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Research project plan/ Proposal

Research project plan/ Proposal. Need help with my Psychology question – I’m studying for my class.

Discipline: Psychology
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Research project plan/ Proposal

ENGL 2327 Houston Community College Ralph Emerson Teaching Planning Outline.

I’d like you to imagine how you’d teach your writer to a class of students. Accordingly, you will write your own version of a teaching prep for a day. This may be in a different format than an essay, using more of an outline or bullet points. Think of what you’d want your students to know about this writer: present the major themes of the writer’s work, thinking of the social, cultural, religious, economic context of the writer’s life–including, of course, issues of objectification (racism, classism, sexism). What were the writer’s goals? In what form did the writer choose to present ideas–as poetry, fiction, non-fiction prose, as diary entries, as political pamphlets or speeches? Was the writer professionally rewarded in his/her lifetime for this work? How? Then, as any literature educator would, lead your students through an explication of selections of the actual writing–just as we’ve done in our class. Remember, by the time this project will be due, you will have already completed your Annotated Bibliography, which will have further prepared you to follow your own best instincts as an educator-for-a-day. In fact, you may wish to include some of what other scholars wrote about your writer in your own class preparation.
ENGL 2327 Houston Community College Ralph Emerson Teaching Planning Outline

Era Of Information Explosion English Language Essay

We now live in an era of information explosion and the digital revolution that changed a lot in the world has seen in recent years major changes as a result of rapid technological developments in different aspects of life, where they became dependent on information technology and knowledge. Because modern technology has become a partner in the workplace, where they entered in all places of work in developed countries. Today we need to take us from this complex reality into reality more flexible Where we must take advantage of smart technology and computers and used to facilitate the analysis and interpretation of natural language automatically must be a computer program is able to detect the syntactical structure of the sentence or tracking semantic meaning of text, it may be impossible to do all these tasks machine . There a great relationship between the content analysis, artificial intelligence, where serves content analysis of artificial intelligence in many fields, including sociology, psychology, marketing and media where the effect content analysis at the point of linking the concepts and what kind of relations with each other, artificial intelligence is the science of respect simulated intelligence began in the fifties the last century has been concerned by the other sciences became of artificial intelligence now many applications, where he became artificial intelligence exists around us in a lot of places Definitions : “content analysis is a research technique for the objective, systematic, and quantitative description of the manifest content of communication, Berelson (1952) ” . “says that it is any technique for making inferences by systematically and objectively identifying specified characteristics of messages ,Holsti (1968)” . “Artificial intelligence is concerned with the attempt to develop complex computer programs that will be capable of performing difficult cognitive tasks, (Eysenck,. (1990)” . “The art of creating machines that perform functions that require intelligence when performed by people, (Kurtweil, 1990) ” . content analysis

HCS 465 UP Wk 5 Ethical Issues that Influence the Validity of A Research Presentation

essay help online HCS 465 UP Wk 5 Ethical Issues that Influence the Validity of A Research Presentation.

**An oncology clinical trials coordinator selects a relative for a research study who has the cancer under investigation. The relative is placed in the group receiving the experimental drug.Identify at least 3 peer-reviewed research articles that relate to the ethical concerns of the chosen scenario or to the process step at which ethical issues may have begun.In the Learning Team discussion board, discuss the scenario as a team. It may be helpful to also consider opposing viewpoints as you discuss the scenario.Create a 3 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes in your own words in which you: How do the ethical concerns influence the validity of research study findings?Cite at least 3 peer-reviewed, scholarly references to support your presentation.Format your assignment according to APA guidelines. Include a title slide, detailed speaker notes, and a reference slide.Submit your assignment.
HCS 465 UP Wk 5 Ethical Issues that Influence the Validity of A Research Presentation

Excelsior College GMOs Use in Food Production Discussion

Excelsior College GMOs Use in Food Production Discussion.

If you’ve been on any social media platform, you’ve undoubtedly seen it happen: an argument breaks out between friends or family members on different sides of an issue. Differing opinions become rigid dividing lines; participants split into opposing camps. Facts and evidence are used subjectively; logical fallacies abound. Some participants resort to emotion or even name-calling. At the end of the day, everyone is angry, and no one has changed their mind about the issue at hand. If anything, people have dug their heels in even more.How can we continue to disagree, and engage one another in a debate, without devolving into the scenario above? One solution is to just disengage or retreat into the so-called social media “filter bubble” of like-minded perspectives. But arguably our future as a country, or even as a global community, depends on the free exchange of ideas and a willingness to question, learn from, and challenge one another.So in the discussion this week, we’ll put the critical reading, thinking, and argumentative reasoning skills we learned this week to work to engage in a civil debate on one of two topics relating to the future of our society. Before beginning, remember: the goal here is to maintain good netiquette and avoid the common pitfalls of arguments – name-calling, appealing to emotion, ignoring or distorting the facts.Discussion InstructionsInitial post: Begin by reading pages 3.6 through 3.9 of Chapter 3 in the webtext. Then, by Thursday of Module 3, choose 1 of the 2 topics listed below, and go to the forum associated with that topic to make your initial post.If your last name starts with A-K you will argue the “pro” position. If your last name starts with L-Z you will argue the “con” position. My last name starts with an EShould we continue to use genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food production? Should we send humans to Mars? Include in your initial post:An argument for why your side is correct. An argument for why the other side is incorrect. Make sure to use at least 2 credible, relevant sources to back up your points in your initial post.Use this Tip Sheet for a Great Debate to make sure you are following best practices to engage in an academic debate effectively.Replies: Then, from Friday through Sunday of Module 3, engage in respectful back and forth debate on your topic with your peers, offering additional arguments to rebut their points.EvaluationThis discussion will be graded according to the Cornerstone Discussion Board Rubric. Review the rubric and Discussion Board Expectations in advance to know how you will be assessed.All discussion boards combined are worth 20% of your course grade.
Excelsior College GMOs Use in Food Production Discussion

Purdue University Analyzing a Biology Lab Report Memorandum

Purdue University Analyzing a Biology Lab Report Memorandum.

Here is the description for Project 2: Memorandum. I have also attached a sample memo and a checklist for your review and convenience. Please be aware that this sample memo shows a 1-page document, and our course requires you to complete a 2-page memo. Please follow these instructions when submitting drafts to OWL’s Canvas wiki site:Step 1:Read the guidelines within each Assignment wiki thoroughly before starting your draft. Pay close attention to due dates for each assignment. Remember: Drafts are due to OWL on specific weeks prior to Sunday 11:59 p.m. EST.Step 2:Compose your essay draft. Please include the following information on your first page:Your first and last nameProfessor’s last name/course numberDateTitle of draftStep 3:Save your draft as a separate document in .DOC., .DOCX, or .RTF file format. Include your last name and topic keyword within the filename. (e.g., Jones-PersonalNarrative.docx)Step 4:Complete the Critical Self-reflection for every assignment.Step 5:Click the appropriate Assignment wiki, the one with the title of the essay assignment.Step 6:Click the “add a new page” button and upload the file of your essay. Your OWL Writing Specialist will return a Letter of Analysis (LOA) for your draft within 4 days of the submission due date. S/he will post the LOA under the Viewer Comments section of the new page you added to submit your draft.Step 7:Review the Writing Specialist’s LOA carefully, and revise the draft using strategies and recommendations provided in the LOA.
Purdue University Analyzing a Biology Lab Report Memorandum