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Research Operations & Supply Chain Management

Research Operations & Supply Chain Management.

I have a group Research. I responsible for 4 Question. we already wrote the proposal, now is the due date for final paper. I already highlighted my part with yellow color. I need 3 new page for total. extend my old answer . I attached the file below. You have to cover every part that I highlighted in yellow color. What should your paper contain?A clear statement of the topic you are exploringAnswers to some or all of the following questions:Why is this topic important?What is the scope of the problem or issue? Who does it affect and can you quantify it?Is there a history to this issue or problem?What is the underlying idea or philosophy?If it is a problem, has it been solved by the approach you are exploring? What does the solution involve?Resources requiredHas the solution been implemented?How successful has the implementation been? Has it changed the way things are done?What is the current status?Where are things going?Which questions make sense will depend on which topic you pick. You may have to frame your own questions. The questions above are not meant to be the different sections of your reports, but they have to be addressed.In the end, I expect your paper to deliver substantially on what you promised in your topic proposal. In the process of doing this I hope you will become experts in your chosen topic
Research Operations & Supply Chain Management

Moraine Valley Community College Mod 1 Strategic Compensation Perspective Discussion.

Strategic compensation is thought of by HR and Compensation
professionals as a way to increase the organizations goal of attracting
and hiring the best employees. A successful compensation plan has
three main functions, which are: to attract employees to an
organization, reduce employee turnover and create high levels of
efficacies in the organization.Click here to download case study Read the case study and in a 2-3-page paper and answer the following questions:Do you feel the strategic compensation procedures discussed
in this case study are a competitive advantage for the
organization? Why or why not?What do you think could enhance the continuous improvement pay plan (CIPP) decisions discussed in this case study?What do you perceive the strategic benefits associated with
using team-based, rather than an individual based, incentive plan
at John Deere? Include a citation of the case study and any other references you may have used for this assignment.Submit your completed assignment to the drop box below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document. (Mac users, please
remember to append the “.docx” extension to the filename.) The name of
the file should be your first initial and last name, followed by an
underscore and the name of the assignment, and an underscore and the
date. An example is shown below:
Moraine Valley Community College Mod 1 Strategic Compensation Perspective Discussion

Nail Bar Entrepreneurial Plan

Nail Bar Entrepreneurial Plan.

Consider the following scenario:You have decided that you would like to formally start an entrepreneurial business. To ensure the success of your business, you will produce a business plan. The plan will assess, compare and contrast alternative schools of thought, cultural and political differences which impact the application of management activities within the broad notion of entrepreneurship. The plan that you submit should contain at least the following components:Title pageTable of contentsExecutive summary (Abstract)Business descriptionDefinition of the marketDescription of proposed products or servicesOrganization and management descriptionsMarketing strategyFinancial managementReferences Page to align with internal citationsAppendixes.Use this template to structure your submission.Your final submission should include all of the components described and should be submitted in an 8–10 page APA Word document.
Nail Bar Entrepreneurial Plan

Does YouTube have a positive or negative effect on the youth?

order essay cheap Does YouTube have a positive or negative effect on the youth?.

minimum of 12 double-spaced pages, ideally more. It should include all sections mentioned below, but can expand or add to these. The bibliography should include a minimum of 18 sources, the majority of which should be from academic, peer-reviewed books and journals.The paper should include the following sections.1. An introduction in which you clearly explain your topic, why it is significant and relevant, and provide some context about the topic.2. Research Questions: Clearly identify 2-6 questions you are asking about your topic, and which form the basis for your research.3. Theoretical Context: Identify how your topics and question relate to 2-4 theories or key concepts from the course.4. Methods: Explain the methods you used to gather information for your paper.5. Analysis: this will constitute the most substantial part of your paper, and should be divided into further sections that identify your main themes and arguments.6. Conclusion: What are your key findings? What is the major conclusion you’ve drawn from your research? Summarize as clearly and cogently as possible.7. Recommendations: What further research should be done into the topic (that you were not able to do given limited time and resources). You could also make recommendations for changes in policy or regulations in this section.8. Personal Reflection: Your personal reflection should include anything you have learnt from doing your research: in terms of the topic, but also in terms of the research process. What did you learn about writing? What was the hardest part? What skills and knowledge have you gained that you didn’t have before? What would you do differently next time.9. Bibliography.
Does YouTube have a positive or negative effect on the youth?

