.2 Integrity High moral principles are rooted in the bottom of Tess’ heart. It is obvious that she has the strong desire for maintaining her integrity. Because of her innocence and inexperience, Alec takes her virginity in an extremely despicable way. To a girl, there is nothing worse than a lost of virginity for the Victorian society demands women to be pure and impose rigid morns on them. So no matter how ruthless, unjust, and coarse Alec’ behavior is, to the society, it is Tess, the woman, who should be responsible to her lost. If she wants a stable life, the only choice for her is to be the mistress of Alec just as he wants. This solution may be any woman’s choice when such things unfortunately happen to them—marring to the man so that to cover the truth is the only way to shackle off the conventional critics. However, Tess knows better than anyone else that she feels no love for Alec and it does not make sense to be with him. Therefore, she leaves Alec, leaving no regrets, because she believes herself and her choice is resolute decision that follows the voice comes from the very bottom of her heart. Young she is, she never tries to deceived her mind and be the one follows the faulty moralities. She is an innocent victim, but at the same time, her behavior makes her look like more than a victim. When she refuses Alec’s help and refuses to get married to him, ignoring the benefits and high social position that the marriage may bring to her, she looks like a hero who follows her standards. Tess’ integrity is well unfolded on the aspect of her attitude towards love. Of Alec, she dares show her hatred, of Angel, she dares to show her love, against the condemnation of the public opinion. On one hand, she never gives in to Alec and struggles to chase her true love. Facing with the tight entangles and evil temptation of Alec, she feels that she cannot stand it no more and fight with her real courage. “Don’t mention my little brothers and sisters-don’t make me break down quite!” She said. “If you want to help them-God knows they need your .It-do it without telling me. But no, no! she cried. “I will take nothing from you, either for them or for me!”(Chapter 48) She knows clearly that maybe if she lies to herself and be with Alec, life will be better to both her family and herself. Showing her adherence to the stiffen believe, she refuses Alec’s requests again and again. Later, when Angle comes back from Brazil, Tess finds Alec cheats her once again, she feels so intolerable with the hatred towards Alec that accumulated from the previous to the present and she finally kills him in the moment he slanders her with sharp words. “And then my dear, dear husband came home to me…and I did not know it! … And you had used your cruel persuasion upon me… you did not stop using it-no- you did not stop! My little sisters and brothers and my mother’s needs-they were the things you moved me by… and you said my husband would never would never come back — never; and you taunted me, and said what a simpleton I was to expect him! … O, you have torn my life into pieces… made me be what I prayed you in pity not to make me be again… I can’t”(chapter 56) On the other hand, Tess’ love for Angle is undeniable. In the eyes of Tess, Angle, just like his name, he is a free thinker who shines with his distinctive appearance and characteristics. He is such a perfect man that captures Tess’ heart. They first met at the May Day dance and developed their relationship at the Talbothays Dairy, Perhaps because of the arrangement of destiny. Once, they shared their carefree moment, and enjoyed being with each other. However, things got changed when Angel found he cannot hide his feelings any more and asked Tess to be his wife one day. For the conflicts in her mind, Tess refused Angel’s request for several times. Of course, Angel never understood the real reasons, not learning her bitter and embarrassing past. In the face with such a painful dilemma, Tess asked her mother for some advice and her mother told her to keep a secrete about her past. She knew the best that Angel admired her beauty and her nature of purity. So making a confession about her relationship with Alec equaled to a dramatic challenge of loosing her lovers. She struggles with hesitation. Nevertheless, she knows that she loves him truly, and in her beliefs, love means to be frank with each other. So she made a confession on the wedding night, which, was not accepted by Alec. He flied into a fury and fleed the home, not leaving his forgiveness that Tess was eager for so much. . Once again, Tess did something that followed her heart, and once again, she got closer to the abyss of tragedy. 