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Responding to Literature

Responding to Literature. Paper details   1. Diagram the action of the play and explain what happens in the: a. Exposition b. Rising Action c. Climax d. Falling Action e. Resolution(denouement) Define each of the components generally and explain what happens during each part. Then, describe specific events that occur during each part of the action. Ottelo play; to Literature
Introduction In the contemporary environment of judicial system, it is common to see more and more people with disabilities taking part, as either offenders or victims than they were years ago. Indeed, according to Williams (1999), people with disabilities are ten times likely to experience violence or abuse than people without disabilities. In order to cap and punish people who deliberately abuse disabled people, the government has established measures to protect disabled people in its criminal justice. Moreover, disabled people require empowerment in order to identify and respond to abuse or violence. Besides, people with disabilities need to know that there are supportive services and systems, which include victim assistance programs, the criminal justice system, and advocacy services. However, the law does not provide adequate remedies and there is inequality in the criminal justice system. Moreover, “it takes little cognizance of the special circumstances of people with disabilities” (Parry et al. 2009, p.47). The shortcomings exhibited by the judicial system have contributed significantly to the tribulations of the disabled who are left “exposed and defenseless, resulting into their further injury during investigative and legal procedures” (Henderson
Preparing for Project 2: Academic Summaries. I don’t understand this English question and need help to study.

Another skill we will be practicing and honing all through this course that helps with the building blocks of argument in academic writing is the art of the academic summary. Academic summary is a way for us to introduce a piece by another author in our own work, so that we can inform our readers of the conversation we are entering when we are responding to others. Primarily, so our readers won’t get lost.
Please read the Academic Summary PDF/Academic Summary Directions and Worksheet for instruction on how to write an Academic Summary. Please read through the examples and use to the worksheet I’ve given you to prepare your academic summaries.
Academic Summary.pdf
Then, write an academic summary (1-2 paragraphs) for each of the sources you have chosen for Essay 2. Remember the first time you mention a source in your essay, you must provide an academic summary. You can combine both academic summaries into the same document you upload. If you have questions, please ask me, and I will do my best to answer them.
There are examples of Academic Summary in the worksheet, but here is a student example (to help you shape your own summaries.)
Student Example Academic Summary of Alexander Chee
Happy Writing!
To receive full credit, you must submit at least three separate academic summaries of your sources for this project.
Submission Details:
Save and submit your assignment.
When you have completed the assignment, save a copy for yourself in an easily accessible place and submit a copy to your instructor using the dropbox.
Submitting Your Assignment

Please complete the assignment as a Word document.
Click the +Submit Assignment link located in the right-hand column of the course window.
Click the Choose File
Navigate to your document and select it.
Click the Submit Assignment

Preparing for Project 2: Academic Summaries

Cuyamaca College What is Combat Compliance and Its Types Essay

Cuyamaca College What is Combat Compliance and Its Types Essay.

I have an essay due, here are the requirements for it. THE SOURCES SHOULD BE FROM THE BOOK AND LECTURE MOTES ONLY! NO OUTSIDE SOURCES. 6-7 PAGES. here are the requirements, Choose only 1 question:1. Explain combat compliance.2. Explain domestic commitment.3. Explain the origins of World War 2.Use standard formatting (points will be deducted otherwise):• Essays SHOULD BE 6-7 PAGES. • Double spacing• 12pt Times New Roman or Arial,• 1 inch margins,• No more than 1 inch of space dedicated to title and header,• No extraneous space between paragraphs or headers.i will attach the lecture notes and i will send the book once the questions is accepted.
Cuyamaca College What is Combat Compliance and Its Types Essay

Marketing sheet

assignment helper Marketing sheet. I’m stuck on a Nursing question and need an explanation.

Marketing Fact Sheet 3-4 pages double spaced
Purpose of Assignment:The marketing fact sheet that you create in this assignment using research-based data will be an important tool for you to use to market the APN role.
List the topic as a SEPARATE HEADING prior to the presentation of the bullet points for that article.

