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research any or all of the four (4) following magazines: Newsweek, Time, National Geographic or Scientific America for information

research any or all of the four (4) following magazines: Newsweek, Time, National Geographic or Scientific America for information on neurotransmitters. Chose two (2) articles/reports.

Neurotransmitters hold the key to how drugs and alcohol (not just illicit drugs) effect our bodies and impact dependence. It is the impact of chemicals on the brain and the part neurotransmitters play, that helps us to understand physical and psychological dependence. You can not understand addiction and how it develops and is treated without understanding the role of neurotransmitters. To earn the full points for this, I will need to see that you understand and have explained what you learned well. You will need to provide the following in your discussion.
You will need to;
Write at least a one page post about what you have found and your thoughts/reaction to the information. Be sure to include key points from each of the article/reports. You must be specific and provide reasonable detail.
Be sure to provide your references in proper APA format.

Evaporating jar

Evaporating jar.

Evaporating jar

Write essay on an experiment conducted below. skeleton outline, introduction, materials and methods, results and conclusion section. CSE writing style. This experiment was conducted to note the changes of water when placing ice on top of a hot jar. The goal was to observe the water evaporate when the temperature changes suddenly. The materials were 1 Jar, Water, Ice, Ceramic plate. A towel should have been used to handle the jar since heat was involved and a larger jar to see a larger reaction. The variables for this experiment include 5 ice cubes and a thin ceramic plate RECIPE Fill 8oz jar with steamed water and let stand for 5 minutes to heat jar. Pour water out. Fill the jar halfway with steamed water and place plate on top. Let stand for 5 minutes. Place ice cubes on top and observe water Algorithm After pouring the steaming water out of the jar then filling it halfway with the plate on top I thought it would trap the heat inside which it did. After placing the ice on top of the plate the jar the water started to evaporate making the jar sweaty and leaving a smaller amount of water inside.

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Andy Goldsworthy

research any or all of the four (4) following magazines: Newsweek, Time, National Geographic or Scientific America for information Andy Goldsworthy.


The following topic must be used for your Gordon Rule Paper:


Identify an artist/sculptor, provide background information about the artist/sculptor and briefly describe three of his/her most prominent works of art.


Topic – Andy Goldsworthy




Directions:  Research and write your Gordon Rule Paper by utilizing the following format.  Your Gordon Rule Paper must be thee pages in length (no more than four pages), cite three sources by providing at least three in-text citations, and include a Works Cited page.  Submit your Gordon Rule paper in an uploaded file with a .doc or .docx extension.





·         Your paper must utilize the MLA format and style.


·         Your margins should be no more than one inch all around. 


·         Use a header—your name and a page number, starting on the first page, upper right-hand corner.


·         Your response to the topic you chose must be clearly stated and must be supported by way of logical argument, examples, details, etc.


·         You must use Arial font, 12-pt., and double space your lines.


·         In addition to a clear demonstration of accuracy and logic with respect to the paper’s subject matter, you will be expected to demonstrate proficiency in structuring an essay and conveying your thoughts in a technically and grammatically correct manner.


·         You must provide at least three in-text citations and cite a minimum of three sources on a separate Works Cited page.


·         No more than twenty five percent (25%) of the final paper may be quoted material.



















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I need a 10 minutes presentation about a software development project, like an app for tracking bugs.

Slide 1: project goal (what does it do?)
Slide 2: audience (who’s it for? big or small audience?)
Slide 3: technology (programming language, frameworks, etc.)
Slide 4: plan (milestones, or order of creating features)
Slide 5: payoff (for this class, i.e., why would it look good on your resume?)
and please provide speaking notes for 10 minutes.
see the attached file it’s an example.

Company and Case Analysis

Company and Case Analysis.

Choose an Australian engineering or other company with which you are familiar or which is of interest to you. With respect to the competition provisions in the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) (CCA) that you have studied in this course undertake the following:

(a)                                                     5 marks     225 words

Explain 3 strategies adopted by your chosen company towards regulatory compliance. In doing so, you will also need to comment on how this is documented in the company’s policies and/or through its website.