3.3 Loyalty to Family and Love As the oldest in the Durbeyfield’s, she undertakes the burden more than she should, which makes her characteristic of responsibility well unfold. It’s her fate to face all these hardships but Tess never has the intention of giving up. She has the courage to deal with difficulties with self-sacrifice and selfless spirit. Their family’s livelihood relies on Prince, an old horse. When Tess is still a little girl, she starts to help her mother with households without any complaints. When Prince died in accident, Tess blamed herself and thought its death was all her fault. She was guilty over the horse, so she took the responsibility to claim kinship with Alec in order to help her family to get through the hardships, though it might be a risky experience. When Angel abandons Tess and flees the country where they belong to, she endures all kind of discrimination alone, concealing her pain and generously gives a large amount of her living expenses to support her family while leaves herself to wandering around to make her own living. Especially when her father dies and the family is expelled from the village, homelessly, she makes a greater sacrifice—to go back to Alec, who chases her by any all means. There, she holds back her anger and lamentation, living unhappy life everyday just to settle down her poor mother and the brothers and sisters. To Alec, Tess expresses her loyalty in an even stronger way. After Tess makes her sincere confession, she still cannot get Angel’s forgiveness. She takes Angle’s castigate as something that she deserves. She tells him that she is willing to do everything he wants, even expresses her willingness to die for him. All she does is to silently undertake her husband’s unfair treatment to maintain Angel’s dignity and honor. When Angle sleepwalks and carries Tess to a churchyard, mumbling his wife is dead, He puts her into a coffin. Instead of waking him up right at that moment, she carefully leads him go back home, no matter how doleful she feels about Angel behavior. On the other side, Tess never calls herself as Mrs Clare. Obeying Angel in an extremely loyal way, she seldom makes connection with him though there is such strong love in her mind. Her love for Angel is incredibly deep and sincere. It has been so much my religion ever since we were married to be faithful to you in every thought and look, that even when a man speaks a compliment to me I am aware, it seems wronging you. I would be content, ay, glad, to live wit you as your servant, if I may not as your wife; so that I could only be near you, and get glimps-es of you, and think of you as mine. (chapter48) 4. Defect Tess is portrayed as a near-perfect individual, she is a beauty owns the virtues of gentleness, purity, generosity, responsibility and loyalty. However, at the same time, her character contains some defects. Her defects, furthermore, mainly cause by the social environment and her miserable fate. 4.1 Traditional Thinking The Victorian morality has a very high standard for women’s virginity that loosing of chastity means the woman is impurity and definitely spurned by the society. The only way for remedy is to marry the man who stains her. It is exactly this moral principle that makes Tess suffer a lot mentally and blame herself for her impurity constantly, after she is raped by Alec, leading to her complicated feeling towards Angel’s love. This also explains her denials to Angle’s propose for several times. The conventional view is deeply rooted in everyone’s mind. Even for Angel, who is educated , intelligent freethinker also fails to get rid of the shackles of traditional thinking and his ideal for women’s purity is too demanding to forgive Tess’ lost of purity. When Angel learns Tess’ story, he flies into a rage instead of having sympathy for her distress. Considering she as a false woman who lies to him deliberately by pretending to be a pure woman. He eventually abandons Tess, driving her to despair once again. Evidently, Tess’ true love and her rights of chasing her happiness is deprived of by the prejudice of the social conventions. Moreover, the social morality is tightly connected with the religious beliefs. Women once lose their virginity; she is viewed as a squalid one who is never accepted by the society. “So much the worse for you, I think that parson who unearthed your pedigree would have done better if he had held his tongue. I cannot help associating your decline as a family with this other fact– of your want of firmness. Decrepit families imply decrepit wills, decrepit conduct. Heaven, why you give me a handle fro despising you more by informing me of your descent! Here was I thinking you more by informing me of your descent! Here was I thinking you a new-sprung child of nature; there were you, the belated seedling of an effete aristocracy! (chapter 35) Tess lives in a man-dominated society and it is the reason why she has to suffer from the people’s reprimand when she loses her purity in an unfair way, while Alec is free from any punishment. Tess’ life is dominated by the man, and dominated by the tradional society. In this case, Hardy shows his dissatisfaction with the social injustices against women. Being a courageous girl, Tess struggles to move forward in her life. But pitifully all her resistance only ends with failure. Setting aside her tragic destiny, it is she traditional thinking that makes her trapped. She is a typical uncompromising rebel; she fights with all her efforts throughout her short life. However, she can not shake of the traditional ethics. There is always some conventions and backward things that makes her be limited by the expression. More tragically, she judges herself with the moral standard which makes her degree of the tragedy more deep and impressive. She is undoubtedly the victim and she is innocent. She understands it but by the time she hears the censure from people in the village, she believes that she is sinner of guilt. Having such a notion in mind, it is inevitably leads to her inner torment and self-contempt. Therefore, her sufferings and misery happens in an even intense way. All these things show that Tess can never forget her past, no mention to relieve herself from the heavy burden of her trauma. It seems that she is a sinner cursed and doomed to be tortured all her life. So even when she is abandoned by Angel brutally, she thinks it is her fault, silently undertaking the sorrow manipulated by her fate. This, on a degree, reflects her limitation caused by the deep-rooted traditional thinking. 