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Research to Trigger Follow-up Purchases

Marketers have never had access to more useful customer information than they do today. Big Cloud Analytics is an Atlanta-based company that offers real-time predictive analytics technology (sometimes called “trigger sophistication” to “trigger” a follow-up purchase). Marketers from Facebook to retail stores access real-time customer data in order to create an ongoing relationship with their customers through advertising or offers that fit the interests, wants and needs of their customers. In the short video below, Big Cloud Analytics CEO J. Patrick Beweley discusses how one retail store came close to achieving that relationship, but not quite. Watch the video and then answer these questions in your response:
How did the consumer electronics store in the video miss the mark in its attempt to stimulate additional sales with its client Beweley, and how could they have improved their effort?
Assuming that store hired Big Cloud Analytics to help them more precisely target customers with follow-up offers, discuss at least one specific research method that Big Cloud Analytics would find critical in order to build a data base of usable information about customer interests, wants and needs for that store.
If you opened your own retail store or restaurant, what would you most want to know about your customers in order to develop a trusting relationship with them?