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Respond to the following question based on this weeks lesson and, if it’s relevant, include your own personal experience.

Respond to the following question based on this weeks lesson and, if it’s relevant, include your own personal experience. -What is confidentiality? How is confidentiality impacted by HIPAA? -Describe at least one incident when confidential information within an informatics system was improperly disclosed. If you have not had this experience, describe at least one opportunity for potential improper disclosure of confidential information within an informatics system. -What additional security measures do you feel would further protect patient information in clinical practice?
week 4 quiz.

Question 1 1 pts Challenges to Congress’ role in implementation include differing political agendas among members. insufficient fiscal authority agencies. a lack of technical knowledge. inadequate Constitutional authority. Question 2 1 pts The programmed implementation model functions by attempting to control potential problems through detailed implementation procedures. adopting existing and successful policies and implementation approaches. utilizing sophisticated data management and analysis techniques to minimize unanticipated outcomes. avoiding policies with uncertain content or ambiguous goals. Question 3 1 pts According to the authors, which of the following is one of the principles underpinning the founding of the U.S. health care system? Entrepreneurialism Efficiency Access Equity Question 4 1 pts Which of the following is identified by the authors as one reason health care will remain on the institutional agenda? Partisan dissatisfaction with the current arrangements Increasing aging population and corresponding health issue Growing economic competition internationally Pressure from providers and insurers Question 5 1 pts The passage of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 ended health care grants to states and municipalities used to offset increased costs. reduced Medicare and Medicaid support. discontinued insurance grants to indigent individuals and their caregivers. required insurance programs to maintain coverage for up to 18 months after employment ends. Question 6 1 pts What is the purpose and function of the managed-care system? Simultaneously control costs and manage the use of health services Ensure maximum access Regulate services available Control costs Question 7 1 pts Creative policy formulation occurs when policy makers lack causal knowledge about the problem. both causal knowledge and sufficient information about the problem. a fundamental understanding of constituent interests. sufficient bi-partisanship to pass legislative policy. Question 8 1 pts Which of the following is not one of the roles the authors identify for government in health care? Consumer Purchaser/provider Funder Regulator Question 9 1 pts Which of the following is one of the reasons noted by the authors that President Barack Obama’s health reform initiative passed but President Bill Clinton’s did not? President Obama’s reforms were more modest than President Clinton’s. President Obama sought greater congressional input. There was greater resistance among insurers to President Clinton’s reforms. There was greater concern about rising costs in 2009. Question 10 1 pts Which of the following is a step in the rule making process? Final rules reviewed by Congress and the Courts President signs off on interim rules Proposed rules published in the Federal Register Proposed rules made available to interest groups
week 4 quiz

Power point Timeline.

Hello,I want to create a timeline on a PowerPoint slide for Sabiha Akter I will provide all the information for the timeline and a template. I have attached Sabiha Akter timeline and a sample temple. All the information Sabiha Akter’s information should be created in the sample template Sabiha Akter Internal Medicine residency applicant AAMC ID:2003 – Medical Degree2004-200520062007200820092010- Move to USA2011-20122013- Step 1 01/21/2013 , Step 2 CS 05/16/2013 2014- Step 2 CK , ECFMG Certified2015- Step 3 06/08/152016 – got married2017- Became a Mother201820192020Work ExperienceInternship 08/03- 08/04 BangladeshGeneral Practice 09/04 – 05/05 BangladeshAttached are the template but you could use it any template but use the same format in the template.
Power point Timeline

BUSI690 Liberty University Nike: Integration of Faith and Learning

BUSI690 Liberty University Nike: Integration of Faith and Learning.