4.2 Inexperience and Acquiescence Tess is originally a prominent descendant of wealthy aristocrats—the d’Urbervilles. However, in the late 19th century, those aristocrats can no more maintain their status for some reasons. So when it is handed down to John’s generation, it means nothing and John is just an poor hawker who can hardly earn enough money for his family. Born in a poverty-stricken family with a lot of brothers and sisters and an alcoholic father, Tess is unfairly dominated by the fate that she has to sacrifice herself for the livelihood of her whole family. First, she suffers from the death of their horse, Prince, which she does not mean to kill it, but she is punished. Without any choices, she listens to her parents and work for Alec. Alec, this despicable man takes her innocence and seduces her leaving her a gloomy shadow companying all her life. Tess’ family totally live by the means of manual labor and the prominent ancestors fundamentally have no effects on the improvement of their lives. In addition, her father achieves nothing in his life and all he possesses is a sense of secular and vanity, which makes his industrious and mediocre wife feel proud of his identity. Lacking of wise parents’ guide, this young girl is so vulnerable an easily get hurt. “O mother, my mother!” cried the agonized girl, turning passionately upon her parent as if her poor heart would break. “How could I be expected to know? I was a child when I left this house four months ago. Why didn’t you warn me? Ladies know what to fend hands against, because they read novels that tell them of these tricks; but I never had the chance o’ learning in that way, and you did not help me!”(chapter 12) From another point of view, Tess lives in the torment between two men all her life. More exactly, her life is ruined by them in an large extent. These two men’s influence on Tess is so destructive that her life is set into redemption step by step. Alec’s harm to her is miserable, yet Angel’s abandonment is even a catastrophe. Chasing for her true love, Tess obeys him on everything for she is so afraid of endangering her chance of him. On one hand, she insists her integrity and tries to rebel. On the other hand, she becomes a prisoner of love. She longs for his love so much that she is departed from her stand. She surrenders little by little, sacrificing all she has, and finally forfeits her life. 5. Conclusion Tess leads a hard life and her miserable fate results by many reasons. Hardy successfully portrays an eternal image by giving Tess complicated characteristic that contains beauty and defect. She is described as a near-perfect individual while she still has some defect. However, her defects make her shine with incredible charm rather than take her glamour away. Further more, her defects in characteristics mostly results from her social background and life experience, which are dramatically unfair to her. She owns noble virtues and her lost of purity physically does not mean she loses her purity mentally. Tess is considered as a victim of life and her bravery makes her a heroine succeeding in the battle of life. She is a beautiful soul that deserves venerations from everybody.

Social Psychology: Concepts and Research

Sophia Ashraf Social Psychology Assignment At times people and groups resort to negative, cruel and even murderous behaviour. Drawing upon contemporary or historical examples analyse whether this behaviour is influenced more by social pressure/structure or by something more personally sinister or selfish. Social psychologists have devoted extensive interest in studying the attitudes, feelings and behaviours of human beings. They have come up with numerous explanations for both helpful and aggressive human behaviours. Philosophers explain these differences in terms of human nature. For instance, Rousseau believes humans are innately peaceful creatures. Therefore, anti-social behaviours are a consequence of wider societal and structural factors. In contrast, Thomas Hobbes believes humans are born evil and are predisposed to criminality. Overall, history is filled with numerous examples of altruistic behaviours. One such example is of Oskar Schindler, who risked his life and saved over 4,000 Jews during the Holocaust. Equally, history has also witnessed inhumane atrocities which include the My Lai Massacre in Vietnam in the 1960’s and the Rwanda and Bosnia genocides of the 1990’s (Hogg

Personal Insight

assignment writer Personal Insight.

