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Rerecording of sound english essay help Java essay help

Sound design is the process of creating the sound for a particular film. It is the sound crew’s job (including the sound designer) to do this task. It is the sound designer’s responsibility to supervise the recording, rerecording, editing, mixing, and addition of sound effects. 2. Recording is the process of capturing sound through a microphone and converting it to an electric data and then storing it to a storage device. Rerecording of sound is the process of adding dialog to the film, this is more popularly known as dubbing. Actors synchronize the added dialog to the movements of their lips on film.Mixing is the process of integrating different soundtracks into one soundtrack in synch with the picture. And lastly editing (sound) is the process of arranging and placing sound where they should be on the film. 3. Diegetic sound is sound coming from a source that is found within the story’s setting. Nondiegetic sound is sound coming outside the setting of the film, they are usually background music. 4. A movie is not limited to a certain number of soundtracks. It depends on the type and amount of sound required to tell the story effectively.It means sound designers have limitless options to choose from, tracks are usually combined to have the desired effect. 5. Onscreen sound is sound coming from a source that is seen by the viewers. Off-screen sound is sound from a source that is hidden from view, they are either diegetic of nondiegetic. Internal sound is sound that is heard (or imagined) only by a certain character. The character may be deep on thought or is talking to him or herself. External sound comes from a source that is within the story’s world, and these sounds are heard by both the audience and the characters. External sound can either be both on screen or off screen.6. Ambient sounds are sounds coming from the setting or environment that is being filmed. Ambient sounds are either recorded during filming or are just added during postproduction. Sound effects are artificial sounds created for the soundtrack of the film, they have specific purposes in telling the story. 7. Sometimes techniques can be modified to make it appear that music is both diegetic and nondiegetic at the same time. In the movie There’s Something About Mary, the chorus can only be seen and heard by the viewers but in the end the chorus was accidentally shot, thus existing in the movie.8. Diagetic sounds give the viewers awareness o f spatial and temporal dimensions. Diagetic sounds orient the audience for direction because the shot usually shows the place where the sound is coming from. 9. An example of a movie with sound that is faithful to its source is The Ice Storm by Ang Lee. Sound designers used sounds of an ice storm to emphasize the troubles of two families. During the climax of the film, there was an ice storm, Sound designers produced sounds of an ice storm to compliment the falling apart of the marriage of the characters.On the movie Love Me Tonight by Rouben Mamoulian a vase was dropped during a chaotic scene, but instead of hearing the actual vase breaking into a million pieces, we hear off-screen, a bomb exploding, suggesting the social order is under fire. 10. Sound bridge is a sound that is depicted as if coming out of an onscreen source but is actually coming from a source that is just about to appear on screen or on the next scene. It is used to link to actions happening at the same time, but at different locations.

Diversity The concept of diversity encompasses respect and acceptance. It involves recognition


The concept of diversity encompasses respect and acceptance. It involves recognition of individual differences and the understanding that each and every person is unique along the dimensions of beliefs, race, gender, ethnicity, socio economic factor, sexual orientation, age, physical abilities and other ideologies. It is the exploration of such differences in a positive, safe and nurturing environment. It is the individual management of the understanding one another and moving beyond simple tolerance to celebrating and embracing the rich diversity dimensions contained within each person.

Diversity management

This is the strategy of using the best practices with results which have been proven in an attempt to create inclusive and diverse relationships between individuals. It involves effective use of mentorship, sponsorship, resource groups and diversity councils. It is the practice supporting and addressing multiple personal traits and lifestyles within a particular group. The management activities involves the support and education provision for the respect for and acceptance to various cultural, racial, societal, geographic, political and economic backgrounds.

Diversity management plan

Sports always sets up an outstanding example on how to deal with diversity. Professional teams always have players form different parts of the world. However, managers have to be aware of diversities in their teams. Individuals from different backgrounds require different treatments since they possess different values and beliefs. Managers should ensure that during games or matches, only one language should be used in order to prevent emergence of small groups with members from same ethnic community.

Managers while implementing an organization wide diversity management plan, they must put in to consideration elements such as; Age, as different age groups requires different management styles considering generational perceptions and experience. Diversity of abilities; managers should understand that each and every individual possess different abilities which must be considered while addressing team members. Gender diversity; gender differences means a lot to sports organizations and each gender strengths and weaknesses must be addressed when addressing team members.

Factors influencing market based demand for diversity

In today’s ever changing world, inclusion and diversity have become most crucial elements in any market. The diversity of business customers, vendors and clients must be considered. Diversity today exerts tremendous influence in world market both politically and economically. Technology and social change are independent as organizations are applying new flexible technologies like computerized manufacturing and aided design and customized soft wares in creating astonishing diversity in the market place and the entire society.

Factors influencing market based demand for diversity may include: Education; average education level in a society affects the sophistication of consumers in the market. Social organization; As part of culture, it is the manner in which society organizes itself, status system, how it considers kinship, interest groups and social institutions which can influence diversity demand. Role and status in the society; one’s role and social status in the society depending on which group they belong will influence demand diversity in a market environment.