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respond to this statement: The theory of Cosmopolitanism is the belief that all people are entitled to equal respect

respond to this statement:
The theory of Cosmopolitanism is the belief that all people are entitled to equal respect and consideration, no matter what their citizenship status or other affiliations happen to be. (Britanica/2015)

My personal belief of attempting to bring countries together on major issues of justice is that it would be a difficult task. You will have to take into account the different cultures and what has been practiced for years as well as deal with the different victimology’s within that country/nation. Change has to come from within and not forced upon you. We have to have a common goal to work towards in order to achieve equality as human beings no matter what the ethnicity, race, gender, religion, or affiliation.

Change and acceptance has to come from within and then grow. An example of change coming from within is regarding the trafficking of human beings. Human trafficking is a global problem and one of the worlds most shameful crimes, affecting the lives of millions of people around the world and robbing them of their dignity. (UNODC/2022)

This is something that has been practiced for years since early ancient times. The practice of abducting blacks from African Nations was an accepted culture, until the Civil War in the United States changed that. (Wallace and Robertson/Victimology).

The Civil War was a huge step in the right direction in achieving equality. Civil rights movements made even more progress. The International Criminal Court is also a huge step in accepting the fact that this is a crime against humanity. But I still feel that even today, there is still a ton of work in the acceptance of all human beings and giving everyone equal respect. I do believe that cosmopolitanism can work with the major issues of criminal justice for most countries. But for the countries that are behind in the kind of progress we have made; this will not be an easy transition. You can’t accept and respect individual differences of people nationally until you accept them in your own backyard, in my opinion.

PHD problem statement ( the role of financial analytic system )

PHD problem statement ( the role of financial analytic system ).

Topic: PHD problem statement ( the role of financial analytic system )


Paper details:

the writer must have background of writing PHD problem statement. the research about the role of financial analytic system on governement ministries performance attached example of prior research problem statement

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Ancient culture through the study of its creation myths?

respond to this statement: The theory of Cosmopolitanism is the belief that all people are entitled to equal respect Ancient culture through the study of its creation myths?.

What may we learn about an ancient culture through the study of its creation myths? Substantiate your answer with Biblical, Egyptian, Greek, and Near Eastern examples. No more than 2000 words, the guidelines will be attached. An essay that lies between credit and distinction would be enough.

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Resume & Career Plan

Resume & Career Plan.

*2 Different assignments, resume and filling out career plan template (will be attached) * For this assignment, you will be submitting two separate documents—a resume and a career plan—each worth 75 points. You may base these documents on your own personal information or on fictional information, thereby keeping your personal information private. Either is an acceptable choice and you will not be graded based on your decision. The purpose of this assignment is to give you experience developing both a resume and a career plan. If you choose to use fictional information, you can then use what you’ve learned in this assignment to help you develop your own personal resume and career plan. If time permits, you can even develop your real resume and career plan and the fictional ones for the assignment simultaneously. If you have any questions or concerns about this assignment, please contact your instructor as early in the course as possible so they can be addressed. You will submit both parts separately. Following are the specific requirements for each component of this assignment: Resume (75 Points) Find a posting for a job that currently interests you and for which you are qualified. Consider searching publicly available job boards like or, or your local newspaper, for job postings. Using either your own information or fictional information, create a resume tailored to this job description. If you are creating this resume for a fictional person, you can feel free to add skills, experiences, or qualifications that you do not possess, in addition to creating fictional contact information, a fictional educational background, etc. You may choose whatever type of resume seems most appropriate. Your resume should include the following elements: Contact information Qualifications Education Experience/History You may also choose to include additional elements as appropriate and needed. Before submitting your resume, use the Capstone Resume Checklist (attached in the Modules tab below the assignment) and have at least one person read through it and check for errors in spelling, grammar and formatting. When you have the final version of your resume, convert it to a PDF format to submit for grading. Career Plan (75 Points) Using the Career Plan Template (attached in the Modules tab below the assignment), develop a career plan either for yourself or for a fictional person. The information in the career plan should be as specific as possible, even if you are developing it for a fictional person. You should fill out every section of the Career Plan Template. Your final career plan submission should be well written and free of errors. Preferred language style US English

