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Required Reading: Ellison

Required Reading:

Athens and Sparta

Athens and Sparta.

Athens and Sparta

Write 5 paragraphs explaining why Athens and Sparta worked together during the Persian War and fought against each other in the Peloponnesian War

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To what extent are finance and governance systems converging and to what extent is the Anglo-US system becoming dominant?

Required Reading: Ellison To what extent are finance and governance systems converging and to what extent is the Anglo-US system becoming dominant?.

iii. Power/authority of management, nature of strategic decision making, nature of decisions on building corporate capabilities

iv. Investment in and management of technology, long versus short termism v. Investment in plant and machinery, relationship to productivity vi. Investment in and management of people, nature of HR systems vii. Changes from before 1990 and after 1990, degree of relationship between performance and finance systems, forces of convergence and internationalization. Extent to which the crisis of 2008 has transformed the nature of the debate about finance systems and types of capitalism.


1. Please use some theories and examples / evidences while explaining the points.

2. Please write arguments.

3. Please attach the bibliography in Harvard style.

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Fall Prevention Program in Elderly

Fall Prevention Program in Elderly.

Listed below are criteria that you will use to critique research articles pertinent to your research area of interest. Discuss how the investigator satisfied each criterion. Cite relevant passages in the articles, with reference to page number if appropriate. Don’t merely respond “yes” or “no” to the presence or absence of each criterion – you must provide examples and rationale for your response.

I- Title of the Article and Authors . Is the title clear, including area of study and group studied? Are the author’s credentials included?

II- Introduction . Is the purpose of the study presented? Is the significance (importance) of the problem discussed? .Does the investigator provide a sense of what he or she is doing and why?

III- Problems Statement . Is the problem statement clear? . Does the investigator identify key research questions and variables to be examined? . Does the study have the potential to help solve a problem that is currently faced in clinical practice?

IV- Literature Review . Does the literature review follow a logical sequence leading to a critical review of supporting and conflicting prior work? . Is the relationship of the study to previous research clear? . Does the study have the potential gaps in the literature and support the necessity of the present study? V- Theoretical Framework and Hypotheses . Is a rationale stated for the theoretical/conceptual framework? . Does the investigator clearly state the theoretical basis for hypotheses formulation? Is the hypotheses stated precisely and in a form that permits it to be rested? VI- Methodology . Are the relevant variables and concepts clearly and operationally defined? . Is the design appropriate for the research questions or hypotheses?

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Colonial history

Colonial history.

The topic is about “colonial history”. It’s better to select one empire/time period. Choose detailed topic and subtopics whatever you want. I provided 4 books may help. Also you can add sources into bibliography but it’s better from a book. Requirements from prof **Do not use textbooks (including the one in this class) or popular history books (published by a non-academic press). Look for books published by university presses (Oxford, Cambridge, University of California, Johns Hopkins, etc.)** **Your final bibliography should include at least four books. At least two of them should significantly inform your writing. If you would like to use a journal article in place of a book, let me know.** READ YOUR BOOKS Read Introduction and openings of each chapter Look at the bibliographies for more sources What main topics or arguments are most common among your authors? Revise your research question in order to participate in that dialogue TAKE NOTES Author’s thesis (“In this book, I intend to demonstrate….”) Scope of the author’s research (including the primary sources she analyzes) Directly quote most essential parts of her argument or interpretation Synthesize and paraphrase the remainder of the information that you find helpful in constructing your topic. Be sure to note page numbers because paraphrases must be cited, even if you do not include direct quotations. More on quoting:

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New Insights on the Nutrition Status and Antioxidant Capacity in Multiple Sclerosis Patients

New Insights on the Nutrition Status and Antioxidant Capacity in Multiple Sclerosis Patients.

write the paper in the A-B-C-D BULLET POINTS FORMAT and answer these 4 questions about the empirical article. a. What question(s)/hypothesis(es) did the authors address with their research? What is missing from our understanding that made it important to do this new study? b. How did they do the research? That is, what techniques or methodologies did they employ to answer the question(s)? (No great detail here; avoid writing about aspects of the method that you do not understand at all, such as complicated statistics or physiological techniques). c. What did the authors find? (again: No great detail here, just a summary of the data) d. What are the conclusions of the study? PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY QUOTES FROM THE ARTICLE. We need to write everything using our OWN WORDS. Need to include the APA-style citation.

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Adopt a Police Department

Adopt a Police Department.

