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Response Essay Essay

Instructions: Write a detailed essay that responds to any one of the following readings from Everything’s an Argument, Chapter 24, or Chapter 25. Chapter 24: How Does What We Eat Define Who We Are? Sophie Egan: “The American Food Psyche” Rob Greenfield: “An Argument Against Veganism . . . from a Vegan” Jess Kapadia: “I Still Don’t Understand the Cultural Appropriation of Food” Briahna Joy Gray: “The Question of Cultural Appropriation” James Dubick, Brandon Matthews, and Clare Cady: “Hunger on Campus: The Challenge of Food Insecurity for Students” Chapter 25: How Does Language Influence Our World? Ernie Smith: “They Should Stop: In Defense of the Singular ‘They’” John McWhorter: “Thick of Tongue” Jorge Encinas: “How Latino Players Are Helping Major League Baseball Learn Spanish” Japanese American Citizens League: from The Power of Words Roxane Gay: The Careless Language of Sexual Violence
CS 470 Abram Friedman Occupational Center Databases Question.

I’m working on a databases exercise and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

OverviewIn this assignment, you will prepare your development environment for moving a full stack MEAN application into containers. You will gain exposure to using Docker in this lesson. In previous courses, you installed MongoDB on your own computer and developed applications to use it. Before your application can run on another computer, the correct version of MongoDB must be installed there. Installing software also means that your computer’s configuration and settings are altered, which may impact other software you have installed. Additionally, there is a risk that the other computer or its installation of MongoDB are not configured identically to your machine.To overcome this common settings inconsistency, you should run MongoDB inside a container. Moving the container to a new computer brings all the configuration and settings along as well. Looking ahead to Module Two, you will practice using the pre-built Docker container with MongoDB already installed and configured.PromptThis assignment prepares you for the containerization process that will be performed in Module Two. You will download the essential software and test it by following the CS 470 Module One Assignment Guide.Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:Display the working Docker dashboard; it will display the files.Test Docker to ensure the container is running the MongoDB image.Guidelines for SubmissionTake the following unique screenshots.Screenshot of the Docker dashboard to show that the application is runningScreenshot showing that the Docker run command is functioningSubmit your three screenshots to here to show that you have Docker dashboard running and that the Docker run command is functioning properly.
CS 470 Abram Friedman Occupational Center Databases Question

Capitalization and End Punctuation. Need help with my English question – I’m studying for my class.

Assignment: Capitalization and End Punctuation
Students will be able to identify and write within the context the learned skills which will help them to encourage their own thinking. They will also be able to write sentences related to their field of study.
Exercises will have to be delivered individually, in a Word file using Font Arial 12 with a cover page indicating name, course and module.
Part I. Read the included short story.
You will identify where to integrate sentences (four types of sentences) that you will be creating according to the context of the story. You will be working with interrogative sentences (I), imperative sentences (IMP), exclamatory sentences (E) and declarative sentences (D). Total of eight sentences.

Read the story carefully several times, if needed, for comprehension.
After getting acquainted with the story, you will write two of each of the types of sentences studied and practiced in this module. You will make sure they connect well with the short story.
You will identify these sentences with bold and abbreviations inside a parenthesis at the end of the sentence. For example: Why are you so happy? (I)
A rubric is included.

Vocabulary. Complete the following table with their meaning in English according to the context and write a sentence for each word.
Young Merit
by Beatrice Reeves  (Lloydminster)
She stood there at the age of ten, staring at this feeble old man. He was leaning on a cane, looking for something. He was very old, and needed her help. “I can help you to sit,” She offered, and he did. Sinking into a chair gratefully, he closed his eyes. Tina stood there, unsure of what to do or say. Suddenly he opened his eyes and said, “Do you know of a place where I can stay in town? I am very sick and need to see a doctor, I am from out of town.” She replied, “My parents have a room for you, I will take you home.” The old man smiled, “God will bless you child.” That same year Tina fell in front of a car at the same time the old man passed away, he had moved in with her parents so he could get medical treatment, and he became part of the family. Tina called him “Grandpa Jones”. She lost her sight in the accident, and she was put on a waiting list for a donor. It was a long wait for Tina and then one day she received news that an old man had donated his body to science. It took a long time for her to gain her sight back. When she did she was looking into Grandpa Jones eyes, for she had received his corneas and now could see. “Thank you, Grandpa Jones,” She whispered as tears fell from her eyes. He had given her the greatest gift of all, her sight. She now respected the older generation and beyond…
Taken from Creative writing (2016-2018)…
Part II. Identify from the following sentences 31 missing capital letters.