FOR EACH of the articles (in total 7, it should look like this):
ARTICLE NAME 1 (as a heading)
– – 2- 3 sentence introduction of the article/study followed by bullet points
– brief closing statement two sentences
ARTICLE NAME 2 (as a heading)
– – 2- 3 sentence introduction of the article/study followed by bullet points
– brief closing statement two sentences
Example bullet points:
– nurse practitioners in nursing homes reduce the total costs of caring for patients with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias by treating a broad array of their medical problems, such as gastrointestinal and genitourinary conditions, that often lead to expensive hospital visits.- cost‐saving reductions in hospitalization were associated with care management led by nurse practitioners.
(these were copied, so dont use these examples or at least paraphrase them).
1. Outcomes of care 6 points (must have at least 2 articles)
2. Quality of care provided 6 points (must have at least 3 articles)
3. Cost-effectiveness of care 6 points (must have at least 2 articles)
4. Format, grammar, appearance, creativity 2 points
Requirement: – Minimum of 7 separate PRIMARY research articles regarding APN practice must be cited (using APA 6th format) – Articles DOI must be turned in with the paper. (ONLY provide DOI with link in uploaded copy)
Additional Instructions:
You can provide copies to prospective employers, bankers approached for small business loans, news reporters, your mother, patients, policy wonks – you get the idea.
Make the facts sing for you – be creative!
You will learn how to work these research facts into your everyday conversations, much to the dismay of your close friends.
Assignment: Develop a 3-4 page summary (minimum) of key RESEARCH findings regarding the process and outcomes of advanced nursing practice:
***(select one (1) specific APN role- nursing leaders, nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, etc.).
(Do NOT use articles about the APN role or describing the role.
Find specific research articles OR the entire article will be deducted for 10 points.)
Provide bulleted points of key findings with additional research information (e.g., sample size, sample health status, healthcare setting, specific outcomes, etc).
You must provide enough specific information about the study so the research findings are not vague and they can be understood in context (see example below).
Provide appropriate citations for each finding. Use complete sentences.
***Majority of key points must focus on patient outcomes related to APN practice (e.g., patient satisfaction, reduced incidence of hospitalization, improved health status, etc.)
***Also include focus on quality of care and cost-effectiveness of APN care (You must have articles that address these outcomes also.)
***You will lose points for bullet points that are too vague or too limited to be able to “understand” the study
***You will also lose points if you write a narrative paper. This is NOT a regular paper.
***Consider drawing the conclusion for the reader for each article or finding (see example below). An example of brief overview of an article that addresses outcomes: A large randomized study of 3000 adult patients in public clinics was conducted in NYC. Patients were managed by NPs and physicians for six months measuring physiologic variables for HTN, diabetes, and asthma outcomes. Measures of A1C, BP, and asthma exacerbations resulted in essentially no difference in outcomes between the two provider groups indicating competency of the NPs to manage these chronic illnesses as well as physicians (Mundinger, et al, 2000).
(If the fact sheet assignment paper is too poorly written to read, there will be a 5 point deduction that cannot be redeemed). Please use the university writing center for consultation if you are not a strong writer prior to submitting the paper. Articles should be current within the past 5-7 years.
The studies do not have to be in your specialty area but you should try to find these as they will benefit you more. International studies are not as powerful because of different healthcare systems and different cultures but can be used if necessary to count as 1-2 articles. Be sure you have selected research articles—you must have the article with the primary findings, not a secondary mention.
Use the following articles
Cost Effectiveness (2 articles)Chenoweth, D., Martin, N., Pankowski, J., & Raymond, L. W. (2008). Nurse practitioner services: Three‐year impact on health care costs.
Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 50, 1293–1298.
Bauer, J. C. 2010. Nurse practitioners as an underutilized resource for health reform: Evidence-
based demonstrations of cost-effectiveness. Journal of the American Academy of Nurse
Practitioners 22 (4): 228-231.
Outcomes of care 6 points (must have at least 2 articles) Choose the best 2
Paez, K. and Allen, J. 2006. Cost-effectiveness of nurse practitioner management of
hypercholesterolemia following coronary revascularization, Journal of the American
Academy of Nurse Practitioners 18 (9): 436-444
Borgmeyer, A., Gyr, P.M., Jamerson, P.A., and Henry, L.D. 2008. Evaluation of the role of the pediatric nurse practitioner in an inpatient asthma program. Journal of Pediatric Health Care 22 (5): 273-281.
Counsell, S.R., Callahan, C.M., Clark, D.O., Tu, W., Buttar, A.B., Stump, T.E., and Ricketts, G.D. 2007. Geriatric care management for low-income seniors: A randomized controlled trial. Journal of the American Medical Association 298 (22): 2623-2633.
Lenz, E.R., Mundinger, M.O., Kane, R.L., Hopkins, S.C., and Lin, S.X. 2004. Primary care outcomes in patients treated by nurse practitioners or physicians: Two-year follow-up. Medical Care Research and Review 61 (3): 332-351
Quality of care provided 6 points (must have at least 3 articles)
Stanik-Hutt, J., Newhouse, R., White, K., Johantgen, M., Bass, E., & Zangaro, G. et al. (2013). The Quality and Effectiveness of Care Provided by Nurse Practitioners. The Journal For Nurse Practitioners, 9(8), 492-500.e13. doi: 10.1016/j.nurpra.2013.07.004
Kuo, Y.-F., Chen, N.-W., Baillargeon, J., Raji, M. A., & Goodwin, J. S. (2015). Potentially Preventable Hospitalizations in Medicare Patients With Diabetes. Medical Care, 53(9), 776–783. doi: 10.1097/mlr.0000000000000406
Tsai, C.-L., Sullivan, A. F., Ginde, A. A., & Camargo, C. A. (2010). Quality of emergency care provided by physician assistants and nurse practitioners in acute asthma. The American Journal of Emergency Medicine, 28(4), 485–491. doi: 10.1016/j.ajem.2009.01.041
Marketing sheet

