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A business structure Criteria for reviewing potential options 4 A strategy and its resource implication 8 5 Organisation9s ethical, cultural, environmental, social and business background 13 6 Vision and mission statement 14 7 Objectives and measures for evaluation Outline timetable for implementaion 15 9 An appropriate 10 Monitoring and evaluation systems 19 11 conclusion 21 12 References dissemination Page 2 processes to gain Affordable and ecologically friendly venue = Echotel Make your holidays comfortable, healthy and enjoyable at this noise free and ecofriendly hotel ‘ Jay and Chris are two entrepreneurs who have embarked on a project that involves building a chain of green hotels called EcHotels . EcHotel provides you sustainable, fresh, noise -free and healthy environments that you are looking for your leisure activities at an affordable price. To develop other ecologically friendly venues in order to appeal to a segment of the market that prefers sustainable tourism is the primary objective of the Echotel. Hotel’ls organizational structure is very important but hotel organizational tructure is very different from one another because of different size and type.

EcHotel ltd can provide enough services for attracting many parties and stakeholders to this hotel. ECHotel can achieve this situation when it accepts below situation for the 3Right Approach General Manager Desk House Keep g Engineering Sales Audit 1). Front Office: – Hospitality’s most important part is Front desk because guests and staff first contact the front desk (Reception Counter). Hospitality Business venues’l face office is where stranger are greeted when they arrive, where they are registered nd assigned to a room, and where they check out. So i t is necessary that he/she has very good communication skill, polite ness, good organizational skill and any other required skills. 2).

House Keeping: – House keeping departmentsq main duty is to keep guestsq room and public space clean and tidy. It means guest rooms, bed sheet, towel, every little items need to be clean and tidy. 3). Engineering: – Engineering department is responsible for hotels maintenance, repair, replacement, improvement, variation of furniture and fixtures, utilities and regular test and examination of the equipment. Page 3 responsible for selling of hotels facilities and serves. They meet potential clients through direct relations, publicity and conference meetings, and give you information for hotels structure and facility so clients can attractive for this hotel. 5).

Carlsbad Decrees

Carlsbad Decrees.

Term: Carlsbad Decrees

Provide the following information using complete sentences. Who is involved? What is this? When did it happen? Where did it happen? Why and/or How did it happen? Then, provide the term’s significance: Does this term have an impact on future events? And/or Does this term provide a specific example of a larger phenomenon? Be sure to contextualize your chosen term. Please keep your discussion within the scope of this class, and be sure to cite any sources used beyond the class lectures and textbook.

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