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Food and Beverage Planner: Catered Event

For your final project, you are budgeting for a catered event. Use the Food Preparation Cycle; make charts of what you are purchasing and the cost of the items. Describe where items will be stored and Issuing. Make a chart of your cooking and preparing. Describe how you will prepare for your service staff. How and when things will be served. Time process of how and when each course will be served. Then describe cleaning and consumption. Remember it is about budgeting, costs, and staying under budget so you make a profit. You decide on your budget, how much profit you want to make. You are feeding 10 people. Have fun with it. Describe in detail the atmosphere, what if it was a Hawaiian Luau, A Beach Party at a resort, or a wedding reception, etc?
Food and Beverage Services come only after preparing what is to be served. Most food and beverage service businesses operate in the following cycle −

The upper half depicts food preparation related functions, whereas the lower half depicts food and beverage service to customers.
Each one should contain at least one page of content and some will require a chart. You should have a Title page, no less than 6 pages of content and charts, citations throughout the Food and Beverage Catered event, and a reference page. Please use APA format; 12 point font;

State and Local Reform Assignment

State and Local Reform Assignment.


Healthcare reform can take place at multiple levels of government and in the context of professional regulation. Pretend that you are a policy aide to a governor. How would you engage with key stakeholders to determine which reform efforts (in the areas of payment reform, medical malpractice, and patient access to preventive services) should be prioritized in your state? Clearly identify the potential key stakeholders and propose a plan for engagement

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Hospital Quality Comparison

Hospital Quality Comparison.

Hospital Quality Comparison

Visit The Leap Frog Group website and compare the quality of two hospitals in a city/region that interests you. Please read the following steps carefully: 1. Select 2 hospitals in a area and name them. 2. Pick 2 variables in the rating matrix and summarize the evaluation for 1 hospital in your area. Report on how the hospital scores for 2 of these variables. Remember to explain why did you pick the hospital/variables? How do they influence the health care system? 3. Name the variables you selected and the scores they received from the hospital rating matrix. 4. Would you go to this hospital or would you try to find an alternative? Explain. 5. Have you ever compared quality ratings when choosing a hospital or medical professional? Why or why not? 6. Make sure you have included LEAP FROG GROUP in the essay.

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Integrated enterprise IT 402

Discuss the four distinct layers of the conceptual framework of Extended Enterprise Systems (EES)?
Explain how you can improve the theoretical capacity of a process?
What is the purpose of system engineering? How to achieve performance improvement by using system engineering? What is the benefit of using modeling and simulation in system engineering?
Discuss four attributes that are not observable at runtime in your own words?
Kindly find attached file below and read the instructions.

Privilege as a black man

Privilege as a black man.

 Description please write the paper as black man in america and the social ineqality we go through as black peopel thank you Write a 2-3 page essay analyzing your own privileges based on your racial/ethnic identity, nationality, class, language skills, sex, gender identification, physical health, and/or other aspect of your background. It might help to read Peggy McIntosh’s article “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” (see iCollege) to see how she analyzed her own privileges in being a White, middle class woman in the United States in 1988. If possible, attempt to illustrate how your privileges, especially more invisible ones of which you have become aware, operate in practice by providing anecdotes based on your own experience. You may draw on the concept of social capital (networks) and cultural capital (knowledge, information to which you have access) in terms of assessing your privilege in different contexts. For example, literacy skills provide you with the cultural capital needed to negotiate multiple aspects of American life. Although it could be argued that literacy is an “earned” privilege, think about the circumstances that provided you with the opportunity to learn to read and write. You may also include, as part of the essay, a list of privileges you have identified. For example, here are a few of McIntosh’s:

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