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Required Reading: Shoen, C., Davis, K., Willink, A.,

Required Reading:
Shoen, C., Davis, K., Willink, A.,



The purpose of the ECI 473 UNIT PLAN is to evaluate the NC TEACHer’s competencies in content pedagogy, student development, motivation, classroom management, and lesson planning. The evidences in the portfolio are aligned with the LEAD and SERVE principles, the INTASC Standards, and NCDPI’s Teacher Evaluation standards. This rubric records the summative results of evaluation of the teaching portfolio at the conclusion of ECI 473. More evidences will be required in subsequent NC TEACH classes. All portfolios with a score of 70 or below are deemed unacceptable and will need to be resubmitted before continuation in the NC TEACH program. Lesson Plan Format: All three lesson plans (should be part of the same unit.

The format this semester will be a bit different than in ECI 472. Rather than scripting everything, you will submit the following: • One Understanding by Design_lesson_plan_template for each lesson. • ALL handouts, power points, learning experiences, etc — whatever you create to give or show students, you need to submit • ALL answers to handouts and learning experiences; if you ask students to write a paragraph, you write a model…if you ask students to complete a graphic organizer, you create the answer key.

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STAT200 Introduction to Statistics Assignment #2: Descriptive Statistics

Required Reading: Shoen, C., Davis, K., Willink, A., STAT200 Introduction to Statistics Assignment #2: Descriptive Statistics.

Assignment #2: Descriptive Statistics Analysis and Writeup In the first assignment (Assignment #1: Descriptive Statistics Analysis Data Plan), you developed a scenario about annual household expenditures and a plan for analyzing the data using descriptive statistic methods. The purpose of this assignment is to carry out the descriptive statistics analysis plan and write up the results. The expected outcome of this assignment is a two to three page write-up of the findings from your analysis as well as a recommendation. Assignment Steps: Step #1: Review Feedback from Your Instructor Before performing any analysis, please make sure to review your instructor’s feedback on A

ssignment #1: Descriptive Statistics Data Analysis Plan. Based on the feedback, modify variables, tables, and selected statistics, graphs, and tables, if needed. Step #2: Perform Descriptive Statistic Analysis  Task 1: Look at the dataset. • (Re)Familiarize yourself with the variables. Review Table 1: Variables Selected for the Analysis you generated for the first assignment as well as your instructor’s feedback. In addition, look at the data dictionary contained in the data set for information about the variables. • Select the variables you need for the analysis. 

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