(b)                                                      5 marks    225 words

Discuss by providing examples how these 3 strategies promote competition in Australia by prohibiting anticompetitive conduct.

(c)                                                        10 marks  400 words

After studying the concepts and legal principles in Chapter 16  of Tony Ciro, Vivien Goldwasser and Reeta Verma, Law and Business, 4th ed, Oxford University Press Australia, Melbourne, 2014 what recommendations would you make to improve your chosen company’s management activity in competition law compliance?
Question 2                                           20 marks          850 words
Bungee World Ltd (“BW”) is located at Byron Bay, New South Wales and has the world’s highest bungee jumping platform named the Sea Monster. The steel platform is constructed over some cliffs that overlook the bay. Participants have to pay a fee of $50 and sign off on a form prior to bungee jumping from the platform. The form contains amongst other things these words:-

“The participant agrees that he/she will not hold Bungee World Ltd or its agents liable for any death or injury whatsoever or howsoever caused as a result of bungee jumping from the Seamonster.”

One day, Loki an investment banker decided to go for a jump on the Sea Monster. He pays the fee, signs the form and duly walks to the platform. Kate, BW’s professional bungee instructor meets him and gets him ready for the jump by ensuring that his legs are tied securely to the safety rope that is attached to the steel platform.

Loki a first time jumper anxiously asks Kate if this is going to be fine whereupon she assures him that in all her 10 years at BW since it began operations, she has yet to see anyone get physically injured from the jump.

Loki takes a deep breath and dives. Unfortunately, part of the steel platform that is attached to the safety rope breaks loose from the main platform. The steel structure that broke was weakened due to corrosion with the sea moisture in the air. As a result of the detachment, Loki plunges into the sea. Whilst not physically harmed, Loki claims to have suffered nervous shock due to the incident and is about to commence a negligence action against BW.

You are the manager in charge of safety operations at BW. The Board of Directors of BW has requested that you prepare a memorandum to them explaining whether there are grounds for a successful negligence action against BW and the consequences to BW. You are also required to propose recommendations as to how best to resolve this potentially damaging public relations problem. In your analysis you will need to refer to the relevant law (statutory and/or case law).

Question 3                                        10 marks                      400 words
In your own words what are the National Employment Standards? Who do these standards apply to? If you were head of human resources at an Australian engineering company, what would you need to do to ensure that your company does not contravene these standards?

The link to the National Employment Standards is as follows:-

Question 4                                         10 marks                     400 words

Rebecca is an elderly woman who lives by herself in Brisbane. She has recently migrated from Italy and is only able to communicate in English at a basic level. One day she receives a random call from Dave, a representative of a plumbing company who offers to give her a “free plumbing check” at her home. Dave explained to Rebecca over the phone that this free check would involve an obligation free assessment of the condition of the taps and pipes in her home. She agreed and Dave visited her home the very next day.

Whilst at her home Dave conducted a check of the taps and pipes in her home and informed her that her plumbing was in good shape. However, Dave suggested that Rebecca purchase an Ono water filter as Rebecca would benefit from the latest reverse osmosis technology that the water filter offered. Dave said that he happened to have one unit remaining in his vehicle parked outside and that he was prepared to sell it to Rebecca for $2000 including installation.

Rebecca was not keen on spending any money but after 2 hours of intense persuasion by Dave, Rebecca signed on the contract to purchase the Ono water filter as she felt pressured to purchase the product. The contract had a cooling-off period of 10 days but Dave said that if Rebecca agreed to waive the cooling-off period, Dave could install the filter straightaway. She agreed to waive the cooling-off period in the contract, paid Dave the $2000 in cash and Dave subsequently installed the Ono water filter.

Rebecca now approaches you for advice. She says that the Ono water filter is working fine but she really has no need for it and she felt pressured to purchase it. Advise Rebecca of her rights and remedies (if any) under the unconscionable conduct provisions (including section 21) in the Australian Consumer Law.


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