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Research the pathophysiology on COPD Using the information gathered from your research, prepare a one-page synthesis for COPD Your

Research the pathophysiology on COPD

Using the information gathered from your research, prepare a one-page synthesis for COPD Your synthesis should include a simple descriiption of the pertinent points for your chosen condition, including pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, diagnostic treatments, common medications used to treat the condition, and how the medication and pathophysiology interact to include any non-pharmacological treatment options.In the synthesis text, cite the resources you used to write your synthesis. Include links in the text of your synthesis to cite where you obtained information.

Case Study 1: Super Retail Group (SUL.ASX) • Maximum of 5 pages of written work; • Maximum of 6 pages of financial model output

Case Study 1: Super Retail Group (SUL.ASX) • Maximum of 5 pages of written work; • Maximum of 6 pages of financial model output.

It is March 2019 and you have just begun your new job at a world-class investment bank located in Sydney, Australia. Upon graduating university last year, you packed your bags and spent 3 months travelling around the world. Being the friendly person you are, one night out in Greece you had a conversation with a lovely lady named Janice, a fellow Australian, who insisted on buying you drinks. Over the course of the evening you inform her, multiple times, that you are to be a newly minted investment banker, making you sort of a big deal back home. Oddly enough you and Janice continue talking and the two of you get along quite well. Late into the night you finally decide to ask her what she does – Janice is the Executive Chairman of one of the biggest buyout funds in Australia, if not the world – Dionysus Capital Partners.

A week into your new job, Janice emails you indicating she is interested in acquiring Super Retail Group (‘SUL’). Excited that you’ve brought in a potential deal, you run to your MD, Aidan. Aidan is quite well versed in the Australian retail space and suggests that whilst SUL has shown steady top-line growth, weak discretionary income growth and volatile consumer sentiment may be cause for concern. Nevertheless, enticed by the prospect of fees, he instructs you to prepare pro forma financial statements and author an accompanying report. The clock ticks 8:00pm and Aidan leaves for dinner at bar Machiavelli. On the way out of the office he remarks “don’t stay here all night, you need to rest, but get this on my desk for an initial ‘tap through’ tomorrow morning”. It’s time to tighten your shoelaces and strap in for the night. 

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Scarlett Johansson vs Grégoire Delacourt.

Research the pathophysiology on COPD Using the information gathered from your research, prepare a one-page synthesis for COPD Your Scarlett Johansson vs Grégoire Delacourt..

 You are required to undertake an extensive research on a case involving media laws. The deadline for your first research paper is Monday, October, 1. The oral presentation of the research paper starts the same day. Presentation time is about 10 minutes for each student. You are required to fully know and describe your law case. And answer questions other students may have on your case. Before the due date, there will be periodic progress reports of the project in the class. Dates will be announced. Please be prepared to give ample knowledge of your law case during the progress reports. Research Topic Please pick any case that went to the court(s) and extensively research it. Have in-depth knowledge of the case – from the beginning to the end. Read mass media and scholarly journals to get the full knowledge of your case. There are many cases mentioned in your textbook. You may use any of them; or you may choose a case not in your book. I have to approve cases to make sure they are media related. Choose the case that interests you most and extensively investigate it. You may also use online research tools for ideas about media topics and laws. Media laws cover the various aspects of the profession – libel, copyright, privacy, obscenity and indecency, freedom of access and information, broadcast regulation, advertising, media business such as contracts, labor and antitrust laws, intellectual property, trademarks, corporate speech, among others. Research Format Write clearly and double space. Break your thought into short sentences and paragraphs for clarity. Start each section on a new page. The first page should contain only the research title, your name, and other relevant information. You do not need a special cover for your research paper. You need table of contents, reference page, and page numbers. Edit your paper before submission. Create a professionally looking work. You need to cite sources of your information and data inside your text. It is an ethical and legal requirement. Extensive copying of other authors’ work is against the law. Describe your understanding of the case in your own words. Research Outline In order to organize your writing, strictly follow the outline below. Description of the case Fully describe the case from the beginning to the end. And fully describe reasons given by the court(s) for the decision(s). Also fully describe the media laws that the case was about. For instance, if libel law was used to decide a case, fully describe what libel is. Profile/history of the litigants in the case Describe the history/profile of the parties involved in the case. Please note that the profile/history of the litigants is not the case description. Do not mix the two sections together. Importance of the case Describe the importance of the case for the media and society. Also describe the prevailing practice before the decision of the case you have researched. Personal Critique of the case and court(s) decision(s) Critique the case based on your extensive knowledge of it; not other people’s critique. Describe the merits and demerits of the case and the courts’ decisions. You may include the ethical, cultural, and professional ramification of the case for the society and the media industry.

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