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Respond to these 2 separate responses with a minimum of 175 words to each response, agreeing and adding facts Essay

Respond to these 2 separate responses with a minimum of 175 words to each response, agreeing and adding facts to both. 2 separate paragraphs: First response from Marie Guitierez: I have chosen J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. as my company of choice to review their cash flow statement because I simply know someone who is employed by them. I was curious to know whether or not they are financially stable due to demands of the supply chain industry. I used as the source to obtain the company’s quarterly financial information. J.B. Hunt’s annual cash flow statement 2018, 2019, 2020 shows their operating cash flow, end cash position, and free cash flow increased each year. Its capital expenditure, although negative, has decreased each year. Furthermore, the decrease in debt issuance is due to repayment of debt which also provides a decrease each year. In looking at the company’s income statement, tells me that the company is performing financially well. J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. (JBHT) Income Statement – Yahoo Finance Second response from Nicole Perez: Cash Flow by definition shows the net flows of cash that are used to fund the company and its capital . The three types of cash flows are operating cash flows , cash flows from investments , and cash flows from financing . The company I chose to write about is one of my favorite stores to buy clothing, the name is Fashion Nova, corporation is Nova LifeStyle inc. Fahion Nova is one of the internets number one online clothing stores , with it’s concept being fast fashion for a fraction of the cost and often emulating and gathering inspiration from celebrities. I was able to locate the companies balance sheet from Yahoo search . It looks like the company made more money in 2019 than in 2020. In 2018 Fashion Nova increased their sales by 600% and has over 450 million net worth .With their estimated annual revenue being 293.4 million , it is hard to believe this company grew so rapidly within three years starting in 2018 and now makes roughly 10 million per month . I wonder where this company will be in another two years. Here is the original question they’ve responded to; As people often say, “Cash is king!” Cash flow is an important indicator of a company’s financial health and a value driver. Effective cash flow management enables companies to have the most important resource on hand to meet daily needs, while preventing financial stress and potential failure. Locate financial statements for a company of your choice and review the cash flow statement. Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: What insights does the cash flow statement provide about the company’s performance in relation to other financial statements? Cite your data source.
Table of Contents Asian Tigers Trade Embargoes Are Embargoes effective? Works Cited Asian Tigers After the Second World War countries in East Asia experienced dramatic economic growth. The countries were described as having experienced a form of the economic miracle and acquired the name the ‘Asian tigers’. In the period between 1965 and 1990, East Asian countries experienced remarkable economic growth with an average of 4.6% growth per annum which was the highest in the world at the time. There was increased equality in national incomes and life expectancy rose from 56 years immediately after the war to 71 years in 1990. The exports from the region also increased to about 25.6% of total global exports. The statistics were impressive and the reasons causing accelerated growth have been the topic of numerous studies. The East Asian countries joined the group of nations referred to as the ‘newly industrializing countries’ (NICs). The East Asian countries had similar political systems at the time they began to experience economic prosperity. The countries were under authoritarian regimes and it has been theorized that this may have spurred the meteoric growth in the economies of the ‘Asian tigers’ (Ikeo 111) The countries referred to as ‘Asian tigers’ included Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The governments of the countries at the time were autocratic or military. An authoritarian system of government was not the only thing that was similar in East Asian countries. The East Asian countries had other similar characteristics that qualified them as NICs, with one of them being the growth in absolute levels of industrial employment and the share of industrial employment in total employment levels. Another characteristic is that the countries manufacturing industries experienced a rise in the share of global exports. The NICs also managed to reduce the economic gap between them and industrialized countries due to the growth in real per capita gross domestic product. These attributes contributed to the fast-paced growth in the