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Research Methods: Action Research, Qualitative, and Quantitative Methods in Inclusive Classrooms

Your research paper should be approximately 15-20 double spaced pages length (not including the cover and reference pages and appendix if applicable). Please be sure to follow current APA style.

 Title Page

 Introduction- (approx. 1-2 pages)

 Literature Review- (approx. 6-8 pages)

 Methods – (approx. 3-4 pages)

 Findings and Application- (approx. 2-3 pages)

 Conclusion- (approx. 1-2 pages)

Verdi’s opera “La Traviata”

Verdi’s opera “La Traviata”.

Verdi’s opera “La Traviata”

l Paper details you submit your annotated bibliography as a single PDF file. It should consist of the following (in a single list, do not break them out by kind of source): At least 10 books, including at least 3 books that put your topic into a broader context. 3 of these citations should be annotated. At least 10 peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles, of which 3 should be annotated. At least 5 dissertations, theses, papers from a conference proceedings volume, and/or chapters from Festschriften. 1 of these citations should be annotated. At least 1 complete works edition, musical monument, or score anthology. 1 of these citations should be annotated.

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HPV Vaccine

Research Methods: Action Research, Qualitative, and Quantitative Methods in Inclusive Classrooms HPV Vaccine.

About 79 million Americans are currently infected with the Human Papilloma virus (HPV). Each year 14 million more become infected. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states (Links to an external site.) that “HPV is so common that nearly all sexually-active men and women will get at least one type of HPV at some point in their lives”. Read the US News and World Report article “Too Few Girls Getting HPV Vaccine: CDC (Links to an external site.)”. Then read the short article/blog “The Moral Failure of HPV Vaccination (Links to an external site.)” by Dr. Arthur Caplan. In 75 – 150 words please express your opinion as to why HPV vaccination levels fall short of our national goal and whether or not the medical community should put forth a more active effort to increase the level of HPV vaccination in American adolescents. Be sure to include one or more arguments (Links to an external site.) to support your position on this issue.

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Goal of Informing

Goal of Informing.

 The only instructions we were given were to use critical thinking, cite our sources, and explain how we plan to to reach our goal. The goal  given is to inform minorities about how Democrats have had a mental and economic monopoly on them through policy (Lyndon B. Johnson, etc.) and other things. It has to be MLA-style. My name is Hannah Shea Thompson and the professor is Tracy Linder for Perceptions.

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Building analysis

Building analysis.

The goal of the assignment is first of all for you to write descriptively about your assigned building, and second for you to grapple with the concept of typology, thinking about the extent to which your assigned building’s formal and functional typology work together, or are in conflict with one another. Also, while further research is not expected, you certainly can do some basic comparisons. Be selective when thinking about relevant comparisons for your formal and functional typology: other Canadian first world war memorials, chapels in Oxford and Cambridge colleges, other University of Toronto buildings, etc. may prove to be most relevant. You must acknowledge when you are using information from another source … both when you quote directly, and when you paraphrase (put into your own words) ideas and information you find elsewhere. For example, you might say in your essay: Quatremère de Quincy distinguishes between a type and a model. After the word model, you would add this footnote, with the correct page number for the reference: Antoine Chrysôthome Quatremère de Quincy, “Type,” in The True, the Fictive and the Real: The Historical Dictionary of Architecture of Quatremère De Quincy, trans. Younés Samir (London: Andreas Papadkis Publishers, 1999), 255-56.

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Crito- Socrates Arugment- Hobbes response.

Crito- Socrates Arugment- Hobbes response..

 1. Write a paper ranging from 1100-1400 words 2. Do not use any other sources other than the texts I provide 3. Please use MLA format to cite the sources I give you 4. I will attach the rubric as well 5 Here is the assignment: In the Crito, Socrates argues that he should not run away from jail to escape his sentence. Present Socrates’ argument for this conclusion. Would Hobbes agree with Socrates’ conclusion? Why? Do you agree with either Hobbes or Socrates (you must argue for your views!)?

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