Understanding Mission Goals and Objectives SOWK Discussion

Understanding Mission Goals and Objectives SOWK Discussion.

The purpose of this assignment is to understand the distinctions between agency and programs goals and objectives and to articulate an understanding of SMART objectives.
Define and briefly describe the following: 

Agency mission statement
Program goals
Program objectives

Identify and briefly define the three (3) types of program objectives explained in the text; provide an example of each.
Identify and briefly define the five (5) SMART characteristics that should be included when writing program objectives.
Initial Post Prompt:
Your original, substantive post should be 300-350 words.
Prior to submitting your posts, check them for appropriate grammar, spelling, and formatting. Your discussion posts must include at least 2 professional references to receive full credit. Professional references can include the textbook(s), assigned readings and resources, as well as appropriate government, organizational, or professional publications, reports and websites.
Textbook Readings
Grinnell, R., Gabor, P., & Unruh, Y. (2019). Program evaluation for social workers: Foundations of evidence-based programs (8th ed.). New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

Chapters 5, 8, 15

W.K. Kellogg Foundation. (2010). The step-by-step guide to evaluation: How to become savvy evaluation consumers.
What is an agency? An agency is a “social service organization that exists to fulfill a broad social purpose; it functions as one entity, is governed by a single directing body, and has policies and procedures that are common to all of its parts” (Grinnell, 2019). 
All agencies have mission statements that represent that agency and why they are there in that community. Mission statements gives an understanding to gain support of the community and stakeholders. “… a mission statement articulates a common vision for the agency and provides a point of reference for all of its major planning decisions” (Grinnell, 2019).
Agency goals are wide limitless goals that they wish to achieve. Goals are based on the values and the mission statement that the agency represent. To for a goal, the following components are needed to form goals: “1. The nature of the current social problem to be tackled 2. The client population to be served 3. The general direction of anticipated client change, and 4. The means by which the change is supposed to be brought about” (Grinnell, 2019).
Programs are developed when an agency seeks to serve the population that are in desire for help. “… an agency sets up programs to help work toward its intended result – the agency goal” (Grinnell, 2019).
Program objectives are quantifiable of program goals and client end result that wish to execute and accomplish. “All program objectives mush be client-centered; they must be formulated to help a client in relation to the social problem articulated by the program’s goal” (Grinnell, 2019).
Programs objectives are on three areas: 1. Knowledge 2. Affects, and 3. Behaviors. Examples on how social workers help with program objectives are: Knowledge would be knowing how to help a client achieve their GED, Affects of how achieving a GED will do financially, and Behavior on discipline and reaching the goal.
SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely Manner. Programs need to be specific for that community, program objectives need to be measurable – if it is not measurable then the program is not objective, Programs need to achievable, Realistic program objectives go hand in hand with achievable goals, and programs need to have a time frame in which the objective will be measured and if the goal was met in that time frame.
Grinnell, R., Gabor, P., & Unruh, Y. (2019). Program evaluation for social workers: Foundations of evidence-based programs (8th ed.). New York, NY: Oxford University Press.
Understanding Mission Goals and Objectives SOWK Discussion

MGT 322 Saudi Electronic University Lean Manufacturing Critical Thinking Paper

MGT 322 Saudi Electronic University Lean Manufacturing Critical Thinking Paper.

Search Title: THE BENEFITS OF LEAN MANUFACTURING what lean thinking offers the process IndustriesAuthors Name: Melton,TSource: In 7th World Congress of Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering Research and Design June 2005 83(6):662-673Read out the research paper carefully and based on your understanding you should answer the following questions.Questions:1.Define why Manufacturing Companies emphases on lean thinking? Justify your answer with suitable example. (3 Marks)2.What do you understand by the term overproduction? Why do you think overproduction waste described as the biggest waste while comparing to all other type of waste? (3 Marks)3.What are the benefits from Suppliers to end users by using lean thinking? (3 Marks)4.Use APA referencing style (1 Mark)Note: You can assume any manufacturing company of your choice while answering questions.
MGT 322 Saudi Electronic University Lean Manufacturing Critical Thinking Paper

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