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Reply to each question with a minimum of 350 words and have at least one relevant reference for each

Reply to each question with a minimum of 350 words and have at least one relevant reference for each question.
1. If you were able to put together a portfolio that completely eliminated all risk, what return would you expect to earn and why?
2. If someone called you and told you that he/she could guarantee you high returns on your investments with little or no risk, what would you do and why.
3. When there is uncertainty in the marketplace, what happens to yield spreads and why?
4. Your grandfather has great faith in bonds and has heard about some “high yield bonds” that are available. He has asked you for your opinion. What advice will you give him?

Alternative forum for dealing with juvenile offenders

Alternative forum for dealing with juvenile offenders.

Each question response should be between 1 and 2 pages, double-spaced with 12 point font, must include question numbers.

1. Research an alternative forum for dealing with juvenile offenders available in your area. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this alternative forum?

3. Research some of the possible community service opportunities available in your community for youth offenders. If your child were subject to a requirement of community service, which would you prefer? Explain your reasoning.

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Pyrrhonian Skepticism

Reply to each question with a minimum of 350 words and have at least one relevant reference for each Pyrrhonian Skepticism.

Pyrrhonian Skepticism Inwood & Gerson pp. 285-302 Pyrrhonian Skepticism is distinct from Academic Skepticism insofar as the former neither denies nor affirm that we can have knowledge. To deny something is merely to assent to its negation. Since the Pyrrhonians took assent, i.e., the pro-attitude required for knowledge, to involve a kind of certainty (when you assent you assume that the matter has somehow been finally and fully resolved), they did not assent to what they took to be non-evident propositions (see Diogenes Laertius p. 288, §74, also Photius p. 300). Explain the position of Pyrrhonian Skepticism. How should we understand their mantra: “no more this than that”? (see Diogenes §75-76). Explain why they think that since for every argument there is a counter argument it is best to suspend judgment. What do you think of it? Select one of the 10 “modes” (tropes—forms of argument) exposed by Diogenes and show how it puts appearances and thoughts into opposition. Why is nothing good or bad by nature? Do you agree with this claim? (look at § 101 in Diogenes). From §102 to §106 Diogenes reports a debate between Pyrrhonists and ‘dogmatists’ (probably Stoics.) What is the objection? How do the Pyrrhonists meet it? Is their answer sufficient? Look at some of the claims allegedly made by Aenesidemus and reported by Photius (300-302). Why would Aenesidemus defend these views? What problems (if any) would follow?.

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Comprehension of data mining and data visualization.

Comprehension of data mining and data visualization..

Write a four page paper that demonstrates comprehension of data mining and data visualization. Click for more options Complete the following using a data set from Clean and prepare the data. Use any data mining model to extract meaningful data. Create two data visualizations in TABLEAU that show data in a meaningful way without information overload. Explain your data set and describe your data mining model and data visualization technique (two-page maximum). Submit your data files, links to your visualizations, and your written assignment. Include the URL of the data set that you downloaded. Examples of scholarly sources include professional journal articles and books obtained from library databases, national guidelines, and informatics organizations, published within the last five years.

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Write an informative essay about Military leadership the main topic isLeadership styles.

Write an informative essay about Military leadership the main topic isLeadership styles..


Write an informative essay about Military leadership the main topic isLeadership styles.

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short story

short story.

short story Description Final project: 300 points (50 proposal and bibliography + 250 short story). You will conceptualize, research, propose, and craft an original work of Afrofuturist fiction. This project should demonstrate your knowledge of key components of literature, including setting and world-building, characterization and perspective, plot and conflict, and action, gesture, introspection, and dialogue. This final project may be any length, so long as it tells a compelling and well-developed story that you believe needs to be told. In general, stories tend to run 12-15 pages; I typically receive several of 30+ pages each term. Developing this project will take up the majority of the final month of the course. As you conceptualize your project, you will construct a brief proposal and annotated bibliography; you and I will meet to discuss your ideas and research as you begin writing. You’ll be given class time to work on and workshop various stages of your short story before submitting the final version.

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Written Case Study Critique Analysis

Written Case Study Critique Analysis.

