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Research Topic

Research Topic. I’m trying to learn for my Computer Science class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Need to do the following two different tasks both are interrelated, as we do research in first step and second is to write discussion topic as follows1. The terms deep web and dark web are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same. Deep web simply refers to anything on the web that can’t be found using a search engine like Google or Bing, or even DuckduckGo.
This means anything behind a paywall, anything that is password protected, or anything that is dynamically generated and doesn’t have a permanent URL — all of these things are said to comprise the deep web because they don’t exist at the surface of the web.
Conduct your own research on the DEEP WEB and the DARK WEB. Explain the differences and why they exist. Include the types of information that may be found on each.
2. After conducting your research on the DEEP WEB and the DARK WEB, briefly explain what you learned from this research. For this discussion, a paragraph or two is enough to explain your findings.Please complete the both tasks in different word files, with proper verbal
Research Topic

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I’m working on a psychology discussion question and need support to help me learn.

First two discussions 75 words minimum per response.Discussion OneI use an app called Zotero to organize my sources. Zotero allows me to pull in PDFs of articles and it automatically extrapolates all of the information necessary for the reference and lists it (although it doesn’t write the reference). It allows for space to write notes on the article and it allows for the use of hashtags. The hashtags allow me to pull up all articles with a common theme (if I am looking for all articles that show a gap in literature, for example). I can also organize articles by author, title, date, etc.I was told that many people use RefWorks but I tried it and didn’t like it. I found that RefWorks had a lot of issues pulling in the reference information (I would manually have to enter information like author, date, journal, etc for many of the articles). I can also allow Zotero to open when I am doing searches in different libraries (like Capella or Google) and, if I find an article I want to keep, automatically have Zotero save it.I don’t know if I would say that Xiao and Watson’s (2019) article was the most relevant to my career but it was definitely the most relevant to writing a literature review for my dissertation. I wasn’t aware that there were so many different types of literature reviews and as such, I didn’t realize there were so many different purposes. I pretty much thought that a descriptive review, which provides a synthesis of literature available at the time of the review, was the standard (and, really, only) type of review. I have obviously learned very differently.Discussion TwoI love reading #literaturereviews when I first begin to explore a topic as they provide great insight into the history of the topic, current gaps in research and a direction for future research, contributions from other fields, as well as controversies within the field. An excellent example of a literature review that I recently read is “The Influences of Environmental Enrichment, Cognitive Enhancement, and Physical Exercise on Brain Development: Can We Alter the Developmental Trajectory of ADHD?” by Halperin and Healey (2011). There are a number of ideas presented in this review that could become very confusing if the review was poorly organized. However, the authors presented the research on these different topics in separate, well-defined sections of the article making it easier to understand.I have always struggled to organize my writing in a way that clearly communicates the information I am presenting. I am most drawn to using the research matrix to help organize a literature review as it lets you see a summary of the main findings and ideas presented in each article as well as the methods used by the articles authors. Seeing this information allows you to group articles together in the order that you wish to present them in your review.One aspect of this weeks readings that I found particularly interesting was reducing #bias in literature reviews. Winchester and Salji (2016) state that bias is often unintentional and can affect all aspects of the literature review from identifying and selecting sources to choosing which data to present and which to exclude. The authors contend that following a protocol for identifying the objectives and scope of your review can help to reduce bias. They also suggest that it is important to avoid ‘cherry picking’ only the information that supports your hypothesis. It seems that there is a fine line between providing supporting evidence and presenting a biased review. However, providing research from diverse perspectives and disciplines can help to reduce bias.For the next two discussion responses, Each response should be 150 words or more. When responding to a peer, consider whether your peer’s post contains any assumptions or faulty logic that should be questioned. Is it incomplete in any way? Can you expand upon the ideas presented or suggest variations? What points are made particularly well? Support your opinions by citing course readings or your own experience, if relevant.Discussion Three I have been a teacher and coach for 33 years and I am very popular with the students. I often converse and joke with the students in the halls between classes and