economies of the Asian tigers (Michael, Kelly and Connors 200) Political systems usually affect the economy, be it directly or indirectly. Liberals hold the view that politics should not interfere with economic markets and should only provide the infrastructural framework. Realists differ and propose that politics and economic markets are interrelated and should not be separated while radicals hold the view that politics is used to influence economies for the benefit of the elitist ruling class in politics. The authoritarian governments in the Asian countries were involved in the economy and contributed to the unprecedented successes in economic growth. The states managed to increase exports by imposing protectionist laws and even distorted market prices to generate trade and investments. The growth in the economies of the NICs was also attributed to the willingness by the political class to engage in international trade and their effectiveness in implementing economic plans. (Phōtopoulos 19) The authoritarian political systems in the Asian countries were successful as they managed to combine the West’s capitalism and Confucianism. Confucianism represented the domestic values of the countries, which allowed the authorities to exercise greater control on the direction the economy took. In Western economies, governments had limited authority in determining the direction of their country’s economies. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The authorities in the Asian countries created an environment that promoted equality and also adopted some concepts of capitalism such as allowing free enterprise and engaging in trade with other countries. The traditional value systems adopted by the populations in the countries also contributed to economic growth, they included an inclination to working hard and having minimal labor demands (Michael 4) It would be simplistic to assume that the political system at the time was the only contributing factor to the economic growth witnessed. The social and cultural systems in Asia were responsible for the strong governments and not the authoritarian regimes. The social and cultural framework in Asian countries is based on Confucianism. Confucian societies provide an environment in which economic growth is possible but other factors such as the political system and the economic system have to be present. Confucian countries in East Asia have proved to be economically successful even with a change in the system of government. An example is South Korea and Taiwan which adopted democratic political systems and managed to remain economically successful which proved that the authoritarian political system was not entirely responsible for the previous economic success. It then follows that the common factor which is a Confucian society must have played a major role in the economic prosperity of the Asian tigers’ (Ikeo 97). During the era of prosperity in East Asia, the countries were under authoritarian rule. Even after the system of government changed in these countries, they remained prosperous. It is undeniable that the ‘miracle’ of economic growth was partly due to the political system but it is also clear that the social and cultural framework was mainly responsible for the economic growth witnessed. It then follows that the political system at the time of the creation of the ‘Asian tigers’ cannot be fully credited for the growth in the economies and the secret behind the success of the ‘Asian tiger’ was in the blending of capitalism and Confucianism (Ikeo 88). Trade Embargoes A trade embargo is a law or policy that a state initiates to prohibit or restrict the importation or exportation of goods and services. Trade embargoes are imposed for various reasons by states. The United Nations Security Council mainly imposes this kind of restrictions so that its decisions are adhered to. Other reasons are political and they are mainly imposed by rich nations and the European Union. For instance, if a country hosts terrorists and does not want to elect a democratic government then, other nations may impose trade sanctions to destabilize their economy and consequently heed to the calls of the international community. The United States being a superpower has imposed various embargoes on several countries. The following are examples of the embargoes and the purported reasons for the imposition. Firstly, the United States imposed a trade embargo on Cuba in 1960. The Cuban embargo, “was seen as a way to discourage Soviet expansion in the Western hemisphere, as well as a way to prevent Cuba from building a successful socialist economy and to provoke internal political dissent”, (Mendelowitz 5). Strict restrictions were enacted to ban friends of America to trade with Cuba. The restrictions were tightened further to push for a democratic government and the removal of the rule of Fidel Castro. Secondly, Mendelowitz (10) reported that Vietnam remained virtually frozen between the 1960s and 1970s. Under the Ford