For the one you need to write, i will give informations about me, the topic the question you will be writing about, as well as the story you need to write about to you in order to support your writing. so actually you only need to write 350 words. for another one is just correction and for the essay you need to write is
Describe the most significant challenge you have faced and the steps you have taken to overcome this challenge. How has this challenge affected your academic achievement?this is for uc application’s personal insight essayand i have all the story you need to write about, and if you have any question about me, anytimeso for me, the most significant challenge is my parents got divorce when i was very young. it was really a hard time when i started to learn about the world for the first time, i found other child was surrounded by 2 persons, which is mother and father. but for me, i only goy one.on the one hand, it was absolutely terrible because of the lack of love from father. And my mother was very busy with her work and i understand that cause she have to raise me and support the whole family alone.on the other hand, it actually make me much stronger and independent than other kids who were at the same age as me.i have been through 3 times of transfer school during my elementary school. it was hard, as every time you go to a new place, you have to learn to make new friends with new kids.i believe without all these hard time in my childhood, it will be much harder for me when i decided to study abroad aolne.can you help me to develop the complete essay for me by these stories
Personal Insight

The Most Famous Online Shopping Website In China Marketing Essay

Abstract Taobao is the most famous online shopping website in China. It was launched in 2003 and within two years it became the leader of China’s online shopping market. In order to keep the leadership position in increasingly intense competition and sustain its development, Taobao needs to modify and better its strategies for future development. Furthermore, its marketing strategies can also provide a good example for other online shopping companies. This essay is going to make an overall analysis on Taobao’s business strategies by SWOT. Key words: Taobao; marketing strategies; SWOT analysis Content 1. Introduction 3 2.1 Leading position in China’s online shopping market 4 2.2 Effective combination of diversified offerings 4 2.3 Precise market positioning 5 3.1 Limiting itself to local market 6 3.2 Insufficient screen process to control counterfeit products 6 4. Opportunities 7 4.1 Growing demand for online shopping in China 7 4.2 Government support 7 4.3 Safer payment systems for online transactions 7 5. Threats 8 5.1 Low entry barrier leads to fierce competition 8 5.2 Strict policy for third parties payment license 8 5.3 Higher logistics costs 8 6 Conclusions 9 Bibliography 10 1. Introduction Taobao operates a website, which is the largest Internet retail website in China. According to its website the transaction volume on Taobao (gross merchandise volume or GMV) exceeded RMB200 billion (US$29 billion) in 2009. Taobao launched in 2003, is owned by Alibaba Group, which is a family of Internet-based businesses. (Taobao, n.d.) Taobao provides not only online platforms but also third-party online payment services (Alipay) and instant messaging services (Aliwangwang) Platforms within Taobao include Alimama (, an online advertising exchange and affiliate network for publishers in China. In addition, there is also a classified listing website (ibid.) SWOT analysis, according to Philip Kolter, is an overall evaluation of a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. (Kolter, 2003) As the competition in the online shopping market is becoming increasingly fierce, Taobao faces some problems as well. The purpose of this SWOT analysis is to provide a critical review of key factors that may slow down Taobao’s future development. 2. Strengths 2.1 Leading position in China’s online shopping market Taobao is an acknowledged leader in both B2C (business to consumer) and C2C (consumer to consumer) online shopping market in China. Taobao has (should be: had) more than 190 million registered users by (could use: at) the end of April, 2010. (Taobao, n.d.) It has built a strong brand and is recognised by more Netizen (which is defined as the Chinese population who have accessed the Internet in the past 6 months by China Internet Network Information Centre) (CNNIC. 2008, January 15th). The company is well-thought-of by customers which gives Taobao more advantages in competition. 2.2 Effective combination of diversified offerings Taobao combines its three segment businesses effectively to enlarge its customer base. Take Alipay as an example, it is a third-party online payment platform, provides a simpler, efficient and safe payment service for both customers and sellers. This service not only ensure (should be: ensures) the transaction security but also reduces the transaction risk for online consumers, as it enables buyers to confirm the quality of goods before releasing funds to sellers. For example, if goods are found (to be) broken or fake, customers can request Alipay to postpone the release of funds to sellers. (Taobao, n.d.) This service help (should be: helps) Taobao (to) attract more customers. In addition, an instant message (could use: messaging) service called Aliwangwang make (should be: makes) the communication between (the) buyer and seller easier. Moreover, this service enables (the) buyer and seller (to) have a directly private bargain during the transactions, which is the preference of Chinese customers. 