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Requirements for Briefs A brief is like a book report. When you brief an argument, you tell me about

Requirements for Briefs
A brief is like a book report. When you brief an argument, you tell me about the argument — you are not writing an argument. A brief is not an argument; an argument is not a brief.
A brief is the dissection of an argument. ANY ARGUMENT, not just legal arguments, CAN BE BRIEFED. In this class, you will brief two types of arguments:
1. Legal arguments written by a person who is not a judge and
2. Cases — a case is, by definition, a legal argument written by a judge and published by the government in its collection of judicial opinions. Other names for cases are: opinions or judge-made law or common law. I will try to use ONLY the word “case”.
When writing a brief you do NOT determine what rule to use. Therefore, do NOT give me your opinion on anything. ALL YOU ARE DOING IS REPORTING WHAT THE AUTHOR OF THE ARGUMENT WROTE.
The brief ALWAYS reflects the opinions and premises of the person writing the argument – never yours!!!!!!!
Below are the specific sections a brief includes:
Name of case and citation:

Memo format.
• Be about 750 words minimum (which is approximately 3 double-spaced pages)
• Use 12-pt font with 1” margins.



Develop a paper on a current health policy issue (FENTANYL) that is of interest to you. This should be an issue or problem that can be addressed by legislation or other government action at the federal, state, or local level. In the paper, describe the history of the issue, how political & social influences have impacted the issue over time, how health policy is impacted, or impacts, this issue. Where do you see the issue headed in the future, & how have nurses either impacted, or are impacted by, the policy issue? (The final paper itself should be in APA format (abstract, title page), 10 pages long, with a reference page). page 1 – the introduction page 2,3,4 – scientific background (explain how the pain works and then explain how Fentanyl works) the pathophysiology of pain, pharmacology of Fentanyl, know the differences between painkiller indications along the pain spectrum.) Explain the epidemic & the disease. be accurate & make accessible to people who do not have knowledge page 5,6,7 – policy legal (Also you must know current legislation on the topic) also, speak about the CDC, laws/legality, rules/laws that are relevant to the subject. Also speak on ethics (9 Principles for ethics for RN) page 8,9, – What do you think about the topic? (your thoughts, what do you think about the issue, can you transform the readers opinion) page 10 – conclusion Answer the following questions while writing the paper 1) Why is this topic relevant to the course? (this can make up the intro) the course is Intro to Health Care & Policy in Nursing 2) Why is this topic of interest to you? 3) Who is affected by this issue? 4) Examples of differing perspectives on the issue. Sources that must be used are: 1. Board, E. 2 (2018, August 18). Fentanyl overdoses are killing Americans. The country must not accept business as usual. Retrieved March 12, 2019, from 2. Opioid Overdose. 3 (2018, December 19). 4 Retrieved March 12, 2019, from 3. Morrison, J. S., & Munden, E. F. 3 (2019, March 27). 5 Fentanyl Opens a Grave New Health Security Threat: Synthetic Opioids. Retrieved March 12, 2019, from 4. 6 Saloner, B., McGinty, E. E., Beletsky, L., Bluthenthal, R., Beyrer, C., Botticelli, M., & Sherman, S. G. (2018). 6 A Public Health Strategy for the Opioid Crisis. Public Health Reports, 133(1_suppl), 24S-34S. 5. Krisberg, K. (2019, January). Prescribed fentanyl linked to overdoses. The Nation’s Health, 49(1), 17. Retrieved March 12, 2019, from 6. 7 Pieper, L., Wager, J., & Zernikow, B. (2018). 7 Intranasal fentanyl for respiratory distress in children and adolescents with life-limiting conditions. BMC Palliative Care, 17(1). Retrieved from 7. 8 Gladden RM, Martinez P, Seth P. Fentanyl Law Enforcement Submissions and Increases in Synthetic Opioid–Involved Overdose Deaths — 27 States, 2013–2014. MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 2016;65:837–843. DOI: 8 8. McGowan, C. R., Harris, M., Platt, L., Hope, V., & Rhodes, T. (may 2018). Fentanyl self-testing outside supervised injection settings to prevent opioid overdose: Do we know enough to promote it? ScienceDirect, 31-36. doi: 9. Morgan, J., & Jones, A. L. (2018). The role of naloxone in the opioid crisis. Toxicology Communications, 2(1), 15-18. doi:10.1080/24734306.2018.1458464 10. Frank, R. G., & Pollack, H. A. (2017). 9 Addressing the Fentanyl Threat to Public Health. The New England Journal of Medicine, 605-607. Retrieved March 12, 2019, from

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Introduction to Security

Requirements for Briefs A brief is like a book report. When you brief an argument, you tell me about Introduction to Security.