embargo, bilateral trade and financial transactions were prohibited. The embargo was lifted in President Bill Clintons’ era. The restriction was mainly instigated by the defeat of the American Ally South Vietnam by North Vietnam. We will write a custom Essay on Impact of Political Systems and Trade Embargoes specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Thirdly, North Korea is also a victim of trade sanctions due to the following reasons, “North Korea seen as posing a threat to U.S. national security. designated by Secretary of State as a state sponsor of international terrorism. a Marxist-Leninist state, with a Communism government; and been found by the state department to have engaged in proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.” Other nations that have been under suction or are: Iraq, Iran, Yugoslavia, Macedonia, Libya Japan, and Indonesia. These sanctions are imposed due to selfish interests, international security concerns as well as protecting the local industries. Some countries try to avoid cheap imports which may be at the expense of the exploitation of local products. A leaner way of imposing embargoes is through the use of import licenses. This discourages importation hence, reducing the imports and which promote the exploitation of locally available resources. Are Embargoes effective? This is a question whose answers can only be answered by the outcomes of the known embargoes that have been imposed by countries or the U.N. Malek (97) states that “Unilateral sanctions even when imposed by the largest economy in the world face far more difficult challenges, especially in an increasingly integrated international economy. Even against such small and vulnerable targets as Haiti and Panama, military force eventually was required to achieve American goals.” She further states that the cost of the sanctions is far much high than the benefits of the same. On the other hand, Mendelowits of the United States General Accounting Office’s report stated that “Economic sanctions can raise the cost of trade and finance to the targeted nations but in most cases have not ruined their economies. (Sanctions can also hurt the sanctioning nation by ending mutually beneficial commercial transactions). The extent of actual economic damage to the target nation, however, does not often determine the success of sanctions; the threat of damage from further sanctions is often more powerful.” Embargoes barely achieve the intended robust goals. Embargoes can only be used to achieve short term goals and military action is necessary for long term goals. It is recorded that trade embargoes have been imposed more than 70 times by the United States of America. In all these times, America has lifted the embargoes hurriedly without any proper procedures and analysis of the expected results. However, when selfishly interested nations use these embargoes, they often gain until the United Nations or other interested parties intervene to reduce the unfair business practice. Some countries like South Africa which is a strong economy and has numerous mineral resources enable a poor candidate to head trade sanctions. Others are the oil-producing countries when embargoes are put on the oil-producing countries it causes an energy crisis hence becoming more costly than expected. Cases reported showing that most countries that have been put under embargoes end up becoming more self-sufficient. Examples could be Libya and South Africa. In conclusion, embargoes may be a useful tool in punishing countries that do not adhere to international law, but they must be imposed carefully together with military action. Some countries have come out of sanctions strongly, while others have decided to cope with the sanctions and proceeded with their agenda. Sometimes the embargoes are due to selfish interests by rich nations hence, increasing the gap between rich nations and poor nations. It is important that the United Nations only allow sanctions that are worth the cause. Embargoes should not be imposed haphazardly lest they bring about undesired effects. Care must be taken each time they are formulated. Works Cited Ikeo, Aiko. Economic development in twentieth century East Asia:the international context. Routledge, 1997. Not sure if you can write a paper on Impact of Political Systems and Trade Embargoes by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Malek, Abbas. News media and foreign relations: a multifaceted perspective. California: Greenwood Publishing Group, 1997. Mendelowitz, Allan. ECONOMIC SANCTIONS: Effectiveness as Tools of Foreign Policy. Washington: National Security and International Affairs Division, 2010. Michael, Kelly et al. The new global politics of the Asia Pacific. Routledge, 2004. Phōtopoulos, Takēs. Towards an inclusive democracy:the crisis of the growth economy and the need for a new liberatory project. New Yolk: Continuum International Publishing Group, 1997.
SDSU Communication Event Analysis Infomercial in Communication Media Discussion.