During this semester i will be coursing math, history and spanish.
Mr. lópez, president of go-mart, will be resigning this year.
my sister wants to travel to italy, greece, and mexico.
Gianna needs to hand in a project about planet jupiter. let’s help her!
we should go to sears and get some stuff that are on sale.
all you need is a thrift store nearby. would you like to go?
Did you move to coline street #23 recently?
i need to go see dr. strate because i am not feeling well. please come with me.
my mother’s best friend is chinese, and her name is tay.
One of the best books i have read was dying to be me by anita moorjani.

Deliverable The activity is individual. The work must be delivered on time, without spelling or grammar mistakes. The works will be submitted to the tool to detect similarity of content (now Urkund). Submit the responses in a Word document, Times New Roman, size 12. You must include references in APA format, three years or less. If you have doubts or questions, you must publish them in the Doubts and Questions Forum in time to help you in a timely manner.

Randi Reppen (2012).Grammar and Beyond 2012.(2nd ed.) Book Cambridge University Press: New York:
Walden University. (2018) Walden Departments, Centers, and Resources. . Retrieved from:

Capitalization and End Punctuation

Management Perspectives – Chapter 3: The Environment and Corporate Culture, business and finance homework help

Management Perspectives – Chapter 3: The Environment and Corporate Culture, business and finance homework help.

Management Perspectives – Chapter 3: The Environment and Corporate Culture
1) Read the “Management Challenge” on page 41. After reading the challenge, answer the two
questions that follow. Be sure to support your answer with examples and/or references from
the chapter. (10pts)
2) Beginning at page 41 and illustrated in Exhibit 3-1 (pg. 42), you will see the Location of the
Organizations General, Task and Internal Environments. Read more in the following pages to
learn about the contents of each layer. Afterwards, list one action by each “Titan” that caused a
reaction and ultimately an industry change for Vanderbilt, Rockefeller and Carnegie. NOTE:
The sentences in the example below are abbreviated. You are expected to provide more
details. Also, you do not have to type the example after typing the question. (30pts/Titian).
Management Perspectives – Chapter 5: Managerial Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
1) Read the “Management Challenge” on page 76. After reading the challenge, answer the two
questions that follow. Be sure to support your answer with examples and/or references from
the chapter. (10pts)
2) On page 77 it discusses ethical dilemmas and the moral agent. Please give your
reaction/response to all five dilemma’s and tell how they should be handled. Give the “plan”
(i.e. Step 1, Step 2, Step 3) for each. Be sure to support your answer with information from the
chapter. (10pts)
3) Examine Exhibit 5.3 then answer all six questions (using six different organizations from “The
Corporation documentary” – one organization per question) and support your response with
information from the chapter. (10pts)
4) Read the section on “Organizational Stakeholders”. Identify at least three from the
documentary “The Corporation” where multiple stakeholders were affected (these cannot be
the same companies listed in Question 2). Check your business periodicals and tell whether
these three organizations have any current issues/unethical behavior. How should the
organization work with these stakeholders to ensure confidence in the future? (20pts)
5) Read the scenario with Exhibit 5.5. Explain the issues; tell whether you agree or disagree with
Ray Anderson and how you would handle this matter in an effort to move forward. (10pts)
6) Read Exhibit 5.7. Explain how this should have been handled pre-scandal and post scandal.
Remember the “Total Corporate Social Responsibility” chart and the information included in
the chapter. Much like question 2, please lay out your “plan”. (10pts)
7) Identify two current events in the industry you are benchmarking and name a “whistle-blower”
that was featured (cannot be a company featured in “The Corporation”). Examine the situation
at hand (based on what you have learned via the chapter and your textbook) and tell how the
organization should handle those guilty as well as the whistle-blower post this incident. (20pts)
8) What were the greatest lessons you learned in this chapter as it pertains to managerial ethics
and corporate social responsibility? Give three to five examples and explain their impact to
your thought process on Business Ethics and CSR. (10pts) Management Perspectives – Chapter 9: Managerial Decision Making
1) Read the “Management Challenge” on page 152. After reading the challenge, answer the
questions that follow. Be sure to support your answer with examples and/or references from
the chapter. (10pts)
2) Under the umbrella of “Decision Making”, describe 3-5 programmed and non-programmed
decisions that you think may have occurred with each of the Titans. Think about past decisions
(earlier initiatives) as well as what you foresee (not having completed the video as of this
assignments due date). Also consider and identify the “certainty, risk, uncertainty and
ambiguity” with each example you’ve given. (25pts)
3) There are four decision-making models listed; which model have you used most to date? Think
about any team project you have had and/or something that may have taken place at your job
or internship. Give examples to support your answer. (25pts)
4) What is your personal decision making style? Give examples to support your answer. (15pts)
5) Examine Exhibit 9.6. After reading about the “Five Leader Participation Styles”, go through the
seven diagnostic questions. Use a major business decision made by a company in your
benchmark industry to support your answer. (25pts)
Management Perspectives – Chapter 18: Leadership in Organizations
1) Read the “Management Challenge” on page 290. After reading the challenge, answer the
questions that follow. Be sure to support your answer with examples and/or references from
the chapter. (10pts)
2) In the documentary, “The Men Who Built America”, evaluate how each Titan (Vanderbilt,
Carnegie, Rockefeller, JP Morgan) used their position (legitimate, reward, coercive) and
personal (expert, referent) power. You may also evaluate other businessmen from the video
(i.e. Scott, Frick, Edison) in addition to the Titans. Give examples to support your answer.
3) In Exhibit 16.1 (Leader and Manager Qualities), they list traits of both managers and leaders.
Use this chart to evaluate each of the Titans. You are to identify at least five traits from each
side. Give examples to support your answer. (25pts)
4) Using Exhibit 16.2 (Personal Characteristics of Leaders), evaluate each of the Titans using all
six categories. Give examples to support your answer. (25pts)
5) After reading the section on “Contingency Approaches”, review Exhibit 16.5 (How Leader Style
Fits the Situation) and evaluate each of the Titans. Give examples to support your answer.
Management Perspectives – Chapter 3: The Environment and Corporate Culture, business and finance homework help