2.3 Precise market positioning Taobao analyzed China’s online shopping market at the beginning of its business. Different from other online shopping websites which prefer older white-collar worker(s) with higher salaries or people who like collecting and sharing, Taobao chose fashionable younger females as the target customer. This market positioning proved more suitable for China’s market compared to other websites’ (apostrophe not needed) . This is one of the reasons that the growth rate of Taobao is much higher than other competitors. 3. Weaknesses 3.1 Limiting itself to local market The design of Taobao website and other supporting services were based on China’s local market. This localisation strategy made Taobao grew (should be: grow) fast at the beginning. However, with the development of the website, this strategy limits Taobao to the Chinese market and (, therefore resulting in a) lack of presence in (the) global market. 3.2 Insufficient screen process to control counterfeit products Although Taobao has taken some measures to control the sale of fake goods, such as rating the sellers by credit value, the result was not as expected. Because of the free strategy that Taobao used, individuals can establish an online shop easily without charge and requirement. This makes it even hard to monitor and select sellers that commit fraud. Lack of effective screening processes to control the sale of counterfeit products has had a negative influence on customers’ confidence in Taobao. It could also affect Taobao’s brand image and sales. 4. Opportunities 4.1 Growing demand for online shopping in China According to CNNIC, the number of online buyers reached 87.9 million by June 2009, increasing from 74 million in 2008 and 46 million in 2007. The online shopping penetration rate achieved 24.8% by June 2009. (CNNIC. 2010, January 15th; 2010, July 15th) As the data above shows, more people in China prefer to buy products online. Convenience and various choices could be two main reasons. This increasingly growing demand for online shopping contributed to the growth of Taobao. 4.2 Government support After the global financial crisis, (the) Chinese government provided a RMB 4 trillion stimulus package in order to boost the domestic economic growth through 2010. (the) IT industry received around 0.5% to 1% of the cash injection. (Xinhua, 2008). This gave online shopping companies strong support for future developments. 4.3 Safer payment systems for online transactions The improved online payment systems play an important role in the growth of Chinese online shopping markets. There are more flexible payment systems for customers to choose. For example, a third-party online payment system ensures the security of transaction(s) and enables customers to get their refunds easily. A simpler and safer payment for online transaction(s) attracts (should be: attract) more customers. 5. Threats 5.1 Low entry barrier leads to fierce competition Because of the low entry barrier and fast growing market, Taobao meets many challenges, particularly in the face of increased competition from new market entrants. In addition, without many technical difficulties, it is easy for other competitors to copy Taobao’s business pattern. Therefore, Taobao will be forced to increase investments on advertising or technological innovation. 5.2 Strict policy for third parties payment license Recently, People’s Bank of China issued an ‘Administrative Measures for the Payment Services Provided by Non-financial Institutions’ which has raised the entry standard for third payment party. In order to get (could use: obtain) and keep the license, Taobao has to increase its expenditure on online payment. 5.3 Higher logistics costs Taobao will give customers suggestions about the logistic companies which are mostly local third party logistics providers and customers usually take the suggestions because of the lower delivery prices these companies offered, compared to other international express companies, such as DHL and UPS. However, local third party logistics recently announced that they would raise the price. As most online customers are highly prices sensitive, this will have a negative effect on Taobao’s sale. 6 Conclusions According to the SWOT analysis, although there are some drawbacks which have negative effects on Taobao’s future development, the advantages still outweigh the disadvantages. In addition, there are many opportunities for Taobao’s further growth. This conclusion will give some suggestions for Taobao’s future business expansion. First of all, in order to keep the leadership position, technological innovation is crucial for Taobao. Taobao may focus on continuous improvement of its online payment system, which is also one of its strengths, particularly in the aspect of transaction’s (should be transactions, without apostrophe) reliability and security. Moreover, website functions, Internet stability and high-speed access to websites are also important in providing a better user experience, which may help to attract more customers. Secondly, as Taobao has the advantage of large scale consumers and sellers, Taobao may segment its market to provide more specialized services based on different demands so that it can meet customers’ requirements more effectively. To sum up, it is undeniable that the future of (the) online shopping market in China is promising. Based on the statistics by CNNIC, It is in a steadily (should be: steady) development stage. In this attractive online shopping market, more complete logistics providers and payment systems will appear. These will provide Taobao more opportunities to develop in the future.