Please follow these directions for your Observation Paper:Briefly describe a specific communication event that you witnessed or participated in. Do not give unnecessary background information.Ask two questions about your experience of the communication event. Avoid asking why other people do things or what they think. Write your questions in your paper.Speculate on what the answers to your questions may be.Avoid making broad statements about communication; focus on your own thoughts, feelings, and experiences.This is not a research paper; avoid trying to find the “book” answers.Papers should be at least one page in length, double-spaced.Papers should be written in first-person, in an informal style.Papers must be submitted via Canvas.The student clearly and succinctly describes a specific communication event. (5 points), The student asks two questions regarding the student’s own experience of the communication event. (10 points), The student’s answers to the questions are thoughtful and thorough. (5 points), he writing is clear and contains fewer than 2 mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. (5 points).
SDSU Communication Event Analysis Infomercial in Communication Media Discussion

SVA Significance of The Gutenberg Bible and The Movable Type Printing Press PPT.

After learning about Johann Gutenberg and the movable press (see class lecture PDF), conduct additional research (ex: books, SVA library, online, videos, etc) to reinforce your knowledge and understanding of Gutenberg, the movable type and its significance to the history of typography.Your homework is to conduct research, and write answers to the following questions:1. Why do you think Gutenberg choose the Bible as the first book he printed?2. What is the significance of the movable type? Why was it so influential in Europe?3. Why do you think typographers need to understand the significance of Gutenberg and movable type?The last slide of the presentation should include your full bibliography.Objective: Explore Johann Gutenberg, movable type and its significance to this field. To use SVA library resources to support your researchDeliverables: PDF or Keynote file uploaded to Canvas.Grading: 100 points maximum based on quality the presentation, depth of research.
SVA Significance of The Gutenberg Bible and The Movable Type Printing Press PPT

The Importance of Theory to a Theorist Argumentative Essay

A theory is usually contrasted with fact and as such, it is erroneously viewed as an idea formed from speculation. In science and psychology, however, a theory articulates principles of observed phenomena which have been validated to some extent (Nelson-Jones, 2006). A theory’s basic components are a set of assumptions and concepts related to each other that explain, describe or predict a phenomenon. It is noteworthy that theories are never proven true; they are only verified by collecting relevant empirical data that supports the theory and a strong theory is one supported by empirical data while a weak theory lacks empirical evidence. A theorist is anyone who uses a theory or explains a theory. Therapists for example, are theorists because they use theories to make sense of a client’s distress and use theoretical principles to alleviate the distress. A theory is very important to a theorist for the following reasons: First, a theory organizes and summarizes knowledge. Principles, assumptions and concepts are the building blocks of a theory and are usually related in such a way that they explain, describe or predict a phenomenon. A good theory is both parsimonious and comprehensive (Gauch, 2003); explaining, describing or predicting a phenomenon with as few words as possible hence acting as a summary presentation of knowledge. In addition, theories act as conceptual frameworks thus organize assumptions, explanations and relationships in a meaningful model. In therapy for example, a theory gives the therapist a means to make sense of a client’s unhelpful behavior, possible reasons why the client developed the behavior, ways the therapist can help the client change the behavior and consolidate the gains on termination of counseling. Secondly, theories act as languages in that they give a theorist a worldview or a way for them to analyze phenomena and make sense of it. In counseling for example, the theoretical framework the therapist subscribes to determines how they approach a problem (Nelson-Jones, 2006). The theoretical framework further influences how therapists handle clients during the counseling period and how they help the clients find solutions to their problems. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In this sense, a theory can limit a theorist’s ability to deal with a problem if they subscribe to only one theory as one theory might prove insufficient to deal with the problem. On the other hand, problem-solving capacity is enhanced if a theorist is eclectic as this gives the theorist several angles from which to approach a problem; combining theories if need be. The third reason theories are important to theorists is that theories beget knowledge. Research has its basis in theory and good research is a source of theories which expand existing knowledge or bringing forth new knowledge. A good theory can be disproven (Gauch, 2003) and in doing so, a researcher sets out to test an antithesis to the thesis of the theory. Theory provides a platform on which a theorist makes a predictive hypothesis (Nelson-Jones, 2006) and by collecting data to prove or disprove the hypothesis, the theory is either verified or disproved and altered to match the new evidence. This dialectic process refines existing knowledge and sometimes brings about new knowledge. In conclusion, it is reasonable to assert that theory is indispensable to a theorist for the three reasons discussed. Theory not only gives a theorist means of making sense of knowledge, but also provides a summary of knowledge, a way to organize knowledge and is a source of knowledge. References Gauch, H. G. (2003). Scientific Method in Practice. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Nelson-Jones, R. (2006). Theory and Practice of Counselling and Therapy (4th ed.). London: Sage Publications Ltd.

ECON 201 SEU Equilibrium Point Coffee Exportation & Zinab Case Questions

help me with my homework ECON 201 SEU Equilibrium Point Coffee Exportation & Zinab Case Questions.

Assignment 1 Question-Chapters: 1, 2, 3 & 4: – [5 Marks]Q1: Zainab has a weekly budget of $48, which she likes to spend on magazines and pies. [1 Mark]If the price of a magazine is $8 each, what is the maximum number of magazines she could buy in a week?If the price of a pie is $24, what is the maximum number of pies she could buy in a week? Draw Zainab’s budget constraint with pies on the horizontal axis and magazines on the vertical axis. What is the slope of the budget constraint? What is Zainab’s opportunity cost of purchasing a pie? Q2: Many of the goods that China’s Citizens enjoy are produced abroad, and many of the goods produced in the China are sold abroad. When goods are produced abroad and sold domestically, the process is called import and when goods are produced domestically and sold abroad, that process is called export. Suppose an average worker in China can produce one kg of soybeans in 40 minutes and one Kg of coffee in 120 minutes, while an average worker in Paraguay can produce one kg of soybeans in 100 minutes and one kg of coffee in 150 minutes. Answer the following questions.[2 Marks]Which country has the absolute advantage in coffee? Explain.Which country should produce coffee? Explain.If the two countries specialize and trade with each other, which country will import coffee? Explain.Assume that the two countries trade with each other and the country importing coffee trades 2 Kgs of soybeans for 1 Kg of coffee. Explain why both countries will benefit from this trade.Q3: Illustrates the interaction (equilibrium point) of demand and supply in the market for petrol based on the table below. And explain following conditions. [2 Marks]Show excess supply (surplus of petrol) and excess in Demand (shortage of petrol) in the same graph and explain.Suppose the government decided that, since petrol is a necessity, its price should be legally capped at $1.30 per gallon. What do you anticipate would be the outcome in the petrol market if at this price quantity supplied in the market is 575 Millions of gallons? Price (per gallon in $) Quantity Demanded (millions of gallons) Quantity Supplied (millions of gallons) 1.00 800 500 1.20 700 550 1.40 600 600 1.60 550 640 1.80 500 680 Notes:Students are advised to make their work clear and well presented, marks may be reduced for poor presentation. This includes filling your information on the cover page.Students must mention question number clearly in their answer.· Avoid plagiarism, the work should be in your own words, copying
from students or other resources without proper referencing will result in ZERO
marks. No exceptions.
ECON 201 SEU Equilibrium Point Coffee Exportation & Zinab Case Questions

MGT 401 Saudi Electronic University Strategic Management Questions Discussion

MGT 401 Saudi Electronic University Strategic Management Questions Discussion.

CHECK THE ATTACHED FILEQuestion 1: How does strategic management typically evolve in a corporation? (1Mark)Question 2: Discuss the influence of globalization, social responsibility and environmental sustainability on strategic management of a corporation.(2 Marks)Question 3: In what ways can a corporation’s structure and culture be internal strengths or weaknesses? Justify your answer by examples from real market. (1Mark)Question 4: When does a corporation need a board of directors? Justify your answer by an example from Saudi market. (1 Mark)Notes: -Your answers (for the 4 questions) MUST include at least three scholarly peer-reviewed references, using a proper referencing style (APA). Keep in mind that these scholarly references can be found in the Saudi Digital Library (SDL).-Make sure to support your statements with logic and argument, citing all sources referenced. Your answers should not include more than 1000 words
MGT 401 Saudi Electronic University Strategic Management Questions Discussion

MHA 6501 Columbia Southern University Healthcare Mergers Article Review

MHA 6501 Columbia Southern University Healthcare Mergers Article Review.

InstructionsLocate and review an article related to topics covered in this unit (e.g., business alliances, building alliances, healthcare alliances, strategic alliances in health care, healthcare acquisitions, or healthcare mergers). The article you select must be at least two pages in length, and no more than five years old. Write a summary of the article. Include the following: §purpose for the article, §how research was conducted (if any), §the results, and other pertinent information, §how the article relates to what you are learning in this unit, §the meaning or implications of the article’s contents, as well as any flaws you find in the article, and oWhat could have made the article better? oWas any information left out? oCould the author expand on the results? §the relation of the article to your professional or personal life. Your review must be at least two pages in length, not counting cover page and reference page. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations per APA guidelines.
MHA 6501 Columbia Southern University Healthcare Mergers Article Review