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The survey showed positive and negative relations with job satisfaction. It was clear after the survey that high organizational commitment, high core self-evaluation and positive behavior towards the organization resulted in high job satisfaction. Whereas emotion should be controlled by employees to achieve satisfaction on the job. On the other hand cognition is a controversial issue. High cognition may either affect satisfaction of an employee positively or negatively. The relationship between job satisfaction and cognitive dissonance is negatively related.

The findings suggest incorporating these attitudes of employees may provide organizations with the potential to improve job satisfaction significantly. Keywords: Organizational commitment, emotions, cognition, behavior, cognitive dissonance, core self-evaluation, job satisfaction.”Job satisfaction is defined as “the extent to which people like (satisfaction) or dislike (dissatisfaction) their jobs” This definition says job satisfaction is a general or global affective reaction that individuals hold about their job (Stahl & Michael, 2004).

The traditional job satisfaction facets include: co-workers, pay, job conditions, supervision, nature of the work and benefits. Job satisfaction mainly implies doing a job one enjoys, doing it well, and being suitably rewarded for one’s efforts. Further, job satisfaction implies enthusiasm and happiness with one’s work. The Harvard Professional Group (1998) sees job satisfaction as the keying ingredient that leads a person to recognition, income, promotion, and the achievement of other goals that lead to a general feeling of fulfillment.

Job Satisfaction is influenced by a lot of factors but in our survey we concentrated on a few and they are organizational commitment, emotions, cognition, behavior, cognitive dissonance and core self-evaluation (Zidle, 2012). There are many methods for measuring job satisfaction. By far, the most common method for collecting data regarding job satisfaction is the Likert scale (named after RensisLikert). Other less common methods of for gauging job satisfaction include: Yes/No questions, True/False questions, point systems, checklists, and forced choice answers.

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