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The internationalisation of the retailing industry remains in its infancy, and most leading players have considerable scope to expand their international operations, especially grocery retailers, as they often do not operate through franchises. The economic crisis in developed markets increases the need for many international retailers to become more present in emerging markets in the long term, in order to reduce their dependence on mature developed markets, although in the short term it has the effect of reducing their profits and their ability to invest abroad r risk the chance of going out of business. The following are retail developments that are changing how consumers purchase goods and services, and how manufacturers and retailers sells.

Pop-Up stores Another form of new retail that has emerged successfully would be the limited-time- only stores, more commonly known as pop-up stores that started in 2003 where designer outlet Vacant open a store for one-month-only in major cities including New York, London, Tokyo, Shanghai, Paris and more. According to Trenchwatching (2004) their showcase was a range of one-off limited edition products and locations were ent through by email to members only before it opened. The concept of this was due to an increase in new products coming into the market and leaving. This lead businesses to consider using this method to promote brands, to launch any products, possibly reach seasonal shoppers for a few weeks in busy areas and most important of all, create Buzz.

A common tendency for these pop-up stores would be generally its unannounced or only tells a few and let work of mouth spread amongst consumer, it quickly draws in the attention of the crowds and then would either disappear or utating into something else (Retailtimes, 2007) The use of pop-up stores are not limited to Just be used like this. Many businesses use pop-up store as a new retail form to increase awareness of their brand, build brand loyalty and even possibly used to research consumer behaviour and trend analysis. It can be used to test a new retail concept and venues in high-end locals, where the investment to construct and a retail store would be prohibitively expensive without guarantees of success.

This concept has become exceptionally popular with brands targeting the younger enerations, creating the feeling of exclusiveness, and attracting the idea of here now, gone tomorrow (Retailtimes, 2007) Another benefit of pop up store is that its not only good for the tenants which can use the space at lower cost without the commitment of a long term lease, at the same time is good for the landlord as pop up stores fills in the vacancy allowing them more time to search for a more permanent tenant. The longer a retail space stays unoccupied, the more the perceived value of the space is reduced. therefore, by bringing in pop ups, the landlord can give the space a real point of difference. The Age, 2006). According to Lisanti, T (2008), especially during the economic crisis, retail space is easily available and more affordable, as retail traffic in the US drop to 16. 7% in November of 2008. With this downturn across the world, a fundamental shift has occurred with consumer habits.

Aggressive retailers can gain long-term benefits using this attractive new retail format. Not only so, companies can use this to expand their business as retail rents fall and properties become readily available. (new concept of retailing) UNIQLO AND eBAY The two examples that would be discussed in regards to pop up stores would be Uniqlo and Ebay. Uniqlo, a Japanese low cost casual wear company delivered pop-up stores constructed from ships cargo container to various locations in Manhattan and went on for over eight weeks. The exterior of the container stores is made from metal from Tokyo was transported from the pier, lifted by cranes and placed in streets throughout New York.

This had the effect of sending New Yorkers a clear literal message, that’s they were literally coming from Tokyo to New York(Gogoi, p, 2007) Their target market for this retail would have been focused on people living within he area. EBAY opened its first pop-up store in the holiday seasons of Manhattan in late 2009, using it as a way to boost sales online. As store-based retailers improve their online offer and exploit the benefits of a store network to the full, internet specialists had to take the benefit by developing a physical presence. (global retail, new concept pg 23) Although the merchandises on display were non-purchasable, computer terminals were set up in order for consumers to bid.

As with other retailers, eBay has taken an impact to the recession and is seeking for consumers to ome back and spend more money. http://abclocal. go. com/wabc/story? section=news/ consumer&id=7134375 The location that was used by ebay also preciously featured other pop-up stores such as diet coke, Fortunoff, Bulgari and Coach. The landlord of the site in 3 West 57th Street Manhattan is seen to be earning an estimate of $5 million in annual rent(Curan, C 2009). There are even real estate websites that promote the concept of pop-up marketing, providing tenant short term leases with potential pop-up sites and stating out the prices and availability of the space (popupinsider, 2010)

MAR3592CBE Section 01CBE Strategic Sales and Sales Management

You previously worked in B2C sales, but you have made the transition into B2B sales by recently accepting an entry-level B2B dental sales position in which you will sell dental chairs to dentists and orthodontists. There are different price points based on the different features. Basic chairs feature comfort and long-lasting durability with manual back, leg, seat, and height adjustments. The mid-range chairs also offer comfort and durability, but instead of manual adjustments they are electric, and all mid-range chairs have a built-in massage feature to help make patients more comfortable and relaxed. The high-end chairs have all these features, but the leather is a much higher quality, there is a wider variety of colors and features, there are multiple massage options plus a remote that allows patients to control their massage and heating/cooling options, and these chairs are more ergonomically designed to help prevent back pain for the dentist while working on the patients. You are expected to meet with 20 dentists and orthodontists each week to convince them to purchase your dental chairs.
Before you start meeting with dentists and orthodontists, your supervisor has asked you to create a sales plan that she can review. In a Microsoft Word document, write your sales plan and include the following.
The differences between B2B sales and B2C sales
Three sales goals using the SMART formatting (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based)
Your personal SWOT analysis
Your buyer analysis
Your action plan, including how you will reach each of your goals (i.e., your to-do list), who you will be targeting and how, and your lead generation plans
NOTE – Be sure the documents contain proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure.