Respond to the two students below: Alex Johnson 1/11/22, 5:40 PM The theory that I think best describes domestic

Respond to the two students below:

Alex Johnson
1/11/22, 5:40 PM
The theory that I think best describes domestic violence is the Coercive Control Theory. Coercive Control is a series of actions that exercise controlling behavior in an intimate partner relationship. Some of these actions may consist of monitoring a partners actions online and in personal friendships, restricting access to money or depriving a partner of financial freedom, or using pets or children as a bartering chip. These actions may escalate into physical abuse later on.

One aspect of the theory that helps explain domestic abuse is that someone who exhibits these types of behavior towards their partner is usually insecure in one or more aspects of their lives. They exhibit controlling behavior in an attempt to regain or gain control of the relationship.

Another aspect is that this type of abusive behavior is more often experienced by women. Which may also be a flaw in the theory, suggesting men do not often experience coercive control abuse in relatiuonships.

Asia Jones
1/11/22, 10:00 PM
Social Control Theory

Social control theories are the connections between family, school, and other aspects of society that contributes to aberrant behavior ( I selected this theory because I think this behavior is seen from those closest to the ones that display domestic violence. Failure to creating bonds and establish relationships can create tension.

Two aspects that are important are connecting with others in and outside of the family. Commitment to investing energy and time into activities that are enjoyable.

Two potential flaws in this theory are a lack of self-control and the importance on building bonds with others.[supanova_question]



AT A NUMBER OF POINTS IN THE COURSE WE ENCOUNTER THE POSSIBILITY OF SEMANTIC ANALYSES IN THE FORM OF DIAGRAMS OR PICTURES RATHER THAN DEFINTIONS. WHAT ARE THE STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES OF THIS FORMAT?  Please number the pages. An essay is a learning task first and an assessment task second. In writing the essay, you are expected to consult and consider as wide a range of research literature as possible; the extent to which you have done so will be taken into account in the assessment of the essay. Materials can be found on the course reading list, in the textbook, in the bibliographies of the works cited there, and by searching the library catalogue and databases accessible from it, such as the Linguistics and Language Behaviour Abstracts database. Essay Layout: INTRODUCTION 2 PARAGRAPHS ON STRENGTHS 2 PARAGRAPHS ON WEAKNESSES CONCLUSION

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Fire Budgeting

Respond to the two students below: Alex Johnson 1/11/22, 5:40 PM The theory that I think best describes domestic Fire Budgeting.

Fire Budgeting  You are the fire chief. The city manager, a former fire chief has asked for a staff report on whether the city should consider going to medic engines and eliminating the rescue ambulances. The previous city he worked in used a third party service to staff BLS ambulances services through a private company, saving thousands of dollars and eliminating worker compensation claims by 75%, and reducing overtime by 30 %. Explain the advantages/disadvantages and the potential cost saving if any or cost increases in your report/presentation. Please add charts or graphs. Minimum 3 though please. This is a Fire Finance class so go into depth about numbers and why. I really appreciate you helping me with my essay. Thank you.

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Julio Caesar

Julio Caesar.

How well or how unsuccessfully does brudis meet these conditions and if so how? These are the % conditions. 1)The hero has to die 2)Character has to possesses within him a flaw, traditionally his activation for that flaw is deliberate, its not accidental, he produces his own extinction 3)Character should have some sort of recognition of his own part in his own tragedy, cant play the blame game 4)The tragic hero should have some symphony some sense of lost at his death. most Nobel roman of them all like Brudis 5)Brudis killed Ceasaer because he thought he wanted to exceed the limitations of his mortality

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The History of a Civilization

The History of a Civilization.

 Listed below are the exact instructions given by the instructor: One will compose a 6-8 page paper focusing on one region of the world (example- Asia, Africa, South America, Europe, etc) or one country of the world (example- Japan, England, China, Ghana, etc). One will explore the early history of their chosen area and address the following questions. • Why did you choose this area for the focus of your paper? • What is the earliest history of humans in the area you have chosen? • When did civilizations and societies emerge in the area you have chosen? • How were these societies structured and what political systems emerged? • Who were some of the leaders in the different eras of the area you have chosen? • What was life like for ‘everyday people’ in the area you have chosen? • What were the gender roles of the people and what was life like for the women in the area you have chosen? • What changes happened over time in the area you have chosen? • Then you will discuss (and perhaps most importantly) whether looking at the history of the area you have chosen can lead to a better understanding of the people who presently inhabit the area you have chosen. Use double spacing, twelve point font, one inch margins and other proper structuring when doing this assignment. VERY IMPORTANT: The paper must be written IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Utilize only the text book. DO NOT copy and paste from websites. DO NOT transcribe words from the text book. Seek out the information but then put the final product in your own words.

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