Strategies for Student Creativity

Strategies to stimulate students’ innate capacity to be creative during their study stage Jorge Luis Garzon Medina Abstract This research paper involves in to research how stimulate students’ innate capacity to be creative, consider it is necessary to apply several strategies during their first years of life, throughout the primary and secondary school years, an also throughout college. This research paper indicated that the student need promote the education and for each education stage had taken into account some strategies that have given result in others parts of world, with these strategies have stimulated students’ innate capacity. Furthermore, this paper use an important phrase that said Albert Einstein: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”, this research paper use this phrase for explain that everybody can surge in different career, only need put all effort. Finally, this research paper considers that with the emotional wellness and creativity capacity of each person to can become a great genius. Keywords: innate capacity, strategies, genius, promote the education, ability, emotional wellness. Albert Einstein said “Everybody is a genius. But You judge a Fish by its Ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is Stupid”. Everybody born with different skill and ability, but during their student live each student will go forming their creativity capacity. Furthermore, it is possible wake up the creativity with different actions. For example, in their daily live when there is a problem, each person use the creative capacity for solve any problems. Also, if a people develop the creative capacity, he will can become a great genius. Then, to form intelligent people is necessary take into account the environment where they surround. Because in some cases a student can have creativity and capacity, but if he does not have enough resource in their environment, he will cannot become in a great genius. However, there are cases so singular where the people only need creative as is the case of William Kamkwamba, he was only a farmer in a corner of Malawi where was not have sufficiently base resource to overcome, born a man very intellectual, so thanks to his imagination and his creative, he could create energy for his town through a windmill. In the article “A Young Tinkerer Builds a Windmill, electrifying a Nation”, (Childress, December 12, 2017) Sarah said that “”Mr. Kamkwamba said “I was thinking about electricity,” said Mr. Kamkwamba, explaining how he got hooked on wind. “I was thinking about what I’d like to have at home, and I was thinking, “What can I do?””. If in the world had more creative people as “William Kamkwamba”, the could change. To create more researchers is essential to promote creative capacity in all people, from the newborn to the future stages of life. as soon as, society must be clear that everyone can become in great geniuses. Moreover, the society must know that each person can become a great genius in their field of work. therefore, each person only need do what you love the most. That is to say, each person should enjoy of their career for develop, and develop their innate capacity. Then to stimulate students’ innate capacity to be creative, it is necessary to apply several strategies during their first years of life, throughout the primary and secondary school years, and also throughout college. During their first years of life The most important stage of education is in the first years of life because at this stage children learn from all the activities that are around them, they leave their mother’s womb and opening their little eyes. So, they see that the world is very immense to explore. Furthermore, in early childhood are several factors that intervene in their developed such as they are cared for with love, the relationship with their families, the food they receive, freedom of exploration, and other activities. In the site web “UNICEF in the state of the world’s children”, (UNICEF,2001), UNICEF said that ” how the child develops during childhood stage sets the stage for later success in school and the character of adolescence and adulthood.”. Then, to stimulate child’ capacity at this stage, it is necessary to work in three specific areas: first develop all their senses, second to promote in discover their environment, and third their social and emotional development. In the first years of life, some children have not developed all the senses because some parents do not take care of them, they do not pay much attention. Hence why these children do not develop all their senses, for example in Brazil some children who suffer from abuse by their mothers. Furthermore, this effect could affect in future stages. Therefore, this must change immediately, and a good strategy to overcome these disorders and even to improve the development of the senses in children is a specialized center called Zen preschool, where children can develop all their senses, such as touch, on other hand, they use different articles to stimulate their touch. Also, the smell when it can smell different types of things like the food, and the ear was inaudible in hearing activities such as listening to children’s songs at low sounds. Moreover, this center also helps develop motor development through yoga that is the thing most relevant in this center (Zen preschool: Wellness parenting Brazil style, May 16, 2016). For this serious reason is indispensable to take this model and implant it in other parts of the world. In the article “5 Ways to Stimulate Your Baby’s”, (Parents Magazine, Bell