on and off the court and track field. It is common for me to greet female and male students with a hug or a pat on the back. A boy student has complained to the administration that the physical I show, makes him uncomfortable so now I been advised by me administrators to stop all physical contact with students.How might you unknowingly convey prejudice, bias, and discrimination in that situation?I might put myself in a position of someone accusing me of sexual or physical abuse. Our Code indicates that the professional educator must “create an emotionally and physically safe and healthy learning environment for all students.” If students are uncomfortable with being touched, they do not feel safe and this will impact their learning environment. Also, the community has an expectation that a teacher will behave in a professional manner. The Code specifically reminds educators that their actions reflect directly upon the status and substance of the profession. My behavior may be viewed as unprofessional and I could subject my self possible claims of misconduct with a student. The Code specifically states that the professional educator shall not “sexually or physically harass or abuse students.”How do power and privilege factor into the situation you described? My entire life has been about sports. I was very close to my PE teachers and coaches. It did not occur to me when I was younger that when the coaches hugged me or patted me on the back that it may have been dangerous. I do not think I would have said anything anyway because our coaches to us were Gods. We did not disobey them or cross them because they meant more to most of us than our family members. Even when I participated in sports in college, my coaches were the same way. I guess they were dominant leaders or the(privileged) because they were always adored by all. Now, in the 21st century, things have changed. Although the physical touching of students may not be intended as a sexual gesture, it may be perceived as such by the student. I believe physical touching is to convey my friendship towards my students and to make them feel at ease with me. However, this kind of touching can be construed as inappropriate by some students who may feel that their personal space has been invaded or even worse, that the touching is sexual in nature. Although all teachers want to maintain a positive rapport with students, teachers are not friends; they are professionals and should maintain professional interactions. In cases of obvious sexual or physical abuse, educators can lose their jobs and licenses if proven true. However, in some cases, the abuse could be misrepresented and it is the accusation of one student that may put a teacher in a position of needing to defend him or herself regarding the accusation. This is the delicate balance of a very serious issue.What do you need to do to avoid this kind of situation as much as possible? Recognize, respect and uphold the dignity and worth of students as individual human beings, and, therefore, deal justly and considerately with students. Strive to exercise the highest level of professional judgment.The consequences may vary depending upon whom and how many have expressed concern and the nature of their concern. In the most severe cases, I could lose my teaching license or face criminal charges. Some districts have or are developing policies regarding physical contact between teachers and students and between students. I could be in violation of his district’s policy. All Students in our schools must feel that they have been listened to and that efforts will be made to secure their environment. I may have to demonstrate support and acceptance toward my students while respecting their personal space and avoiding physical contact.Discussion FourIn this discussion of analyzing bias, I don’t have to hypothesize an event as there have been many situations in which I have faced either someone from a different ethnic background, gender, gender orientation, or race. One situation that comes to mind was the first time I had a meeting with a transgender couple. The couple had an autistic son that I worked with. Due to the novelty of the family, there was a lot of discussion around the office with regards to this family. As I have also been on the receiving end of prejudice I try to be as aware as possible in situations like this where I may inadvertently say something to convey bias. At the time of this meeting I had not encountered a transgender couple, so my silence and inadvertent cautiousness may have been biased. It certainly was not the way I behaved in most meetings. The couple, I believe were two biological females, and one female was transitioning to male. We will call them “Betty” and “Ben.” “Ben” was very kind and ended up teaching all the staff correct terminology. As Carter (2015) noted, it is socially appropriate to label transgender people with the gender neutral “Zhe.” Ben introduced the office to this term and thanks to zhim I am more aware and understanding. Correctly identifying transgender people by correct terms is something that must be considered. Interestingly, the American Psychiatric Association empowered a task force to ensure equal rights to the LGBTQ community and at one point, they wanted to overturn the disorder in the DSM to destigmatize, particularly transgender people. The DSM-5 currently states Gender Dysphoria- 302.5 and ICD code F64.1. Just as we have acceptance and understanding towards disabilities we have to have understanding towards transgender people.
FGCU Zotero Open Source Citation Management Tool for Researchers Discussion