Please review the attached instructions and answer the following question. Thank you.Nike is a large and successful firm in the design of athletic shoes. It could easily decide to
forward-integrate to manufacture the shoes it designs. Therefore, the firm has a credible threat
over its current manufacturers. If Nike has no intention of actually entering the manufacturing
arena, is its supply chain management team being ethical with the current manufacturers if the
team mentions this credible threat numerous times in annual pricing negotiations? Why or why
not? What aspects of Nike’s agreement with its manufacturing partners do you believe is
emphasized in negotiations?
BUSI690 Liberty University Nike: Integration of Faith and Learning

Social Values: Freedom and Justice Essay

python assignment help Freedom occurs when people are given an opportunity to do what they want without any interference or influence. Generally, a society enhances freedom by providing opportunities that people desire for action and enjoyment. On the other hand, justice entails a commitment to respect equality claim of each individual that leads to happiness. It is evident that freedom and justice are mutually exclusive, as “the theory of justice signifies its implications in regards to freedom as a key ingredient to happiness” (Rawls, 2009). Mills theory appeals to considerations of justice to mark off the rightful domain of individual liberty regarding individual freedom. In light of this view, the goal of extending freedom to all members of the society is integrally linked to achieving social justice (Baum, 2010). In this paper, the discussion will be on how freedom and justice are mutually exclusive when it comes to social values. In the past, colonialists used freedom as a tool of enslaving African Americans who later gained their freedom through social justice. The use of freedom as a tool to inhibit empowerment in individuals has been found to impact justice. For many years, racial discrimination was defined as a way of living, especially in schools, restaurants and social places, which were reserved for the whites; white-collar jobs were also mainly reserved for the whites (Loewy, 2009). Many African Americans looked for manual labor where they were gardeners and maids in households all over America. Interracial marriages were highly unpopular and many who engaged in them were discriminated. However, freedom came when justice was served as Martin Luther King fought for equality on both sides, marking the end of racial discrimination, although racial discrimination is still experienced in some places today. Justice presupposes that individuals are responsible, in some sense, for their actions. It tends to reward and punish in regards to good or bad behavior, contributions and harm brought in the society. In relation to this, when a person commits a crime that affects the society, the freedom he or she holds may be removed from him or her through a jail term. This relates to lack of social values on a personal level and using their freedom negatively; in this case, justice is used to bring order in a society. Moreover, if freedom is not limited, it can lead to social crimes, thus calling for justice to work towards instilling order (Johnson

Capital Punishment The Different Dimensions of the Death Penalty Paper

Capital Punishment The Different Dimensions of the Death Penalty Paper.

IntroductionThe death penalty has always been a controversial practice. Debate on the issue is not a new phenomenon. There are many vantage points associated with the legalities and debate. The Supreme Court has ruled that death as a punishment is different from other punishments. The legal issues associated with the death penalty include, but are not limited to, execution of the mentally ill, effective assistance of counsel, death qualification of juries, appeals, the impact on international law, and execution methods. The debate is also impacted by sentencing philosophy.In this discussion, different dimensions of the death penalty will be explored.In your initial discussion post:Explain why there is support for the death penalty in the United States, when it has been abolished in other Western democracies.Analyze two alternatives to death that could achieve the retributive, deterrent, and incapacitative goals of capital punishment.Predict what the future holds for the death penalty, from a criminal justice practitioner perspective.
Capital Punishment The Different Dimensions of the Death Penalty Paper

Cuyamaca College Reinforce the Employees Behavior Questions

Cuyamaca College Reinforce the Employees Behavior Questions.

Before attempting to answer the homework questions, you will need to read the two stories that are attached (very short). After reading those two stories, proceed to the homework questions. 1. How would you describe Ben Franklyn’s approach to reinforcing his employees’ behavior? In your answer, clearly explain why it was that method and not any of the other three methods discussed in the book. 2. How would you describe Kerry’s approach to reinforcing his employees’ behavior? In your answer, clearly explain why it was that method and not any of the other three methods discussed in the book. 3. Why didn’t Kerry’s approach have the intended consequences? What was his error? If he asked you for advice before this story occurred, what would you have told him? 4. In terms of reinforcement, what could Kerry have done differently in order to achieve his goal more effectively? Be specific. 5. How does Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms use the principles discussed in this chapter to get their users addicted to their products?
Cuyamaca College Reinforce the Employees Behavior Questions