Union County College Violence in Ethiopia and Ethnic Tensions Discussion

Union County College Violence in Ethiopia and Ethnic Tensions Discussion.

Write a paper on a current event article that discusses restrictions on freedoms by a totalitarian state or an article on ethnic conflict within a nation. Summarize the article and explain why this issue is important to the global community. What outside influences might help change this issue? How? Is the article neutral? Why or why not?Be sure to include a scanned copy of the article in your submission in addition to citations. Articles may not be more than one month old.Length: 3 full pages (not including the title or references page)1-inch marginsDouble-Spaced12-point Times New Roman fontTitle and Reference page requiredAPA cite article with linkScan copy of article required
Union County College Violence in Ethiopia and Ethnic Tensions Discussion

Water Pollution Causes and Climate Impacts Report

Chemical water pollution Water pollution is the existence of certain substances in water sources that makes it unsuitable for consumption by man and animals. Major sources of water can sustain and get rid o small amounts of wastes. However, pollution occurs depending on the amount of toxin released as well as the amount of water available. For instance, a small amount of chemical released into an ocean will have little effect, but the same amount of chemical would have a larger effect if released into a lake. Human activities have been the major cause of water pollution worldwide with the major cause of water pollution originating from industries where chemicals used in production of different materials are released into the atmosphere as smoke which later falls back as rain on the surface and eventually into rivers and lakes. Improper sewage and waste water disposal has also contributed largely to water pollution especially in highly populated cities which lack basic hygiene. Poor construction of sewage systems causes these wastes to find their way into lakes, rivers and eventually into the sea. Consumption of this polluted water results to illnesses such as diarrhea. The most effective way of solving water pollution problem is treating all waste water and sewage waste before pumping them into the sea. Sewage wastes are natural substances and therefore should be completely broken down into harmless compounds before disposing them into the sea (Glennon, 2010, 1). Most sewage disposals consist of toilet wastes which may cause serious illnesses such as typhoid especially when it is from people infected with viruses. Treatment of waste water before disposal would ensure the safety of citizens by providing them clean and fresh water for consumption. The biggest percentage of sewage waste consists of water, treating the wastes for recycling would help in maintaining a constant supply of water. Pesticide water pollution Pesticides contain chemical elements that are used in preventing infections by pests either in plants or in animals. Although pesticides are advantageous to farmers, they always pose a threat to water resources. This is because only a small amount of the pesticides that is applied is actually used. The rest of it falls out to the atmosphere and eventually finds their way into water reservoirs as they get washed away by rain water down into lakes and rivers and finally into the sea. Industries manufacturing these pesticides may as well dispose solid wastes containing pesticide residues which end up being washed by rain water and into the nearest water bodies. Pesticides may as well be used in water bodies to destroy algae and hence polluting the water (Stier, 2010, 1). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Pesticides have been found to kill all the fish population in any water body. Other types of pesticides that are applied to water bodies to destroy wild organisms such as algae may destroy aquatic plants which may result to reduced or depleted food supply for the fishes. When these plants are killed, they start rotting, a process which may cause reduced oxygen amount in the water. Water sources that are enriched with pesticides have been found to delay the development of tadpoles into frogs. In order to avoid the possible effects of pesticides water pollution, it is advisable to use them only when there is the need to do so. Practicing the use pesticides when there is no rain can be quite helpful in preventing washing of these chemicals into water bodies. Users should be careful when administering these chemicals to ensure that they only apply the recommended amount. Proper disposal of all unused pesticides as well as containers is essential to prevent leaching of the chemicals during rainy season. Farmers are, as well, encouraged to use organic manure which only requires natural materials to be produced (Singh, 2010, 1). Crop rotation is also important in preventing chemical runoffs from the farm. All these efforts would help keep water safe for human and animal consumption as well as maintaining