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Research paper on accounting

Research paper on accounting. I’m studying for my Accounting class and need an explanation.

Need 10 pages research paper on any topic of Managerial accounting. With following outline
1) Title/Abstract:
a. State the title of this study.
b. Paraphrase the key aspects of the Abstract.
2) Introduction:
a. Describe the general area to be studied.
b. Identify a more specific problem within the general area of study.
c. Describe why the problem is important to study and what is known about the problem.
d. State the specific purpose of the study and the research questions.
3) Literature Review:
a. List the topics/headings of the Literature Review.
b. How many different sources were cited in the Literature Review?
c. Briefly summarize the Literature Review.
4) Data Analysis:
a. What methodology was used; qualitative, quantitative, mixed?
b. Summarize the analysis.
5) Results/Conclusion:
a. Did the data analysis prove or disprove the research questions? Describe.
b. Summarize the results of the study
c. Describe any theoretical or practical consequences of the results.
d. Describe the limitations of the study.
6) How can the results and conclusions presented in this study be applied to your particular topic?
7) Please provide the reference for this article.
Research paper on accounting

What are the effects on Medicare in light of today’s escalating health care costs, longer life expectancy, and managed care? Also, state your thoughts on either A. The merits of the Medicare program or B. Problems and limitations of the program. Instructions: Make your initial post by 23:59 EST Wednesday of Week 2. The initial “thread” must be at least 250 words in length and include an accessible resource; citations must be written using APA format. Respond to two other classmates’ posts by 23:59 EST Sunday. Responses must be at least 50 words in length. Some of the characteristics of effective Discussion Board participation are: Discuss items that will increase everyone’s understanding. Discussion postings should show evidence of review of earlier postings; comments should not be isolated and disjointed. Communication skills, such as attentive and purposeful listening, interpretative and integrative skills are evident in well thought-out postings. There is a willingness to test new ideas rather than offer only cautious or “safe” comments. Students should interact with other class members by asking questions or challenging conclusions. There will be assignments presented for the Discussion Board. This is intended to add to the educational experience, not to just add busy work. Make certain that references are utilized. Link to APA format guide The Owl at Purdue: Link (Links to an external site.) Grading Rubric

Dear writer, You are in charge to write the 2nd and the 3rd chapter and the conclusion of my

Dear writer, You are in charge to write the 2nd and the 3rd chapter and the conclusion of my. Dear writer, You are in charge to write the 2nd and the 3rd chapter and the conclusion of my dissertation. 3000 words each more or less including the conclusion. I have already written the first chapter. I will attach it for you, including the dissertation proposal outlined and explained with the relative bibliography. In my dissertation, I will be exploring Antonio Sant’Elia’s drawings in their historical context, including both Futurism and Fascism, to show how he influenced subsequent architectural movements such as Brutalism and Rationalism, movies such as Metropolis and Blade Runner, and First Person Shooter (FPS) videogames such as Halo and Doom. I want to demonstrate how Sant’Elia was ahead of his time despite being active for only a few years at the beginning of the 20th century, and how his projects gave inspiration to future architects, film directors, and game developers wishing to portray a dystopian reality. In the first chapter, I will focus mainly on Elia’s architectural style, displaying several visual examples found in Godoli, Ezio, Antonio Sant’Elia e l’architettura del suo tempo: Atti del Convegno Internazionale, to underline the major innovations of Futurism and the shift from previous architectural styles. In doing so, I will be juxtaposing his early projects to Otto Wagner’s designs to highlight the similarities between the two. I will also be including primary sources from Sant’Elia Antonio, Manifesto dell’Architettura Futurista, in which I will explain the significant points written in the document. Taking into account Gentile, Emilio, The Struggle for Modernity: Nationalism, Futurism and Fascism, I will also be dedicating a brief paragraph to how Tomaso Marinetti, founder of Italian Futurism, recruited Antonio Sant’Elia into the movement, and their relationship within the Fascist regime. In the second chapter, you will analyse Sant’Elia and Mario Chiattone’s projects, mainly the former, concerning Brutalism, showing several buildings as a visual description to underline the similarities of both styles. Both were born before Mussolini’s dictatorship, so you will explain how Fascism drew inspiration from Elia’s drawings, influencing the taste of Rationalist architecture by imposing a homogeneous sense of uniformity and regularity. You will also consider his drawings as blueprints for the dystopic genre which Brutalist architects took inspiration from, which lasted from the end of WW2 and reached its peak during the Cold War, affecting mostly the Soviet Union, Berlin Germany, UK and in part the United States. The arguments will be developed by considering Berghaus, Günter, Futurism and Politics and Reyner, Banham, The New Brutalism: Ethic or Aesthetic? The third chapter will explore how Sant’Elia inspired important film directors such as Ridley Scott and Fritz Lang, including images from both Metropolis and Blade Runner as a showcase of the similarities with the architect’s oeuvre. A comparison between La Città Nuova by Sant’ Elia and Blade Runner’s replicant headquarters will be made, exploring the book by David Scroggy, Blade Runner Sketch Book. Furthermore, You will outline the psychological implications of the architectural setting used in the movie as a symbol of dystopian and capitalist reality ruled by an exclusive elite power who wish to keep control of the society. In the final section, you will link both Brutalism and Sant’Elia’s projects to the FPS (First Person Shooter) videogames such as Halo and Doom. I will analyse the bond between dystopic reality, Brutalism, and individual alienation, which lead Master Chief in Halo and Space Marine in Doom to fight for the sake of humanity and bring freedom to Earth. In doing so, I will examine how the interior design used for Doom resembles Brutalism, while Halo’s external landscapes link to Sant’Elia. For both the second and the third chapters, you will need to describe and compare a lot of case studies. For instance, you will have to juxtapose Antonio Sant’Elia projects to the Italian fascist Radicalist Buildings and British and European Brutalism. Mandatory books. You will need to browse The Work of Antonio Sant’Elia written by Esther da Costa Mayer. And Antonio Sant’Elia, the complete works / Luciano Caramel, Alberto Longatti. Brutalism post-war British Architecture by Alexander Clement Sos Brutalism A global survey by Elser, Kurtz, Cachola Schmal I will attach some FPS Halo and Doom books. Plus all the online PDF books I got. PS I do not have the Halo 3 book graphic book. I attached on the dissertation proposal essay the screenshot I got from the videogame Halo 3, Blade Runner and Metropolis. You have to deal with it in the last chapter.Dear writer, You are in charge to write the 2nd and the 3rd chapter and the conclusion of my

