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Reunification Pathways For Immigrant Children: The Urgent Need for Policy and Procedural Change

First incorporate the file titled OrrE W2A1 into the attached document titled cf-project plan…correct page 10 the approach within qualitative research. Page 11 address the second side note comment. Page 15 address all side note comments and answer section 4 a-d Data Analysis Page 20 section 5.1 correct side note Page 23 Section 5.7 correct the side note

Culture and Criminal Justice

Culture and Criminal Justice.

Culture and Criminal Justice Description What is the American culture in 2018 and how does it affect ethical behavior of Criminal Justice practitioners? Start your paper by defining “culture”. State the purpose of your paper. Provide examples to support your description of American culture which are supported by statistical data, facts, and/or research. Be sure to cite your references in APA format. How do ethical decisions and behaviors (doing the right thing) of Criminal Justice practitioners pertain to the current American culture? Paper should be 5 pages long, plus a reference page. Double spaced 12 point font and written in third person. APA format.

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Midterm Writing – Instructions Attached,The midterm is 2 sections. Both sections have instructions attached. Each Section should be about 5 pages a piece.

Reunification Pathways For Immigrant Children: The Urgent Need for Policy and Procedural Change Midterm Writing – Instructions Attached,The midterm is 2 sections. Both sections have instructions attached. Each Section should be about 5 pages a piece..

The midterm is 2 sections. Both sections have instructions attached. Each Section should be about 5 pages a piece.

1.     Group Boycotts

2.     Collusion among Trade Associations

Wible, A. (2011). It’s All on Sale: Marketing Ethics and the Perpetually Fooled

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Capstone Final Project

Capstone Final Project.

This assignment consists of two (2) sections: a final capstone project plan and a closing process PowerPoint presentation. You must submit both sections as separate files for the completion of this assignment. Label each file name according to the section of the assignment it is written for. Section 1: Final Capstone Project Plan You are now in the final stage of the capstone project development. All previous documentation should be combined into one (1) document that will serve as the statement of work for the project. Your goal is to have the CEO of your chosen company and his leadership team approve your strategy recommendations. The presentation should be very detailed in order to address potential concerns and provide support for your recommendations. However, the executive team is only interested in a thirty (30) minute summation. Therefore, you also must create a compelling executive summary that is supported by your detail that convinces the executive team that it should move forward with your recommendation. Develop a twenty to thirty (20-30) page project plan in which you: a. Write a two to three (2-3) page executive summary in which you provide a high-level technical overview of your project where you address the following from the case study: i. Strategy Development ii. Innovation and Competitive Analysis iii. Exploiting Innovation iv. The Organization’s Response to Change b. Combine all previous documentation for Project Deliverables 1-4 in which you provide all aspects of the strategic management process into the project plan. c. Compile all the quality resources from the previous deliverables. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources. Section 2: Closing Process PowerPoint Presentation In addition to your detailed executive summary, you must present your findings to the executive team and the venture capital group that along with the executive summary will convince everyone that your solution is optimal. Your PowerPoint must have speaker notes and these speaker notes must be written as if you were presenting this project to your client. A template is provided for your use. You can modify the template based on your professor’s instructions. Do not omit any information from the template because the information aligns with the rubric. Note: The template can be found here. 2. Prepare a nine to fifteen (9-15) slide presentation in which you: a. Include a title slide and a slide in which you provide the purpose and objectives of the presentation. b. Examine your chosen company’s competitive environment. c. Determine your chosen company’s main strengths and weaknesses. d. Determine and evaluate two to three (2-3) strategies to exploit its innovation breakthroughs. e. Recommend a strategy for your chosen company. f. Advise key strategic implementation approach. g. Include a summation slide in which you provide the key takeaways for the CEO. P.S.This is the final paper of the last 4 paper you just submitted to me. If you have any questions please let me know. I thank you so much you are truly awesome.

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Mathematical model

Mathematical model.

 Description Final project report Introduction: describe system & explain question and why it is interesting Describe model: what is being included/excluded; how do different pieces fit together; derive model/eqiuations [somewhere in the Introduction or Description, explain previous relevant models & why yours is different] Describe data: what are they? from where do they come? how reliable are they? Analyze model: explain math/computations; give results Conclusion: what is the answer to the question, from results? discuss answer; How might model be extended/improved? References: standard bibliographical format; citations in text; not wikipedia.

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Film response about ethics “The Insider”

Film response about ethics “The Insider”.

 A response that discusses the ethics and responsibilities that were apparent in the film. Take one or more characters or an organization (Brown & Williams; tobacco industry; CBS; etc) and discuss their actions and ethical responsibilities. You could take any of the following- challenging assumptions about the role of corporations in society; responsibility and authority as a leader; laws; social norms and values; ethical standards, discussion. Please include 5 sources. Questions for discussion: — will be attached in file. The movie is on Youtube for free “The insider”

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Trapping and relocating animals.

Trapping and relocating animals..

 Sources should be academic and peer-reviewed. Books, websites, and articles can be used as secondary sources but their content must relate to the topic as directly as possible. Must be 12 pt. Times New Roman, 1 in. margins, page numbers starting on the second page, double spaced and have an alphabetized works cited page (does not count for a page).

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Perpetua’s Journey,

Perpetua’s Journey,.

Write a reaction paper on the book: Perpetua’s Journey, where you answer this question: What does Perpetua’s life tell us about the role of religion in ancient Rome, and how can her story help us to appreciate the role religion plays in society today? The essay should provide a brief summary of the book’s contents (i.e. no more than 1 – 2 short paragraphs), bu the majority of it should be dedicated to critical self-reflection upon the text. the paper must have a thesis, be clearly focused, well-organized, and persuasively argued in good English grammar style.

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Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD),

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD),.

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD),


Use the references as the evidential foundation for your Evidence-Based Presentation assignment.

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Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau

Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau.

The following questions have been asked: (1) Rousseau’s “general will” is sometimes criticized for ignoring individual rights and liberties. Is this a fair criticism? (2) What is Hobbes’ view of the death penalty and how does it relate to his wider theory? Do you agree? (3) Is Rousseau a liberal, an anti-liberal or something else entirely? (4) Is punishment an exile from the social contract? (5) Describe and contrast the views of Locke and Rousseau on the nature of good government. Both thinkers stress the importance of individual liberty. Why then do they recommend such different political institutions? (6) Compare Rousseau’s critique of liberalism to Marx’s. Which view is more compelling? How do you account for the differences? (7) What is Rousseau’s response to the claim that civic inequality is the result of natural inequality? Do you agree? (8) To what extent is Locke’s theory of property one that allows for redistribution of wealth to the least well off? (9) Select one ancient and one modern author from the following list and write one essay on each. For each essay, identify and elucidate one central political idea from each author – citing primary texts where appropriate. Each essay should be approximately 1,250 words long. (10) Locke’ famously defends a natural right of property and Rousseau a “conventionalist one.” How are they different are there any similarities? Which do you favor? (11) Does Locke’s right to property preclude an entitlement to some “positive” rights? In what ways, if any, is his right to property limited by other concerns? Do you agree with Locke that property is a natural right?

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