Planning and Problem-Solving in Marketing Essay

Marketing links the company to the customers through audio, visual, audio, audio-visual and print media. The two most important people in marketing are the consumers and the companies involved when the company is marketing; it has to communicate to the customer through marketing using the aforementioned methods. Marketers should understand the buying situations in which their customers are in (Sandhusen, p253). The marketer’s focus is on changing the decision making process of the customer to buy its goods. Problems usually arise in the marketing of the product to the customers and advertisements and promotions or even posters for the customer to make up a decision whether to by the product or not. It is the relationship of buying and selling of goods or services between a company and a customer. The aim of marketing is to attract the attention of a customer to a good or service. A customer usually uses the limited problem solving approach (Sudman, Seymour, and Edward, p.206). For the company to retain its customers and be efficient in marketing, it therefore needs to have good problem solving skills. This is because the process of marketing has various problems that may arise anytime and sometimes find the seller unawares. Mostly, this arises due to various challenges that involve the relationship between the customer and company. Therefore, a good relationship between the customer and the company is all what a company needs to survive in the market and maintain its competitive edge which is beneficial to the company in the long run. The company has to find ways of marketing its product effectively and at the same time be able to solve the problems that it faces during the marketing of goods and services to the customer in order to be effective in the market. Some marketers may not have the necessary skills in problem solving and hence the many problems that usually arise may find them unprepared and without any solution. This may result into loss of their customers. Many different situations arise during the day to day activities which may arise from the marketing of a certain product or establishing a business in a new area, that require proper problem solving skills. For the efficient running of business, the company has to deal with such problems. These problems vary and range from complex to simple which need prior problem solving skills and methods. This is because each problem requires a different approach and solution which, the company has to strategize on how to come up with. Consequently, the company may resort to employing people who have been trained in problem solving skills or cater for the training of their personnel. This would increase their marketing prowess in the market. This gives them an edge over their competitors. Hence, the study of problem solving methods enables the company to have diverse knowledge on many similar issues or problems that have affected other companies and the solutions that were found. This gives the company a greater scope of thinking in solving its problems and even forecasts on marketing issues that may face it in future. Thus, the company can anticipate demand, customer expectations, and hence help retain its market share. The study of solving problems helps in looking into problems clearly and giving the sales marketer or the marketing department a better judgment in making any decisions in regard to the problem. Problem solving does not only deal with problems of the past but also recent ones. It helps to deal with the future market and helps the company or business plan ahead. The study makes the marketing department or business figure out problems and come up with solutions. It also helps in finding alternative solutions for the problem then implementing it and checking the success of the solution in problem solving. Problem solving helps in making good and quality decisions. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The problem solving technique of SWOT analysis helps the company to know its strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This prepares the company for any marketing challenges it might face in the market due to the added problem solving skills. The business can find its weaknesses and strengths and work on them to minimize losses. One major problem in marketing is when customers want discounts. Though, discounting of goods attracts a lot of customers, the profits may reduce revenues to the business. The solution to this is not to lower the prices since it may be hard to increase the prices in the long run, but to improve on service delivery to the customer. In addition, gifts can be given to the customers when they purchase a certain amount of goods or loyal customers. The company can also offer a longer period for the customer to pay for the goods and services. In conclusion, the study of problem solving helps the marketer to solve most problems that would arise in the market. The company is thus well prepared to deal with its problems and coming up with its own solutions from related problems studied (Alderson, Wroe, and Paul, p.59). Moreover, the market which a company is in can be complicated especially if it is a perfect competitive one where there are many firms operating. Therefore, the study of problem solving can alleviate some of the problems that arise in competition with other players in the market. Works Cited Alderson, Wroe, and Paul E. Green. Planning and Problem Solving in Marketing. Homewood, Ill: R. D. Irwin, 1964. Print. Sandhusen, Richard. Marketing. Hauppauge, N.Y: Barron’s Educational Series, 2008. Print. Sudman, Seymour, and Edward Blair. Marketing Research: A Problem-Solving Approach. Boston: McGraw-Hill, 1998. Print.

U.S. Student Aid Database Schema and Query Recommendations

nursing essay writing service U.S. Student Aid Database Schema and Query Recommendations.