Effect of Power on Natural Resource Management of Coal Mines

i need help writing an essay How power might play in Natural Resource Management based on Carmichael coal mine Queensland and the call for a relational approach of power using Foucault’s theories If the management of natural resources goes wrong, everything else will become messy. Abstract From current natural resource management involving power, it’s noted that managing natural resources sustainably isn’t a cinch task unless the understanding of power has a relational non-Eurocentric view. Resource management in Australia has undergone significant change since colonization, an aim to change from Eurocentric approach to a more systems-based approach using Foucault’s theories of power/knowledge for an adaptive governance and Ecogovernmentality. Power struggles are demonstrated through the ongoing case study of Carmichael coal mine in Queensland. The report aims to contribute to the visual effects of power and criticises the current governmental system of bribery, showing businesses to be powerful due to capitalism. This report calls for a relational understanding of power using Indigenous knowledges for better natural resource management policies. Introduction Natural resource management (NRM) has evolved from ecosystem restoration to addressing social issues of resource allocation, benefit distribution and sharing power. Decentralizing processes characterize most of the developing world’s natural resources (NR). At the heart of decentralization processes comes the question of power which is generally addressed as property that someone can possess/accumulate or transfer authority from federal agency downwards to state/local governments, NGOs and divergent interest groups. The question thus arises, how power is reflected in various approaches of NRM. Federal/state organisations, NGOs and interest groups always strive to be involved in constructive conversation for resource management (RM) (Raik


Pharmacology. Paper details In this written assignment, select one cultural factor such as health beliefs, language, perception of time, environment control, etc. (see textbook reading) and apply it to a selected ethnic group. The paper will include the following: One impact on medication preparation. Explain. Two impacts on medication administration. Explain. Two potential adverse reactions. Explain with rationale. One possible issue in adherence to medication regimen. Explain how this can be overcome. The paper should be no more than 3 pages. Use APA Editorial Format for all citations and references used. Please include references and in text citationsPharmacology

UF 101 Media and Culture Discussion

UF 101 Media and Culture Discussion.

Introduction: Many of you have been remarking upon how resonant the ancient texts we have been reading are with media you already know. That is, you have seen connections between things we have been reading from millennia ago and today’s media and culture, or media and culture you have studied. This assignment asks you to reflect on this resonance. In 3-4 pages, please describe a connection you have seen between the ancient world and a piece of media more recent and then reflect on the meaning of both texts: how does the ancient text influence the meaning of the modern text? And how does the modern text influence the potential meaning of the ancient text? To properly fill 3-4 pages will require serious reflection on specific details that resonate and specific changes in context that influence how we might interpret both texts, the ancient and the modern
UF 101 Media and Culture Discussion

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