a natural population of the aquatic habitats. Oil and petroleum pollution Liquid petroleum can be released into the environment by human activities especially in oil transportation and production. Spills may also occur naturally as oil blowouts (Embach, 2010, 1). Both sources contribute to large volumes of oil into the sea and other water bodies. Large oil spills can cause death to aquatic organisms with the most affected being the birds. Smaller volumes of oil spills do no necessary kill the organisms but reduce their feeding rates leading to low growth rates as well as reduced reproductive rates. Ability of the affected animals to resist diseases can also be reduced decreasing survival ability of the organism. Prevention of oil spills could be largely contributed by consumers by using petroleum properly to avoid any leaks from equipments. Climate change Climate impacts on water demand Global warming has caused a lot of changes in climate patterns worldwide. These climate changes affect the demand for water especially in countries which depend on rain water for domestic use, farming and in industrial productions. Citizens would, therefore, have increased demand for water from other resources other than rainfall. The reinforcement of water supplies such as dams and other reservoirs requires high costs due to inadequacy of resources. Human activities that may lead to global warming such as burning of fossil fuels should be avoided to prevent loss of rainfall thus ensuring a constant natural supply of water (Pizyborski, 2010, 1). This way, public funds will be used in other development projects and the natural environment will be preserved as well. We will write a custom Report on Water Pollution Causes and Climate Impacts specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Climate impacts on water supply A change in climate will definitely affect water supply. A lot of human activities have caused global warming which in return alters climate especially rainfall patterns and amount (Riebeek, 2010, 1). Since most people rely on rain water, they end up lacking adequate supply of water. This would call for other sources of water which may only supply limited amounts which may not be adequate for the user’s needs especially for the farmers. Low productivity will be experienced in such situations. Practicing human activities that do not provoke climate changes would be helpful in preventing inadequate water supply. This would ensure constant production in farms as well as in factories. Effects of urban growth on water resources Change in water quality Population in urban areas has been increasing as people move to towns in search for job opportunities. Urbanization has increased the rate at which runoffs are released into water bodies. Large volumes of sediments are being disposed in water bodies most of which are not suitable for water users. The quality of water is therefore reduced especially due to residues from factories and domestic waste water from toilets. These residues may increase the temperature of water this increasing water pollution. If this water is consumed, people may get diseases such as typhoid and diarrhea. Proper disposal of domestic and industrial wastes in urban areas would prevent the destruction of water quality in nearby water bodies. Decrease in water bodies The increased demand for water in urban areas has caused the complete depletion of water in many water sources. Misuse of water may as well result to destruction of water bodies. Lack of maintenance in water resources also causes depletion of water where residents only use it without putting efforts to conserve some for the future. The effect of decreased water bodies will be later felt when the supply of water gets inadequate. Better uses of water and conservation efforts are important in maintaining water sources for future use. Increase in water demand As the population in urban areas increases, so does the demand for water. The need for electricity for the growing population in many urban areas where water is used to produce energy raises the demand for water in such towns (Marsalek, 2007, 1). There is also the need to supply water to the many homes for household use. This problem could be solved by controlling the rural to urban migration in order to keep a maintainable population of citizens in the urban areas. A minimal population would be much easier to provide with adequate water supplies. Reference List Embach, C. (2010). Oil Spills: Impact on the Ocean. Web. Not sure if you can write a paper on Water Pollution Causes and Climate Impacts by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Glennon, R. (2010). Solutions to water crisis. Web. Marsalek, J. (2007). Threats to water supply and risk management. Web. Pizyborski, P. (2010). Global Warming. Web. Riebeek, H. (2010). Global warming. Web. Singh, P. (2010). How pesticides cause water pollution. Web. Stier, J. (2010). The facts about pesticides and runoff. Web.

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