This week you will continue your work on the project to evaluate higher education student aid data. You will test your recommended U.S. Student Aid database schema, build the database, and develop the business intelligence queries that will enable you to answer the following project questions:Which schools generate the highest amount of debt for the average student who attends?What is the employment rate for the students who graduate from this school?Revise the schema you submitted in the Week One Individual Assignment, “U.S. Student Aid Initial Database Schema” per your instructor’s feedback.Test your schema by completing the following tasks:Define the database tables you will need and group the tables by function. Document your tables in an annotated Microsoft® Visio® diagram.Develop the SQL queries needed and populate the tables from the data downloaded during the Week One Individual Assignment, “U.S. Student Aid Database Initial Database Schema.”Define an appropriate strategy to optimize and incorporate best practices in to the SQL that you created.Document your SQL and metadata in Microsoft® Visio® or Microsoft® Excel®.Capture screenshots of each query result.Document your results as a 4- to 5- slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation or a 1-page Microsoft®Word document that:Describes your SQL, populated tables, and the best practices you used to develop your SQL queriesIncludes the SQL statements and corresponding screenshots of each query result
U.S. Student Aid Database Schema and Query Recommendations

A White Paper on Google Data Breach

A White Paper on Google Data Breach.

Facts: Google is a multinational Internet service corporation headquartered in California, known globally for its search engine. As of 2015, there were 61,814 employees and annual revenue of $67.38 billion.Leadership: CEO Larry Page CEO and Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt.Mission/values: To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.The breach: Google’s hacking dilemma started at least a year before the company’s knowledge in December 2009. According to a published report, former government officials said Google discovered that Chinese hackers were using a tactic called “spear phishing,” which presents users with links that download malicious programs to their computers. Google revealed the attack in January 2010, stating hackers stole the source code for Google’s search engine and also singled out e-mail accounts critical of human rights advocates for China. Google also found that a database that contained information on judges’ orders regarding permission to monitor e-mails had also been compromised.Here are the nine roles of cybersecurity:assessing system vulnerabilitiesdetermining potential threats to systemsassessing risks to systemsperforming penetration (white-hat) hacking of systemsperforming forensics on systems that have been breached or attackedauditing systems for security compliance and strength assessmentsrecommending enhancements to system and data securityperforming subject matter expert witness to court and legal case proceedingsmaking recommendations to policy and legal experts on cyber issues.In response to the case study, your team will write an instructive white paper 4 pages) that analyzes a company’s management and leadership environment in a particularly challenging period. Your paper should:review the issues of the case study as background for the events relating to the role of the leadership and teamsanalyze the leadership practices of the organization in the case study, and define the practices that leaders used to create collaborative and successful teams, or failed to effect successful working relations resulting in negative conditionsanalyse the impact of the most relevant one or two of the nine cybersecurity role listed in the overview abovepropose remedial principles and practices that the organization might adopt to enable a better outcomeBe sure you consider how each of the nine roles do or could apply as you review the case study. Your team can choose one of these cases or look for other options.Here are some sources you should useDrummond, D. (2010, January 12). A new approach to China. Google Public Policy Blog. Retrieved from…Google. (2006). Mission. Retrieved from, E. (2013, May 20). Chinese hackers who breached Google gained access to sensitive data, US officials say. Washington Post. Retrieved from…Statista. (2016). Number of full-time Google employees from 2007 to 2015. Retrieved from…
A White Paper on Google Data Breach

American College of Education Philosophy of Learning Individual Student Profile

American College of Education Philosophy of Learning Individual Student Profile.

This Individual Student Profile contains your philosophy of learning and professional goals statements (3-5), which will state your intent as a graduate professional. For each goal statement, you will describe how the goal translates into actions you intend to use in your professional setting.A personal philosophy of learning is an internal inventory of what you believe about learning and why, for yourself and for others. A philosophy is expressed outwardly through decisions which are often expressed in goals.Your Individual Student Profile will serve as a baseline for your final self-assessment of your professional growth and competency in your final Program Outcomes Retrospective Paper. You will submit your profile in this course.Follow the outline to complete your Individual Student Profile.Individual Student Profile Outline and GuidelinesI. Title Pagea. Use running header, title, author’s name, author’s institution.II. Introductiona. All-encompassing thesis statement is either the first sentence or the last sentence in the first paragraph.III. Bodya. Use APA format accurately leveled headings.IV. Conclusion
American College of Education Philosophy of Learning Individual Student Profile

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