 The paper should be 1150 words long. Describe Los Angeles, CA police department (e.g., is it a big or small department? number of officers, command structure, etc.). Describe the community the department serves (e.g., upper/middle/lower class, racial/ethnic structure, younger v. older population, etc.). What seems to be the major problem(s)/issue(s) that the police must deal with? Please cite in APA style the reputable sources you use to describe the police department and the area (e.g., academic studies on this department, police department website, FBI statistics, Census statistics, news reports of major issues in the area). Also, be sure to incorporate the material covered in the lecture. Note: Absolutely no quoted material shall be used in your paper. The assignment must be paraphrased in your own words with proper paraphrase citations. i.e., (Ruiz, 2008). There must be at least one paraphrased citation in each paragraph of the paper except for the Abstract, Introduction, and Conclusion letting the reader know the source of the information contained in that paragraph. Proper citations and references are expected. This site also provides excellent citation and reference guidance. Do not use the phrase “looked at” unless it is a personal visual observation. Although this is commonly used by academics to describe a review or study, this is improper terminology. Papers submitted below the required length will receive an appropriate grade reduction for this deficiency. Do not write in the first person. Speak of yourself or your position as “It is believed” or “Evidence suggests.” Do not import tables from your journals into your papers. You may use tables that you have created. If you do use tables you have created, remember that all elements of the table must be completely explained in your paper.

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Art History Term Paper – Vanitas

Art History Term Paper – Vanitas.

Term Project – Vanitas Exhibition Your final project will have you tell the history of a subject through objects by designing a virtual exhibition. The selection of the subject will be informed by your major interests or hobbies. This project should have a one-page exhibition statement to introduce the overarching theme, followed by 4-6 pages of “wall labels” describing and illustrating your chosen subject. The wall labels, consisting of one large (half-page) paragraph each, will serve as a virtual walk-through of your exhibition, and should tell a consistent visual narrative informed by your theme. The page length of project = approximately 5-7 pages of text (not including images or references) Your exhibition must include the following: 1. A title and clearly defined theme (what ties all of these works together?) 2. A one-page exhibition statement describing the theme and providing a background for the subject matter (what is the history of this subject?) 3. Feature at least ten artworks/objects of which you will write “wall labels” describing the important elements of each work (ask yourself: how does each work specifically tie into the theme?). 4. A reference page (where did you get your info regarding the artworks?). This must be scholarly in nature and include a minimum of six academic sources. No fan sites, newspapers, magazines, short articles (less than 8-pages in length), or any non-peer reviewed sources. You will share your knowledge with the world through Wikipedia 1. A portion of your work will be posted on Wikipedia as a new page about the object, or as a Wiki edit on an existing page. 2. You will select two wall labels and post them in your Wiki sandbox by week 7 for peer review. 3. After making the suggested peer-review changes, you will post your revised material under the appropriate heading of your topic. Grading Rubric: 1. Contextualizing your work within the larger history of that subject – Displaying a well-researched knowledge of the objects illustrating your subject. 2. Clarity of theme and message. A clear, concise narrative. Not randomly selecting images, but a conscious effort to express your theme visually. 3. Quality of presentation. Is it polished and refined? Could this be an actual exhibition?

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Portrayal of Older Adults Assignment: The purpose of this assignment is to critically examine how older adults are portrayed in the humanities. The selected movie should address the theme of aging.

Portrayal of Older Adults Assignment: The purpose of this assignment is to critically examine how older adults are portrayed in the humanities. The selected movie should address the theme of aging..

Portrayal of Older Adults Assignment: 
The purpose of this assignment is to critically examine how older adults are portrayed in the humanities. The selected movie should address the theme of aging.
2 pages paper

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Article review from The Globe and Mail, The National Post or The Vancouver Sun.

Article review from The Globe and Mail, The National Post or The Vancouver Sun..

Description The purpose of this assignment is to extend insights drawn from course readings, to connect class discussions to current events, and to demonstrate research and critical thinking skills.Choose a recent newspaper article that addresses one of the themes covered in the course.The newspaper article should be extracted from one of the following newspapers: The Globe and Mail, The National Post or The Vancouver Sun. If you wish to use an article from a different newspaper you must get prior permission from the instructor.Choose an article published in the last 6 months. The best way to find an appropriate article is to read newspapers daily to see what peaks your interest. All are available on-line (;; an article that connects to one of the themes discussed in the course: for example, Aboriginal Health, Treaty processes, Indigenous rights and Economic Development, etc. The newspaper article will provide the starting point for your paper; use it to ask a research question about the Indigenous Policy in Canada. Draw on course material and a minimum of 4 additional relevant scholarly publications to answer the question you pose in the essay.

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