Description a) Using the Internet, research two recent information security attacks. Find security attacks that are not covered in the chapter and provide a summary of the incidents, e.g. describe the incident; what was the vulnerability/ies exploited; who carried out the attack; what was the impact(s); any steps taken to avoid this in the future. ** Write 1-2 pages (for me to read) as asked above in the project. ** b) Using the Internet, research two of the types of attackers covered in this chapter. Write a short profile for each type documenting their motivation(s), common methods of attack they employ, and the prevalence of this type of attacker with a recent example. ** Write 1-2 pages (for me to read) as asked above (the 2 attacker types) in the project. ** All together you will submit 1 report 2-4 pages covering parts a,b.

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Why women should be in Combat Roles.

Why women should be in Combat Roles..

Annotated Bibliography for a Argumentative Research Essay/Paper on “Why women should be in Combat Roles”! Description: In this assignment, you will create an annotated bibliography consisting of: (7) Seven sources. Each entry will consist of a reference list citation, a summary of the source’s information, and a one-sentence assessment. Each annotation should be between 200 words. Only use .org, .edu, or .gov sources Use peer reviewed sources 

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technology,Write an essay about how technology has taken away from written forms of news,

technology,Write an essay about how technology has taken away from written forms of news,.

An essay about how technology has taken away from written forms of news

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Community Profile

Community Profile.

A community profile is an exercise in social analysis in which the specific characteristics of a geographically defined community of people are researched and analysed. Community information gathering and awareness of community needs and problems are major and necessary dimensions of community nursing in order that community health problems may be prioritised and resolved, or modified.

Complete the community profile on a local government area in Sydney using the community profile data package (file will be uploaded separately, you only need to use it as a guide, don’t need to fill it out.) based on 2011 Australian census data (ABS). This forms the basis for the essay.

 (Census data for Marrickville:

In the essay:

  1. Describe a public health problem from the list. (Please choose one of the following health problems that is most likely be onsite of people living in Marrickville, based on their characteristics.)
  • Breast cancer
  • Dementia
  • Asthma
  • Chronic heart failure
  1. Provide a brief aetiology and epidemiology of the Public Health Problem in your LGA.
  1. Briefly describe the characteristics of the LGA, (describe the impact of the Public Health problem on the population of the LGA, and analyse why this community is impacted by this public health problem considering the characteristics of the area.

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The causation and significance of the war.

The causation and significance of the war..

This paper is about your interpretation and your argument about the causation and significance of the war. You are building your interpretation and argument upon historical sources. This is what makes an historical analysis. This is what makes YOUR historical analysis. Requirements 1) 3 Pages. No more. No less. This means 3 pages of YOUR writing. No subheadings, no opening 4 lines with your name and date. Put your name and page number in the header, and that will be sufficient. I will count the title line, but that is it. Interesting titles are enjoyable. 2) No spaces between paragraphs. 3) Times New Roman, 12-pt. font, double-spaced. 4) 1-inch margins (top, bottom, left, and right). 9) You start with a brief introduction of no more than 4 sentences which sets up the issues you have chosen to address. The point of the introduction is to prepare the reader for the rest of the paper. Therefore, you need to state explicitly in the introduction what you will argue in the rest of the paper. This is called a thesis statement. 10) You end with a brief conclusion of no more than 4 sentences which summarizes your analysis.

The point of the conclusion is to remind the reader of your argument. 11) The rest of the paper is your argument. Built upon the sources, the rest of the paper is your analysis. This is what matters most. This is why I read the paper. This is why you write the paper. 12) Write well and succinctly. Do not overquote. Do not use quotations longer than about a line and a half. Only quote important information. Do not just quote. Paraphrasing, summarizing, referencing, and other flourishes help to vary your writing and keep the reader interested. akes up how speeches and writings on Confederate monuments dealt with the topic of slavery: Girardeau, page 8 Breckinridge, page 23-onward Morgan, page 9-10, 13 Penick, page 8 Suffolk, page 17 Henkel, page 11-12 Harris, page 5

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Job stress vs. stress factors in case management

Job stress vs. stress factors in case management.

The paper should be 7 pages. You must cite 5 references from peer reviewed journals within the past 5 years to explain the issue and support your position. The 6 subtitles are the following: 1. Identify stress factors in case management 2. Discuss effective problem-solving techniques for nursing case managers 3. Describe effective time management strategies for nursing case managers 4. Discuss the significance of a professional network 5. Present case management self-care strategies for nursing case managers 6. Identify therapeutic case management techniques.

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