Scenario 1: Balance Beams (observed class lesson) 

Jenny, the 4th grade classroom teacher, wanted her students to understand that a balance beam will

balance if the number of tiles multiplied by the distance on one side of the pivot point is equal to the

number of tiles multiplied by the distance on the other side of the pivot point. To teach this concept

Jenny asks students to get themselves into groups of 5 and provides each group with a balance beam

and tiles to explore this concept. Once most of the groups were seated, she commenced with the

activity instructions. First, Jenny instructed the groups to place 4 tiles on the 8th peg on the left arm

of the balance beam. Next she requested that the students place 1 tile on the 2nd peg on the right

side of the pivot point. Some groups were having difficulties following the instructions, so she drew a diagram representing the instructions on the board. Jenny then challenged the class to find a solution

for balancing the beam without removing the tiles (ie. the tiles placed on the 8th and 2nd pegs were

not to be moved). Jenny went back to her desk and observed the groups trying to solve the problem.

There were lots of discussions and sometimes arguments between group members in their attempt to

solve the problem. Jenny didn’t interject because she believed the children needed to solve the

challenge for themselves. There were some kids not engaged at all in their group activity but instead

were talking with friends from other groups. She believed that ignoring the off task students would

mean those engaged wouldn’t be distracted and have their attention taken away from the challenge.

Most groups used trial and error in an attempt to balance the beam and to Jenny’s surprise it took

quite some time before groups began to come up with various solutions. The lesson ran well over the

allotted time. Once a couple of groups solved the problem, she had the class pack away and prepare

for the next lesson.

In relation to the above scenario­specific guidelines, answer the following;

1. Jenny’s lesson commences relatively well but ends poorly. Evaluate the progressive decline in her

lesson in terms of the theories: information processing, constructivism and behaviourism.

2. How could the students’ learning of the concept be improved?

3. What recommendations would you make?

4. Key issues: In the case study you have selected, identify the significant learning and teaching

issues facing the teacher and learners. Also identify relevant theories (Information Processing

Constructivism, Ausubel?s Reception­Learning Model, Social Constructivism or Bruner?s DiscoveryLearning

Model) that underpin the key issues. The “Scenario Specific Guidelines” are designed to

guide your identification of both the issues and related theory.

5. Implications: Evaluate the positive and negative aspects of what the teacher does and the impact

of these on the learners (implications). The implications need to be linked to relevant theory and

research to substantiate their evaluation and discussion.

6. Recommendations: Highlight recommendations to improve or further the teacher’s approach in the

chosen scenario. Your recommendations should be clearly supported by specific relevant theoretical

and research literature.

Must use the following texts:


Educational psychology


Publication manual of the American Psychological Association.

Notes: Includes bibliographical references and index.

Publication Date: 2010

Edition: 6th ed.

ISBN: 9781433805615

LCCN: 2009010391

OCLC Number: (NUWS)813927­uwsdb­Voyager

Place of publication: Washington, DC :

Publisher: Washington, DC : American Psychological Association


sid=29ddc98c­424b­4b71­92c3­[email protected]&vid=0&format=EB&rid=1

4. https://ac.els­­s2.0­S0742051X03001185­main.pdf?





Child development and education

Author: Teresa M. McDevitt

Notes: Includes bibliographical references and index.

Publication Date: 2013

Edition: 5th ed.

ISBN: 9780132486200


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The Clouds and The Brothers Menaechmi

The Clouds and The Brothers Menaechmi.

The Clouds and The Brothers Menaechmi


Paper details:

Why is the humor in Old Comedy and New Comedy so different? Explain your opinion using examples of 2 jokes or examples of humor from both The Clouds and The Brothers Menaechmi. (4 examples all together, 2 from each text) (Another way to think about this question: why would the audience find Old Comedy funny and new Comedy funny? How is the humor in each one different?)

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Reflective account on my development as a children’s nurse over last 3 years.

Reflective account on my development as a children’s nurse over last 3 years..


Please note: It is a reflective essay, so you can write in 1st person however, think of good ways of starting the sentences avoiding using ‘I’ too many times in text. Please read the assignment brief uploaded. Please use critical analysis, do not make it descriptive. Use only peer reviewed 5-6 year old references, preferably journal articles and books.( apart from standards they need to be from 2010) Do not write it as a journey, focus on one standard from the link below: –> Please can you write about ‘communication’ it’s a second standard from this document. Specifically focus on how I improved my handover from being 1 st year student knowing nothing and not knowing any tools for handover to being proficient and very confident in handing over my patients using SBAR tool now in my final year. Can you please use Gibbs model for reflection if possible. Do not write about what model that is, only that it will be used to write this assignment. Have a look at my university references guidelines. Please reference the NMC Code for confidentiality and staying anonymous throughout the work. Use the NMC code 2018 where possible as it relates to the standard I want to talk about

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