University of California Los Angeles Chinese History and Zhou Dynasty Discussion

python assignment help University of California Los Angeles Chinese History and Zhou Dynasty Discussion.

Professor requirement: The Supreme Being in Zhou religion (Tian or “Heaven”) was central to the Zhou’s legitimation of its conquest of Shang and its right to rule. Choosing two of the following figures: (1) Mo Zi; (2) Mencius, explain to what extent these philosophers’ conception of Heaven was similar to that of the early Zhou as expressed in the Book of Documents.Five-to-seven page essay (typed, double-spaced), due Monday, November 9th My requirement: please use moslty the document I attached, just a little part of ouside class source. you dont have to use a lot of fancy words, but the professor are really looking at the thesis, evidence,and argument. For citation, you only need author or the name of the material and the page. Since English is not my first languge, you can make a little grammer mistake .
University of California Los Angeles Chinese History and Zhou Dynasty Discussion

Is There Too Much Money in Politics?

Is There Too Much Money in Politics?. I’m studying and need help with a Political Science question to help me learn.

You will find our next Take A Stand (Is Three Too Much Money in Politics?) on page 249.
Please do the following:

Answer both questions;
Be sure you type out each question;
Please answer them thoughtfully.

Your answers should be approximately 35 – 100 words (each) and I will assess them according to how well they answer the questions at hand and demonstrate critical reflection and thought. Please feel free to express your thoughts freely. I am not here to judge you! I may at times question your claims, but only as a way to encourage you to dig deeper.
You must upload your assignment in Word or PDF. No Pages or Google Docs
Is There Too Much Money in Politics?

word essay arguing your side of one of the following topics, Writing Assignment Homework Help

word essay arguing your side of one of the following topics, Writing Assignment Homework Help.

 Write a 1,200-word essay arguing your side of one of the following topics: 1) Sale of Marijuana should be made legal; 2) Sale of tobacco should be made illegal; 3) Random drug testing for high school students is a violation of human rights. Once you have chosen your topic, develop a strong thesis to indicate your belief about the subject. Then, following all the information you have read, Remember that you must use at least 2 sources and they must be included in the text of your paper and listed on your Works Cited page. Also, complete all assignments and activities as instructed. Remember that this is a paper based on opinion but using documented information so do not use Personal Pronouns. MAL format. 
word essay arguing your side of one of the following topics, Writing Assignment Homework Help

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